idek how y'all can ignore alana beck bc dang she’s such an interesting character with an interesting motivation so i guess i’ll just have to tell you

like even when we first see alana there’s a major contrast between her and other characters as far as wardrobe goes. she wears glasses and has her hair up and wears kind of nicer clothes. idk about you guys but she’s what i normally think of as a nerd. and of course we learn later that she’s a straight a student who could easily get into an ivy league school. therefore she’ll want to strive for perfection, so she’s very, very ambitious and clever (definitely a slytherin if you ask me but anyway).

when alana teams up with evan and jared for the connor project, we get to see that her heart is in the right place, and has a big heart as well. she realizes that now that someone in her grade has committed suicide, it could happen again, and she clearly doesn’t want that. she commits herself fully to the mission of the connor project–to make sure no one else feels alone. heck, she has a whole verse in you will be found how we all should have and deserve a safe space where we don’t feel alone and that we can be heard.

in act two, however, she ends up leaking evan’s letter aka connor’s suicide note, and essentially ruining the murphys’ lives. now that is s e v e r e l y messed up, and i am in no way excusing her actions, but we see just how devoted she is to her beliefs, as well as her ambition and determination. she believed that leaking the letter would help the cause, so she did. evan is understandably very upset about alana leaking the letter without his consent, and accuses her of doing the connor project for like college credit or whatever something along those lines, how he trusted her enough to send it to her, and she sends it out to the world. we then have alana’s verse in good for you and all that good stuff.

alana knows her heart is in the right place, but now she knows evan’s wasn’t. because of her ambition, she believed she could actually make a positive change in her school through the connor project, and now that it was all falling apart, she realizes that all of her efforts were for nothing.

alana is definitely an idealist, and wants the best for everyone, so knowing that evan used so many people definitely made her angry. again, she did a terrible thing, and we don’t know how she felt about leaking the letter, so we don’t get a resolution to alana’s character arc, but she’s still an incredibly interesting and complex character that we as a fandom shouldn’t ignore.

thank you, thank you. *bows*

Ask Compilation #5

Hello, people from Russia! Thank you for following our comic! :’D




No, because the voices do whatever they want. But if he ever ‘lost control’, it was just now when he tried to kiss Ink


Yeah, he’s not really good with sharing things :’D

It’s really easy to make him jealous. You don’t even need to flirt with Ink. All you need to do is give him a hug and then take cover!


Yep, he does. It’s hard to not notice them when his eyes gets filled with glitches to the point where he make him blind. But he also sees his ‘normal’ glitches he has all the time. He just chooses to ignore them.


Yes, he has his glasses. He does wear them, but quite rarely although it could improve his vision quite a bit. Maybe he chooses to not see certain things and is saving them up for special occasions instead.


Garmadon: La-loyd?

Lloyd: That’s right, your son, and it’s Lloyd

Garmadon: No, L-L-O-Y-D, I named you

Lloyd: You ruined my life [throws mask thing to the ground]

Garmadon: Pft, That’s not true, I have not even been part of your life, how could I ruin it? I wasn’t even there


[makes this face while the wind blows his hair like every dramatic scene]

I expected LEGO Movie humor and it already has by just a few dialogue, and I’m loving it

Lloyd Garmadon Headcanons

My headcanons for The Child™ Lloyd, as requested by that anon who asked who my favorite Ninjago character was.

Bear with me on some of these because I’ve only watched up to the end of S5 (they don’t have anything past that on Netflix) and I dunno much about the later seasons past Hands of Time involving some serious timeline bullshit of Homestuckian proportions.

  • Sometimes he has nightmares where his dad is accusing him of betraying him and yelling at him for sending him to the Cursed Realm. He wakes up sobbing and usually with a lightbulb blown because his powers surged while he was dreaming.
  • The first time he ever kills someone, he doesn’t think much of it at the time. But when the reality of what he did sets in after the adrenaline fades, he locks himself in his room for a week and refuses to talk to anyone. He’s never really the same afterwards.
  • He hates it when people treat him like a child, but he also hates being given too much adult responsibility.
    • “Kai I don’t care if I was 10 when I met you I’m mentally a teenager dammit don’t treat me like I’m little.”

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