lowfat cheese

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how u fitting 130g protein into 1500kcal??? what sorcery???

Greek yogurt, lowfat cheese, egg whites, lots of chicken, protein shakes, protein bars, turkey are all (relatively) low calorie high protein foods :)

  • Me: i feel terrible
  • My body: we've been eating like crap recently why dont you have some vegetables?
  • Me: *eats chinese food*
  • My body: what r u doing
  • Me: im thirsty
  • My body: thats because youre dehydrated and youve been eating too much sodium, have some water
  • Me: *drinks 72 oz of soda*
  • My body: please stop
  • Me: ive been eating too many carbs i should have some protein
  • My body: oh well why dont you have some lowfat cheese or maybe some nuts or a glass of slim milk?
  • Me: *eats 3 double cheeseburgers*
  • My body: are you trying to kill me?