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Can I have a scenario where Ushijima and Iwaizumi propose to their girlfriends? Thanks!

:’) -mod owl

Rays of light shined through your window hitting your face and inevitably waking you up. Looking at the time you read 07:23, turning your head you saw your boyfriend Wakatoshi sleeping soundly. Staring at him, he moved around and the gentle giant opened up his alluring dark olive eyes. Moving his built thick arms behind his head, he scooted up so he was sitting up.

“Good morning.” he mumbled with a low, raspy voice. 
Also picking yourself up, “Good morning, sunshine.” you said back

He pulled your arm so you were laying on his naked chest.
“Todays our 3 years.” he said lowly digging his fingers into your nice, soft hair. 
“Mhm, indeed it is. Did you want to do anything today?” you asked.
“Yes, actually. I have a few things planned so go and get ready.” he said pushing your body so you can get ready. “Well okay, Mr. Bossy.” you said shuttering due to your naked feet touching the cold wooden floors. 

You were in the car with him and he was very touchy.. More than usual. Putting his hand on your thigh, he squeezed it and looked at you smiling, looking at him, you started to laugh at the weird sensation that ran through your body. “Where are we going, anata?” you asked curiously. “You will soon see.” he said looking back at the road. 

Parking in the parking lot at Shiratorizawa, you guys got out and walked to the gym where volleyball practice was always held. 
“This is nostalgic.” you started saying looking around.
“This is where we met and where we had our first kiss.” he said walking to the door of the gym. “The day I met you was possibly the second greatest day of my life.” he chuckled putting his hands into his pockets. 

You looked at him and furrowed your eyebrows, “Whats your greatest fay of your life?” you asked curiously, looking at you and giving you a gentle, sweet smile, 

“Today is.”

“Huh? Wh–” you were soon cut off once he got on one knee taking out a little blue velvet box, opening it exposed a diamond ring that was shaped as a heart and diamonds on the band.

“Today is hands down the greatest day of my life because its the day I am asking you to be my wife.” he said not breaking eye contact. You felt the tears roll down your face and you ran and hugged your new fiancé.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes! Of course I’ll marry you!” you yelled out hugging him so tightly. 

“Good, I was hoping for that answer.” he said hugging you back.

Dragging your fingers along Iwaizumi’s spine, he was humming while playing on his phone. It has been 4 years, almost 5 years since you and Hajime started dating, dating him the last year of high school, you were now ending your college career with him. 

“Oi, ____-chan, want to go out with me tonight?” he asked putting his photo down and looking at you.
Playing with the ends of his hair, you nodded in agreement. “Yeah, sure, that sounds fun.” you said kissing his head. 

Iwaizumi got up and went to the bathroom. Entering it, he closed and locked the door and soon reached under the sink. Feeling around, he grabbed the small carved wooden box that was taped under it. Opening it revealed a diamond ring that was oval shaped and was surrounded by smaller diamonds.

“Today is the day.” he said to himself putting the box in his pocket. 

Living in Tokyo couldn’t be anymore convenient when you guys wanted a date night out. Hajime had somehow gotten a reservation at the most popular restaurant “Squids Delight.” A place that was always packed and yet their service and food was indeed delightful.

Sitting you down, he pulled your chair out and pushed it in. “Madam.” he chuckled. “Why thank you.” you said smiling. 
He sat down and you guys ordered, you having grilled calamari and Hajime having spring onion stuffed calamari. 

Throughout the wait period, you guys talked, about everything. What you guys had on your mind, what the future has in store for the both of you, why there are stars, anything that came to mind. 

Before your food arrived, Hajime got up and excused himself, sitting alone, you heard a microphone tap. 

“Uhm, hi, excuse me, sorry for interrupting your meal” a boy said, widening your eyes, you knew that voice. Turning around, you saw your boyfriend on the stage where the orchestra was usually playing at. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at him, and so did you. 

“Thank you for your attention.” he said bowing.
“My name is Iwaizumi Hajime and I’m up here today because I’m currently on a date with my girlfriend, L/N F/N. We’ve been dating for years now going on 5 in two months.” he continued a light flashing at you. You got all red and tensed up at the light.

“____ is my life. Honestly, she is my first girlfriend, my first kiss, she was my first everything. She means the world to me and more.” he said

A waiter came up to you and elegantly grabbed your hand to bring you up to the stage. Standing in front of Hajime, you made eye contact with him. You could feel the love radiate from his body. 

“____, please, please. Do me the greatest blessing by being my wife.” he said getting on one knee and taking out the wooden box out of his pocket. 

You covered your mouth and started to cry, you looked at the top of the box and saw that “I love you.” was carved into it. 

“Yes. Just, yes.” you said breathless. Walking to him, you kissed and hugged him.

Everyone in the room started to clap and whistle making your heart flutter even more. 

“Thank God you said yes, I don’t know what I would have done if you said no.” he joked kissing your forehead. 

“Me neither, so good thing I said yes.” you said leaning your face into his chest. 

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how do anti-porn people feel about sex work as a job? i know quite a few people who need this job to survive

they generally do not like it, but i believe that most people understand that this is a means to survive. while some people may enjoy it as a job and it doesn’t affect them hugely, it causes a lot of suffering for many people who are just doing it to survive, because they have no other means. leading to trafficking and a general mistreatment (mainly of women and girls) 

i personally don’t think sex workers should be persecuted or demonized; they’re not wrong for doing what they can to get by. in an ideal world, there would be help for those who want to get out of it. but instead we see people stuck, we see trafficking, we see abuse of these sex workers who are not protected by law because the law will prosecute them. they deserve respect.

however, i think very lowly of people who seek sex workers for services.


Joe Pye Weed is thriving in the local swamp! Its a species of flowering plants in the sunflower family and named after a Native American medicine man named Joe Pye, who taught early settlers how to use it medicinally. Found most commonly in lowly places like swamps, marshes & meadows, and a beneficial plant for all kinds of pollinators. 🌸💕

Cora Ruth Photography

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Is it true DCP people don't get MEPs and Guest Passes? Even us lowly Disney Store CMs get them!

CPs (and Seasonal CMs) get limited Guest Passes based around the amount of hours they work. They can work for up to 10 1-Day Park Hoppers based around a set amount of hours they have to work in order to get all 10 (this is all from what I understand, I wasn’t a CP when the new policy was put in place).

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british, male, short darkish brown suuuuper fluffy hair (although its currently growing out of being bleached blonde so it looks pretty shit), eyes go from green to blue to grey depending on the lighting my mood and the alignment of the stars, i love terrible puns and people watching and blankets and tea. id probably take you to a starbucks or something and i think the natural history museum in london is pretty rad and i go there a lot so maybe that?? trying not to be cliche boring or quirky omg

(also from the british nerd with crap hair) i did a music degree and i sing and play basically everything so if thats a thing you think is cool its p much up to you??? like i could sing to you or teach you some guitar or ukulele or something?


gotta love those accents (just a lowly ‘murican here)

dang, I really wanna touch some fluffy hair now (what have you done)

those stars need to get their shit together so that way it’s easier to determine your eye color man

puns are amazing, especially the terrible ones

That sounds like a pretty great date! and it’s cool, I mean, as long as you’re trying not purposefully do that and truly enjoy it, then you’re cool man!

So, yeah! Would love to date you!!

okay, so, the second part was on another page, so reguardless, yeah! that’d be super cool of you to do! and yeah, I do think that it’s super cool cause, ahh, singing is, yeah, I can, but don’t very well…

Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you

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Oh, I got a prompt! Picture this: Princess Symmetra is the beautiful crown princess and Junkrat is a lowly thief. They meet one day and it was love at first site!

Stepping out of the cart and adjusting his wooden peg, Jamison examined their newest stop. The two thieves were looking at their next hit: an international banquet and ball, where a bunch of royal blokes and nobles would be. Singing, and dancing, and all that crap. The idea of all that money in one place at once brought a big grin to his face, and made the rumbling in his fairly famished belly almost disappear.  Almost. After all that they were gonna steal over the next couple of days, he could afford dinner for the next four years, at least!

Stretching his back out, he dreamed about it how it all could play out. His sky weasel hands would snatch a pretty crown right off the head of some stupid royal, and selling it. He could get the house he always dreamed of, marry a pretty little lady, take good care of her, always afford food, and never have to talk to ol’ Pig Face ever again. They could go their separate ways and be done with everything. The last thing he wanted to do was spend even more time with that asshole, it was a miserable experience.

Speaking of Hog, he was dismounting from the beast of a black stallion that he rode. The thing was massive, and meaty. It had to be to support its bulky owner, Hog. A chain whip with a hook attached to it was strapped to his back, ready to grab and yank around some unlucky bastard at a moment’s notice. The black pig mask he wore was extremely unsettling, but he refused to tell Jamison why he wore it.

“Alright, Hog, what royals are we going to be looking at baggin’ ourselves, tonight?” The icky looking man rubbed his hands together maniacally, anticipating everything that was going to go down. Perhaps it was that he hadn’t eaten in two days, or that he had to piss something fierce after that long of a trip in the cart, but he felt something deep inside himself. An excitement, which was odd, considering that these two did this sort of thing all the time. This wouldn’t be the first steal, or the last, so what had him so pumped?

“Quite a few good ones. Princesses, mostly. Angela Zieglar, Tracer Oxton, Hana Song, Aleksandra Zaryanova, and the one of this particular kingdom, Satya Vaswani. There’s going to be a lot of rich blokes here to see these girls, so you better not fuck this up, Jamison,” he growled in his threatening manner. It sent shivers up Jamison’s spine, and he nodded in reply.

“I know who they are, Hog. Yeah, yeah, gotcha. Buncha snobby ladies, don’t fuck it up,” he paraphrased, still nodding.

“You’re gonna sneak into the crowd during the entrance of Zieglar. She’s going first, it’s a courtesy thing since she traveled the farthest to get here. You’re gonna mug every royal and noble in that bloody crowd until Vaswani passes by. You’ll know it’s her because she’ll be accompanied by a man. Don’t try to use the wooden hand again while pickpocketing, that’s what gave us away last time. Any questions?”

Jamison shook his head; he heard him, crystal clear. They had hopped off the cart right at the entrance of town, which was now close to barren. That was good for them, since it meant that no one there could recognize the two of them and they’d be too distracted during the parade to notice. The notorious outlaws would more than likely be executed on the spot if caught, especially if the captain of the guards caught them.

The captain of the guards was the kind of man that struck fear into most monsters. Jack Morrison, who protected Princess Vaswani with his life, took his job very seriously. He’d killed men and women alike for just suspecting that they were conspiring against her. There was one particular rumor that the outlaws had heard on their travels, about a handmaiden who was putting chamomile in the princess’s bath as she had requested. When Morrison had assumed that she was putting poison in the water, he drew his sword and slit her throat right there on the spot.

At least, that was the rumor.

Don’t get caught by Morrison, don’t use the wooden hand, only steal from rich blokes. That was their shtick; stealing from the poor felt robbing one of their own. It was filthy, and deceitful.

Those fuckin’ royals though, they had it coming.

Jamison had never actually seen Princess Vaswani before. All he knew was that she was Indian, and had hips to kill for: that was what he remembered Hog telling him about her. All princesses were far above him anyway, so even if he did find them lovely, it wasn’t like they’d ever look at a nasty man like him. Only in his wildest dreams would a woman see his messy hair, crooked smile, and wild eyes, and tell him she found him handsome. His wildest, wildest dreams..

They quickly made their way to the castle, where a grand parade welcoming the visiting royalty was taking place. Rows and rows of guards, like ants, accompanied each carriage and litter carrier, making sure anyone with the idea to try and assassinate one of them got promptly dealt with. Jeez, the security at these things was bloody crazy. What had he got he gotten himself into? Ducking his head low, he slipped into the crowd, hoping no one would notice the 6’5 tall man hunched over and looking for money.

Hog was pretty far back, snooping to see if there was anyway to get into the castle and loot the crap out of it: smart man. Jamison turned his attention back to pickpocketing.

The men in the crowd went absolutely mad when they saw Princess Angela Zieglar. He found himself noticing her, and who could blame him, really? She had long, blonde hair framing her symmetrical face. Two big blue eyes scanned the crowd, and she occasionally blew kisses to her screaming admirers. A golden tiara sat upon her head, and she giggled, blowing another smooch with those two cherry red lips.

She was certainly not a bad looking lady.

He really wished his face and hair weren’t caked in dirt, and his neck wasn’t covered in bright red acne as her eyes fell upon him in particular. His pits, which were exposed in the shirt he was wearing, were pretty hairy. Her two blue pearls found themselves glancing at Jamison, and she was horrified. He couldn’t blame Princess Zieglar as she grimaced, her face contorting violently at the sight of him. Quickly, she tried to glance away from him, turning her perfect heart shaped head to the other side of the crowd. Even if he understood it, the look on her face stung him right in his pride, destroying his ego. Jamison was an eyesore, that really was all there was to it.

His real hand scuffled through the back pockets of some fool, nimbly finding a pair of earrings and enough money to rent a small cabin. Nice, very nice. All the money in the world couldn’t hide the shame he felt after the look the princess had given him, though. He really was nasty, wasn’t he?

He slinked through the crowd, snatching goodies here and there and greedily stuffing them in his bag. For what it was worth, he was one of the best pickpockets in the world. The man could steal an entire bag from someone’s hands, and they wouldn’t even notice until a few hours later. That was the main reason Hog kept him around; he was a skilled man.

Whenever any of the other princesses sitting atop their pretty little litters being carried by big strong men passed by, he hid his face, afraid for them to see him. He didn’t want another reaction like that, he was already bothered enough by the first one.

Finally, as he made his way through, and found himself with a bag stuffed full of shiny goodies, he looked up. And when he did, he completely forgot the plan.

She was the last princess, Satya Vaswani: clothed in a blue silky dress, and sitting up perfectly erect in her litter. Beside her sat Captain Morrison, glaring menacingly into the crowd, like a ferocious dog protecting its bone. He was a lot older than Jamison expected, and his face was riddled with battle scars and slashes, a few that looked particularly grizzly. He sighed, it made sense. You don’t get the position of captain without taking a few blows.

Satya, however, was the one that really stole the show. She wasn’t wearing any makeup like the other girls. Her lips were already perfect and plump, forming a strict expression. It was the kind of face that told him ‘I look like a rose and I could kill a man if I have to, and you better be okay with that’, and it drove him nuts. Not a single ebony hair was out of place on her gorgeous head, and he was mesmerized by it. Unlike the other girls, she wasn’t kissing up to the crowd, either. The princess just stared straight ahead.

Every couple minutes, she would turn her head to the crowd and keep the same expression on her face, examining the people calling her name out. If she was nervous in the slightest, it didn’t show. She crossed one of her long, dark legs over the other, and folded her arms. The woman could be balancing books on her head, and not a single one would fall.

She looked at her nails, painted blue, and then to the crowd. Her eyes meticulously scanned the crowd in one of her occasional head turns, and she was faced with the starry eyes of a wild-looking young man.

He was mesmerized, and a subtle pounding inside of his chest grew louder until it drowned out everyone around them. She was looking at him, him of all folks! And she wasn’t making a grossed out face! He tried to give her a charming smile, but it looked more like a wide grin full of sharp teeth. Most women would be disgusted, or scared for their well being.

But Satya Vaswani was not most women.

Not by a long shot.

The corners of her mouth turned upwards and she returned his smile. Hers was much more inviting than his, but just as genuine. Jamison felt the knee on his good leg begin to wobble, like he was about to buckle over and collapse. The twenty seconds of eye contact he held with her meant more to him than the last ten years of his life, and when she looked away he was dragged back to Earth.

Acting quickly and without thinking, he ran through the crowd the catch up with her, and he yelled up.

“Hey, Satya!” he yelled, keeping up with the litter she was being carried in. Her shoulders jumped up a bit, he had startled her. She wasn’t used to being addressed to by her first name. Sometimes ‘Princess’, ‘Your Majesty’, ‘My lady’, or ‘Lady Vaswani’, but so few people called her Satya. It sounded almost foreign.

“Yes?!” She yelled down to the funny looking man who was barely keeping up with her litter on his peg leg.

“My name is Jamison,” he gasped for air, struggling to keep up with the surprisingly fast men carrying her vehicle, “Jamison Kristopher Fawkes! Remember that name, because I swear on me mum’s grave we’ll talk someday,” he yelled to the princess, having no idea who she was as a person. All he knew was that she didn’t find him completely repulsive. Not to mention, Jamison didn’t know a thing about the proper etiquette used to talk to someone of royal prestige. Really, all he knew was that this amazing woman smiled at him.

She called back to him, not breaking her calm composure. “Until then I suppose, Jamison,” she exclaimed. Her mouth opened up a little and formed a snooty grin. What a silly man.

“Until then!” he echoed, finally giving up chasing after the litter and stopping to breathe. He had drawn a little too much attention to himself, and it was finally time to get out of there. As he slipped through the crowd, he couldn’t shake the grin, no matter how hard he tried. His heartbeat raced a mile a minute, and his jittery hands and knees wouldn’t stop wobbling.

Princess Satya Vaswani, one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, told him ‘until then’. Meaning, there was a ‘then’. She had wanted to see him, at least a little. His mind began to build scenarios in which he could meet her, and have everything end perfectly, like in the fairy tales his mother had read him as a boy.

Of course, real life was no fairy tale. He was unfortunately given a dose of reality while splitting 50/50 of that day’s stolen goods with Hog.

“She was humoring you, moron, she doesn’t actually have any interest in seeing you. She’s probably been betrothed to someone since she was two years old, that’s just the culture here.” Hog drummed in. It was like pouring salt in an open wound, and Jamison felt the sting.

“You really think so?” he asked, incredibly disappointed. What a real joke he was. He was getting bent out of shape with a girl who he barely knew, it wasn’t like he loved her or she kept him up at night. She was just pretty, and nice to him.

“I know so. You’re unworthy, just look at yourself. You really think you’re material fit for a princess?” He gestured to Jamison with a chuckle.

Jamison laughed it off, but definitely feel the sting of those words. Not like hog was one to talk, the fat oaf looked like he had eaten an entire village, and then finished off their livestock for dessert. Who was he to talk? Jamison scooped up his share of the goodies and crawled into the cart where he liked to sleep. He was getting way too bent out of shape about this. After all, he already knew that he was an ugly sonuvabitch; that wasn’t anything new.

Plus, he said all of what, twenty five words to her? It wasn’t like he was kept up at night thinking about her. It was a good day, that’s what counted. His quick hands had snatched up so many goodies for him that day, and none of those stupid fat royals and nobles had even noticed. They were all too focused on those princesses being carried like delicate flowers.

Speaking of flowers, Satya’s lips looked like rosebuds.

Shit, there she was in his mind, sitting pretty and looking at him. He scowled to himself, now getting frustrated. Go away, Satya. Jamison had a very long, nice day, and now just wanted to unwind. He was unworthy of her, she needed to get out of his head and go away.

‘Until then’, she had told him. Until when, Satya? What does that even mean? When did she want to see him? What did she want to do when she saw him? Would her hands take his, and let the two of them enjoy each other’s presence uninterrupted?

Dammit, more stupid gushy thoughts. He hated thoughts that made him feel like he wanted to melt into a pool of butter. Maybe if he shut his eyes, and pushed his mind to something else, he could rest. He forced his eyes shut, trying to make himself fall asleep with his arm around a bag of Chinese explosives he borrowed from some nice venders while back.

He loved explosions, and watching stuff just blow up. Gunpowder and cannons were practically his native language. Fireworks were awesome, too. Fireworks and explosions on a beach: that was a thought in the right direction. What else? Well, Satya was like an explosion, wasn’t she? Fiery, impossible to ignore, vibrant, earth-shaking, and beautiful.

Fuck, not again! How did she manage to keep coming up in his stupid head? His eyes shot open and stared up at the sky. No matter how tired he was, he could not go to sleep, and or stop thinking about Princess Satya Vaswani. Even thinking about her name put a fiery feeling in his stomach. He yearned to feel her fingertips tracing along his sweaty forehead, her lips brushing along his and not moving. The two could just sit there in perfect harmony forever.

He sat up, unable to sleep, because all his mind wanted to concentrate on was her.

Uh oh.

Did anyone stop to think that maybe Jongin crying has nothing to do with kaistal or kaisoo or anything involving scandals and shit- but maybe, just maybe, because of Jongin’s own inner turmoil and personal insecurities that we don’t know about??






Compared with the Elves of Doriath, his Silvan folk were rude and rustic. Oropher had come among them with only a handful of Sindar, and they were soon merged with the Silvan Elves, adopting their language and taking names of Silvan form and style. This they did deliberately; for they (and other similar adventurers forgotten in the legends or only briefly named) came from Doriath after its ruin and had no desire to leave Middle-earth, nor to be merged with the other Sindar of Beleriand, dominated by the Noldorin [High-elven] Exiles for whom the folk of Doriath had no great love. They wished indeed to become Silvan folk and to return, as they said, to the simple life natural to the Elves before the invitation of the Valar had disturbed it.

(The History of Galadriel and Celeborn)




“The Aftermath”

Sitting at his throne with his Knights alongside him, Ren’s thoughts are with the lowly scavenger…wondering where she was…what she was doing…and the memory of that night, when she saw his greatest fears…when she summoned that lightsaber…when she became his whole world.