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ohohohoh! this time lets make chung listen to add's beautiful voice when hes bathing (bonus if lp and ip) :3

Chung, this time, was listening in on Add.

The blonde sat on Add’s bed, listening as the other took a shower. Add had a surprisingly smooth voice that flowed just like the water - despite a few voice cracks.

Chung kept getting lost in the tune that Add was singing, not even realizing when a half naked Add stood before him, a towel wrapped around his waist.

“What are you doing, pikachung. ” Add growled, pinning Chung down evilly, using his nickname to tease his annoying boyfriend.

“I ah! I was l- listening to you sing! You did it to me so you can’t complain!” Chung squeaked.

“Hmm. I’ll have to teach you a lesson.~”


There is always going to be trouble when you work with a broken man. But broken men could be repaired by any means. Therapy, medication, and in Sebastian Moran’s case, new body parts. But when they said that he had ‘lost half who he was’, Jim didn’t think it meant literally half of who he was.

Living with a cyborg was not that hard to begin with. Of course there were odd times where Sebastian had to go for tune up, or he had to go for ‘oil changes’ and ‘updates’, but Jim never really expected that to be a problem. He was a man made for the military, to take orders and respect his leaders. What could go wrong? 

When it came to living with a machine, one must take into account that viruses infact, do happen.. 

A lovely work of art I commissioned from my favorite Artist Hippano!  Check her out!

(I thought it was about time for me to commish something from her! <3)

                                       Michelle Kwan Watchpost

1991/92: SP  LP (Concerto in F)

1992/93: SP (a home video of Michelle practising the SP) LP (Miss Saigon)

1993/94: SP (Song og India) LP (East of Eden)

1994/95: SP (Yellow River Concerto) LP (Rondo Capriccioso)

1995/96: SP (Romanza) LP (Salome)

1996/97: SP (Dream of Desdemona) LP (Taj Mahal) (I think this is my favorite set (SP+LP) of MK’s programs)

1997/98: SP (Rach #3) LP (Lyra Angelica)

1998/99: SP (The Fate of Carmen) LP (Lamento d'Ariane) (and this is my second favorite)

1999/00: SP (A Day in the Life) LP (The Red Violin)

2000/01: SP1 (Rush) SP2 (East of Eden) LP1 (The Miraculous Mandarin, skated only at the GPF) LP2 (Song of a Black Swan and Dumky Trio)

2001/02: SP1 (East of Eden) SP2 (Rach #3) LP (Sheherazade)

2002/03: SP (The Feeling Begins) LP (Concierto de Aranjuez)

2003/04: SP (The Feeling Begins) LP (Tosca)

2004/05: SP (Spartacus) LP (Bolero)

2005/06: SP (Totentanz)

Exhibitions and special performances:

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chillarch blackmailing lp into fluff~ :3

So,” Lu chirped, and Add instantly winced.  Nothing good could come from a cheerful Chiliarch.

The itty bitty piece of evil and darkness hopped up to sit on Add’s desk, grinning wide.  “So,” she repeated.  “I came across some really interesting photos yesterday.  Wanna seeeeee?”

“No,” Add snapped.  Lu just grinned wider.

“Yeees you do,” she corrected, and held up a glossy, high-resolution picture.  Add recognized it instantly.  It was him, cuddling a body pillow of Ciel in bed, both his face and the face of the body pillow clearly recognizable.

How even had Lu managed to get that shot?

“Give it here!” he growled, lunging for it.  Lu cackled and backflipped off his table, half-dancing at the end of the room.

“Either I show this to Ciel, or you go hug him right now~” she sang.  “In front of ev-ery-one.  Add and Ciel, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-”

“I get it, I get it!”  Add was getting a migraine.  And a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“So you’ll do it?”

“Yeah,” Add grumbled.  Lu beamed.

“Brilliant!  Off you go, don’t keep my dear Ciel waiting!  In front of everyone, remember!”

With that picture hanging over his head, Add went.