Hail the Pope

Context; So my group was setting up their characters and relationships before the journey began. My character Aeron (a Fairy Paladin) and another, Gak (an Automaton Cleric) were both part of the same church, worshipping the God Ferrus.

Gak (OOC): Wait, if I was built for the church, in the name of Ferrus, shouldn’t I outrank you?

Me, Aeron (OOC): I don’t think so. If anything, it’s mean you’re a lowly servant.

DM: Roll D20 for place in the church hierarchy.

Gak: *rolls 4*

DM: You are a poor priest in an impoverished city.

Me: *rolls nat 20*

Everyone in the group loses their shit laughing

DM: …You are the Pope. Congrats.

It was one thing when she thought he was just a lowly guard on Daxam and was as much a victim of the tyrannical rule of the king and queen and prince. But then she finds out he was the prince, and that he was more of a perpetrator than a victim, and all of the great character strides he has made evaporate for her because she’s so put off by the truth.
—  Andrew Kreisberg on what is up for Kara and Mon-El (x)

Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullah) never got married, was imprisoned by his enemies numerous times, oppressed, fought against, hated, yet not a single word would you find of him complaining. Rather, as his student Ibn al-Qayyim (rahimahullah) said, there wasn’t a happier person than him. Subhan'Allah, that’s a level of Īmān only some have tasted, and wallahi that level, almost exclusively, comes when you’re in the path of Allah, and know and realise that not a single thing can happen, except by the permission of Allah (swt). Every stone you step over, every person who walks past you, every cloud that goes above your head, its all written and from Allah, it’s only you and Allah, and the earth is moving around you and the will of your Lord, and if He (swt) is with you in this lowly world, and everything you do, every trial and hardship you face is for His sake, then what can you complain about after this?


once you got to and inside the studio, you could hear faint sounds. it sounded like someone was adding background vocals to their song. as you listened and got closer, you realized that it was hyuk’s vocals.

“hyuk…” you sung lowly as you entered the recording room.

he turned his head and then his whole body towards you when he realized that it was you. like always, a hug smile stretched across his face. his eye smile was adorable to you.

he pulled you into a hug and kissed your forehead. “hey mocha.”

“hey. is the song finished? i heard you doing something..” you sat down in his ‘work chair’ and swirled around a few times.

“oh yeah..” he paused and went over to the soundboard. he clicked on a few things and then a song started to play.

“here it is.”

you closed your eyes and let the music take over you. something about the bass of the song gave you chills and a sexual type vibe. you bobbed your head slightly, letting hyuk know that you were feeling it.

just as you thought, his voice went perfectly with the beat. everything about the song was smooth ; from the beat, to the voice, to the production of it all. hyuk DID something and it was THAT.

there was a part in the song where hyuk had said some freaky shit that had you ready to drop it like it was hot right then and there.

once the song was over, you turned to hyuk and clapped your hands together. “okay baby i see you, making panty dropping and baby making music!”

he chuckled and pulled you up out of his chair, sat in it and pulled you back down onto his lap. “you like it huh?”

“yeah..are you trying to get me pregnant or something?” you giggled and wrapped your arm around his neck.

he leaned his head on your chest and played with the zipper of your pants.

“i mean, yeah.” he said which had you shook but not surprised.

“you know when i wrote this song, i was horny and i was thinking about you..” he laughed at the memory.

“no wonder the lyrics are so explicit. you’re a freak hyuk.” you ran your fingers through his hair.

“only for you mocha…” he turned you around to face him. you let a soft moan slip from your lips as you felt his grip around your hips. he pushed you against him, making you moan once again.

“you ready?” he asked you.

“yeah..” unhesitatingly, you straddled him and mentally/physically prepared yourself for what was about to happen.

you were about to get pregnant ㅋ.

*Crayon has been eying a particular world through a scribble door*

Goodness, such colorful people! And these two are SO FLOOFY!!

*he carefully crawls through the scribble door and starts petting them*

@twinklephoenix @articfrozenstar

Seems neither of the two liked having a random stranger touch them Valor especially growled lowly and glared at the new arrival. Artic on the other hand tried to remain calm and act as the voice of reason since this was clearly a child that had petted them.

(A/N - Valor has extremely sensitive feathers and floof  on that note as well with Artic you would need to watch how Stardust and Galaxy would react especially Galaxy rememeber he is the most dangerous out of them four)

Stardust &GalaxyLight belong to @ladysuika

Valor & Artic belong to @twinklephoenix (me)

Crayon belongs to @purlywhite @crayonandpurly

*Blueberry and Stretch are watching television late at night*

*Stretch yawns and hands the remote to Blue*

(PAPY): I’m heading to bed for tonight, Sans. See you in the morning.

*Blueberry turns off the television*

(BLUE): Wait! I wanna sleep with you tonight! Carry me, Papy!

*Blueberry jumps onto Stretch, Stretch groans and Blueberry giggles*

(PAPY): Heh, jeez Sans, you didn’t need to tackle me. I would have picked you up on my own.

*Stretch starts going for the stairs*

*Blueberry kisses his neck wetly, Stretch gasps*

(PAPY, surprised, breathless): Ohhh, you wanna fuck tonight, huh?

(BLUE, lowly): Of course, brother! You know how much I love your touch.

*Stretch lets out a shaky, shuddery sigh*

(PAPY): W-Well. I can’t argue with that.

*Stretch climbs the rest of the stairs and opens the door to Blueberry’s room, placing him on the bed*

*Both sigh gently as they start kissing, chests flush. They kiss for a long while.*

(BLUE): Mmm, Papy, I love this so much… I love you so much.

*Stretch removes Blueberry’s bandana and licks, sucks, and bites Blueberry’s neck vigorously*

(BLUE): Hey, my bandana- AGH! P-Papy no! My neck is so sens- Ahhhn!

*Stretch chuckles*

(PAPY, murmuring): Revenge~

(BLUE, gasping): I-It wasn’t my fault you, ghmmm, were s-so oblivious to my seduction a-all evening! Mmmmmnnn, please it’s so much!

(PAPY): Mmhmm…

*Blueberry cannot speak through his moans*

(BLUE, whining, out of it): Hhhhh… Honeybear~ Pleeease, have m-mercy on me…

*Stretch pauses and looks at Blueberry and his flushed face*

(PAPY): … Aw man, how could I resist a face like that? Okay bro, put your arms up so I can take off your clothes.

*Blueberry lifts his arms and Stretch takes off Blueberry’s shirt, clanking kisses to the bones*

(BLUE): Nnn… Can I take your shirt off, too, Papy?

(PAPY): Heh, sure Sans.

*Blueberry takes off Stretch’s hoodie*

(BLUE): Brother, your bones are so pretty! Even though…

*Blueberry plucks at a rib, making Stretch gasp sharply*

(BLUE): … They’re a bit yellow due to your smoking habit. I’ll never understand why you kept that addiction when you could have replaced your smoking with me…

(PAPY): I smoke too much, if I touched you as much as I smoked-

(BLUE): You’d have a VERY happy little brother. You worry too much. I could feel your want for me radiating off you tonight, but you didn’t say anything because we did it two nights ago. Isn’t that right?

(PAPY): W-Well yes, but, I wouldn’t want-

*Blueberry kisses Stretch hard, pulling down Stretch’s pants in the process*

(BLUE): We’ve been doing this long enough that I think you can stop being so protective of me, Honeybear.

*Stretch groans breathily at Blueberry’s tone when he said his nickname*

(BLUE): You don’t need to wait for me to start things. I know you would have me every day if you weren’t so adamant on “protecting” me. Remember our first time? You said if you did anything bad, I could tell you to stop and you would. And ever since then, you’ve been so careful not to change how you do me. I want you so much, Papy. I want you every day. Can you do that for me? Can you just tell me when you want me so we can stop tiptoeing around this?

(PAPY): I guess, but- Ah!

*Blueberry gropes Stretch’s pelvis*

(BLUE): No buts. Except mine, which I give you express permission to use as much as you want. Just tell me what you want.

(PAPY): Sans, where did this come from? I didn’t think you would ever want me to do something that could hinder your ability to work as a sentry, heh.

(BLUE): I just got tired of you touching yourself when you could be touching me. Now…

*Blueberry trails his hands down Stretch’s ribs and they clank as his fingers go, grabbing at his ribs and making Stretch gasp and groan lowly*

(BLUE): Mweh, it sure doesn’t sound like you’d mind having something like this every night, Papy.

(PAPY): Hnnn, you’re right, you’re right… B-But! I do this for you, okay Blue? So, if you don’t mind… Sit in my lap and I’ll make you feel good instead. That’s why I’m here, you know? If you want it more often that’s fine, but I just want you satisfied.

*Stretch sits against the head of the bed*

(PAPY): C’mere, baby bro. Lemme take care of you.

(BLUE): Mmm…

*Clanks as Blueberry leans against Stretch*

(PAPY): That’s right, just settle down, lean on me… You look so beautiful from this angle… Lift your hips for me so I can take off your pants?

(BLUE), breathily chipper: Yeah~

*Rustles as Blueberry’s pants are removed and cast aside*

*Stretch begins gently touching Blueberry*

(BLUE): Hnnn…

(PAPY): Hehe, you’re always so sensitive, bro, on your collarbone…

(BLUE): Ah…

(PAPY): Your smooth ribs…

(BLUE, quietly): Mmm, Papy…

(PAPY): To your cute, little pelvis…

(BLUE, breathy): Ahhh, hnnn, Papy please… Oh! That’s a good spot! B-But, Honeybear, nnn, I just told you you could t-touch me how you want, right…? Why are you still… Mmmmmahhh~

(PAPY): Seeing you completely unraveled under me like this is what I want when I touch you… Hehe, it doesn’t seem like you mind this very much, Sans.

*Stretch chuckles as Blueberry squeaks, pants, and groans*

BLUE: Hhhnnn Papy please, no more, please put it in! I want you so much!

(PAPY): Hmm, I would, but…

*Stretch trails his finger down Blueberry’s neck and puts his mouth near his ear*

(PAPY, huskily): I want to play with you more, Sans.

(BLUE): Papy pleeease, I need it!

*Stretch gets out from behind Blueberry and pins him by the hands to the headboard, Blueberry whines pathetically*

(BLUE): Why are you holding my hands on the headboard? Just put it in!

(PAPY): I wanna hear you scream, Sans.

*Stretch attacks Blueberry’s neck again, knowing full well he’s too sensitive*


*Stretch’s noises get faster*


*Stretch fingers at the pussy Blueberry formed and stops to kiss Blueberry*

(BLUE): No please don’t put your fingers inside now, I want your cock!

*Stretch and Blueberry kiss sloppily, Blueberry whimpering and sounding wrecked from the overstimulation and fingers inside him*

*Stretch pulls away and Blueberry pants heavily*

(BLUE): Ah!

(PAPY): Blue, you’re so pretty like this. You can barely keep your eyes open… I know it’s cruel, but you said it felt good. You want this…

*Stretch returns to abusing Blueberry’s neck*


*Stretch grunts as Blueberry frantically uses his free hand to roughly stimulate his pelvis, trying to get his cock to form*

(PAPY): Oh Blue, you’re too much. You look so good like this~ You’re so tight around my fingers… Touching me like that, thinking it will get me to stop any sooner, you’re just too cute.

*Stretch groans while Blueberry continues screeching at him*

(BLUE, squeaking): Hurt me!

*Stretch immediately stops, and Blueberry is left panting pathetically*

(BLUE): Honeybeaaar…

(PAPY): Sans, what did you say? Sans?

(BLUE): Wh-What! Did I say something?

(PAPY): Did you just ask me to hurt you?

(BLUE): Um! N… No…?

(PAPY): You’re lying? Sans, why would you want me to hurt you?

(BLUE): Papy, we don’t need to talk about this. Can you just ask me about it after we’re done? This is really embarrassing, you know?

(PAPY): You told me to treat you how I wanted, and I told you I would make you feel good. Tell me what you want.

(BLUE): I don’t-

*Stretch slaps Blueberry across the face*


*Blueberry’s left dazed but clearly turned on*

(PAPY): You… You really liked that?

*Blueberry looks away*

(BLUE): Y-Yeah… I’m sorry Papy, I- I shouldn’t have said anything…! I’m sorry, this isn’t how I planned to-

*Stretch slaps Blueberry a second time, and Blueberry gasps and lets out a prolonged moan*

(PAPY): Holy shit. My baby bro likes being slapped, that’s… Mm!

*Blueberry kisses Stretch*

(BLUE): I do, okay! I didn’t want you to find out this way! I’m sorry… Just please, can you fuck me now?

(PAPY): I would, but…

*Stretch scratches his phalanges hard against Blueberry’s face, Blueberry lets out a sharp moan at the pain*

(PAPY): You’re just too cute when I have you under my finger like this, y’know?

*Stretch continues hurting Blueberry in various ways with scratches and slaps, and Blueberry is responsive to it all, but gives in soon enough*

(BLUE): Papy… Mmm…

(PAPY): Yeah, bro? Are you okay?

(BLUE): Mmhmm, it feels really good… But please, won’t you fuck me now that you’ve had your fun?

*Stretch takes a second to respond to that as he looks Blueberry in his dimmed eyelights*

(PAPY): I… Can’t say no to a face like that, little bro. Heh, at least I’ll remember how you squirmed for me when I see the marks I made tomorrow… Alright, I’ll put it in for you. Just give me a sec…

(BLUE): I’ve had enough of waiting for you on this, brother!

*Blueberry pushes Stretch down and holds him to the bed by the shoulders, his dripping pussy poised just above Stretch’s cock*

(PAPY): Sans wait!

(BLUE): I’m taking you NOW!

*Blueberry sets a vicious pace and Stretch’s head falls back*

(PAPY): Fuck! Slow down!

(BLUE): Hah, ah… Rev-venge~ Oh Papy, you’re so big inside me!

(PAPY): Ah! Argh! Goddammit, if that’s how you’re going to play!

*Stretch digs his phalange-tips wherever he can reach on Blueberry*

(BLUE): Papy YES! Hurt me more!

*Their pace stays constant and both are incoherent for a time of your choosing*

(BLUE): OH! Papy I’m close-!

*Stretch switches their positions so Blueberry is pinned beneath him*

(PAPY): So am I, but I like having you under me better. You gonna cum? Cum for me!

*Stretch slaps Blueberry across the face and Blueberry shrieks as he finishes*

(BLUE), orgasmic: Papy, Papy!

(PAPY): Hng, SANS! Ah!

*Stretch spills inside Blueberry, and both pant for a good few seconds*

(BLUE): Papy, that was amazing! You were so fast, and my bones look so pretty with your scratches on them!

(PAPY): Heh… Yeah…

(BLUE): Honeybear? Look at me, are you okay?

(PAPY): I am, but are you? I just lost it near the end, I didn’t hurt you too bad, did I?

*Blueberry giggles and pulls Stretch close*

(BLUE): No, you were perfect! You could have hurt me more if you wanted to… Or was that too much for you?

(PAPY): No, I liked it too. I liked hurting you more than I thought I would have. Just… Jeez, give a guy some warning before you ask for something that different from usual.

(BLUE): But you liked it?

(PAPY): Yeah. It was definitely one of our, uh, better rounds.

*Blueberry snickers and kisses Stretch gently*

(BLUE): I love you, brother!

*Stretch sighs*

(PAPY): I love you too.

*fades out to the sound of them kissing and sheets rustling because good fadeout*


Die before you die,” for every act of shedding off a lowly quality is a small death; every sacrifice for the sake of others is another small death whereby the individual gains new spiritual value; thus, in a series of deaths, the soul rises to immortality or to a level of spiritualization that it has never dreamed of… only by constant sacrifice is development possible. It is pain, willing acceptance of pain, that helps in this process:
“What does the ascetic seek? Your compassion (rahmat).
What does the lover seek? Your pain (zahmat). 
That one is dead int he cloak, 
this one alive in the shroud! (D 1804).
—  Annemarie Schimmel, Rumi’s World
Life and Fic Updates!

So, I live in Florida, used to live in NY, and for the past few days it’s been up in the air as to whether or not my two friends would be coming to visit, because one of their dogs is sick, but THEY ARE COMING, so…what does that mean for you lovelies?

It means that from the 23-27, you will be reading mainly one-shots and not fic updates for The Old and The New and Becoming Real. From the 23-26, all of the piece, 2 a day, will be one shot requests, and then MONDAY NIGHT, the 27th, at 8 PM and 9 PM EST, a new piece of The Old and The New and Becoming Real will be up. 

Once my friends leave (the 27th at night), the fics will be back to their regularly schedule program.

This has been an announcement from your lowly neighborhood fanfic writer. :)


Thank you for your patience and I hope you’ll stay tuned!

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sadly the antis and hets think so lowly of him that this is behind their comprehension

Kaz Brekker is honestly one of the most Iconic™ YA characters ever written

  • Keeps his hair in an undercut because he needs to be Edgy (really Kaz come on) 
  • Dresses in suits to be extra and spite men with legitimate careers
  • Is a control freak and doesn’t even try to deny it
  • Breaks leg, leg doesn’t heal right, so what does he do???
  • Practices magic and slight-of-hand therefore is a complete and utter nerd
  • Would choose money over oxygen in a heartbeat
  • Is obsessed with crows, has a crow imprinted on his skin, has his only friends imprint crows on their skin, trash talks crows, fondly refers to crows, who knows what he’ll do next
  • Wears fancy hats to match the rest of his ironic suits (most likely tips his hat just to infuriate his lowly business partners)
  • Tries to suppress his undying Love for a certain Inej Ghafa for so long and what happens???
  • Only keeps Wylan Van Eck around as bait for his father but eventually becomes his father nbd
  • Is not amused by either Nina or Jesper
  • nah jk he would die for them both
  • Refers to Jesper as “Jes” after hearing his father call him that
  • Also thinks of Jesper as his brother it’s not just hc it’s definitely for real come on
  • Has this whole scowly-scheming-face goin on but for real when he smiles it is because he sees the girl he loves and his adopted sons tearing through a random Icelandic town in a tank coming to save him
  • Wins in a terrifying brawl against multiple assailants despite many a broken bone and getting his head smashed probably more than once
  • Spends 7+ years patiently plotting his vengeance and carries it out in a series of such ridiculously perfect events that the guy at the receiving end is done, blocked, cancelled,
  • Gets a chance to heal his bad leg for good but turns it down
  • Lowkey loves dogs
  • Has a canon mega sweet tooth
  • Spends two days trying to figure out what to say to his crush after she’s been injured and then proceeds to discuss money
  • Is constantly discussing money tbh
  • Probably encourages the rumors that he may or may not be an actual DEMON because he obviously isn’t protesting
  • All in all this boy deserves a monument

HERE, you know why I like this image so much, It’s becase it makes you wonder how the rest of the world or rather JJ sees the other skaters.
mean, we all know them pretty well at this point, Phichit is beautifull, loves social media and is the ultimate best bro, Yuri is rude but deep inside he just really loves his grandpa, piroshki, and cats, Otabek is shy but just wants some frinds who are not self centered  assholes, Chiris is the weird dude you keep away from your kids but is actually just a bit eccentric and he does makes you unconfortable from time to time but he means well, Yuuri is anxious but really caring, a cinnamon roll turned sinnamon when the time calls for it.
But the way he sees them there is just priceless.
Phichit looks like a regal prince lookin at the lowly peasants over his shoulder.
Yuri looks like the ruthless russian punk, ready to crush your spine a and your dreams.
Otabek is the solider fueled by determination looking down at those who even try to swipe the floor he walks in.
Chis is looking down at you refueled, he’s been here for a while an the fact you even think to be in the same level is just pathetic.
And Yuuri, Yuuri is my favorite, he looks like a BAD BITCH, he’s the hot mean girl at highschool, he’s Heather Chandler when you tought you could invite him to prom just to kick you to the ground and step in your face with six inch heels while he laughs at your tears.
And the fact that JJ sees them that way is both sad and hilarious like, just get over yourself and get to know them they don’t bite.

Edit: a lot of people have pointed out that JJ has ideed tried to meet the other skaters and the way anxiety has to do with all of this and you are totally on the right. My apologies JJ, and anyone with anxiety ofended by this. Now I kinda want to see Yuuri and him get along