One thing I don’t understand is people saying that Thor Ragnarok was shitting on brutasha and Age of Ultron. I really didn’t see it like that. In my opinion, what they were doing in Ragnarok made it stronger.

Thor kept repeating the lullaby (“the sun’s getting real low”) to no avail and it was hilarious. But i didn’t think it was hilarious becuz “lol take THAT brutasha!!”.. i thought it was hilarious becuz it was Thor grasping at straws but the lullaby doesn’t work for him BECAUSE HE IS NOT NAT. the lullaby wasn’t just the fucking words she was saying, it was the bond and the trust and this whole relationship that Bruce and Natasha (and Hulk and Natasha tbh) were developing.

And the scene in the quinjet when Natasha’s video causes Hulk to transform back into Bruce really solidified that for me. He has been the Hulk for two entire years, and the only thing to bring him out of that was hearing Natasha’s voice and seeing her face and knowing she was speaking to him, worried about him. She wasn’t even saying the lullaby in that video because it was never about that whole “the sun is getting real low” thing. It was about the bond they were building together. And i loved it. And i ship them harder than ever.

I don’t understand how people are not seeing it that way?