Thanks Nintendo. (The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures - Tetra's Trackers)
  • Emile: Yeah it is a cool mode! I wish we got it, again I don't know why we didn't.
  • Jon: Thanks Nintendo.
  • Tim: That's too bad.
  • Stephen: Maybe they'll release it later!
  • Jon: -slight laughter-
  • Tim: Hm... As an add on for Breath of the Wild.
  • Jon: -laughter increases in volume-
  • Stephen: Hey Jon! My uncle! My uncle works for Nintendo!
  • Jon: -laughter gets even louder and becomes maniacal-
  • Tim: He's sitting there holding up a GBA cartridge!
  • Jon: -to the viewers- I'm holding a Mother 3 cartridge while I'm laughing. -laughing continues-
  • Stephen: ...It hurts.
  • Emile: HAW-HAW.
  • Stephen: It hurts deep inside...
  • Jon: It really does.
okay this one might be a stretch but...

When Jackson was recording in the FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE trailer we all noticed that the elapsed time was stuck on the last possible second of the day it was released

But we didnt really pay attention to the time of remaining space being 24 mins,

Which is almost the exact amount of time it takes to watch the entire trilogy plus trailers???

Enough time for Jinyoung to rewatch all his friends die without him for us to keep reliving FLIGHT LOG over and over again