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the millionaire and his lover | jjk

summary: over the course of your lifelong friendship with jungkook, you can’t say that you’ve ever had the greatest ideas, and a fake relationship with the boy you’ve been in love with for years is no exception. 

{self-gratuitous ceo au, friends-to-lovers, and fake relationship trope rolled into one big shitstorm of a jungkook fic}

pairing: jungkook x female reader
word count: 18k
genre: fluff, angst, and light smut
warnings: alcohol mentions, smut
a/n: hello all! i wanted to kickoff my writing on this blog with a bang, so here’s a longish fic on my wildest dreams. 

When you first tell people that you happen to know CEO and multimillionaire Jeon Jungkook, they tell you one of three things:

1: You’re so lucky! Could you introduce me?

2: You must have saved an entire country in your past life.

3: Is he as much of an asshole as the news outlets make him out to be?

What you don’t say, though, is this: You and Jungkook have had history for as long as you could remember. As not only neighbors, but also childhood friends, you happen to know quite a lot about the man who made a name of himself before he even graduated from university. You would also very much like to keep quiet the fact that you’ve harbored a crush on the boy for quite some time now, obvious to everyone whose name isn’t Jeon Jungkook.

Jeon Jungkook is, in one word, brilliant. He is brilliantly intelligent, brilliantly talented, brilliantly beautiful. He is suave and smooth and gets what he wants and if he didn’t possess such a disdain for the tabloids that do nothing but stretch the truth, he would have them wrapped around his finger. Sure, he’s no actor or singer, but he is a celebrity, and a skilled one at that. The media know no boundaries when it comes to a man like Jungkook, painting him as stunning yet rude, rich yet selfish, smart but cold. You know they blow his brief affairs out of proportion, and you know they will never know the boy who fell off of his bicycle in the second grade.

Jungkook is not powerful enough to replace the stars in your sky, but he is powerful enough to rearrange them right in front of your eyes, creating endless constellations that all remind you of him. He is the boy you have cherished since your elementary school days, when he would accidentally drool on your shoulder and throw sand into your mouth, and you are the girl who, despite all class differences, has stuck by him through thick and thin. It is not enough, but perhaps to him, it is.

“Do you ever try to mooch off of his wealth?” People ask you. “I would.”

And sure, every now and then you will ask him for money and he will give it to you, but your intentions are pure and you do not, will not, ever take his generosity for granted. Not when he has so much and you so little. You know what life is like when the world keeps trying to trip you, and a bit of smooth ground is not enough to keep you from forgetting the struggle.

That is, until you get laid off your job due to an influx of new workers, and your next student debt payment is due in roughly, a week.


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Omgggg pls continue the wet dream septiplier

I’m not sure why I wrote this in a slightly different format but, YES, this is the sequel/continuation of the wet dream septiplier thing I wrote a few days back. There’s some low-key praise kink on Jack’s part and a little surprise at the end. Enjoy!

Mark sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and reaching over to turn on the lamp sitting on the bedside table. He heard Jack inhale suddenly and grumble in frustration, obviously having been woken up by Mark’s movement. By the time Jack had rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, Mark had retreated to the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

One of Mark’s hands was gripping the edge of the marbled countertop, the other running through his hair as he inhaled deeply. That hadn’t happened, that couldn’t have happened.

Mark turned on the cold tap, splashing his face a few times before looking in the mirror. Jack was probably saying “fuck” or something, his accent probably just muddled it up and made it sound like “Mark”, right? Fuck. He continued to stare into the mirror, watching his blush fade, until he felt ready to return to the bed he was sharing with his best friend. With one last deep breath, Mark opened the bathroom door and walked back into the main hotel room.


Jack was sitting up in bed, the light turned on and phone in hand. Mark momentarily contemplated booking it back into the bathroom but he was pretty sure Jack had already seen him and would consider that a bit suspicious. As he approached the bed, Jack looked up and smiled at Mark.

Fuck, he was pretty.

“Hey man,” Jack put down his phone and gave him a concerned look, “You sick?”

“No, no…” Mark couldn’t hold eye contact for more than two seconds without his face flushing a deep shade of red.

“Are you sure? You look like you might have a fever,” Jack reached forward to feel Mark’s face, but the older man just kept his head down as he sat on the edge of the bed, “Mark what’s wrong?”

Mark let out a shaky laugh, “You, uh… you talk in your sleep…”

Jack raised his eyebrows in surprise, his mouth opened slightly as though he wanted to say something but just couldn’t quite bring himself to. He knew exactly what Mark meant. His face was bright red and the blush was quickly spreading to his ears. “I…I’m sorry, man…I can sleep on the floor if you want, I’ll ju-”

“No!” Mark interrupted, “I mean…It’s okay, it happens, man.”

There was a momentary pause before Mark turned to look at Jack. He could hear his own heart pounding; nothing felt real.

“I just,” Mark’s brain was screaming at him to stop, to say that he was just sick but too embarrassed to admit it and go to bed, but he needed to know for sure, “Were you… In the dream… Did you say my name?”

Jack looked up at Mark, his eyes so wide that every bit of blue was exposed “I,” he stopped himself suddenly, closing his eyes and furrowing his brow, “Yes, I did. I’m sorry Mark, I don’t know-”

The kiss was sudden, lips and teeth crashing into one another with an unfamiliar urgency. Mark’s hand was warm and rough against Jack’s face, his calloused fingertips and palm gently pulling him closer as he reached up to wrap his own arms around the older man’s neck.

They were anything but graceful, nerves and desperation culminating in a mess of teeth and tongue and hands running over necks and shoulders, but it was absolutely perfect. Jack leaned back, sinking down into the pillows and pulling Mark on top of him. Their lips parted and Mark pulled back to look down at Jack. He was still blushing but his lips had curled into a delicate smile, and his eyes were fucking sparkling.

Mark watched his hand as it slipped from Jack’s face to his neck, causing the younger to close his eyes and gasp in quiet pleasure. His hand continued to move downward, fingers trailing along Jack’s chest and stomach.

“Are you…” Mark’s voice was low and rumbling, sending shivers throughout Jack’s body, “Is this okay?”

Jack could barely bring himself to speak, he was overcome with burning desire, trembling arousal. “Yes,” he breathed, reaching up to run his hands over Mark’s toned shoulders and chest, “God, I want you.”

The words sent a wave of desire crashing over Mark, and he dipped his head to run his lips over the shell of Jack’s ear, humming deep in his throat. Jack continued to run his hand’s over Mark’s body, hesitating over the waistband of Mark’s bottoms. He felt Mark’s lips against his neck, each kiss urging him to go further as he slowly slipped his fingers underneath the elastic of both his boxers and pajamas, pushing them down until his erection sprang free.

Mark bit his lip, sitting up on his knees to pull his bottoms the rest of the way off before leaning forward to run his lips over the subtle lines of muscle protruding from Jack’s lower abdomen. His head rolled back, mouth falling open with a much less subtle moan as he reached down to bury his hand in the mass of red hair atop Mark’s head.

Gentle kisses soon turned to nips and bites as Mark worked Jack’s bottoms off of his body, exposing his twitching cock and even more room for Mark to litter with deep splotches of red and purple. Jack’s moans were growing increasingly desperate, his hips bucking and hands grasping at anything they could.

“Mark, please,” Jack was breathless, completely consumed by want. Mark crawled his way up Jack’s body, eyes gleaming and mouth pulled into a smirk; it was literally Jack’s dream come true.

Their bodies aligned perfectly, fit against one another like they’re been custom made to do just that. Mark leaned his forehead against Jack’s, looking down as he too both of their throbbing erections into his hand.

Jack’s breathing hitched, a moan catching in his throat as Mark began to move his hand over their lengths. He let his head fall to the side, begging Mark to leave his neck covered in bruises a bite marks. Mark gladly obliged, growling against the sensitive skin as he increase the speed and intensity of his movements. Fingernails ran down Mark’s back and dug into his hip, finally evoking a fully fledged moan from him.

Jack felt himself growing closer and closer to the edge with every breath, every movement, every sound. He never wanted this to end but he wanted to come, needed to come, so badly. Mark was now running his thumb over both of their heads, mixing precum as he slid back and forth over the hypersensitive skin. He lifted his head to look down at Jack once more, hair falling into his eyes as he breathed, “Fuck…so pretty, Jack…so pretty under me like this…”

With that, Jack was coming onto his stomach, back arched and head thrown back, choking out one last moan. Mark continued jacking himself off, never letting go of Jack. The sensation was too much, bursts of pain and pleasure racking his body. He sputtered and whined, overwhelmed by the intense sensation. He grabbed Mark’s arm but immediately mewled, “Don’t stop.”

Mark continued his movement, relishing in Jack’s overstimulation, until he came over Jack’s chest with a deep, rumbling moan.

Meanwhile, across the hall:

“I don’t know, man,” Ken ran his fingers through Felix’s hair, adoring the familiar feeling of stubble scratching his chest, “It just feels kind of weird, you know?”

“Well, we couldn’t just book ourselves a single-bed room accidentally,” Felix raised his hands to make air quotes as he spoke the last word, “That would look suspicious as fuck.”

“Yeah, I know,” Ken laughed, “Plus, it’s not like we’re trying to set them up or anything,” he over exaggerated every word, his tone insincere to say the the least.

There was a moment of silence as Felix looked up at the bearded man, eyes narrowing. He matched Ken’s tone, dragging out the word and nodding slowly, “Right.”

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reasons I would love to be a bro to the dl characters

shu: he’s very good at understanding people so we’d have some nice deep conversations; we both play instruments so we could play together and share our music; I really really like using people as pillows and he’d prolly allow it

reiji: deserves a little guy giving him compliments, and that’s exactly what I’d do; we would both go on a day long ikea trip like every month and get ice cream at the end; ROLLERCOASTERS 

ayato: I’m… decent at basketball so we could play that together! or I could teach him the art of benchball; he could show me how to pull a spicy prank; we’re both beautiful, need I say more?

kanato: I would love to top up his dolls if they’re breaking, and could bond over Aesthetics™; singing sessions, baby! his music taste is gucci; I wouldn’t buy him coffee because why would I buy coffee? I hate coffee? 

laito: same reason as shu, we could play our instruments together; I just feel like we would get along because our personalities lmao; I love little buggies so I could carefully put them outside for him if he’s freakin’ 

subaru: he also seems like a really good person to talk to about deep subjects like… life… and shit; I gotta introduce him to a hobby! I have too many! I have to; I really love flowers a lot so we could buy more and plant them! flowers everywhere!

ruki: I admit… I’m a terrible chef, maybe ruki could teach me how to be less awful; I write things and he reads them! I love people reading my stuff! (please read my stuff); as long as he lets me drink ketchup I will always compliment his food

yuma: talking smack about the government! also about political business and I think he might be good with trans issues… we gotta talk about the trans issues; we share a love for the environment! we could plant some rainbow carrots, bro. I have some rainbow carrots in the back garden rn and holy shit they look good; both into vore

kou: again with the singing! and he has a whole recording studio and aAA I could feature in one of his songs if I’m good enough (which I will be, don’t bother your ass saying I won’t be); I could gossip about boys with him! I gotta stop over sharing to my school friends and start doing it with bro!kou; CATS. he would love my cat. she wouldn’t love him tbh hUH

azusa: he needs someone to show him other ways to feel pain! you want a slap in the face? sure, it’s not gonna do any harm, I’m a weakling; I love cuddles so much I have to cuddle him all the time since we’re both clingy fuckers; we’re both spicy

shin: I support furries.

carla: we both adore art! we could paint together and he could teach me ways to improve my drawings! he’s like the grumpier version of bob ross; long hair. I want to touch it; I’ll finally be able to beat someone in a race- 

kino: I have to show him peggle. what’s that, you don’t know peggle? well I don’t know you. blocked. reported. sentenced to death. how do you like that, huh? 


Love Me

If there’s one thing you don’t like about Yuta, it’s that he’s a fucking idiot.

Anon said: Can i request yuta imagines where he’s super clingy to you and wanted to kiss you non stop like there’s no tomorrow and being the savage he is? Thankyou ^^

Anon said: um today I would like something for my mountain MaN yuTA ⛰⛰⛰ where he sees reader and johnny be super close and is 😒😒😐😑 bc he’s like 500% sure reader likes him all the signs are there and yet. 🤔🤔🤔 jealous mountain man who ends up getting the love pls i know you like to mess with yuta but this time. THIS TIME. let him have a fair ending 😣🙏

hopefully this suffices for. you yuta lovers. lowkey thought the second request was no bias anon but jk it was carmen. anyways enjoy ^^

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Shade throwing Beatrix

Christa: I’m starting to not like meat… I think I might be vegetarian?

Cordelia: Me to!

Beatrix: The only kind of food you eat Cordelia is dick, and I’m pretty sure that makes you a slut

What kind of scent on a girl would EXO like

Ohhhh this is… I liked this question so that’s why I decided to take a break and answer it xD Kekeke, enjoy. This is just my opinion though, doesn’t mean I’m right. Ara~
Ps: We all know all boys like Vanilla scents… or almost all boys.

Xiumin: Probably something sweet like a vanilla or coconut perfume. 

Sehun: Something fresh and cool like 1,2,3 perfumes from Ralph Lauren

Luhan: I think he would enter the category of fresh… but sweet? KKK like the perfume Pink by Lacoste or even something floral … something that reminds him of rain xD

Tao: As long as it is Gucci I don’t think he would mind xD

Kris: He probably would love anything she wears but like everyone, he would like a favorite cologne. I think it would be something similar to Chanel or Chance by Chanelm Maybe Jeu d'amour by Kenzo.

Kyungsoo: I think he wouldn’t really mind, just like Kris. But he would definitely have a thing for sweet aromas like Jeu d'amour by Kenzo or Be Delicious fresh blossom by DKNY. 

Suho: I kind of think he likes perfumes like No5 by Chanel… you know like… old women stuff (Don’t get me wrong that’s my favorite perfume). So yeah he probably likes a girl that smells very nice and classic. (BacktoTheBasics)

Chen: Oh oh lowkey think he’s a lover of Victoria’s Secret fragrances because honestly… have you smelled them? They are sooooo good… and I bet that he would buy something nice for you, besides the fragrance xD ;) ;) ;) ;)

Yixing: Oh baby likes sweet stuff I’m sure. Just like Xiumin, something vanilla related or maybe just the scent of your sweet soap/body wash. Probably would be the kind of guy that smells your hair when you hug xD

Baekhyun: Something sweet but strong… you know like passion fruits or… exotic flowers (Is that a thing? xD) I don’t know… but you get the idea right? Something good but crazy… mysterious. Strawberries!

Chanyeol: I don’t know… I can only imagine how nice he would smell xD But something fresh probably… like L’eau Par Kenzo.I have this one and it reminds me of… grass… nature… rain. Yeah maybe he would like that.

Kai: Chicken… definitely xD nah just kidding. But probably something like vanilla or chocolate… so he can eat Kiss you xD

Lowkey Love

Featuring: Kim Namjoon, You

Written by: Admin V

- 2 -

“Lowkey still love you to the ends of the earth, but it’s chill”

Originally posted by mn-yg

You and Namjoon—you’re friends.

Not always, though. Years of knowing each other have manipulated your relationship in so many ways, constantly shifting, ever-changing.

You think about this as you sit next to him in the university library, think about the past. He’s always so studious: one corner of his lips pursed, the furrow of his eyebrows as his eyes focus on the textbook and its content. You’ll admit it: even when he’s half-awake and lounging around the apartment with bed head and wrinkled pajamas, he never fails to look handsome.

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