i feel like it’s a dangerous notion to assume that someone is faking their sexuality just because they’ve only recently openly acknowledged it

like just because the shit is new for you doesn’t mean it’s new for them

and even if their discovery is all of 5 minutes old it is still 100% valid

  • tyler:*stubs his toe*
  • clique:how could we...let this happen. i hope he knows the rest of us wouldn't let him stub his tøe. blurryface is resurrected and he's coming back for him. the metaphørs...štåŷ äłïvė fręñš |-/

i love when men try to counter female separatism like with “what if men said the same things?? what if men just left and made their own countries/cities/spaces?” like fuckin please do.. exile yourselves, leave women alone

u know when someone makes a casual observation about u and u have to stay cool but ur dying bc u have been Seen❗️❗️

I love this concept of maknae-line being students playing at arcades, eating food, doing what normal teenagers do, enjoying youth