Because running a company doesn't require money at ALL...

July 15, 2016, Friday [#18]

I wish people would do PROPER research into how costly it is to run a video game company BEFORE accusing the Pixelberry staff of being greedy, money-grabbing lowlives.

After giving us 100+ free quests over several months, how DARE they issue quests that that would require us to compensate them for their time, effort, creativity, and expertise!

How dare they ask for money to keep the electricity in their office running for the computers they use to create content for the game!

Who do they think they are… fellow human beings who deserve compensation after giving us more than a hundred free quests?!

Pixelberry, please keep your spirits up! :) Thank you very much for continuing to create content for your games! :)

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Kxk shippers were spreading rumors about ji stans/ksoo shippers hitting kystal in the airport when ppl found out it wasnt true and came from unreliable source. These kxk shippers are so pathetic and desperate. Ji stans/ksoo shippers are not lowlives like them to do that

Thank god that JI/ksoo stans are better than some people make them. Not everyone is insane, after all.

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honestly that person's response to your joke was pathetic. when I saw they responded i thought they were going to be like 'lol that's so funny, togashi doesn't put much thought into killua's backstory. It's kind of weird how fans and writers can have that split in perception when it comes to their works and how it can lead to new complex ideas that the writer never thought about'. BOOM instant discussion and new connections made. Instead we get condescending asshole who gets pissy over a joke.

Lmao it’s that dude’s style. Everything they write has an aura of “you lowlives, eat my theories and be thankful I write them”. Like he receives letters from Togashi or something. I’m rarely pissed off by people online because it’s a waste of time, but that smug person and their absolutely douchebaggy attitude towards everyone who disagrees with them is just unreal. How can someone be so self-entitled in every written word? It’s impressive in a shitty way.

A neighbor is set to destroy our family after accusing us of “stealing” the customers of their sari-sari store, when all my mom did was invite people to buy from our store (which is normal for a business, duh). It’s not like she told them not to buy from our neighbor. The fight started when one of the members of this family went to our home one day and threatened my mom that they would not mind fighting us, bla bla bla, and he even threw stones at our house after (he later denied it even after another neighbor told us that he told the latter about it). This alarmed especially me who does not like conflicts, but my family decided to not fight back and just let it go. “Let us not tolerate these lowlives,” Father said.

Nothing much happened after that, until last night when another neighbor texted my mom, accusing her of something she didn’t do. I’m not going to elaborate further, but we knew too well that it was our evil neighbor who’s the culprit here. My mom texted back and explained our side, but it did not really convince the neighbor who complained. My dad said again to let it go, and told me that “the best thing to do is do nothing,” but this time I didn’t follow. That just doesn’t work for me, so I secretly texted the neighbor who complained and explained everything in detail. I successfully convinced her that we didn’t do anything, and our name was cleared. To this particular neighbor, at least. I’m pretty sure that this evil neighbor spread lies to others, too, and it would be hard to take control of what’s happening.

To be honest, I’m scared and angry. My family does not deserve to suffer like this. I always believe that there’s always something good in every person, but our evil neighbor family makes me change my mind. It’s so frustrating how some people can be so stupid and irrational.

They’re lucky that my parents are very patient and good people. We may not be rich or powerful, but I know that we have brains and they don’t. Attack us again, people, and I really would not mind taking things my way. This is not a threat, I’m just saying. Do not underestimate us. Just don’t.

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