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ahhhHHHH!!! I RLY LOVE THIS!! I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR MORE GERUDO LINK AND THERE ISNT??? ENOUGH????? IT IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE AU AHH,,, I honestly need more people to talk with about all things LoZ and I'm rly sad because I can't find people with the same amount of passion,,,, (if you answer, please tag @cribaby-sxnchez <3)

Hello, @cribaby-sxnchez!  Ahhh, thank you!! I know there are several Gerudo Link AUs and they’re all lovely, although I’ve only seen a few. I’m glad you like the AU!

Yeah, feel free to talk to us! You can send us asks on our account, or you could send us messages to our personal accounts! Mine is trashcadash and Roy is @the-silent-alchemist.

-Mod Junior