loz confession

i have this headcanon

where zelda walks in on link belly dancing in his gerudo outfit and she like super flustered but link’s just happy go lucky like always and offers to teach her so zelda’s standin there with her shirt rolled up trying to learn how to belly dance with link and she super embarrassed because she’s so shy and regal but yeah i thought it was cute–


*For their safety/to protect their identity, Character’s faces have been blurred*

Tumblr is a wild and strange place, and you may not know this but, there is a blog that LoZ Characters go to post their deepest confessions.  These are some of their confessions. See a confession you want us to voice? Send us the link through messages, ask or the submit box! 

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I feel so bad for Yazoo, Loz, Rikku, and Paine because they are ALWAYS surpassed by their leaders, Kadaj and Yuna, and whenever I type in their names, those two have to appear alongside them and they receive MOST of the credit instead of the others. They are important, too and I WISH that they appear more in the franchise and in more fan related stuff like fanart, fanfiction, AMVs, etc.