the signs as things i've said while drunk
  • aries:you can fight every crevice of my asshole honestly
  • taurus:stop debating if hentai is an art it's sin
  • gemini:what's with the gemini hate on tumblr?? did i miss a meme i swear
  • cancer:i'm thirsting after him so much pls physically stop me i'm blocking him
  • leo:what do u mean RPG doesn't stand for "royal piss games"
  • virgo:if u put a coconut up ur asshole it'll probs scratch it up but u'll be pure
  • libra:i'm literally making a blog called nickstitties and i'm sending u bara hentai
  • scorpio:i want the honour to be cuddled by fifty dogs then eaten by them
  • sagittarius:*reciting the entire first scene of the bee movie*
  • capricorn:i'd be such a good assassin bc of my bloodlust and knowledge of memes
  • aquarius:i bet you my entire bank account of ten dollars that i can land this backflip
  • pisces:ur dweeb weeb ass is gonna get dunked into the toilet


Rust In Peace (1990)

I don’t know what influenced Dave Mustaine and company to create Rust In Peace. Easily one of the most incredible thrash albums ever! The riffing is fast and guitar solos are frequent and unbelievable. The songwriting is in top form here as well. Lyrics are awesome, song construction is brilliant, and tempos are dynamic.

Megadeth - Rust In Peace [Full Album, Original Version]

Holy Wars… The Punishment Due
Hangar 18
Take No Prisoners
Five Magics
Poison Was the Cure
Tornado of Souls
Dawn Patrol
Rust in Peace… Polaris


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More Portal jokes.

Welcome back to a new edition session of Amplitude’s rogue-like tower-defense game: Dungeon of the Endless! In this oddball of a game we take the role of the survivors of a spaceship explosion, and must climb 12 levels of a dungeon to make it to the surface. For our latest session, we will attempt a science challenge run— while also unlocking like nine million characters!

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