Vaati for Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Hey everyone!! I know that you’re all excited about Nintendo Direct, but the Fighter Ballot being opened gives us the option to add another character to the fight, and I think a lot of us would love to see Vaati 

Vaati, for those who don’t know, is the main villain in the Zelda Games Minish Cap and Four Swords, the former of which is available on the Wii U eshop!

Vaati is a dark sorcerer who, early in the game, turns Princess Zelda to stone. As the game progresses, you eventually battle three separate incarnations of this villain (Possible final smash?). 

I encourage that we all push for Vaati as a new fighter!

1:00 AM Headcanons
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:so the link from minish cap is the Smith's son
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:i wonder what he'd look like when he gets older
  • Jade:Big bara biceps, hands calloused from wielding swords and hammers. Hair pulled back and out of his face, a bit of castor oil on his cheek sometimes-
  • Jade:sa ve me
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:a black apron and a dull green shirt with rolled-up sleeves
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:dumb-ass grin
  • Jade:Oh go d
  • Jade:I m to o w e ak
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:Maybe an equally dumb beard
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:Sneaks up on Zelda and picks her up in a bridal carry just for funsies
  • Jade:He has a bad habit of forgetting about the soot on his hands
  • Jade:her dresses get stained with it constantly
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:there is perpetually one tiny black mark on her cheek where he likes to brush his thumb over it
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:as a result, literally everyone in the castle knows when he's visited, despite him sneaking in
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:"sneaking," since bara link
  • Jade:Idiot nerd baby
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:when she is crowned queen, he forges her crown
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:when she takes it off after the ceremony to examine it, she sees an engraving
  • [Val] Hot Cocoa:"For the queen of my heart, and the golden light of my life."