I feel like there’s a lot of minor NPCs in BoTW that I could just describe without saying their name and people would still know who they are.

For example we got:

-Arrow fetish

-fucking dumbass shoes guy

- child who’s like 8 years old and is already done with life

-Walmart brand Time Link

- terrifying flower lady

-the local pedophile™ of Zora’s Domain

-Stupid couple who’s asses you gotta save every single time you see them

- those sisters who spend every waking moment of their existance looking for truffles and then getting the shit beaten out of them by bokoblins

- old man who tells disrurbingly dark horse-related stories

- Zora that gets so distracted while fishing that she literally forgets about her family back home and stays out there for days

- melon addict

- adorable berry kid

- man who got stuck on top of a sheikah tower and just gave up and just decided to live up there for the rest of his life I guess

- straight dude with a very good doggo

- apple fetish

- sad honeymoon guy

- extreamely herterosexual dudebros on their way to gerudo town

- meat guy

- tiny face

and many, many more!