Finally reached silver level on #homeheaven and look what they sent me!! 😍 Presents fit for a #domesticgoddess! 😘 What a lovely bunch! Thank you so much @homeheaven these are all brilliant! 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
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Reward Yourself with Amazing Hair and a Salon that gives back to it’s guests.
We have a Loyalty Rewards Program that you earn points to trade in for products or services.
@thehairloungenj you always leave spoiled.
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VIPs Are In-house

When it comes to providing valuable customer service, the most important people to please are the ones who will look to you for incomparable service for time and all eternity. The way you serve your family is indicative of the way you treat others, therefore, perhaps the most insightful customer satisfaction survey you could ever run should be taken by your family.

How do you rate in terms of how far you’ll go to please and make sure their needs are met, if not surpassed? Would you be willing to wear stickers from the kids’ menu ALL through dinner at the Olive Garden that your eight-year old lovingly placed on you? …AND then let her Triple-dog dare you into making a post about it?

…I would. Just did. [Lol - okay, Lalani, you win. Now can I take the stickers off??]

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Can the e-paper watch that really tells you what time it is also be the world’s most personal ad space yet?

Yes, it’s the darling of crowdfunding, having snagged a total of $10.27 million from 68,929 individual investors on Kickstarter, making it the most crowdfunded start-up ever in dollar terms. But could Pebble also be the very best vehicle yet to fulfill all the promises of SoMoLo marketing?

Pebble’s Silicon Valley creators have launched it with basic functionalities that already address the SoMoLo realm (FB & Twitter notifications, weather alerts, etc). And, big sidenote, they’ve very presciently allowed for customization, even customization via coding for the truly geek-ish:

“Want your watch to tell you when your next bus is leaving? Maybe you’re jonesing to see your compile status or recent github commits.. Think push notifications, directly to your watch using the data connection on your phone. Want to check-in on your watch, or create an app that can monitor your sleep? Pebble can send data from the accelerometer and buttons back up to the internet.

Pebble can receive simple alerts and notifications from if this then that (ifttt.com) or our web-facing RESTful endpoint. More adventurous developers can use the Pebble SDK, with its Arduino-like abstractions and simple C structure, to gain full control of the watch. Multiple apps can run on Pebble, along side watchfaces and regular notifications.”

But back to the point of this posting, since the Pebble gets all its info from the smartphone it’s linked to, GPS capabilities should allow marketers to do everything from rewarding a patron on the spot for posting a positive review on Yelp, to awarding extra loyalty points to shoppers who visit brick and mortar stores during slow periods to recognizing wearers for achieving fitness goals as they happen to sending up-to-the-microsecond snow conditions/alerts on ski trails (then give boarders a coupon for a free beer at the end of their run when trails have turned slushy).  Yes, many of these CRM activities can be achieved via smartphone alone, but the physical proximity of the Pebble on the wrist is as close as it gets to personalized “sudden” marketing.

@sarah_lynn19 has been raving about this oil and I’m so happy I was able to use my doTERRA loyalty award points and get this product for free!! Clary calm is a hormone balance blend great for women of all ages and surprisingly, men too! It is a blend of 11 CPTG oils that helps eases cramps, nausea, emotional swings, and other effects from menopause and PMS. I think the best part about this blend is that it’s great for all ages with the help of clary sage. Clary sage aids the body to remember the appropriate way to perform and create a hormonal balance. Clary calm is a blend your loved ones will thank you for using. 😛 #doterra #essentialoils #natural #naturalmedicine #clarycalm #cptg #loyaltyrewards #free #pms #menopause #clarysage #balance #emotionalbalance #hormones #women #nomorecramps

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A quick fix in between salon visits just because I felt like showing some love #loyaltyrewards #hookmygirlup #auditiontape @missmonticello

Here's what Loyalty Rewards I want...

Either the Reverence or Sure Footed Aura, (400 points each)


Either Sir Title OR Dervish outfit (100 points each)

Most people are saying to go with Reverence over Sure Footed becuase of the invisible +2 prayer boost and the extra 2 prayer points per dose. But I’ve got a lot of agility to train soon, and no combat do for a while so the sure footed aura will come in useful. I’ve then got to wait 2 months before I can afford the other though…

And the Sir title is cool, but the Dervish outfit protects from desert heat…

… Suggestions Please?

I just read the post about Loyalty Rewards...

… Seems interesting. I like the new emotes, although it reminds be loads of The Sims :P

I don’t really think much of the ‘auras’ though, but I suppose I’ll see next week. I’ll be a member when it’s launched, so I can make use of them straight away. Something’s telling me these rewards will be really expensive, and after a couple of weeks, they’ll drop the prices, so I may wait a while :P