Chapter 41 - Crew Love

Lauren’s House

                 Lauren checked herself out in the mirror. It was her first day going back to school from her 2-day suspension and she was going to walk into Estrella like a diva. 

                 She was wearing a dark grey easy-fit Hollister crop top that exposed her dangling belly ring, khaki daisy duke shorts and a pair of Steve Madden thong sandals in a matching dark grey. She had her hair braided-down on one side and then curly on the other, it had taken her three hours last night to get it perfect. 

                 Lauren grabbed her phone to put it in her front pocket, she slipped her black book-bag on her back, slung her pink duffel bag across her chest and shut the lights. 

                As soon as she walked out her room and shut the door she saw her sister stepping down the stairs. 

                “Damn Lowlah, did you sense me coming out of my room?” Lauren joked as she followed her sister down the steps. Lowlah amused Lauren’s joke with a quick chuckle. 

                She arrived in the living room and Lowlah proceeded to open the door. 

                “Where do you want to go for breakfast though? I think we’d have enough time for iHop.” Lauren suggested as she caught the door Lowlah had just walked through.

                 “What?” Lowlah turned around, she was confused. She was already being waited on by Tyga in his car. Lauren looked over Lowlah’s freakishly-big bun and saw the black Audi R8 Tyga was accustomed to driving.

                “Oh, I see.” Lauren shook her head. She felt so stupid and embarrassed. Lowlah walked over to give Lauren a hug. 

                “If you would’ve told me earlier I would’ve been here for you. Tomorrow morning I’d love to go to breakfast though.” Lowlah smiled at her and gave her a tight, bear-hug. She was sincerely sorry for the misunderstanding but at the same time a breakfast with Lauren takes a lot of mental preparation so she’s glad that now she had a heads up. Lauren hugged her little sister back with less enthusiasm. She closed her eyes and sighed. She barely got to spend time with the sister she’d lost for four years.

                 “Be safe.” Lauren advised her as they released from the hug. Lowlah laughed. 

                “Why wouldn’t I be?”

                “Just go.” Lauren pushed her sister away and smiled. As she watched Lowlah walk to Tyga’s car a paining sensation swelled in her heart. The silent treatment she was planning on giving to everyone was definitely going to be a challenge.

Tyga’s Car 

                “What’s up pipsqueak?” Tyga said as Lowlah slipped into the car. She hit him in the shoulder. 

                “What’s up toothpick?” Lowlah taunted back. He laughed and then pulled out of the driveway. 

                “Alright, you got me. Guess my high score on Temple Run?” He looked out the window to check if any cops were around to catch him speeding. Lowlah thought for a minute. 

                “Shit, all I know is it ain’t higher then mine.” She said as she dug in her pocket to take out her iPhone 3gs. She whipped it out and immediately Tyga started laughing. 

                “What is that an iPhone 3g?” He clowned her.

                “3gs.” She corrected him defensively. He shook his head. 

                “You need an upgrade girl.” He said before the noise of a blaring cop car’s siren made Tyga look at his rear-view mirror. He saw the flashing lights and immediately knew why. 

                “Oh shit, you wanna make a run for it.” Lowlah said in complete seriousness as she crouched her head down out of the window’s view. 

                “nah,” -Tyga shook his head- “it’s probably just another speeding ticket.” He said as he slowed down and took a park on the edge of the sidewalk. 

                “Just another speeding ticket? How many have you gotten?” Lowlah asked. 

                “Only like two others but I still have time to pay them.” Tyga explained. She quickly strapped on her seat belt as the cop walked up to the driver’s side of the car. 

Christina’s House

                Christina was wearing a pink cinch bandeau underneath her white sheer lace crop top, some freshly-ironed light denim Apple Bottom jeans and her pink hello kitty vans. She couldn't decide which purse she wanted to throw on to the outfit. As she debated between two tote-purses her cell phone buzzed. Signaling an incoming call. She ran to her dresser to answer it. 

                “Hello?” She answered without looking at the caller I.D.

                 “I’m outside.” Justin informed her as he sat in the back of the hefty Black hummer h2. She quickly grabbed the white Louis Vuitton purse she was more lenient towards and swiftly walked out of her room. 

                “I’ll be down there in like eight minutes.” She replied. 

                “Ight.” He hung up. 

                Christina opened her mothers door and crept in quietly. She stood on the edge of the bed and kissed her mother on the cheek. 

                “Bye mama, voy a la escuela.” She whispered and then walked around the bed to the crib where Violet was sleeping with her thumb in her mouth. She picked Violet up and rocked her in her arms. 

                "Mommy’s going to school okay Violet. I love you.“ She kissed her daughter gently on the forehead and then put her back in the crib.

                Every morning she picks up Violet she realizes how much heavier and older she’s getting by the day. That was something that scared her and made her extremely happy. 

                She walked down the stairs to see her brother-turned-sister, Cristian in the living room passed out on the couch. She shook her head.

                She loved Cristian so dearly but his choice of being a drag was something that none of her family members encouraged or supported, she had to defend him all the time even though he was her elder by three years. Once he turned twenty one and dropped out of college to become an aspiring actor in Hollywood while still living with his mother it was kind of hard to bring out his positive points. 

                She walked out of the house and down the driveway to meet the hummer that Galsworthy, the chauffeur, was holding open. She hopped into the car and gave Justin a big, good-morning hug. Justin was on the phone when Christina got in so she just remained silent as Justin took his call. Galsworthy shut the door and hopped into the drivers seat. 

                "My dad want’s to talk to you." Justin said as he passed Christina the phone. 

                "Hey Sean.” Christina addressed him. Justin watched Christina as she listened to his father. 

                “Christina, I was just thinking that you’d be a great model for Sean John, you could advertise around the school with Justin, considering that our brand is not all that big yet we could really use the publicity. Sound cool?” Christina gasped in excitement. She pushed Justin in the shoulder. 

                “no way!” She shouted in disbelief. Justin laughed. 

                “And we even get paid for it.” Justin added just as excited as she was. She smiled widely. 

                “Thank you so much Mr. Combs." 

                "You know my name is Sean. You’re too close to my heart to still call me Mr. Combs.” He said sincerely. Christina smiled.

                  “Thank you Sean.” She was ready to explode. 

                “No problem, I’ll see you this weekend at D'lila and Jessie’s birthday right?” Mr. Combs asked referring to his twin daughters. 

                “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

                “ight, that’s good to hear. Bye.” He hung up. Christina was smiling so hard her jaw started to cramp up. 

                “Your welcome.” Justin popped the collar of his baby blue Polo shirt. 

                “Thank you Justin.’ she said and gave him one more hug. 

Honey’s House

                Honey sat up on her bed and wrestled to pull a pair of Lace Up American flag knee-high boots on her feet. She was making whining noises so when RIta casually passed the door she felt compelled to walk in and observe the area. 

                 "What the fuck are you doing?” Rita asked as she took a bite into her already half-eaten danish.

                 "I’m tryna get this damn shoe on.“ Honey managed to say as she still struggled. Rita laughed a bit. 

                "That’s what you get for borrowing my shoes.” She said as she finished up her danish and dusted the crumbs off her fingers. 

                Rita walked over to the edge of the bed to help Honey place the shoe on her foot. Honey tugged the flaps of the boots while Rita pushed the platform bottom upwards. When it snugged on comfortably Honey smiled and extended her arms for a hug. Rita looked her up and down then laughed. 

                "I’m not very touchy.“ She lied and then tried to run out of the room. Honey got up and staggered over quickly to wrap her arms around Rita’s waist. It was hard to get affection from her step-sister Rita on a regular basis. 

                "Okay, let me go now.” RIta laughed as Honey released her. Honey placed her hands on her hips and posed. 

                "What do you think?“ She asked for Rita’s opinion. RIta examined her plain white romper, blue and red statement accessories and then the tall american flag boots they just pulled on her feet. 

                "I think it’s too much for Estrella.” Rita honestly spoke and then shrugged. Honey followed Rita out of the bedroom door.

                 "Just because I don't wear black everyday, it’s too much?“ Honey said taking subliminal shots at Rita. Rita laughed as a joke brewed in her mind. 

                "Actually, I take that back. Too much would be some bitch sewing blue weave into their hair.” Rita expressed. Honey laughed loudly and gave Rita a high-five. 

                "You’re the best sister ever!“ Honey shouted. 


                "She might still be mad. I can’t really tell.” Lowlah shrugged as she sipped on her McCafe iced coffee. Tyga leaned back in his seat and thought. Lauren was such a hard card to read so guessing her mood wasn’t the easiest thing to do. 

                "This morning before you got in the car what was she tellin’ you?“ Tyga curiously asked. 

                "Nothing about you, like when she saw yo car she was just like okay Lowlah be safe and I thought she would’ve went over to you and started cussin’ you out. tellin’ you about how she’s my sister and you need to stay away from her and her family… You know stupid shit like that." 

                "I haven’t texted or called her since that day we tried to talk to her.” Tyga admitted as he took a bite of his egg McGriddle. 

                “Damn, you’re the worst boyfriend.” Lowlah joked. Tyga shook his head. 

                “She’s been fuckin’ around lately. I don’t know what she thinks me and Malaya-" 

                "Malaya and I” Lowlah corrected him. He narrowed his eyes at her and then continued: 

                “I don’t know what she thinks Malaya and I did at the Laser Tag arena but she’s trying to get some type of revenge for it."Tyga explained as best as he could.  

                "Hmm, seems like some shit is gonna hit the fan anytime now.” Lowlah stated. Tyga laughed. 

                "Shit is always hittin’ the fan out here.“ 

Estrella High - Courtyard - Picnic Tables 

                Kelly sat in Diggy’s lap with her exposed dark ebony arms around his neck. Her head laid on his shoulder as he caressed her legs and whispered in her ear. 

                "You’re so beautiful.” He complimented her as he rested his chin on her head. She kissed his neck and then his collarbone to thank him. 

                "I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while… What size ring are you?“ Diggy asked in all seriousness. Kelly smiled and then started playfully clawing at the back of his neck with her hand. 

                "You play too much.” She laughed. 

                "I’m serious Kelly.“ Diggy said remaining stern. Kelly’s lips remained curved in a smile as she told him her ring size was 8. Diggy nodded his head. 

                "Alright, koo.” Diggy responded.

                 "What do you even need it for?“ Kelly pried. Diggy started smiling and then looked down at her with teasing-eyes. 

                "You’ll see soon.” He vaguely answered her and then winked. Kelly sat up, she was getting ready to ask her twenty-questions but Lauren practically running full speed at them caught them off guard. 

                "Hey Diggy!“ Lauren shouted as she wiggled her way through Kelly’s long slender legs that Diggy was caressing.

                She squeezed around his neck so tight leaving no space between their chests. He patted her on the back signaling to let him go. She released him but kept her hands on his shoulders. She smiled at him showcasing the dimples Diggy had once fell for. 

                "I’m back!” She shouted again as she bounced her head from left to right. 

                "Huh?“ Diggy scrunched up his eyebrows in confusion. Lauren remained oblivious to the fact that Diggy had no idea what she was talking about. 

                "Let me tell ya, my two-days were sooooo boring now joke.” She laughed but Diggy remained lost. 

                "You missed two practice days and today’s a practice so I’d like it if you got a pass from Ms. Knowles to let you in the gym for sixth period so you can get the information I gave out at the first meeting and we can run the drills I did for yesterday’s practice.“ Kelly informed Lauren. She nodded and then averted her attention back on Diggy. 

                "So what have you been doing for the two days I’ve been gone. I know you’ve been lonely without me.” She assumed then mocked a sad puppy face. Diggy laughed because he was nowhere near lonely for the past two weeks he’s been dating Kelly. 

                "nah, I wasn’t lonely. Kelly doesn’t give me time to be lonely.“ He kissed Kelly on the cheek. Lauren’s face flushed with embarrassment and jealousy but she tried to cover up the fresh blush with a smile. 

                "Well that’s cute. I’m gonna go talk to my sister so.. see you in the gym Kelly.” Lauren backed away and waved. Diggy nodded his head but was then caught up in watching her leave so Kelly slapped him across the cheek.

                Lowlah sat on top of the picnic tables and laughed at Gia and Sean's silly banter. She was sitting next to Chris, Justin, Rihanna, Nicki and Christina in that order. Lauren sashayed over as if she ran the courtyard. She smiled at everyone but only half of the people smiled back. When she arrived to the table Lowlah was seated at she avoided any other eye contact aside from Lowlah’s. 

                "Hey sis.“ Lauren greeted Lowlah with her arms extended. Lowlah waited until Lauren was an inch away from her to extend her arms so they could hug. 

                "Hey..” Lowlah managed to say as they hugged tightly. Lauren released her and then smiled, she awkwardly stuck her thumbs in her front khaki pockets as she tried to find something to talk about. 

                “So uh, I see you met Justin and Chris. My two closest friends.” Lauren said as she took sideways glances at Nicki, Rihanna and Christina as they paid her no mind; they were running through levels of the Logos Quiz on Nicki’s iPhone. 

                “Yeah, Justin did a good scene with me in drama yesterday.” Lowlah said and then smiled at Justin. 

                “What happens in drama stays in drama.” Justin said and winked at Lowlah.

                 "Justin you better stop winking like that before you get in trouble with your sophomore girlfriend.“ Christina warned him as she casually threw her two cents into the conversation. 

                "I won’t be gettin’ in trouble and she’s not my girlfriend.” Justin shouted at Christina. Lauren started feeling awkward. 

                “Uh, I forgot my chemistry book in my car so… See you guys later.” Lauren lied and then turned around.

                As Lauren walked away she stared down at her moving feet. 

                She approached the courtyard steps with her head still down, she saw a pair of black denim jeans tucked into some fresh black, orange and blue retro 4 jordans so she smiled. 

                “Those are some fresh ass-” Lauren started to compliment the boy but when she looked up and saw Tyga was the person sporting them, with a black, blue and orange accented Letterman, she immediately stopped herself from finishing. He had a box of Dunkin’ Donuts in his hands to give to the group of friends at the picnic table. Lauren and Tyga stared at each other for a good minute without any words exchanged. The group at the picnic table were staring at the two waiting for something to happen. 

                    "Oh shit, don’t let her get to you Ty.“ Nicki silently advised him as she watched with her hand clenched and over her Maybelline-made pink lips. 

                "Excuse me,” Tyga finally said breaking the silence and walking around her. She felt her heart drop to her stomach. She looked over her shoulder to see if he would look back at her but he didn’t.

                “You took forever, I could’ve walked to Dunkin Donuts faster than that!” Christina joked and made the group laugh as they attacked the box Tyga was holding.

                Lauren turned around and walked down the courtyard steps to her car where she could stay until the warning bell rang. 

Malaya’s House 

                Malaya was counting out the money she had made at the club last night on her dark purple velvet sheets. The day’s she had off, due to suspension, were really helping her get her daily grind in order.  Her cellphone started buzzing right next to her. She answered it and  held it between her ear and her shoulder as she continued to count out the singles. 

                "Hello, is this uh… Malaya Chyna?“ The woman on the phone stuttered. Malaya rolled her eyes one of her biggest pet peeves was people mispronouncing her name or trying too hard to say it correctly. 

                "Yes?” Malaya agreed she was trying to get this phone call over with.

                "Hi, I’m Gilly, the manager at Sonic and we have reviewed your application for waitress and we’d like to have you in for an interview and then a round of tryouts.“ She informed Malaya. 

                Malaya had to hold back an excitement scream, she hopped off of her bed and started dancing. 

                "Malaya? Are you still there?” Gilly asked in concern and impatience. Malaya cleared her throat. 

                "Yes. I am, thank you.“ Malaya said out of breath. 

                "I’m setting up the interview for tomorrow at eleven A.M. is that good for you?” Gilly said. Malaya smiled widely. 

                “That’s perfect. Thank you." 

                "Alright, see you tomorrow at eleven then.” Gilly smiled and hung up.

                Malaya threw the phone on the bed and then started booty shaking in excitement. She was excited as heck! Immediately she stopped she needed an interview outfit before tomorrow. 

Parking Lot

                 Lauren paced down the rows of cars with her phone in her hand and her eyes staring at the screen as if she was doing something. She casually looked up from the corner of her eye and saw Wayne, T.I. and Romeo chilling on top of a yellow mustang GT, butterfly doors open and all, Lauren battled with herself to go talk to them but then she decided they were too far. 

                 "Hey red-bone shawty!“ Wayne shouted from his post on the car. Lauren looked up. 

                 "Huh?!” She shouted back as she walked between two cars to meet them. Romeo started licking his lips as he watched Lauren’s hips sway left-and-right. 

                “You heard the man.” Romeo responded. Lauren chuckled. 

                “What’s up though?” Lauren asked to them generally as she casually pushed her hair back over her shoulder as she did that her crop top lifted up slightly making her belly-button ring more prominent. 

                  “You don’t see me anymore?” Tip asked; making his presence known. Lauren looked at him and smiled faintly. 

                      “I just thought you’d be seeing Draya. I saw that Facebook picture she tagged you in. He’s your new step son, huh?” Lauren sassed him as she placed her hand on her hip. TI chuckled a bit then licked his lips, he was about to spit her something smooth. 

                      "Yeah she’s my woman but I remember when you used to be my girl. You can’t just forget about a nigga, especially not me.“ 

                      Lauren sighed in a way that told you she hated to be reminded of the past she had with Tip. Freshman year their relationship was extremely hot and heavy but after her pregnancy scare and T.I.’s horrible rationale of her needing to get an abortion their relationship ended and she re-birthed herself so that she could be a virgin again…in some sense. 

                 "Yeah I could never forget about the nigga who almost made me raise a baby on my own.” Lauren mumbled under her breath then continued: “how you been Wayne I haven’t heard from you in a minute?" 

                "I just been doin my thing, chillin’ real heavy. You and Rihanna don’t hit a nigga up or nothing anymore.” Wayne expressed his hurt. Lauren extended her arms for a hug. Wayne slipped off the car and grabbed her arm to gently pull her to him, he was to lazy to walk the couple of steps to make it to her. As they hugged she saw Romeo staring at her from the corner of her eye.

                “I’m sorry, we can plan something this weekend if you want. Can I help you?” She asked Romeo as her and Wayne released each other. Romeo smiled. 

                “Am I gonna be included in the weekend plan you got goin?” He asked as Wayne hopped back up on the car. Lauren immediately looked at Wayne, he shrugged and reclined back on the hood of the car. 

                “Do I know you?” Lauren asked; she was familiar with his face, his spot on the football team and his name but  they had never officially met. 

                “Shit, well I know you Ms. Lauren London. the Cheer team’s finest.” He said making Lauren smile.

                 “Okay, let me stop frontin’ then Mr. Romeo Miller, running back number seven, son of Master P the hardcore rapper of the nineties.” Lauren said making him smile widely. He chuckled. 

                “I like that.” He admitted as the warning bell rang above their heads. 

                “Come walk me to class.” She demanded as she pulled him off the car. 

                “Damn girl you’re strong.” He said in his slow, Louisiana accent. Lauren laughed as she sped-walked through the lot trying to make it to the courtyard where she would use Romeo to make Tyga jealous. 

                “Woah, slow down girl. You bouta make me scuff my new shoes.” Romeo complained she made it to the courtyard’s first step and waited for him to fix himself.

                 “I’m just trying to get to class early.” She excused herself. He nodded. 

                “Oh then you can go by yourself. I don’t wanna slow you down.” Romeo offered as he dusted the pint sized grains of dirt off his shoe. She grabbed his hand and wrapped it around her waist. 

                “You don’t really want to let me go by myself now do you?” She flirted with him as she slowly walked up the courtyards steps backwards. 

                “I mean if you need to get to class I don’t wanna stop you.” he said as he tried to slip his hand from around her waist but she grabbed it back and placed it in it’s same place. 

                “Trust me, I want you to walk with me.” She assured him as they made it to the courtyard. She started laughing loudly causing the group of her frenemies to look at her and Mr. Eye-Candy whose arm was wrapped around Lauren’s midriff. Tyga cut his eyes toward them but quickly looked away and continued to gather his stuff. Lauren looked over Romeo’s shoulder to see no one was watching her… No one even cared. 

                “What you laughin’ bout?” Romeo asked as he looked around. 

                “Nothing.” She sighed and looked down at the ground. He slipped his hand from around her waist. 

                “I’m finna go to first period before I’m late ight. Nice meeting you Lauren.” He said then turned around hastily to go back down the steps he had just made his way up. 

First Period: Mr. West - 

                “Can we please have all of the chorus members report to Ms. Blue’s chorus room immediately for a mandatory rehearsal. Bring all of your materials because you will be there for the remainder of the day.” The intercom lady announced to the whole school and then buzzed out. Chris’ eyes bounced all around the class. He started to panic. 

                He was apart of chorus and he knew he had to go to the rehearsal but what would his friends say if they knew… they would clown him for life. He raised his hand. 

                "Mr. West can I get a pass to the bathroom?“ Chris asked and then gathered his belongings. 

                "Why are you trying to leave with your bag?” Mr. West asked in a monotone voice as he crossed his arms. Chris tapped his thigh as he tried to think of an excuse. He stood up and headed to the front of the class where Mr. West’s desk was. 

                "I just have something to tend to.“ Chris whispered as he winked at Mr.West; Chris tapped on the desk trying to speed up the process but Mr. West was completely appalled. 

                "What are you talking about? Get the fuck out of here. Don’t affiliate me with your drug distribution. What establishment allows that behavior! Not Estrella. You’re not even going to get a pass. Get out!” Mr. West shouted in rage.                                   

                Chris ran out of the room in fear of Mr. West’s tantrum and making it to chorus late. While he was out in the hallway he saw Ariana coming down the hall in a short white bubble dress and white ballet flats. He ducked and ran as fast as he could into the girls bathroom. 

                As he was inside the bathroom catching his breath he heard Ariana’s laughter. 

                "I saw you Chris.“ Ariana cooed from the other side of the door. 

                "No you didn’t.” He said mocking her high-pitched, valley girl voice. She giggled and then backed away from the door. 

                "You’ll have to come out sooner or later.“ Ariana said as she walked away. 

                Chris stood with his back against the door and his chest moving up and down that impromptu run had really given him a workout. He ran because no one knows he’s in Chorus and he was planning on forever keeping it that way. He took his final breaths and then turned to open the door and leave. 

                As soon as he started to open the door someone on the other side pushed it open so hard that it hit him on his recovering-face. The marks that Jermaine left were still prominent so he used the concealing-makeup on a daily basis. 

                "I’m so sorry!” A unfamiliar voice shouted. When he re-opened his eyes he saw a pint-sized half-vietnamese and black, Kae Tran standing there trying to assist him. He shook his head and hand signaling to her that everything was OK. 

                "I didn’t feel you behind the door.“ She continued to apologize. 

                "It’s cool.” He told her as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. She smiled. 

                "What are you even doing in the girls bathroom? You got a pussy?“ She questioned him. She didn’t know Chris very well so for all she knew he probably did have a female reproductive organ. 

                "Nah, I am one-hunnit percent man in these pants.” He defended himself and then grabbed his crotch as if he was demonstrating how much he actually had.  

                "Oh really?“ She said and then licked her lips. Chris laughed nervously then nodded. 

                "Peace out.” He said trying to escape the bathroom. Before he could fully pass her she wrapped her arm around his abdomen. 

                "What’s your name boo?“ She asked as she strained her neck to look up at him. 

                "Chris.” He answered her with no hesitation. Her touch intensified him. If it was any other girl he would’ve already made sure her arm was off of him but her touch excited him. 

                "You remember my name right?“ She winked; making him remember the night of his motorcycle purchase. 

                "Karrueche right?” Chris recalled his memory. He never forgot the name because he knew she went to their school. 

                "Right. I’m surprised you’d remember such a long name.“ She joked and then slowly slid her hand on his abs and then off of his body. She bit her lip and then looked down as he stared at her. Something in him found this girl sexy as hell. 

                "Let me uh, get your number.” Chris said subconsciously. He wasn’t a single man why did he say that? 

                "You ready for it?“ She asked as she was ready to recite the number to him. He dug in his pocket, pulled out his phone and went to add a new contact. His conscious was battling with his actions as she recited the number, he guessed on the spelling of her name and saved everything in his phone. 

                "Alright cool. I’ll text you tonight.” Chris smiled down at her. She smiled back. 

                "And after you text me I’ll text you how to spell my name correctly. I’ll tell you right now it doesn’t start with a ‘C’.“ She said with a hint of laughter. Chris laughed. 

                "Alright, peace out.” He said walking around her and slipping his phone into his pants pocket. When the door swung shut behind him he sighed. He wasn’t planning on cheating… So what exactly was he planning on doing with Karrueche… He didn’t know. 


               When Chris entered the room everyone was seated and watching Ariana sing. Roshon was on the piano matching Ariana’s every pitch while Cassie was blowing hard on her trumpet. 

                 "Chris! Why were you late?“ Ms. Blue yelled enraged. Chris threw his bag on the stage and then walked towards the group of kids who sat in the movie theater-like seats watching Ariana belt. 

                 "Mr. West was explaining something and I had to catch it.” Chris lied and made his way to sit next to Cassie. Ms. Blue signaled for Ariana to stop singing the solo that she had already been assigned with “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

                “You were doing lovely Ariana so I want to work on Chris now.” Ms. Blue said as she smiled at Ari and picked up a few music sheets to hand to Roshon. 

                “Thank you.” Ariana said as she walked down the stairs and smiled at Chris as she passed him. He laughed, he found her to be so cute. 

                “What do you want to work with me on?” He asked and then stood up. Ms. Blue handed Chris sheets of paper. He looked at them and immediately realized they were lyric sheets for Christmas songs. 

                 "No Ms. Blue, we aint agree on no solo.“ Chris shook his head as he forced the papers back in her hand. 

                 "Well I guess we have no agreement at all. I told you, you had a gifted voice. Use it.” Ms. Blue tried to persuade him into it.

                 "Ms. Blue… don’t do that please.“ Chris begged. Ms. Blue shrugged and then jutted the papers out for him to grab. 

                 "It’s either you use that voice of yours or you’re stuck in detention not to mention you’ll have the biggest, fattest, reddest F in my class and considering your grades you don’t need to miss out on my credit.” Ms. Blue black-mailed him with a evil-grin, thank lord she whispered all of this or Chris would’ve been embarrassed as heck. His lips tightened and his nostrils flared. He snatched the paper out of her hand and stared at her. 

                 "Go on now. Let me see how much work you need.“ She gestured for him to go up on stage. As soon as he did Rita sat up to pay full attention. She’d never heard a boy sing at Estrella. Chris cleared his throat and fumbled with his cargo pocket. He stood on the stage jittering for about a minute then turned his head to the side to face Roshon. Roshon chuckled. 

                 "You have to tell me when you’re ready.” He advised Chris as he got prepared to play. 

                 "I guess I’m ready now.“ he mumbled and Roshon stared at him still.

                  "Bro, you gon’ play?” Chris asked loudly, he was getting irritated. Roshon pointed at the paper in Chris’ hand. 

                 "The song starts off as an acapella.“ Roshon told Chris. Immediately Chris dropped the papers on the floor. 

                 "Ms. Blue..” he began to whine. She cut him off.

                 "Chris, sing!“ She instructed him and he frowned so big it made creases in his forehead. He looked down at the ground and recited the first line. 

                 "Hang all the mistletoe I’m gonna get to knooow you better.” Chris sang flatly. Ms. Blue threw her hands in the air. 

                 "Give me soul Chris. Give me feeling.“ 

                 "Hang all the mistletoe I’m gonna get to-” He sang flatly again and Ms. Blue interrupted him with a death stare and the piercing yell of his name: 


                 "Okay, okay.” He said to calm her down. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. 

                 "Hang all the mistletoe I’m gonna get to knoo-oo ya’ better.“ He sang with the flare Ms. Blue felt in her soul. Roshon hit the keys. 

                 "This Christmas…Aaa-nd as we trim the tree-ee How much fun its gonna be… together, This Christmas…The fire side is blazin’ bright…” He recited from pure memory. This song had been played in his household every Christmas pass. He knew this song just as well as the original writer. 

                 Rita’s eyes were practically glued on Chris. His voice was pure and soulful it was like listening to liquid velvet. Ariana smiled so widely that her dimples were deeper then anyone had ever seen. Cassie was ready to tell everyone she knew about Chris’ voice. 

Before The Third Period Bell

Gia pushed Sean off the last stair step. As he regained balance she laughed.

                “Damn, you tryna kill ya man.” Sean joked as he gripped on to his chest as if he was having a heart attack. Gia’s laughing instantly seized. Sean had brought up a topic that was sensitive.

                “You’re not my man because you never asked me out.” She mumbled while walking around him. It took him a few seconds to process what she had said but when he caught it he was taken back.

                “Don’t be like that.” He said as she tried to walk away. Gia stopped walking and turned to face Sean who had obviously been looking at her ass because his eyes were casted downwards.

                “What are we Sean?” Gia asked as she got straight to the point. Sean stared at her as he tried to read the expression on her face.

                “What?” Sean didn’t understand what she was asking. Gia sighed. She wanted to just tell him ‘never mind’ but the paining to know would eat her alive.

                “Are we dating, fucking, best friends… something?” Gia continued to further question. Sean shifted his eyes from her stern stare.

                “I don’t get why-” Sean started but Gia cut him off.

                “I don’t know how to act around you Sean. It’s like we’re close enough to be datin’ but I don’t see what you’re waiting for.” Gia explained.

                Students rushed past; the bell was evidently about to ring.

                “I’m just not really into the relationship thing.” Sean shrugged.

                “So what do you want us to be? Cause I like being this close with you.”

                “Then it doesn’t need to stop we don’t need to put labels on everything. We could just do what we do.” Sean said as he slipped his hand around Gia’s waist. She smiled as she inhaled his warmth. Although this wasn’t exactly what she’d wanted, it was a stable settlement.

                “That’s what we’ll do then.” Gia nodded agreeably as the bell rang. He leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

                “Alright, then I’ll see you during lunch.” He smiled as he walked away from her. She watched him swagger away and her smile turned into a hard-look. She couldn’t feel happy with just being Sean’s friend with benefits.

                “Gia get yo plump ass to class.” Cassie said slapping her ass from behind and then walking into Tanisha’s open door class quick with Wiz right next to her. 


                  Rihanna sat on top of Chris in a straddling position as she attacked his lips. He clenched her waist and started to sway her hips. As a bulge grew in his pants; Nicki slammed her math textbook hard on the table.

                    Chris snorted in complete terror. Rihanna laughed after she realized it was Nicki who made her boyfriend make a pig-noise. 

                  "Y'all need to keep that shit behind closed doors.“ Nicki said in disgust. She slipped her purse off her arm and sat it on the table. 

                  "No, I think you mean to say Drake needs to get his ass to school already so you can have the same fun we’re having.” Rihanna stated. Nicki squinted her eyes at her then lifted her hand in an attempt to playfully pimp-slap her. Rihanna flinched and Chris started laughing. 

                  "I bet if I tried to pimp slap you, you wouldn’t be laughing you’d be snorting again.“ Rihanna teased Chris playfully. Chris attacked her stomach with tickles; they switched positions on the table. Rihanna was now on her back and Chris was hovering over her. He stopped tickling her and the laughter subsided. He looked down into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her again. Nicki sucked her teeth and walked away. 

                  There was no stopping those two. She thought as she made her way to the lunch line. 

                   Chris pushed Rihanna’s red hair behind her ear and started kissing down her cheek to her neck to the opening of her v-neck t shirt. 

                   "Nasty asses!” Christina shouted as she hit Chris’ shoulder.

                   "Damn why is everyone trying to stop our flow?“ Chris said as he had to get off of Rihanna and sit next t her on top of the table. 

                    "Come over after school.” Rihanna begged as she grabbed onto the end of his t-shirt sleeve. 

                   "I can’t I gotta work until after midnight.“ Chris said letting her down. She pouted. 

                   "What about in between classes?” She tried to compromise. 

                   "I can’t. I can’t miss my next classes…“ Chris lied because he still needed to be in the chorus rehearsals after lunch so he had an excuse pass to miss his classes. 
                   "We need to figure out something.” Rihanna said defeated. He looked down at her. 

                  “We need something quick cause I’m starting to forget what that pussy feels like.” He whispered in her ear. She giggled low. 

                  “It still feels as good as you left it.” She said then grabbed his hand so he could get a good feel for it. 

                  “Hey, I’m tryna eat, get off the table with that shit!” Nicki shouted making everyone in the courtyard look in their direction. 

                  “Shit, I’m tryna eat too.” He winked at Rihanna suggesting something completely different. She laughed as he helped her off the table and onto the seat. 

                  “Y'all are made for each other. Nasty little freaks.” Christina expressed as she placed a mozzarella stick in her mouth. Nicki nodded in agreement while Chris and Rihanna had to force themselves not to attempt to fuck right on the table again. 


                 Lauren had her arms extended along with Draya, Elle, Ariana and Demi as they all waited for Willow to fall so they could catch her. She was doing an exercise that all of the flyer's had to participate in. Willow looked down from over her shoulder and instantly freaked out.

                 "I can’t do it.“ She tried to back out and walk her way off the bleacher. Ms. Knowles stopped her. 

                 "Now Willow, don’t make me throw you down there. You’re a flyer and this is what we have to do so you can trust these girls. No one want’s to see you fall so no one’s going to let you fall.” Ms. Knowles tried to console Willow in her southern accent. Willow nodded and swallowed hard as she stood back on the edge of the bleacher to fall 6-feet down directly into their arms. She turned around so her back could face the girls and she prayed. She crossed her arms over her chest and fell despite her mind telling her not to.

                 As she glided through the air a scream escaped her lips and her arms flapped as she panicked. The fall made her heart drop to the pit of her stomach then they caught her. Their arms wrapped around Willow’s light-weight skinny body and carried her until she was stable enough to gesture for them to let her go.

                 Teyana who was observing from her spot on the middle of the floor started clapping hard. She smiled. 

                 "You go Willow! You see honey, it wasn’t that scary.“ Teyana said walking over with her arms extended. Willow smiled and nodded like crazy. She wrapped her arms around Teyana’s widening hips and didn’t want to let go; but little did she know that Teyana felt a connection to her, she couldn’t wait til her son was as old as Willow and possessed such innocent qualities. 

                "Good, now let’s get to school affairs.” Ms. Knowles clapped trying to gain the attention of all the cheerleaders. 

                "Next week is the last week before winter break. Y'all know I’m excited,“ Ms. Knowles said striking a pose. The girls laughed and nodded agreeably. 

                "Chorus is putting together a parade and we’re going to be a big part of it. We’ll be building sets and dancing.” Ms. Knowles announced. Lauren raised her hand and waited until Ms. Knowles gave her permission to talk. 

                "You mean we’re going to build like actual sets by hand from scratch?“ Lauren asked hoping Ms. Knowles would disagree but sadly, she didn’t. She nodded agreeably.

                 "But shouldn’t the sound managers or like, anyone whose on the backstage crew for drama stuff build it?” Meagan suggested. 

                "Exactly!“ Lauren co-signed excitedly. Meagan turned to face Lauren making her new short cut bang flop into her eyes. As soon as Lauren noticed she had agreed with something Meagan said she quickly folded her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes. 

                "Ms. Blue requested for the cheer team to do it. So we gon’ do it. I don’t need the teachers thinking we don’t do shit but jump around in hoochie-outfits for attention.” Ms. Knowles stated releasing some apparently repressed feelings.

                As everyone read the Pissed-Off that was clearly written on Ms. Knowles face they nodded in agreement. 

                   “We’re going to do basic stretches for now before I practice the backhand springs with my stunt girls. Let’s get moving!” Ms. Knowles said rushing all the girls to the middle of the gym to do a few sets of pike sit-ups. 

Ang tagal kong tiniis na hindi magpost dito tungkol sa lovelife ko. Kasi natatakot ako na baka mabash nnman ako. Sa totoo lang, hindi ko rin talaga kayang ihandle ung ganung sitwasyon. Naging inactive ako kasi masyado nang magulo ung tumblr. May mga nanghuhusga. Basta. Mehehe. Pero di na rin ako makatiis. Kaya magkkwento nako.

Hi. Boyfriend ko nga pala, si Alesi. Nameet na siya ng ibang bloggers nung ctmu kasi sabi ni Alesi susunduin daw niya ko dahil gagabihin na ko. Kaya napakilala ko na siya kina Ate Tipp. (Baklangbabae). 2 months na kami. Nagkakilala kami nung municipal meet. Muse ako ng school namin at varsity siya sa school nila. Matagal na niya kong chinachat noon. 3rd yr palang ako lagi na niya kong kinukulit kaso siniseen ko lang eh di ko kasi siya kilala. Haha. Taray ng lowlah mo. So to make the long story short, lumalabas kami nung simula siyang nanligaw. Pinuntahan pa niya ko sa school para dalan ako ng roses. Masaya ako kasi nageeffort siya. Sabe pa niya noon, hindi naman niya hinahangad na maging kami. Gusto lang niya kong makitang masaya. Pero hindi niya alam na hindi ako nagpapaligaw sa taong di ko gusto talaga. So gusto ko na siya talaga non pero syempre di ako nag ii love you mga ganon. Di ako nagpapakita ng motibo. Hindi pa nung una. Haha. Pero basta un. Simula ngayon magppost nko ulit. Kbyeeeee