Negan’s Candy Canes. (Part 2)

Title - Game Changer

Paring – Negan / Ruby (OC) part 2

Summary –

Negan accepted a challenge off Ruby that she knew he wasn’t going to win but it’s fun watching him try.

Warning – the three S’s Smut, Swearing and sexual content (Also warning smut not my forte but I tried so please enjoy) 

Negan’s Candy Canes - Part 1

“What is that?”

I looked up from braiding Loz’s hair to see what she was talking about. “Oh it Negan’s and my scoreboard for our challenges. As you can see I’m in the lead by two.”

Loz laughed “I swear to fucking god you two are giant kids.”

“It´s what makes us happy and keeps this weird life we have found ourselves in interesting.” I shrug.

She simply shook her head and turned around on my bed, facing me with a suspicious look on her face.

“What is it this time?”

I give her my most innocent smile “What makes you think we got one going on.”

Loz gives me her best dead serious look “Rub don’t fucking lie to me you been giddy for the last week, and Negan has been acting like a bigger dick then he already is I swear he almost introduced Fat Joey to Lucille, so what the fuck is the challenge this time.”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little “I’m sorry Loz, but it’s his own fault. If he’d just said yes when I first asked he wouldn’t be in this predicament.”

Loz smiled at me, oh the joys of being friends with her since you were four “you put a sex ban on our leader didn’t you?”

“Not quite. The challenge is who will cave in first and say “let’s just fuck already.”  

She shook her head, still smiling “Might I ask why?”

“It’s stupid really.”

Last week

“Come on Negan please I don’t see why not”

Negan raised an eyebrow “No Red, it´s not safe, and I want you safe. That’s fucking final.”

He can be so fucking stubborn sometimes.

“Negan I can take care of myself, and it’s not like I ask to go on a run with a guy in the middle of nowhere. I’m asking to go to another settlement. We got Hilltop or the Kingdom?”

He rubs his eye in annoyance “For fuck sake, Red.”

Before he can decline again, I sit down next him and put my hand on top of his.

“How about one of our challenges than.”

Negan turned and smiled. “I fucking hate you sometimes, you know? I fucking can’t say no to our fucking challenges even though most the time I’m the one fucking losing out. Alright, you got me, what is it?”

I smiled

“ok no sex” Negan looked pissed and ready to say no straight away

“Hear me out before you answer ok? So no sex and that means whoever caves first and says “let’s just fuck already” wins?”

Negan closed his eye, breathed out then looked at me.

“So, if you win I have to take your ass out on a run with me?” I nodded.

“What do I get if I win?”, Negan asked and tipped his head to the side.

Now I was nervous. I knew what he wanted. He has wanted it since we started our little fling but am I really willing to risk it just to go on the run? What the hell, I was confident I was going to win anyway.

“If you win I will officially become one of your wives.”

His trademark grin appeared on his face he grabbed my chin and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Well, my Red, game on.”

“Game on.” I smiled and kissed him back

Back to today

Loz laughed her ass off after I finished my story. Typical.

“He honestly thought you were going to cave in first? No wonder he´s pissed.” She said and wiped a tear from her eye.

I nodded

“Yeah and he´s more pissed now because of the new group he dealt with a few days ago, so I think he´s almost exploding.”

Loz looked up at me with her “I’ve got an idea-”smile, which usually ends up in trouble, so it was my turn to be suspicious.

“What are you thinking?” I asked.

Loz just smiled at me got off my bed and went over to her desk and pulled something out of the drawer.

“I got something that will make sure you win, which means Negan gets what he needs and we all get a happy boss back who isn’t ready to kill us at the drop of a hat.”

“Then do tell, what is this magic solution of yours?”

Loz turned the thing she was hiding around so I could see it. Now it was my turn to smile.

“Is that “Rock Crystal Candy Stick”? Where the hell did you find one of them?”

“On one of the recent runs. I’ve got a few of ´em. I was saving them for a special occasion, but seeing you, my best friend, in need I don’t mind giving you one.” Loz shrugged.

My smile grew even wider.

“Are you suggesting I try the lollipop trick on Negan?” I wondered, “Loz. he’s not a teenage boy.”

Loz rolled her eyes at me “Rub’s he’s a man. That trick will work no matter what age.”

I got up, took the candy from her and smiled.

“Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow.” she laughed “Go get him, girl!”

10 minutes later

I was now outside Negan door, I took a deep breath, knocked and was welcomed with “I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD, I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU, WHAT PART OF LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE DON’T YOU FUCKERS UNDERSTAND.”

Negan opened the door and saw me.

“ok I come back later then” I turned to walk away, but Negan was quicker and grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into his chest.

“I always have time for you, Red” I turn around, put my arms around his neck and give him a quick kiss.

“That´s good to know. I heard you were stressed out, so I thought I could keep you company.”

He raised an eyebrow “Does this mean…?”

“No Negan, I’m not caving in. I just miss you.”

He rolled his eyes “Of course you did.Well, come in, Red. I have work to do, so pick a book and take a fucking seat.”

I followed him and sat down on one of his leather couches after I picked a book from his shelve. I opened the book and started reading.

After about five minutes of silence, I pulled out the lollipop and put it in my mouth slowing sucking on it, pushing back and forth in and out of my mouth.

I could feel Negan eyes on me burning a hole into my head.  I carried on ignoring him, pretending to read my book and enjoying the lollipop. I twirling my tongue around it, pulling it out, so it makes a plop noise. I moaned a little to show him I was enjoying every minute of it, knowing full well he was about to snap in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

“You’re a fucking cheat” I finally looked up at Negan, and the look in his eye was enough to make me wet. You could tell his brain and his well, ’other brain’ where having a fight and his top brain was losing.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I give him my most innocent smile.

“Right” He let out a big laugh.

He slowly stood up, and he looked like a wolf ready to attack its prey

“Of course you fucking don’t, Red.”

Next thing I know he has picked me up, threw me on the bed in second and was on top of me removing his clothes and tugging at mine, kissing and biting my neck.

“Negan if you do this, you lose our game.”

“I don’t fucking care right now, I’m not thinkin´ with my fucking brain right now, Red. It´s been a week since I’ve had my dick in anyone, I have to deal with fucking idiots all day, and you fucking come in, sucking on that lollipop like it was my dick so.”

He went back to biting my neck.

“I plan to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week” I laugh as I snake my arms around his neck. He shuffled around on his boxers and tugs them off, his erection springing free. He wasted no time and slammed into me in one fluid motion.

“So fucking tight, Red.”

I moaned my response “Negan please” I felt Negan smile against my neck “don’t worry Red.”

He went back to sucking on my neck while pulling me closer allowing me to wrap my leg around him. He moved in and out of me with ease.

After what seemed like an eternity he started to speed up, moving faster and harder with every stroke. I clawed at his back when he pulled all the way out and slammed right back in, hitting my G-spot  

“Negan” my moans got louder with every further stroke.

“You like me rough, don’t you Red?”

I just nodded moaning louder. I felt Negan hand around my throat, moving my face to look at him. “Open your eyes and look at me Red. I want you fucking looking at me when I make you cum” I obeyed, and I opened my eyes to look at him. Seeing the hunger in his eyes lets me come undone. I felt myself clench around him, then shuddered and closed my eyes as I rode out my orgasm.

“Fuck Red” Negan groans, following right after.

We laid there for a while with Negan still inside me trying to catch our breaths. After a few minutes he pulled out of me, and I groaned at the loss of him but was too tired to voice my displeasure. He pulled me closer, so my head was on his chest.

“I fucking can’t believe I lost. Just sayin´, we are never doing that fucking challenge again. I didn’t enjoy a week without a good fuck.”

I just laughed. “Agreed but right now I need sleep” I heard a deep chuckle, and I look up to see him smiling at me

“Did I wear you out after one round, Red?”

I smile, and I lift my hand to stroke his cheek.

“Yes, Negan. your that amazing, you knocked out after one go.”

He laughs, grabs my wrist and kisses my hand “

Damn fucking right I am. Now let us get some shut-eye.”

I snuggle closer to him and fall into a complete blissfully sleep.

Two days later

Negan stop pouting. I won, you promised.”

“Yeah after you fucking cheated.”

“Negan” I turned to look at the giant child beside me. I won our game, so he had to keep his promise. So right now we’re on our way to one of his new settlements a place called Alexandra that they took over a few days ago.

Negan stopped the truck and turned to look at me

“Ok, you remember the rules?”

I fought the urge to roll my eyes “Yes Negan I remember that I have to stay near Loz and don’t draw any attention to myself and if I do get into some trouble I yell for you.”

He nodded. “Right and next time less of that attitude” he smiled leaned over, give me a quick kiss. “Let the show begin” I laughed getting out the truck. Maybe Loz was right he is a giant child.

Negan walked off to knock on the gates while I moved to the front of the truck and Loz came to sit next to me.

“What do you know about these people?” I ask turning to look at her.

“I wasn’t with them when they confronted these lot, so I really couldn’t tell you, but apparently Negan really enjoy messing with their leader.” she shrugged.

I nodded and turned to look at Negan. My heart skipped a beat at who I saw him talking to. Someone who I thought I wouldn’t see again in this life.

A life advise my mum always use to tell me suddenly comes to my mind: “Ruby always be careful, ´cause when life is going good, someone or something is always around the corner to throw a curve ball at you.”

I felt Loz grab my hand, so she must see him too.

“Rub’s is that..?”

I nodded and let out a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding.


Part 3 (Coming soon)

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