This costume has so many little details that were really fun to work on! My litmus test for every material I chose was, “can I make it shinier?” Almost every fabric, pigment or thread in this thing reflects the light in some way. I might have an addiction.✨

Photo by Ngo Photography
Costume made and worn by me

I should draw ✍🏻🙇🏻 a comic 📒only about Koroks 🍂🌱hahaha, I love those guys! 🙇🏻❤️ / Debería dibujar un cómic sólo sobre Koroks, jajaja, amo a esos tipos! 🤓❤️

So what is everyone most excited to see in Breath of the Wild?

I’m pretty excited to see the Zora, but what I hope to see is lots of little towns you can visit!

What about you? What’s got you hyped for the new Zelda? (While staying spoiler free!)