7. Final Hours
  • 7. Final Hours
  • ChrystalChameleon

The #7 Spooky Scary Zelda Tune is…Final Hours!

6 hours remain before the foreboding moon destroys Termina and all its inhabitants. This theme imbues feelings of hopelessness, dread, and anxiety as time quickly runs out, failure imminent—yet the nightmare has only begun.

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Okay, just a little note to my latest Telink art:

WW!Zelda being brown isn’t a far-fetched idea; because if you remember in Spirit Tracks, the castle has a Tetra’s picture on the wall:

Wich means that, even if Tetra’s Zelda incarnation is white, it doesn’t matter much, because the game suggest, that she never really changed to an incarnated princess to take the throne. She stayed as Tetra, the brown skinned sassy girl we know - she stayed who she is. The royal blood is there nevertheless. And putting her in royal clothes doesn’t change the fact that she is still Tetra. (and it doesn’t change the fact either, that I did find weird in WW that her skin changes and I don’t like it much, but at least ST gives us this and I’m like this is fine yeah)



I saw the hyrule warriors dlc announcement while I was on break at work today. As soon as I got back to my station I grabbed some scrap paper and got right to doodling. I had a gut feeling I should bring a pencil to work with me today. I was RIGHT

Also featuring an angled shot because those always look so cool for some reason.

I love drawing “Wind Waker” stuff, in fact, i’m gonna play today! / Me encanta dibujar cosas de “Wind Waker”, de hecho, voy a jugar hoy!