“Darling, may I say that you do not look a day over (1)25?” <3

Link, being as old as he is, doesn’t exactly agree with that, but will gladly accept his dear shark husband’s compliment.

I’ve recently been playing Breath of the Wild, the first LoZ game I’ve actually played, and got hit by that Sidlink ship. I got this sketch idea after realizing that despite people constantly mentioning that Prince Sidon would outlive Link by a wide margin, there is barely any fanart that involved this (that I’ve noticed, at least). Thus, my attempt at drawing an old(er) Link, with a (”off the clock”) Zora king that still highly adores him like there is no tomorrow. <3

There is a bit of a “slight AU story-headcanon idea” about why he looks “young” and has lived for so long, but for this pic, Link’s age is around… 137 (237, if you wanna count the 100 year sleep; physically he would be in the early mid-60′s range as far as looks go?), and Sidon being …late 30′s to early 40s, appearance-wise? I don’t know how old Sidon is as far as actual years go.

The blue on Link’s neck accessory = the Zora Sapphire. They’ve been happily married for over 100 years.