Notebook (by Lowgan)

The suicide of one student and subsequent disappearances of several other students in the area have caused the  local authorities to release this report in hopes that someone will come forward with information concerning the whereabouts of the missing persons.

Names of some of those involved have been censored for safety purposes.

OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT:  ****/********* County Police Departments

DECEMBER 18th 2011


C********, WI

Briefing:  Students at ********* High School have filed several anonymous complaints against their fellow student, Alec *****.  While some of these complaints were seemingly meaningless pranks or minor issues, the majority of the students who submitted complaints stated that they feared for their own safety or were certain that Alec had participated in illegal activity on school property.  Alec was confronted by school authorities after the amount of complaints reached an alarming number.  However, there was nothing overtly intimidating or suspicious about Alec or his behavior, and after a cursory investigation into the student’s personal life, the case was dropped.  The complaints continued after the investigation, and so I was transferred to ********* High School to watch Alec discretely and record any behavior that may seem abhorrent or dangerous, at the request of the local school board.

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