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In celebration of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releasing this Friday, here is a real world Sheikah Slate! (aka: elaborate iPad mini case)

My friend, Charlie Skinner, and I made it over the summer of 2016 (after I saw the E3 trailer and decided I needed one). It turned out so much better than I ever expected ^___^

Check out how we made it here!


2017 Cheesy Zelda Valentines Part 1

“I think that Mr. Miyamoto is a great man, but someday I want to surpass him. Well, because I’m working with him in the same building. I heard there are people overseas who worship Mr. Miyamoto like God, but I’m not like that. And I think I’ll exceed him some day. That hasn’t happened yet, though. But I don’t think he is a divine being. He is somebody you can catch up with. That’s why we end up trying.” -Eiji Aonuma

I drew this today 🙇🏻📒🖍, “Link between Worlds” is such an awesome game 🏰🔺🔺🔺😊 Mechanical pencil, paper and painted in Manga Studio 👨🏻‍💻/ Dibujé ésto hoy, “Link between worlds” es un juego increíble 🙂, portaminas, papel y pintado en manga Studio.