loyalty and royalty


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tombrady: It takes a team.  And so much love. #NeverStopBelieving

glenn_gronkowski: WORLD CHAMPS

mccourtytwins: Did u miss me??????? -Dmac

23patrickchung: Reason for my being!

geneo_grissom: Dreams really can come true to those who stay true to their dreams!!!! #sb51 #houston #worldchampions

shaqdiesel_70: Means The World To Share This Moment With You 3.  Neither Of You Will Remember This But Just Know Daddy Is A World Champion!!!! #3Reasons

martellusb: Love you bro!!  Thanks for always believing in me and always loving me no matter what.  #BestBigBro @mosesbread72 We’re Champions!!! 💍💍🍾🍾🏆🏆

edelman11: #patsnation we love you!!!!!  coming home with another one! #wegotsomereallybigrings

dharm30: I got 2 rrriiiiiinnnnngggggsssss *Kevin Gates voice* 😤😤😤😤😤

_king205: Super Bowl LI Champions #loyalty #royalty #patsnation #kingb

gronk: Best ever no question asked! # 2 for me and # 5 for that guy!!

cammyjfresh: I’d like to take this opportunity to apoloize…TO ABSOLUTELY NOBODY THE DOUBLE CHAMP DOES WHATEVER THE F*** HE WANTS!!!!! #patriots #worldchamps #Super Bowl #noLI #LI @thenotoriousmma​ 

d_lucien15: “Congrats Tom”……. “Dev, we did it.  Congrats Luc” #ThatsMyDawg #HeIsTheGoat #SaySumm 

mikefloyd: #familyfirst

chrishogan_15: Can’t even describe this feeling.  I love you @ashleyboccio Chase and missy Kay.  So happy for everyone on this team, we fought to the end!  We never quit!!!!  LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! @tombrady

realkylevannoy: They say everything happens for a reason… Thank You !!! Super Bowl Champ!!!!!

money_mitch26: Belive in your dreams long enough they might just come true. #sb51 #gopats

josephthuney: SUPER BOWL LI CHAMPS!

marcuscannon61: #kurupt

sweetfeet_white28: What a indescribable feeling!  I love my teammates! #superbowl51

nink50: World Champs!!!!!!! #itsneverover #patriots

Purple on my mind 💜✨

Never changing my mind
The aroma of lavender tea awakens me
Starring into her eyes not sure who she’s supposed to be
But who she seems to be
Is a reflection of me
Who she seems to be
Tired of waiting on the clock to strike
Who I’ve been waiting for
You shining all the time
I was shining early
I wasn’t waiting on a dime
She wasn’t worth the whole dollar
Never changing my mind
Never changing my mind
It’s my world baby I’m a King
So doesn’t that mean I own everything
Powerful dreams perplexed and purple
So doesn’t that mean I own everything
Remembering playing chest
Hair swinging below his chest
Royalty at its best
Never changing my mind protecting us💍
I’m a Knight he is my Lord
9 times out of 10 I’m right I have a sword
It cuts deeper than your intention to play with me
Size me up feeling my height
But 100% of the time I must fight
I have that right I’m a Knight
He is my King
Loyalty is a true thing
Never changing my mind
Never changing my mind remembering why
White tea and lavender helps me sleep at night
My reflection is not reachable it’s not feeling right
I don’t see happy I see beauty
I want to watch her change seasons through me🌸
Embracing my emotions in her body she’ll love me
Amethyst worth the whole dollar
I’m gonna get it
There’s something about the way she shines
Constantly at it I never had it
Eyes never tired feeling the strength of what I see
A reflection of me
Never changing my mind thinking carefully
Will you always be there for me?
Never changing my mind
Never changing my mind