I’m selling these Adventure Time patches in my Etsy shop!

Can’t see your favourite character? I’m working on an LSP patch and Princess Bubblegum if these sell well, but feel free to send me a request for another character, even one from another fandom if that’s what you would like. I aim to please!

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We better not be given a Noora, Isak or Eva clips though. Even if I absolutely adore them, they've had enough with their own seasons. There are just so many other interesting characters ! I want to see a Jonas clip, I want to know about Even, Mahdi, Chris, Magnus, ELIAS (yes yes yes yes please, also that would mean more of the balloon squad ? 😏), and Yousef *dork*Acar.

I think it’ll depend on if we’re going to get clips everyday or not

If we do I think there’s a big chance we’re getting clips from the previous main. I wouldn’t mind because I love them but I’d prefer to get clips from people that we haven’t seen yet


Also I don’t think we’ll get a Yousef clip but I’m lowke hoping that the Eid clip will be from Sana’s point of view and we will see him somehow


name: Ua Kahu
nickname: Loch(pron: LOCK, LOWk, lohhh, LACK, LAKE, etc), Lochlann, Lochy(pron: LOCK-EYE), Lochie/Lochy(pron: LOCK-ee), Lelehuna, Lele, Bro, Big Bro, Puppy, Jekyll
zodiac sign: Pisces
gender: Mostly male.
favorite color: Yellow?
average hours of sleep: What is sleep?  Maybe 2-4.
last thing you googled: March 14 zodiac criminal pokemon pc access
height: 5′6″


name: Tara(pron: tah-ruh)
nickname: Danie(pron: DANNY or dahn-ye or DAN-ye), Loch
zodiac sign: Gemini-Cancer cusp
gender: Agender usually, demiboy every so often
favorite color: Gray-Blue
average hours of sleep: 3-12 as of late. i know that’s a very big spectrum.
last thing you googled: my sweet submissive subject lyrics
height: 5′6″

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ok so i ended up picking like 39 blogs because i really couldn’t nail it down to 25 so check them out! 

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hey if you didn’t get picked you’re still super cool. I’ll be doing another one for sure but it will be way later

Also @ those who i picked please let me know if you change your url so i can update the page with your new url

michael lowk confirmed the article so stop saying it’s all lies and also understand that people are offended and want an apology it’s completely reasonable

my friend just bought me the whole Saints Row 3 including all the DLC’s and expansions just because I said i’d never played Saints Row, and i just looked and it cost £25 

and then he told me that he doesnt want the money for it he just wants a hug from the one person who stood by him since he arrived at Bassett Lowke (the university halls we lived in) and even though he left is still my best friend and he just wants a hug from me when we see each other in march

i want to cry no one has ever done anything that nice to me before :/