Requested by: @misssilencewritewell !!! Warnings: a little blood xD

(Y/n) sat in the makeshift library in the Sanctum flipping through an old book when Stephen walked hastily past. She cocked an eyebrow at him as he moved into the next room.
“Good morning to you too, Stephen..” muttered (y/n) who thumbed the corner of her book. She couldn’t get a good read on Stephen. Sometimes he is very enduring towards her but others he just forgets she’s there. It stung when he would act like this. Of course she understood his duties as the proclaimed protector of earth, but she couldn’t help but wonder if he’d even care if she simply left one day. Suddenly she heard the all too familiar sound of a sling ring portal open in the next room over. Curious, she dog eared the page she was on and moved toward the doorway which led to the room of relics. She caught a glimpse of Stephen’s cloak leave the room but just as she was about to follow, one of the large relics began to shake crazily. (Y/n) readied herself for a fight taking one step at a time towards the jumping cabinet.
“Hey!! Let me out!!! Heeeey!!” A voice screamed from inside. (Y/n) rose an eyebrow and checked over her shoulder. She was a sorcerer to, if it was anything dangerous she could certainly handle it on her own. Holding her hands out in front of her, (y/n) quickly formed a spell that caused the cabinet doors to swing open.
A man in a black suit leapt out of the cabinet ferociously causing (y/n) to stumble backwards and hit one of the glass cases. Once the man looked her in the eyes she knew exactly who he was. The god of mischief himself. Without hesitation, (y/n) quickly formed a shuriken behind her back. But the sparks it emitted caught the crazed man’s gaze. His eyes trailed up her arm and locked themselves onto her (e/c) eyes.
“What’s this? Some lowly midguardian thinks they can harness magic?” He took a step toward but paused as a golden shuriken flew past his cheek and dissolving against the wall. He glanced over his shoulder and watched The particles dissolve. Letting out a low snicker, he drew his own blade from his sleeve. “I see. So that’s how you’re going about this.” (Y/n) dropped to the ground as the knife sliced through the air and plunged through the glass case behind her. Rolling to the side, (y/n) pulled a staff off of a shelf and readied herself for another attack. She wasn’t very keen on using weapons such as these, she much preferred throwing weapons at a distance rather then close combat. But she didn’t have time to consider this. (Y/n) rose the staff in the air and forced it down hard but froze when the god held it in place. Her arms shook as she tried to force the staff out of his grip but it was no use. He gave her a quick sneer then sliced the staff in two grabbing (y/n) by the jaw and pulling her close. She struggled to shake free of his tight grip, feeling his cold touch infect her cheeks.
“It’s a shame really, to ruin such a lovely face.” He summoned another blade from his free hand and pressed it against (y/n)s cheek causing her to let out a short cry. The blade dug deep but she tried her best to hold back her tears. But when the blade sunk into the meat of her cheek she let out a scream that caused the god of mischief to hesitate. His sneer has been replaced with a sudden look of confusion. It was then that (y/n) could feel him slightly loosen his grip but just as she was about to fight back, Loki had been flung across the room, crashing through one of the glass cases. (Y/n) gripped her bleeding cheek as she tried to catch her breath. It was then that she saw a familiar red cloak zoom past her carrying the wearer toward the god that struggled to get up. Stephen yanked the god to his feet by his suit collar and slammed his against the wall.
“You’ve got some nerve showing up on earth after your last visit.” His voice was deep and filled with hate.
“I’m sorry, do I know you?”
“You my friend had just made the biggest mistake of your life.” Stephen’s voice shook the room with his intensity, it even sparked fear in (y/n). Swiftly, the cloak released its hold on Stephen and wrapped itself around (y/n) who couldn’t help but be enveloped in its warmth.
“Oh I highly doubt that.” The god smiled plainly at the sorcerer whose eyes stared into his soul.
“I was going to have a civil conversation and assist you in your search but after what you’ve just done, it’s very tempting to send you straight into a blackhole.”
“Been there, done that. Not the best place for a vacation.” Fury boiled up inside Stephen’s chest. The room shook and rattled causing various cases to shiver in place. God he wanted to make this god pay for touching (y/n). He drew back a shivering fist but froze when he heard his name called out behind him. Holding Loki firmly in place, he looked over his shoulder and could clearly see the blood that coated her cheek like a murky lake. Stephen threw the god of mischief to the floor hard causing (y/n) to shudder at the sound. The god coughed as Stephen knelt down and grabbed his collar once again.
“Your brother should be here any minute. You’d better hope that he doesn’t piss me off or you can say goodbye to this reality all together.” The god chuckled at this threat striking rage into Stephen.
“Really? That sounds lovely actually.” Stephen roughly dropped the collar and formed a portal that consumed the god.
(Y/n) stared wide eyed at him. Here she thought Stephen couldn’t care less about her. Now she just witnessed him threatening a literal god for her? After a brief moment passed, Stephen marched toward (y/n) and knelt down slightly in order to get a closer look at the incision.
“Stephen I-“
“It wasn’t your fault (y/n), that cabinet was just a temporary cage until I could think of something better suited for trapping a god.” He walked with her to the study and sat down next to her as he formed a needle and thread. (Y/n) was about to ask something when she noticed Stephen’s hands. They had a bruised tint to them and were shaking much more then usual. He struggled to get the thread through the needle and was about to give up when (y/n) offered to thread the needle.
“I can do this part Stephen, you should go get your gloves.” He was about to make a stubborn comment but complied and hurried to the next room.
When he returned with the golden laced gloves (y/n) could clearly see the relief they provided him. Though they didn’t heal his hands, they still provided his aching joints with a slight bit of magic to ease the pain.
“Thank you.” He placed some gauze on her cheek causing her to wince. “Sorry” he looked down and noticed that she was shivering. His eyebrows furrowed as he cleaned the rest of her face, revealing her frost bitten chin. Stephen
“What is it..?” (Y/n) asked nervously. Stephen stood and formed a spell mixing it with a portal. She could hear a familiar voice scream in the portal just as it closed. “Stephen?” He flashed her a reassuring grin.
“Don’t worry, I originally left him in a desert but thought that wasn’t good enough. So that bastard is now falling into an eternal abyss until his brother gets here.” (Y/n) couldn’t help but chuckle.
“I swear, you’re so extra sometimes..”
“Yeah well he shouldn’t had even looked at you… I’m sorry (y/n).” He placed his golden glove against her undamaged cheek causing her to rest against his palm.
“It’s okay, Stephen..” her reassuring voice soothes his shaking heart. Though he didn’t show it, he was still filled with the fear he felt when he saw her in Loki’s grip. He was terrified that he would lose her. But seeing her kind (e/c) eyes gaze sweetly back at him his fears dissipated.
“(Y/n), there’s something…I’ve been meaning to say..” he couldn’t stop his mouth from speaking. This wasn’t the time! Not now! But before he could abort the subject, there was a sparkle in her eyes that seemed to plead for him to continue. Stammering a bit over his words, Stephen gathered the courage in his heart and spoke.
“I need you. Far more than you’d ever know. I had asked you to move in not because the Sanctum needed protection, but because I needed you. Just seeing your face keeps me grounded in this reality. Without you…I don’t know what I’d-“ He was cut off by a pair of lips. A mixture of shock and warmth enveloped his soul as he caressed her unwounded cheek. Pulling away from the kiss, Stephen could clearly see the tears that streamed down (y/n)s cheeks. Fear struck through him, did he hurt her? Graze her injured cheek?
“I thought…you didn’t care that I was ever here..” she sniffles, immediately putting his beating chest to rest. Pulling her into a hug, Stephen gave her a tight squeeze. She relaxed in his arms with a hiccup. This warmth, this sweet embrace. They both knew what it was but were both too afraid to say it. Maybe in time it will reveal itself. But for now they focused on stitching her cheek.


DONT WORRY LOKI FANS I GOT SOMETHING ELSE UP MY SLEEVE FOR U GUYS TOO!! I just had to make him feisty for this scene but I’m proud of the dialogue with him. I love protective characters but I didnt want Stephen to feel out of character so I made his protectiveness internal as opposed to outright stabby stab Loki. I made up the glove thing! I know they protect his hands in the comics but I kind of want to headcanon them as a numbing relic cause omg honey those golden things are flashy

@jonnyjlm  @ibjjf masters 3 white belt lightweight champion! Its a lowly division but I worked super hard for this tournament and am STOKED. 

Thanks to my opponents and my amazing teammates @evolutionmuaythainyc for the help and support (especially @kswsamk @bigapplebo and #NickOrtiz) thanks @mr.lwong and my SIIIICK coach #GermanSalas Onwards!

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in this blue light

Pairing: yoongi/jimin
Rated: T
Author: anyadisee 
Length: 20k

For a second, the dragon looks as though it’s going to bump its head against Jimin’s palm, giving him the chance to graze his fingers over its glinting scales.

But then the second is over, and the dragon snorts instead, warm smoke coming out of its nostrils and blowing Jimin’s hair back. Then it turns around and goes back into its cave, leaving Jimin standing there and feeling like an idiot.

Taehyung appears by his shoulder seconds later, whistling lowly. “Well, that didn’t work. No worries though, Jimin! I’m going to find another way to get my necklace back. Sorry for dragging you all the way out here.”

Jimin says, “It laughed at me.”

Taehyung blinks. “What?”

“Taehyung, that dragon bastard laughed at me.”


[or in which taehyung asks jimin, who has a calming aura towards animals, to help him get his necklace back from a dragon. only, it gets personal.]


Reccer’s Note:
im posting this now instead of queuing it bc i had to get this off my chest right now immediately (plus i just posted the other fic by the same author so might as well one stone two birds??? two stones one bird???????? i forgot how that went but after this ill just queue the rest of my emotions dont look at me im f r a gi le

this was so beautiful???????????? im honestly hurt. not bc it was angsty or anything but because wowowowow beauty it was so well developed and like snatched my soul so theres that

- Admin Ange

anonymous asked:

“It’s almost midnight.” with Pride? <3

The office was dark, but muscle memory helped you navigate up the stairs and into Dwayne’s living space. A little bit of light from the city came in through the window; just enough to help you shuffle over to the mattress with a sleeping lump in its center.

Quietly as you could, shoes and a jacket came off. Though, you obviously weren’t quiet enough, because Dwayne moved around, his head twisting around to squint at you through heavy eyes. “Y/N?” He breathed out, eyes momentarily turning to the clock before returning to you. “It’s almost midnight.”

“I know. Sorry.” You replied lowly, moving to pull the blankets back, but Dwayne was already lifting them up to let you in. The sheets were warmed with sleep, but curling up into Dwayne’s form was even better.

He lazily tucked you in, sighing. “You can come by anytime, ya know that.” Dwayne mumbled out, words slurred with sleep.

That’s why you came. When the night got a little too cold and quiet, Dwayne’s warmth, and even his snores, was welcomed.

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12 with Wilford and Dark please

12. “You’re a genius with facts, but you’re really stupid with people.”

“Dark, hey, Dark, baby, honey, lover, sweetheart, Dark, light of my entire life, pumpkin, babe, cutie, dearest,” Wilford says, perched on the edge of Dark’s desk, swinging his feet in time with his endless stream of sickening pet names.

Dark ignores him. Turns the page of the thick stack of paperwork in front of him. Thinks about murdering Wilford.

“My one and only,” Wilford says without taking a breath. “Handsome, sugar, sweet cheeks.”

“I will murder you,” Dark says lowly. He does not look up.

Wilford finally pauses for a breath. “Oh, good! I thought I was gonna run out before you started paying attention to me.”

“I’m not paying attention to you,” Dark says, paying attention to him. He rummages in a desk drawer for a pen and quickly signs one of the many, many forms that have been building up on his desk for the past week. 

“You’re paying attention to me,” Wilford confirms, and Dark suppresses a heavy sigh. He also resists the urge to bang his head on the table, or throw his hands in the air, or strangle his infuriating boyfriend on the spot. “Babe, honey, hotness, why don’t you come pay attention to me somewhere else? I could use a little tenderness in my life.”

“You’re fine, Wilford,” Dark says around a sigh. He’s already resigning himself to it. Oh, well. He’ll just have to finish the paperwork some other time. And it’s not like he has any problems with spending some quality time with Wilford.

“Babe, you’re a genius with facts, but you’re really stupid with people. I’m definitely not fine. I absolutely need a big strong man like yourself to help me out here,” Wilford drawls, leering. 

“Are you even technically a person?” Dark says around a smirk. 

Wilford makes a noise of indignant surprise. “Well, now you’ve done it. See if you get any cute pet names any time soon.”

“Oh thank god,” Dark sighs, and stands up, paperwork forgotten.

marionette-warrior  asked:

If the requests are open may i ask for mer!siren knockout meeting reader who is immune to his songs(and him trying to actually romance them)?

(this is so late and i have no excuse except that i am forgetful please forgive me ,, that and i had absolutely no idea how to write this properly without changing everything like 5 times, im so so sorry for the wait omg)

The siren could only watch in amusement as he watched the young traveler try to creep around the fallen trees, grip occasionally falling loose against the slick moss that seemed to heavily decorate the siren’s bog.

With a smirk on his lips, he began to lowly hum a song best known as the “Siren’s Lullaby”, a hymn meant to lure an unfortunate traveler to their death in the arms of the awaiting siren. Many travelers had been warned against traveling through this bog, for that specific purpose, as a red siren was known to dwell here, yet this certain human seemed not to notice.

As the siren began to utter the words to his hymn, he felt his brows creasing in thought as the human appeared to be unaffected by his voice. Giving a huff, the siren chalked it up to the human not being able to hear him, and with that thought, disappeared under the bogs waters, only to resurface closer to the travelers figure, who seemed to be resting, which was all but ideal for the siren.

(Y/n) groaned as they yanked their foot free, stumbling forward in an attempt to regain their balance, huffing as their hand slipped against the moss, grip all but nothing as they scrambled to stay up right. “Just great” they hissed, sneering at the questionable guck coating their hands, violently shaking their hands in a pitiful attempt at dislodging the disgusting substance.

Giving a silent yell, (Y/n) plopped down heavily by the edge of the water, glaring into the murky depths as they began to contemplate their situation, all but aware of the siren that was but a few feet from their edge of vision.

Down by the reeds, down by the reeds,
Swim the sirens of Darkwood.

Out to the seas,
Nobody knows,
Nobody sees.

Two banshees in Darkwood,
Down by the reeds
” came the haunting melody, echoing through the bog as the traveler seemed undisturbed, only peeking the siren’s attention more. With a hum and a sneer, the siren disappeared under water, slowly creeping closer to the traveler, fins flaring as he leapt from the water and collided with the young human, sending them both tumbling backwards, only coming to a stop when they crashed into a fallen log.

“Your either deaf or immune” the siren mused, voice lilted with a smooth baritone as he slowly crept closer, examining every inch of the travelers visage, what he sought after was unknown to the human as they could only glare in return, vainly struggling to try and dislodge the un-welcomed weight.

“I can hear perfectly fine, you idiot” the traveler hissed, “your song just isn’t captivating as you thought” they finished with a growl, finally managing to push the siren off of them, turning to crawl away, only to be stopped as the creature gave a hiss of its own and snagged their ankle, refusing to let go as it seemed intent to drag it back towards the bog.

(Y/n) began to struggle with all of their strength, managing to land a good blow on the sirens visage, stunning the creature, giving them a chance to escape to safety, scrambling to their feet and grabbing their pack, not forgetting to throw a curse over their shoulder.

Giving a harsh snarl, the creature returned to the comforting waters of the bog, intent on fixing the wounds in his pride, but his thoughts remained on the spunky human that had actually escaped from him. “Immune, who would have thought” he chuckled, eyes narrowing in anger as he slowly disappeared underneath the surface of the bog, waiting for another unfortunate victim to cross his path.

“GET BACK HERE, YOU THIEVING BASTARD, I’LL SKIN YOU ALIVE AND FEED YOU TO THE MONGRELS!” (Y/n) screeched as she chased after her partner, paying no mind to the twigs and branches that snagged and scratched at their skin and hair, focus remaining on the fleeing figure, their partner, ‘ex-partner’ they thought bitterly, as they had stolen the satchel that carried (Y/n)’s most prized possession, a family crest handed down from generation to generation, something highly valued among the black markets in the city.

(Y/n) was stopped in their place as they heard the familiar haunting melody, only to be followed by the shriek of a man who witnessed true horror, they darted in that direction and could only hope for the best.

The scene that greeted them could only be described as morbid. The man they once called a partner was now strewn about the bog in pieces, his face frozen in an eternal fear as it rested near the siren, who held not only (Y/n)’s, but the family crest, holding it high into the light as if trying to determine its worth.

“Nice to see you again, doll” the siren purred, an underlying hostility clearly present in his words. “You seemed to be chasing him for this .. small piece of metal, why is it so important to you, is my question” it chuckled, gaze shifting from the crest to the frozen figure, a sneer playing at its lips, giving a mock stretch as it slowly slipped into the water, still grasping tightly to the crest.

(Y/n) could only watch as the creature swam up towards them, muscles twitching as the siren crawled onto land and seemed to rub against their leg with a purr, curling its tail around them harshly, leaving them immobile as the siren studied them.

“My name’s Knockout, doll, I think you best remember it” Knockout purred, eyes narrowing as he grinned, purring in false comfort as he curled his tail around the human tighter.

“And what makes you think I need to remember it, Knockout?” the human hissed, a prickle of fear taking hold as the siren began to hum, running clawed hands up and down their leg (mainly their thigh), purring loudly when the human continued to stiffen in fear.

“Because I always get what I want, and what I want, is you

elegaicsongstress  asked:

I have a question for mugetsu and gengetsu. Who would you rank as most fashionable in all gensokyo, aside from yourselves, of course?

Hellooooo lowly humans! It’s me, Gengetsu!!

And me, Mugetsu!

I’m super pumped to talk to you inferior beings. How’s that lack of godlike power treating you?

She’s just joking! Let’s take a look at our first question.

“Most fashionable in Gensokyo,” huh? Except ourselves, of course.

But we don’t live in Gensokyo!

Sure, but I appreciate the booklicking regardless. Anyway, before we start with who’s hot, let’s start with who’s not.

This is Princess Kaguya. Everyone talks up her looks, but I think she’s not much to look at at all. A pretty face won’t fix that fashion sense.

That huge bow is awfully tacky, isn’t it?

For a “Japanese beauty” type, she could’ve just put on a few kimonos and called it a day, but instead she pulls THAT out of the closet?

Pink and red…her danmaku is rainbow-colored, so why wear such a monochrome outfit?

The biggest offense, though, is what’s missing.

No hat.

No hat, no ribbon, no hairclips, not even a pair of stupid furry ears. A head as barren as the moon’s surface. Sorry, Princess, but me giving that a pass is an impossible request.

Let’s move onto a good example. What’s her name? Tenko? Whatever.

Now there’s a lovely hat! The peaches are very avant-garde. It has a very fresh feeling.

This is the key to good fashion. A base that’s easy to understand, with a few eye-catching flairs. Check out that rainbow around her apron - it’s vivid, but it doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the piece.

The color coordination between her hair and her dress has a strong effect. The white shirt is framed by blue all around.

Last but not least, she’s got some KILLER boots. I’d love to try those on and grind someone’s face in.

It’s a great ensemble. So, would you say Tenshi is the most fashionable, then?

Oh, no way. There’s way too many girls to go over to decide just like that. And fashion sense isn’t so linear! There are a lot of things to consider.

How about we teach them what to look for, and they can decide for themselves?

That sounds like a plan. Until next time, lowly humans!

Oh, why don’t we get some peach smoothies?

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hi write me a fuckboi!peter x reader imagine where hes a player but he falls in lov w me at the end xD

”I bet you your whole Goddamn rep that you couldn’t get weird ass mcgee over there to sleep with you; you know, take her v-card. Before. We. Graduate.”

The words spoken smugly by one of Peter’s multiple friends at the lunch table caught his attention as quick as you could say, “Spider,” The statement challenged him, making him smirk at the smug boy before looking over his shoulder, almost savagely, at the fifteen year old girl huddled in her own little corner of a table in the back, her face morphing as she read through numerous pages of the thick book she held in her hands.

Watching the scene, Peter laughed and shook his head before turning back the group at his table, them looking deeply invested as to what would happen next, he spoke lowly, “Watch me.”

Originally posted by tomhstories

( to get the rest please send me $25 and a jolly rancher over paypal and usps respectively !!)

Once upon a time….

There was a lowly maiden…she had fairytales and merching pigs dancing in her head….she had big dreams! She saw a very handsome dude, and heard he was a Prince! She fell in love immediately! She tried to get his attention….and tried and tried…,it was a Friday night he was bored but agreed to see her. He met her behind an old barn in town, they had a quick roll in the hay. He thought what the heck…and saw her a few more times. He felt sorry for her. He lost his mind for a few moments and invited her to his palace. However, one of his guards saw her purse was overflowing with silver and finery! She was robbing him blind! Enough! He yelled. Get out! Skank! So she left, broken-hearted. But not defeated! She was pissed. So, she starts following him….stalking him….over and over….like a bad penny you can’t kick off from the bottom of your shoe! She started telling everyone in the village they were to be wed. People believed her, so she ran wild with her stories! Then she started wearing clothes from merchandisers. People all wanted to buy those clothes…she started making money. The greed pig in her laughed all the way to the bank! Eventually, people started to think they were not to be wed! There was no proof! No announcement from the palace! Word spread that she was making everything up in her head! People were disgusted with her behaviour…..she quit merching….no one wanted to do business with a liar! He became so busy working….she couldn’t keep spreading stories, no one was believing her…..she ended up alone…living in the old barn….no friends….no family….no job……no money….just sat by the pile of hay…remembering what was…..rumour has it….her face shrivelled up like an old prune…..a sad tale!

Humans are Weird - But we don’t know it

So I was listening to human by christina perri and you know all the ‘i’m only human’ stuff? Well, that song is literally how we picture ourselves.

We think ourselves the default, because we’re the only species like us. We make elves, vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures that we think are better than us and think ourselves lower than them.

Now, think about aliens finding out about that. Like, we go into space, expecting these creatures so much “better” than us, and we’re surprised because we’re the only ones like us, and according to the aliens, we’re betting than them.

And that just confuses us. We had this picture, and our first step with aliens it shatters.

Imagine aliens figuring out that we think ourselves the default for intelligent life and expecting so much better stuff in space. And them just going into their version of shock. Because they always thought they were the best the universe could come up with, until they met the humans.

And it turns out they think so lowly of themselves, think they couldn’t be the best in the universe.

Because why would we be?

(please expand on this is you want to!)

the bet || fuckboi!peter parker x reader

 oi, I don’t want to make this too long but…. IM BACK smh I’ve been so m.i.a. but that’s literally because I’ve been so busy and have bad writer’s block. Smh this probably ain’t even gon be good. But like I worked hard on it to have meaning and stuff and I rlly hope you guys enjoy it. I just want you guys to get straight to the story because you’ve waited so long for it and I’ve been teasing it sm smh. Just read it hope you enjoy muthertruckers😬

tags : @running-outta-time @i-just-wanna-run-hell @munalisax @themyscirahs @sammie-blogs @geeksareunique @violentlybarnes @geeksareunique

words : 11,197

warnings : fuckboi!peter parker, mild cussing, various mentions of sex, angst, ned needs a hug, peter needs a hug, you need a hug, everyone needs a hug



Originally posted by peter-and-mj

”I bet you your whole Goddamn rep that you couldn’t get weird ass mcgee over there to sleep with you; you know, take her v-card. Before. We. Graduate.”

The words spoken smugly by one of Peter’s multiple friends at the lunch table caught his attention as quick as you could say, “Spider,” The statement challenged him, making him smirk at the smug boy before looking over his shoulder, almost savagely, at the fifteen year old girl huddled in her own little corner of a table in the back, her face morphing as she read through numerous pages of the thick book she held in her hands.

Watching the scene, Peter laughed and shook his head before turning back the group at his table, them looking deeply invested as to what would happen next, he spoke lowly, “Watch me.”

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Synopsis: You are cursed with the ability to feel others’ emotions through touch. During a battle you’re fighting with Loki, he touches you and it opens your eyes to who he is. 

A/N: I’ll probably add more parts to this and make it a mini-fic, just because I love this concept so much. Our poor little God of Mischief isn’t evil, just misunderstood and dealing with a lot. 

Warnings: implied smut, violence, blood

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