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Here is American Artist Shepard Fairey’s, “Electric Warrior“, one of the 10-foot tall Gibson guitar art sculptures exhibited in the Gibson GuitarTown public art project in 2013. The painted guitar was inspired by Marc Bolan of T-Rex.  “I was excited to contribute to this project because I love the intersection of art and music”, said Fairey. “Album covers and other music related art has been a huge inspiration for me and I always enjoy making music related art. Since it is a Gibson guitar project I created a piece inspired by Marc Bolan of T-Rex who played a Gibson. I illustrated Bolan as an iconic rock n roll archetype with a nod to vintage vinyl LP and stereo graphics. There are layers of music reference in the collaged elements on the guitar.” The works were auctioned off for charity at the close of the exhibition.

hey you fucks, i just recently hit 18k which is crazy and cool and i don’t know why y’all are here lol. i decided to do a follow forever because i haven’t done one in two years (for 2k wow) and i figured it’d be a great way to kick off the new year. this probably won’t be that long as, unlike most bigger blogs, i talk to -2 people, but let’s get this started

the main peeps (aka people i sort of communicate with and/or admire from afar)

@cringe-attacks - if i didn’t put my girlfriend i’d probably get slam dunked into a trash can (but honestly im not just sayin it she has a great blog and shes a funny and amazing person so follow her asap)

@glowinghowell and @pheppermint - kendra and emily are. a god send. the most lovely people u will ever talk to

@adziedoodle - basically my mom and i’ve come to accept it (adzie might be the sweetest person i’ve met on tumblr, they always try to make people smile and are generally just great at making u feel welcome and wanted)

@heartiful - idris isn’t a phan blog anymore but,,, oh boy. the bants we had. if u want a high quality aesthetic blog with a hilarious person to keep u company, hit idris up (also if ur a cute boy,, js)

@phantheraglama - korein is probably one of my favorite people to exist, ever. she was one of the first blogs i followed and i always admired her. she’s so kind and funny and i’ll never forget how she offered to draw emily something for her birthday and basically made her whole year (thank u again for that)

@pinofs - i think i’ve had maybe.. one conversation with nikki? in my whole life? but i still feel like we’re friends because i see him on twitter all the time and he’s just so funny and i always feel like i should talk to him more (he’s also a fantastic phanartist and has such a distinct style, u cant miss it, it’s great)

@darkphannie - holy shit . jasmine is hilarious. like literally every single time u go on her blog or have a conversation with her, it’s a wild ride but u love every second of it. she’s probably the funniest phan blog out there right now, her asks have me dead

@ukulelephil - i don’t talk to caitlyn nearly enough, but she is also so so funny and never fails to make u laugh. her gifs are great and she deserves all the love in the world

@thyring - thyra also isn’t a phan blog anymore, but i still consider us good friends. she’s so caring and kind and her blog is like an aesthetic dream

@rebloggingphan - i haven’t talked to lisa in a minute but shes so funny and sweet and deserves more love and always makes me feel appreciated

@phanscherryblossom - gabby is too good for this world, i miss them bc we haven’t talked in a while, but i always love talking with them because they’re so sweet and funny

@danisontnonfire - dominique is so naturally good at conversation and i haven’t talked to her in ages but she’s still someone i consider to be a good friend of mine 

@tiagoodwin16 @anyo1511 and @cadensaurus - i’ll be the first to say that i don’t give these three enough attention. i see them in my activity all the time and they’re usually the first to send me kind messages when i’m feeling down. i always feel guilty for not answering them more or having conversations with them, but it’s people like caden anyo and tia that keep me going


my other peeps (aka people i may not know well enough to write a big message for but i appreciate their existence and am like nice!! when i see them)

@danschode - @phansmoonlight - @dreamyhowell - @dailyphan - @pseudophan - @phiru - @wafflydan - @cafephan - @howellsbitch - @cookiephil - @crises-of-existentiality - @earthlester - @flusteredphil - @fireworksphan - @galaxyphan - @internetcultleader - @kindhowell - @moaninghowell - @qanhowell - @sighphil - @sarcasticphan - @wafflydan 


and that’s about it! if i left u out i promise it’s nothing personal, i’m just a dumbass and forget things way too easily. i did this in like 20 minutes and i promise i love like everyone i’ve ever had a conversation with, but my tiny peanut brain can’t remember that many names. but every single one of u, even if i’ve never had a conversation with you, help me feel appreciated and i appreciate all of you too. so even if you aren’t on this list, thank you for giving this stupid little blog meaning. i’m not trying to get my hopes up for 2017, but i hope y’all stick with me and see what it has in store for us. thank you for 18k!

later losers

Happy birthday to David Bowie! See Bowie-related design objects from MoMA’s collection now in Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye

[Installation view of Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye, The Museum of Modern Art, November 15, 2014–November 15, 2015. © 2014 The Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Gretchen Scott]