Oceay’s Status!

The Monday 3AM deadline is too early for me right now, despite a lot of scaling back and working all weekend. I need to get back to school work, so I’ll be delaying it for this Friday if that’s ok.

I feel bad about not making the jam but there’s a ton of entries for it and I wasn’t expecting to stand out or anything, this has mostly been a learning experience. This is the first “RPG” I’ve made and it’s been a lot of fun so far. I spent all day writing a ton of dialogue and setting up some kind of adventure, which is something fun I don’t usually do for games.

Special thanks to @nannercoco for a lot of the background arts here!

Here’s what’s left:

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I need to never work when I’m tired. I wasted hours of time trying to figure out why an image wouldn’t draw only to realize that I was accidentally reusing a variable name. >_<

The good news is that all the music and sounds are in the game, if a bit quiet, and there’s a (kinda lame) title menu! I won’t have time to include an options menu, but I’m going to do my best to have a save screen. I’m really hoping I can do it, because otherwise playing for more than 10 minutes will just be disappointing!

The end is nigh! Wish me luck!


I’ve completed my proof-of-concept for seeing what kind of resolution I will make the game in – and it looks like I’ll be able to do it with 64x64 pixels, so I’ll hopefully be able to enter into the low-rez game jam as well as Ludum Dare. So far i’m on target with my timing for the day.

One sad note: My newly-purchased Pickle 2 is being terrible, and I wasn’t even able to save my PoC artwork as a pickle file or an image with proper resolution. Luckily I was able to grab this screenshot while the program was dying. Not sure what I’m going to do for an art program if Pickle is being this unreliable. :(

Oceay Final Stretch

Deadline for #lowrezjam2016 is drawing close, monday at 3 AM I think. I have a ton of stuff to do, and I’ve been rescoping things as best I can to make something feasible. Most of the system I want is in, recently I added in a hunger and health system, and currently I’m working out the content itself, npcs, dialogues, items, and island stuff.

I’ll be posting when and how the results turn out by the start of next week, so look forward to it!

Well, I wasted hours trying to figure out why my random number generator was crashing the browser only to realize that I was trying to find 10 random numbers that didn’t overlap within 4 numbers on either side of an existing number, which was impossible within the constraints I gave, which caused an infinite loop! Hooray!

So the good news is that island generation is finally working properly, but the bad news is that I haven’t been able to work on anything I said I was going to work on yesterday. Hopefully illness, sfx, saving, and all that jazz isn’t too taxing. Now the time left is looking a little stressful!


There’s a day/night cycle and a map now! Also, there’s a limit on how many times you can haggle.

Every spin around the dial, the global economy updates with the previous day’s prices, and the day/night cycle exists as a visual cue to finish your trading for that day in order to keep that day’s rates. Time stops when you’re on an island’s trading screen, though.

And the map is an essential tool! The world is portrayed as a 50x44-pixel map, with each map pixel being equal to 64 pixels of game space. Each green pixel (the gif above doesn’t show color very well) is one of the 10 islands you can trade with, and the red pixel (or “the moving one” in the gif) is your current position! When the game’s done, you’ll need to fill out the map yourself, but it would fill a 3x3 pixel brushstroke as you sail at least.

The next things I’m planning on doing is adding more island sizes (to make the map look more interesting), double-checking the economy balance, and implementing illness and crashing. You’ll need to manage your crew’s health as you sail, and the more illness your crew has, the more energy you will consume. Also, you’ll have to pay attention while sailing so you don’t crash into an island and sink your ship. If you crash, you’ll have to start over from the center island with half of your money! And finally once all that’s done, I’ll be adding a title screen, stats screens, the music and sound effects, and “achievements” for you to reach as you play (because there’s not really an end game yet)!

I’m so close! :D

This is what I managed to get done for Lowrezjam. Eh, I’m still learning. Practice makes perfect, right? I was able to get the direction buttons of a gamepad to make the player move left and right, have two different buttons for jump and talk, and you know… basic platforming. Not bad for just getting back into the engine knowing next to nothing about coding and spending countless hours trying to learn from tutorials.

Here’s the unused title graphic:

I also tried to make music for it, but everything I made just sounded something that could work in Work in Progress. haha

I think I’m gonna withdraw from the lowrezjam. I had a lot of fun working on the sprites for it, but real life work just ate up too much time. It’s 6 days away and I only get two days off, and I have practically no code done for it. Anything elaborate and script based isn’t gonna happen, lol.


Working on a 64x64 game jam. I usually work in Unity, but apparently I have to jump through some hoops to get it working there? (Mainly I hate Render Textures)

I was gonna try GameMaker: Studio, but even after all these years I still hate its UI and approach to objects and scenes. But it handles the resolution pretty fine so far.

Which one is better from those more experienced with both than me?