“Sometimes I wanna break down and cry. You don’t know how much I miss you. Never gon forget the times, that we shined, yea we shined.” Laid my brother to rest today. Drove him all over the before the burial, I could feel the smile from my guy, Rest Easy King, you’ll never be forgotten my guy. I love you #LoyaltyFam

Man these niggas I done been through sum shit wit. Sadly I had to say it but proud I lived to say literally from the womb to the tomb wit my bro #CoOol #Loyalty is errythang. And my bro @_smokinjoe_ we been thuggin 2gether nd we gone keep thuggin 2gether womb to da tomb. #LoyaltyFam

Now crew full of my my real niggas. It’s all #Loyalty it’s all #Love been rockin wit niggas longer than sum of my followers been alive. @_smokinjoe_ @noexcuse_fam1st @Cooolthreeos @lf_sos Malk, Drama, Dink. Lets do Wut we know CoOol want us to finish doin and dats get this money. I’m rockin wit niggas 💯 #LoyaltyFam