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When your crush says that he likes punk rock you’re like

Care to explain? How? hOW????????

Luke being a dad for the first time would include:

• him being around the baby all. The. Time

• him singing to her

• he would probably have a daddy’s girl, yeah

• him bragging about her to the boys

• asking Michael to be her godfather

• being on his knees while holding her for the first months

• “I don’t want to scare her with the height”

• managing to take a picture of her at the exact moment she first smiles

• only going back for touring after she’s six months old

• being so sad for losing little moments with her

• skyping every night while on tour

• spoiling her as fuck

• I mean, probably all the boys would spoil her anyway

• singing to her

• bringing her on stage and showing her to fans

• talking about her in interviews

• being so happy when the baby and Y/N come to tour with him

• having that stupid grin when Y/N can’t stop the baby from crying and have to ask him for help while he’s with the boys. And in the instantly he takes the baby, she stops crying.

• teaching her to play guitar

• him and the boys taking her to a zoo

• “we have to go, it’s not safe for her here. I’m serious! Look at that goat, she looks evil”

• just being very protective all the time

• being a great father and having that acknowledge when the baby’s first word is “5sos”