We’ve written before about Vin Diesel’s obsession with Street Sharks, but he really, really loves Dungeons & Dragons. So much so that he wrote the foreword for the 30th anniversary D&D retrospective, and invited Her Royal Highness Judi Dench to his house to play D&D as part of his successful attempt to get her to act in The Chronicles Of Riddick.

You can actually see the name of his D&D character, Melkor, tattooed across his stomach in the movie xXx.

Note that Diesel doesn’t really have any tattoos; these were made for the movie. Meaning that while they were drawing up the art for xXx, Diesel leaned in and said to the makeup director, “Dude, I know a totally badass word we can put on my abs, for no particular reason.”

And then he went and topped that by getting an entire movie written about Melkor. The Last Witch Hunter, released in 2015, was written after Diesel met up with writer Cory Goodman at a party and started nerding out about D&D. Goodman was apparently so moved by the lore of the witch hunter Melkor that he went back home and wrote an entire movie based on it, renaming the character with the equally ‘90s comic-book-esque name “Kaulder.”

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