Death Match

@20-times-a-day​ (for the Water Fight Event)

Shalnark had been prepared for something like this his whole life, of that he was sure. The blond had even gone so far as to make sure he had the day off to soak and get soaked, in a game of mutual hate and destruction.

He grinned, slightly, and checked his bag, full of water balloons and water pistols, making sure that everything was in it’s place and ready for the first attack.

Now all he needed to do was wait.

Wild Wild Wet

@killer-hound​ (for the Water War event!)

It was too early in the morning. What was that loud hammering on the door? That was really rude. Interrupted from his sound slumber, Lozzo scratched his head and peered through the eyehole. No one? Rapid motions accompanied the red flags popping up in his mind.

With a cocked gun and his keen senses on high alert, he pulled his door open from the knob inside with his left foot. In the blink of an eye, he swooped into the bathroom next to the door, almost flying. There was no movement or sound. He took the quickest side-glance. A loaded water gun and a belt holding copious amounts of water ‘ammo’ lay innocently on the porch.

A note lay beside it. It gave off celebratory vibes. Still cautious, he picked it up without much thought. 


He raised an eyebrow. The informant had told him it would be coming. Still… Just as he grabbed a hold of the suspicious loot, a jet of water headed straight for the side of his head. A shocked Lozzo dodged at the last moment, slamming the door behind him. The water had soaked his fringe thoroughly.

What the- 

Pissed, he opened the door in a split second, armed with his new toy and ready to fire away. Heading down the floors to the street in pursuit of his attacker, he found a masked woman armed with a water gun just like his own, only with two more belts of ammo. She attempted to climb up the side of a building, struggling to ascend the stairs. Looking back at him, she snapped up at a window diagonally on her left.

End of the line, woman! 

Lozzo smirked, pointing his gun at the woman. He aimed at the perfect angle and pressed the trigger.


The jet was surprisingly stealthy for a water gun. Said lady made it through the window barely in time. Her foot was caught in some of the powerful current, diverting the water in all directions. A head and torso popping out of a window above her just happened to be in the way of the splash zone.

Flirting and food {Lozzo & Katsuragi}

Work, work. She heard it was harder on Sundays, but she didn’t believed it until she had to deal with it in person.  Families with children, couples on dates, big group of friends. In a way it was even more exhausting than dealing with drunkards in Oakpool bar. Running from one side to the other she hardly had the time to even flirt with any cute girls, which was a shame. Even worse, unlike Oakpool, here she couldn’t take any alcoholic drinks. Well technically she couldn’t do it in Oakpool either, but it was easier to sneak and take a drink there.

The lunch hour finally over, she could finally take a breathe. Take the dirty trays, clean the tables. She couldn’t take her break until later. Someone called her to the table and she rushed in a couple of jumps there. Getting the check and a pen from the pocket of her black apron, she prepared to take the order. It was a tall blond man, muscular body more than obvious under the clothes. Some very noticeable scars on his face.

“Good afternoon and welcome to Calypso’s Dinner! Today is a very hot day, almost as much as you. Have decided on your order yet, handsome?” she smiled brightly, a bit of a flirtatious tone in her voice. Sure she preferred girls, but hot guys weren’t out of question, and it’d be a good entertainment for such a boring day.


Wrong Place, Wrong Time [Seiya & Lozzo]

Work needed Lozzo in Solis, and letting the assignment go to a less capable man would be wasting a precious opportunity. Besides, this one-time offer was lucrative enough to outweigh the burden of a two-hour train ride.

Despite killing vast amounts of time alone effortlessly, singing in front of a group of passengers would be cringe-worthy. Humming failed to quell his shaking legs. He scanned the surrounding carriages for objects of attention.

Is there nothing to look at?

All the ladies were taken, seemed average, under-aged or aged. The striking scenery, a last resort, made for a subtle change. As the buildings thinned out to evergreen trees of the primary virgin forest, an air of tranquility flowed in.

… hu… huhu… This was something to appreciate. Lozzo held on to a handle, allowing his weight to rest heavily on it. The sweet release of worries beckoned as he felt his consciousness ebbing away.


Una vita costruita sulle menzogne non può far altro che crollare; un'amore basato su una semplice recita non può far altro che essere smascherato, in un modo o nell'altro
—  moriresilenziosamente