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How furuta will be loved if he choice villain role instead? N consider he not people with lack of aware with his situation. I think beside his complicated goal if we see in depersonalized viewpoint, as like you say he just want to give his death some meaning. Die in style. Everyone will look at him even in negative way. He just little boy who desperately need attention. I pity him a lot

The key thing with Kaneki and Furuta’s desire to be loved is that it’s  so long repressed it’s indiscriminate now. 

What they’re looking for is not anything resembling mutually requited love anymore, it’s more like catharsis. Each of them have seemed to construct individual fantasy scenarios where they either play hero or villain. Kaneki’s leaves him a hero to be mourned. 

Furuta’s on the other hand is wrapped around a fantasy where he becomes a villain on who everybody’s lives rest upon. He deliberately plotted for years to become the head of the Washuu, even though he knew how bad the Washuu were having been one of the few who experienced their cruelty firsthand. 

Furuta even says it directly himself, he knows what the old man in charge of the Washuu was and what he did. What he was going to do to people he loved?

What then drove Furuta to envy that position? A want for agency? A suicidal wish to bring everyone down with him? In that way he would be the one to destroy the Washuu, and at the same time he also finally gets to die in that way. He ends his life on his terms, rather than dying a weak and half born life. Furuta was born only to live as a servant to the family with no control of his life, this scenario however puts him on center stage and in total control.

As for your last point though, he can still earn love while being a villain. Look at all the people who are flocking behind him. There are plenty of people swearing their loyalty to his scheme, blind and dangerous as it is. As I said before what Furuta and Kaneki want isn’t anything resembling genuine love at this point. They want adoration, importance, catharsis, all things which can serve as a substitute for love in their own mind. 

But the fervid loyalty that Henry schemed and contrived for eluded him.  His total lack of enthusiasm made his character non-magnetic.  He was too cautious, too calculating, too cold.  There was no flash of daring to bear upon men’s minds and fire enthusiasm.  His appeal was to the head, not the heart.  Though he gained the confidence and support of his people, he did not win their love.  He was a patient, secret, very lonely man, with a strength of will and character that won him success, not sympathy.  He had no favorite, hardly any Mends.  There is no record of a strong personal attachment… The king’s relations with his family, therefore, bear scrutiny better than is common in royal houses, but he does not seem to have cared much for anyone outside his family.
—  “Henry VII” by Gladys Temperley

As someone who has recently started University (yippee!), never before have I ever had to think over money so much in my life. I’m luckily blessed with the fact that I don’t consume large amounts of alcohol, which therefore means I am in a better position than most at the moment. However, I’m still feeling the need to cut back and save on things here and there, which is proving difficult in many areas. One of these areas is coffee and tea, and unfortunately other people on a budget or trying to save money will feel this strain just like me. 

So here I am, writing a blog post on how to save money as a student, when you have an adoration towards hot beverages….especially since the cosy seasons of Autumn and Winter are creeping ever so close!

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