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Emmet Gowin’s Stunning Celebration of the Lowly Moth:

The moth doesn’t enjoy the same charmed reputation as its lepidopteran cousin, the butterfly. But with his kaleidoscopic project “Mariposas Nocturnas,” the American photographer Emmet Gowin transforms an apparently lowly subject into riveting art. Fifteen years in the making, Gowin photographed more than a thousand species on visits to Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, French Guiana, and Panama, in the company of entomologists.

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LOU YOU WENT TO HIGHSCHOOL WITH ANSEL ELGORT???? *whispers* how bad was he 👀👀

so he was a senior when i was a freshman and he was in the drama department, we went to an arts high school and i was a lowly visual arts student, the drama kids were the cream of the crop™™ so i already was like 🙄 BUT heres what i know abt him:

1) his senior class sold calendars w topless pics of him to raise $ for their prom (there was a senior in my french class and she tried to sell me one and my gay ass said No Thanks!)

2) he was barely in school, he missed like all of second semester to be in a broadway show and somehow still graduated on time

3) he has SUCH a god complex like he thinks hes a literal god and would use it to leverage others and take advantage of them and get them to do what he wants . like ngl he is talented for sure, i saw him in bye bye birdie and he was great but also ….. his personality is ugly and annoying

4) he would incessantly be hitting on young girls like 14-16yo girls even when he had a gf , and he was 18. and it wasnt just flirting, hed talk to these girls on like facebook for HOURS and make plans to hook up w them and i think he did hook up w them. my childhood friend was one of many many girls he lured w his ~fame~

all in all hes overrated at best and a complete predatory asshole at worst !

(also pls reblog this so ppl can know the truth and stop stanning him before they get in too deep or before they start period)
so beautiful (M)

Seokjin x Reader
Warning: this fic does not display the vanilla, soft Seokjin some believe him to be :)

*A/N: A story to teach ya’ll the dominance that is KIm Seokjin (y’all gon’ learn today, children)*

The lights flicker dimly, a line of purposefully murky bulbs to set an aesthetically pleasing mood for the summer night party. Seokjin only notices them when your attention is elsewhere, speaking to your professor. The series of events leading up to this moment sprouts the beginnings of a revelation in Seokjin’s mind: he’s quite oblivious.

In fact, the only thing he is utterly and completely aware of is your beauty.

He would whisper the words daily like it was apart of his morning, afternoon, and evening routine: …so beautiful…

What he never knew he failed to see was how much others didn’t fail to see the beauty he saw, as well.

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“I love you and I love you not because I can’t live without you but because I know I can and I choose to love you anyways.”
-Adrianal Novastorm

“Of all the challenges I’ve faced, I’ve found my greatest enemy is most often myself. Which is why I am giving you my promise that I will live…and love…always with how you profoundly inspire me.” -Felo’thore Emberfell


Art by @lowly-owly

now or never | roan & harry.

She took a sip from her glass as she sat and watched the group around her. A few friends of hers brought her out after classes. She crossed her legs and then noticed commotion by the door. Camera flashes and shouting ; awesome, they had to pick a club where they were going to be swamped by some rock star. Roan made a face and turned around to face the bar for another refill and then the noise was even closer. It was right beside her and she turned to see Harry Styles standing beside her with a grin on his face. Roan narrowed her gaze up at him for a moment, “No one just walks up to strangers and grins at them like that unless they’re a little touched in the head. I’m hoping I’m a little luckier than that tonight with you, Harry Styles. Right? That’s who you are?” She laughed and leaned over to take her drink from the bartender.

There was a sharp jab to her side and she saw her friends abandon her with giggles and catcalls. “I’m Roan. I think that’s what you’re about to ask me, and no… ‘m not interested. You’re cute – really cute, but this is the worst place to be picked up at. Especially by you of all people. I’m a lowly art student and I don’t want to be murdered by fan girls. Or harassed on social media.” She’s laughing, though, and gives the singer a small smile. | @anotherfxinglovesong

– based on [ x ].

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this is weird, but I just don't understand why so many things must be shamed because they are popular among women (actually I do, it's misogyny) but for example, I quite liked the poems by Rupi Kaur in her collection called milk and honey (and I believe she has a new one out as well) and now it's a cringy 'art hoe' thing? the poems are all about reclaiming yourself and your body, what is bad about this?

It’s misogyny, anon, you got it. Notice how men are allowed to be into all types of cringey ass shit, and never get called cringey, but the second women are into something it’s “trashy” and “lowly” and “bad art”. 

It’s bullshit, it’s fucking unfair, and whenever you can I urge you to please stand up for the art of women you care about. Women fought to get published, to get a space, and we still do. It’s not easy being a woman who makes are and produces content, because in our patriarchal world women are less-than, we can’t be intellectuals, we can’t understand true art… Well fuck that.

Fucking dadaism was started with a shit head who literally just wrote a fake name on a goddamn urinal, and if that deserves to be in any museum, than so do women’s pieces. There is extreme worth in women’s voices, in women’s art. We need to make ourselves heard, because so far, men have been leading the narrative.

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GM the New Teacher: an episode which is partly about a narrow-minded principal who insists that a comic book isn’t literature and shouldn’t/can’t be studied as if it’s on the level with a classic novel…versus a teacher who says a comic book CAN be literature and studied as such.

Let it marinate for a moment that Michael Jacobs himself wrote this episode. GMtNT isn’t the first time a show of his has presented and defended the idea that a “lowly” genre can be literary. If Jacobs feels this way about other peoples’ work in “lowly” forms of fiction, what on earth makes anyone think he doesn’t feel the same way about his own work?

BMW certainly had its literary elements, but GMW takes it to a whole new level. A lot of the things I point out in the show are literary devices: allusions, dramatic irony, metaphors, etc. These devices are very basic tools in a professional writer’s toolkit (amateurs may use them as well, but pros ABSOLUTELY do—yes, even when the work is primarily targeted to young people).

One thing I am sick to death of in this fandom is watching adults tell young people that a show targeted to kids and teens can’t be literary and shouldn’t be looked at that way. Say what you will about me, I don’t have an account dedicated mostly to encouraging young people NOT to think. Not only is this pervasive anti-intellectual attitude in the GMW fandom an inadvertent insult to the writers and the craft of writing, it flies in the face of a long history of multilayered & literary works targeted primarily to younger people. From Dr. Seuss to J.K. Rowling, children’s media has a long history of being written with double and deeper meanings as well as a long history of appealing to adults as well as the target audience.

So, next time someone tells you not to think more deeply about GMW because there’s “no way” a kid’s show could ever be more than just what it appears to be on the surface…remember how Jacobs himself wrote Principal Yancy as the villain and Harper as the hero when it came to whether or not a “lowly” form of art like a comic book could be studied/analyzed like a work of literature.

Oh, and that’s to say nothing of the whole “words AND pictures matter in a visual medium” of it all: http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/139678113086/here-we-have-riley-and-maya-giving-a-talk-about

Also this: http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/143259926101/westwingwolf-in-frank-millers-the-dark-knight

Etsy Blabbing

As I’m sure many of you have heard, lately things with Etsy have been going very downhill. Many of my fellow artists have brought this matter up publicly as of late, which is good! We need more voices on this! Etsy’s switch to working with and promoting larger corporations instead of us lowly, painstakingly handcrafted art shops has left most of us scrambling to pick up the pieces. What this means really is:

1. Fewer shop views

2. Harder to find our items in search modes

3. More competition from lower-priced shops in the saturated decidedly UN-handmade markets

4. Fewer sales in general

I would like to take this opportunity to not only voice my support for fellow handmade artists and tell you I really do feel your pain right now, but also to take ACTION and work together with you all here on this wonderful world of Tumblr to increase shop traffic, get our shops seen and get our creations in the hands of those who appreciate them.

If you have a handmade shop on Etsy, PLEASE feel free to send me submissions. I will do my best to help promote your shop and reblog your works because I believe Etsy should still be a handmade marketplace for people like us to thrive.

Thank you to those who continue to support me and my own shop by liking, re-blogging and favoriting. Every little bit helps!

Thanks for listening to me blab my fellow creative souls xoxo

Concept: Girl Meets World is a delicate, intricately crafted coming of age story with a lot of layers and depth. It is not a basic melodramatic soap opera.

So take the writers’ advice, both from their Twitter and from the lessons in the show itself:

Each page takes you deeper into the story.
Don’t assume.
Look more deeply.
Just because something is wrapped up all pretty doesn’t mean it is.
The perception of a thing does not necessarily make it so.
Watch closely.
There’s what’s going on on the surface, and what’s going on underneath that you don’t see. So what’s really going on here?
Listen carefully.
Pay attention to the words AND the visuals.
A “lowly” genre/art form can be literary and intended to make you THINK.
These characters are all pieces of a puzzle that comes together to form a picture.
A painting like Guernica has several elements whose symbolism comes together in the finished work for an overall meaning.

…and then the big picture might become clear to you like it has to so many others.