• Link: Okay I'm about to go take back Vah Ruta-
  • Sidon: I BELIEVE in you Link😎👍🏻 Don't 🙅‍♂️ ever stop! ❌ You're the BEST✨😍 Save Hyrule⛰☄️ Save Zora's Domain🐠🐟 GO😤 till you regain Vah Ruta!🐘💫 Long live King Dorephan👑 R.i.p. Mipha🙏😩

*Rises from the dead to bring you 10k words of Zelink fanfiction*
Chapter 2 of my Zelink Week Master Quest is here!

Prince Link must escort Princess Zelda to the Ordon Village Harvest Festival. Understandably, neither is very happy about this.

Light | Forest

Princess Zelda thought it would happen sooner than this. Six weeks was a pretty long time to wait considering how adamant King Clement was about moving this courtship and marriage along quickly. Maybe their parents had hoped their children’s heads would calm down a bit. But if Prince Link was anything like Zelda, he would still have a quiet layer of seething anger just below the surface. But as it stands, her first official outing with Prince Link would take place in two weeks’ time. It would be a warm-up to the first public declaration of their courtship, a way to see how people will react when they see Link and Zelda together, and Zelda was at least glad it would be on her home turf.

The Ordon Village Harvest Festival was always a staple for the beginning of fall in Hyrule. The small village had grown from producing quality milk and cheese from their humble goat ranch to the a rather well-to-do farming town that supplied half of the country’s wheat and cotton as well as herding cattle along with the famous Ordon goats. It was a pleasant festival filled with none of the stuffy rules, tight corsets, and political masks of a Royal Festival; it was truly one of Zelda’s favorites, and she was going to damn Link to the Dark Realm and back if he ruined it for her.

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Unsure of the stranger’s intentions, the previously grazing
mare raised her head, ears swivelling forward. Naturally, she
was on alert, but also fairly curious– she extended her neck,
flaring her nostrils at the new scent in the air. This person
didn’t smell like a monsters, nor her master. She decided to
wait and simply stare at the intruder until they did something.
The occasional snort would leave her snout, followed by a flick
of her beautiful, flowing tail.