Give it 2 me - SHINHWA 

Honestly, this is my low-key favourite song.  (it’s one of the favourite song from WE album 😄😄) Though the lyrics is quite R-rated (lol as expect of our minu oppa 😂😂), and that’s the reason why this is my low-key favourite song LOL. 😂😂😝😝

And i love this version because of oppayam here, lol his melodic embellish (changing of the original melody in studio ver.) in @2:34 really makes this song more R-rated (+ the “moans” in front 😂😂) And it doesn’t help when he danced like this. 

ALSO, this is again my favourite rap parts from all the 3 rappers among their songs, and esp Eric oppa’s rap line (because it’s such a good hook that makes you remember😉😉)  ~ Uh 니 태도 상상을, 불러 일으키는 니 태도, Uh 니 태도 상상을
불러 일으키는 니 태도 

Also, minwoo oppa getting into the mood 😉😉 + Minjin’s sexy moment~ 

Not forgetting our shy-awkward hyesung oppa’s sexy moment 😍😍😍

+ Andy oppa 😍😍


(All gifs source from video above~ uploaded by fei liu)