- I’ve actually NEVER done one of these before but i think since i’m nearing 4.1k i might as well at this point!! (whoever i missed, i’m super sorry i love u)


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lowwtimeall  asked:

The tingly in the head is anxiety. I had a bad case of it in October and I would get really lightheaded and kinda dizzy. I freaked myself out so bad, I ended up going down to the emergency room. My heart rate was so high as well (187 beats per minute. talk about scary), they didn't know what was wrong, and the doctor was like 'It's not anxiety!11!!" But when I went to my doctor the next day, he told me it was anxiety lol. It happens! Just try not to think about it when it happens. :)

thank u so much!!! i’m gonna go to the doctor!!!

I follow a lot of amazing blogs so i felt like make one of these!

they are in no particular order cause i’m lazy 

gaskarthruoccojagkalope | always-alltimelowjbkatscassadeepopeslowwtimeallmaynpart | couldntfakemerrikatjackbarakatofficialalltimejackalowzzacksbaraceschiwhypreciadovegasesflykattxyjardinefuckedbarakatteenbarakatsixfeetunderjbstarsleepingwiththekingsrianfuckindawson | pinkhairalexforeverjalexofficialalltimelowa-handful-of-atlbarafagbarakxtscakelessgrapedontletjagkdrive | effyesalltimelow | frick-gaskarthfuckyeahitsalltimelowgayisnotasynonymforjalex | gcskarth | ailtimelow | alljalextime | jackalltimeloww | jackbonerkat | officialjoetrohman | rememberingsuunday | teenjalex | your-blood-is-surging | alltimejackbassambarakat | teenage-jalex | atl-band | sexx-in-stereo | merrick-is-my-man | lighthouseinthedark | jalexsextapes | paintingalexwings | backseatserenadeatl 

Love you guys!

I just hit 1k so i made a follow forever for all the great people who helped me reach my goal, you’re all rad B)

here’s a list of some of my favorite blogs that I love seeing on my dash everyday

A - E:

a-place-i-call-my-home | ahcalamity | alexbarakatofficially | alexgasakarth | alexlgram | alltimehellalow | alltimeloe | awgakarths | awgsakarth | backarat | baraakats | baradildo | barafucks | blackhairjack | cxffeeshopsoundtrack | dammitbarakatt | dontletjagkdrive | dontplanic 

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J - N:

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U - Z:

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+ blogroll B)

This is long overdue, honestly. There’s so many amazing blogs, thank you guys for being so rad. Excuse the terrible edit, this was a spur of the moment thing. Ya’ll def deserve a shout out. I’m so so sorry if I left ya out!!! 

Special shout out to my friends in real life yo:

r0ttingout // eatsleeep-repeat // notbarbiesken // hi-im-rick // abeautifulsoulwithacurse // 0nelastact0ftragedy // deadxcore

Shout out to jackkalltimelow cuz she’s the bestest interest friend a gal could ask for. My Terror twin ;) 

I was going to do a section for internet friends but i realized that i’m friends with so many of you, and i’d like to be friends with so many of you that I couldn’t really define people I was friends with from people i wish i was friends with if that makes any sense



20dollarfalloutboy // alexalltimeloww // alexgkarth // alexoutlines // alienstbh // aliensyndrome // alltimehellalow // bandfrombaltimore // barakut // dontpanicdawson // flyzlk // gaskarth-feels // gayasskarth // gayisnotasynonymforjalex


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tayloryxrk // teenjalex // thesnaketoyourdaffodils // twentyonepilot // ughjack // uunderapapermoon // weareamerrickan // wind0ws-in-heaven // zackmerrickdoesthings

lmao i finaly got round to this follow forever:


-alltimeblow 8bitbandgeeks ahcalamity alex–gascarf alex-gaskarths-dick alexalltimeloww alexgaskarthn allforatl alltimefanfiction alltimelow60 awgaskarths baerakarth barakatjack baskarths butgaskarth captain-jagk chcalamity cindrblockgardens coolgaskarth dammitbarakatt doingmydirtywork edgeofbarakat fetusalex flathairjack ftgaskarth fuckyouatl fueturehearts fvtureheart


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Sorry if you wernt tagged,But i love you all! <3

ok so i reached my goal of 1000 followers which i never ever thought would happen, EVER!!! (YAY!!!!!) i immediately thought of something else that hasn’t happened before, which was hey i could do a follow forever!!

 i just rly wanted to say thanks to some really rad people who i’ve met along the way…even from the beginning when i decided to start this blog like 8 months ago!!! these awesome people have helped me if i needed advice and have just been overall great people with super cool blogs, and i wanted to say thank you for everything guys!!!!!


 alex–gascarf ♡ alexgasxarth ♡ alexgasakarth ♡ alexglitterkarthalexlgram ♡ alltimeachievementhunter ♡ alltimehellalow ♡ alltimelowaremyfuckingheroesalltimewoe ♡ anchor-refuse-to-sink ♡ awgaskarths ♡ barakatspixie ♡ barakatpizza ♡ barakittykat ♡ burninbridgesmakinwishes ♡ calamittea ♡ clicheinxsong ♡


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 nekophilipohcalmtitty ♡ oliver-carlile ♡ paintingalexwings  perpetuallyobsessed smiledawsonughzackmerrickunofficial-jagk ♡ vampirealex ♡

bold = faves!

i really hope i didn’t forget anyone, and thanks again guys ily!!!!!!!! ♡