loyalty is my honour

Boromir would have acknowledged that Thorin Oakenshield is a King approximately 10 seconds after meeting him.

He would’ve immediately volunteered to come along to the Quest, because the military situation in Gondor is manageable right now, and besides they really do not need the possibility of a dragon allying himself with Mordor, seriously, orcs are bad enough.

Boromir then proceeds to appoint himself as the official protector of everyone around him (because that’s what he does) and after a while he starts to challenge the people who sound like they’re being less than respectful towards Thorin, because fuck that. From what he’s seen and heard, this guy has been fighting tooth and nail for his people for who knows how long, so hold your tongues you’re talking to a King.

And the Company is just staring at Boromir, because there’s no way they’ve somehow managed to find a human Dwalin. Not possible. But there he is, asking those Men if they’d like to have Gondor declare war on them, because that can be arranged, and oh Mahal, definitely a human Dwalin. How???

Thorin isn’t exactly sure what’s happening or why, but this Lord of Men is defending dwarven honour and there’s no way he’s ever forgetting that. Boromir doesn’t know it yet, but he’s just accidentally secured an alliance between Gondor and Erebor. 

Dwalin is nearly beside himself with approval.

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Matchup pretty please?? 5'7 blonde hair blue eyed, athletic, straight, heavy Newfoundland accent. I'm an ENFJ, but I'm more of an ambivert. I'm a girly girl but I'm also really into combat sports and I'm an officer with the infantry. I love the outdoors, adventure, sketching, travel and reading. My friends would say I'm sweet, empathetic, and forgiving. I'm not into PDA at all but I love cuddles and am very affectionate in private. Loyalty, honour, and respect are my core values. Thank you! 💕

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Definitely Soldier: 76.

There’s not much to say – you two are a natural match, especially if we’re talking about the younger Jack Morrison. Your values are very similar, though Jack has lost a lot of his passion as he got older. It’s understandable, considering what he’s been through.

He would be automatically drawn to an athletic person like yourself, especially with your ENFJ personality type. He’s a bit of an ambivert too, more leaning toward extrovert in the past, more introverted now. He would also appreciate the fact you still portray girly traits even though you are an officer in the army (just your profession would draw him in, by the way!).

Outdoors and adventure? You’d definitely get those with Jack, especially now that he’s a vigilantee (even if he himself might be grumpy about it). He’d also appreciate your calmer, creative activities, your sweetness and empathy. You’d be the perfect softer counterpart for him.

He’s not into PDA either, at least not currently, so he would be more than happy to share all your affection in private. You’ll have to encourage him to do so at first, but you’ll get him into the habit soon enough! What more can I say? You’re a match made in heaven.

–Mod Evie

Kurt Daluege was the chief of the Orpo (Ordnungspolizei/Order or uniformed police). In August 1930, when Berlin SA leader Walter Stennes had his men attack the Berlin NSDAP headquarters, it was Daluege’s SS men who defended it and put the attack down. Sometime afterwards in an open letter to Daluege, Adolf Hitler proclaimed “SS Mann, deine Ehre heißt Treue!” (SS man, Loyalty is your Honour) and “Meine Ehre heißt Treue” (Loyalty is my Honour) was duly adopted by the SS as its motto. Following Reinhard Heydrich’s assassination in 1942, he served as Deputy Protector for the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Daluege directed the German measures of retribution for the assassination, including the Lidice massacre. After the end of WWII, he was extradited to Czechoslovakia, tried, convicted and executed on 24.10.1946


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when they get married Bilbo refuses to don anything publicly that cannot be shed in private, foregoing the traditional ear piercings.

But there are more private spots that are less flaunting… More easily hidden.


or The consort!AU in which Bilbo has a tongue piercing and uses it to drive Thorin crazy

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Is there any reason you don't like marvels Thor

Oh, dear… You’re going to get him all riled up, and he was already fired up because of that masterpost he just worked on… There he goes…

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All right. Pull out the furs and raise your drinking horn. viking time… is story time.

 I’m Asatru. I’ve never been shy about it. I’m proud and I’m always happy to educate people on my faith.

 Asatruism is the worship of Norse Gods. You know-  Loki, Odin, Thor, Heimdall, the Aesir, the Asynoir and those three Vanir that are kicking around Asgard. And before you ask- yes, this is a thing. 

 I’m extremely spiritual. I live and breathe my faith whenever I can- I branded my flesh with Thor’s Hammer and I honour my gods with loyalty and unwavering trust.

 Now, I won’t bash you over the head with my myths and prayers unless you’re interested and don’t mind it. 

 However, I have been hurt very, very deeply and personally by Marvel’s Thor. I have had people laugh at me. I’ve had people trying to convince me that I was wrong- my stories, my faith, and my beliefs were all backwards. That it was the MOVIES, the COMICS that had the true mythos and stories. 

 People have degraded me. People have shamed and hurt and made fun of me to my face. A teacher once told me that I should see the movie, and I shook my head. I told him I couldn’t since the gods were too near and dear to my heart. That it was my religion. The teacher then looked at me and said that I should, because “That’s what they would be like if they were real”.

 People have told and insisted that my tattoo *COULDN’T* be Mjollnir because it doesn’t look like the comic’s. 

 They’re horribly inaccurate, and I cannot count how many times people have used Marvel’s Thor to hurt me. Sometimes intentionally.

If you have any more questions, please direct them to my blog: Ghostyfelix.

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Kili/Fili - "Can I tell you a secret?"

Send me a pairing and a line of dialogue and I’ll write you something


Can I tell you a secret?”

“Sure.” Tucking his phone between his shoulder and ear Fíli opens his bag and tries to push the books into it without setting the phone down so he can keep taking to Kíli. “If you want to.”

I’m checking out this really nice guy and damn does he have a great ass.”

Fíli stops his attempt to get the books deeper into his bag and frowns. “Why are you telling me that?”

A slap on his behind makes the blond yelp and whip around, nearly dropping the phone. Kíli grins down at him, phone still in hand and deep brown eyes sparkling with mischief. “Just thought you should know. Do you have time for dinner?”

Fíli nods dumbly and stares at Kíli with wide eyes as if he can’t believe the brunet is really standing right in font of him. “Just came out of the library.”

“I saw that,” Kíli grins. “Maybe we should hang up now?”

“Oh, yeah.” Disconnecting the call with a sheepish smile Fíli pushes the phone into the pocket of his jeans and watches Kíli doing the same. “Aren’t you supposed to be in Hawaii?”

Kíli just shrugs with a wide grin on his lips, takes Fíli’s arm and starts to drag the blond down the street. “How could I leave you in distress? I swapped my schedule. Now come on, I know a fantastic place for us to get something to eat.”

Seized Part 3

Part 1. Part 2.

Also at ao3.

This is a ‘No Curse AU’.

Thanks so much to all the kind responses I have received about this story. It totally makes my day, so I appreciate it! It took me a little longer than I expected to get this chapter up, but I hope it was worth the wait.

Emma couldn’t get the blasted pirate out of her mind. It had been about 36 hours since she’d last seen him, and during every one of those hours a random thought about him would cross her mind and she’d be forced to think about him once again. It was extremely irritating.

So, now that she had the ship in some kind of an order and Phelps was at the helm, Emma decided that she couldn’t ignore the man forever. She’d sent Amalia, one of the crew members, to collect him and bring him to her cabin. Just to talk. She was sure that whatever she had experienced around him last time was an aberration that wouldn’t be repeated in the light of day.

Besides, she did have some genuine business with him.

The door opened and he shuffled in, his wrist and ankles bound with chains, closely followed by Amalia. Emma’s heart did an odd little tumble at the sight of him which she desperately ignored.

She gave Amalia a look of annoyance. “Chains?”

“He’s dangerous,” she replied. “Part of our duty as crewmembers on this ship is to keep you safe.”

Emma rolled her eyes. “It would be extremely stupid for him to attack me. And he does not strike me as a stupid man.”

Amalia pressed her lips together to express her disagreement with the statement. Hook, on the other hand, grinned. “Thank you, lass. I believe I’ll take that as a compliment.”

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