So I got really wasted last night and watched this. Needless to say I didn’t sleep very well, freaked me the fuck out… Like I don’t know if I will be able to play Majora’s Mask ever again…

PSA (kinda)

Zelda is not manipulative.
Zelda is not a heartless bitch.
Link is not a cheater.
Link does have his own personality.

Zelda would always want what’s best for Link. She wouldn’t make him do something he doesn’t want to do, even though she would have that power. The thing about their relationship throughout every timeline and every game is that they will always have a deep connection, and you don’t even have to see that as romantic if you don’t want to. That’s one of the greatest things about Link and Zelda’s relationship. There is mutual trust and respect between them.

Ghirazant week call

Beginning the 4th of September, and ending on the 10th, the prompts are as follow:

  • Day 1, Sunday 4th of September: Animosity
  • Day 2, Monday 5th of September: Development
  • Day 3, Tuesday 6th of September: Stars
  • Day 4, Wednesday 7th of September: Comfort
  • Day 5, Thursday 8th of September: Intensity
  • Day 6, Friday 9th of September: Harmony
  • Day 7, Saturday 10th of September: Differences

The idea is that everyone who likes the ship can contribute with a song, fic or one-shot, headcanon, picture or piece of art that relates with the day’s prompt.

There is also a free day or two, if one of the prompts seriously don’t make you think of anything

As usual, the idea is that we all have fun! The point of this is that we celebrate the ship and make content for it. Feel free to talk to me if you have doubts regarding the prompts!

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Part 64 of  “A Tale of Two Rulers”

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