Excuse my wind blown hair (where did all this wind come from?), but I’m super proud to be part of the #H2Ocean family! Being a #h2oceanmodel has been my dream since the day I stepped infront of the camera. Make sure you’re following @officialh2ocean & the @h2oceanmodels 💜#h2ocean #h2oceanmodels #loyalty4life

Beautiful day ! Amazing friends ! LOVE THE HOLIDAYS !! And nothing can replace this moment ! Thanks for showing me a great time in San Fransisco ! I’ve been traveling to this city for past 6 years and never had a chance to go site seeing 😔but I’m glad I was able to now !!!! 😁😁😁☺️ love my BFF’s @killakarinda n @only1hotsana 😀😊 #TwinningSinceTheBeginning 100% #Loyalty4Life

In the eyes of a King 3things are important too him 1st & foremost is his CUBS I LOVE you all: 2nd his QUEEN I wouldn’t be a KING without u LOVE u Baby & 3rd My Pride/FAMILY If it wasn’t for you Mommy & Daddy I would be here as well as my true friends who been there thru it all with me yall know who u r & ty for being apart of my life #4EVERFAMILY #LOYALTY4LIFE