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The Killers - Hot Fuss

Originally released on the 7th of June 2004.

Reissued on the 10th of June 2016.

The long-player is very rare on LP and was only ever issued as a limited blue vinyl and a similarly limited seven-inch (black) vinyl box set. Both of which command very high prices on the used market. There has also been a spate of coloured vinyl bootlegs over the years.

The track listing for this new vinyl is the original UK one, with Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll in place of Change Your Mind.


Let’s Play Spongebob Games

In light of recent event. I must apologize in my new lets play. Repent. Now with 80% less antisemitism than the leading Lets Players.

Every LP Ever

Let’s Player!Yuuri AU

So I kept thinking about how on Yuuri’s profile page, it says gaming is one of his hobbies? Anyway Let’s Player!Yuuri AU you guys

  • His channel is named KatsudonPlays, and since he currently lives in Detroit for school, his videos are in English (though he’s been known to jump back into Japanese a few times, mostly subconsciously, especially when he plays horror games). 
  • The channel originally started as a suggestion from his friend Phichit, who does vlogs, but since Yuuri is uncomfortable showing his face and talking about his personal life, he opted to play video games instead.
  • His channel winds up getting pretty popular, since he’s a relatively chill let’s player that people find relaxing to listen to. But he’s also unexpectedly sassy, with an almost deadpan sense of humor that catches viewers off guard. 
  • There’s also a sense of mystery early on, since no one knows what “Katsudon” looks like, or even what his name is.
  • However, the mystery is quickly unraveled when, a few months after Yuuri started his channel, Phichit films a vlog in their dorm room with Yuuri talking in it, and someone is quick to point out that Yuuri and Katsudon sound exactly the same. So that kinda flies out the window. But Yuuri finds he doesn’t mind as much as he thought he would. 
  • (Also, people apparently think he’s super cute and his subscriber count jumps to the sextuple-digits practically overnight??)
  • Anyway, now for the victuuri:
  • Victor is still a famous figure skater and all that jazz, but when he’s bored he watches YouTube videos. 
  • He sees a KatsudonPlays video in his recommended, and since he’s never really seen a let’s play before, he decides to check it out. Like Yuuri’s other viewers, he’s charmed by this relaxing, yet hilarious YouTuber, and before he knows it, he’s watched fourteen more videos and subscribed.
  • Then, curious, he looks up what Katsudon looks like.
  • Y’all. He is in love.
  • He tweets his appreciation of Yuuri’s videos, and almost vibrates out of his skin when Yuuri tweets back a thank you. Of course, Yuuri doesn’t get the significance of Victor Nikiforov tweeting at him until Phichit practically screams it in his face that he’s a five-time World Champion in figure skating. Yuuri is simultaneously flattered and confused that a famous athlete likes his content.
  • So he looks up Victor and of course, develops a crush after seeing his graceful skating. Also, Victor is fine af.
  • They communicate mainly via twitter and Instagram at first, which causes their respective fandoms to freak out and ship them – Victor is absolutely delighted to learn that their ship name is ‘Victuuri’, of all things.
  • (Side note, Victor is totally like Robert Downey, Jr. in that he constantly retweets and posts shippy stuff all over his accounts, and Yuuri likes to act embarrassed about it but he secretly saves all the fanart)
  • Eventually they meet irl, Victor makes a guest appearance in one of Yuuri’s videos as a player two, and it ends up being so popular that he comes back on a semi-regular basis. 
  • When Yuuri graduates college, he surprises everyone by moving to Russia, and he and Victor start a side channel for a vlog (called The_Real_Victuuri bc they’re little shits) with Victor showing Yuuri around St. Petersburg. 
  • There are also videos of Yuuri attending Victor’s skating competitions to cheer him on, videos of Victor teaching Yuuri how to skate, and a lot of videos with Victor’s dog, Makkachin.
  • Their hundredth video on that channel starts like any other, but ends with the two of them kissing. And then it just ends. No explanation, nothing. The internet freaks tf out (#victuuriisCANON), and the following day they make an official announcement that they’ve been dating for the past eight months.
Seduce Me the Otome - Episode 63: Welcome Back Diana (Sam Route)
We let the boys stay and...ugh...welcome back Diana... Thank you guys so much for watching! If you enjoyed, go ahead and leave a like and subscribe! Share wi...

Enjoy your cake, Diana. Oh, wait, you don’t like chocolate? THEN STAY AWAY FROM THE BOYS! Episode 63 of Seduce Me the Otome is out now.

Or is she lactose introlerant?