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Dating Raph would include…

Protectiveness. Raph shares this trait with Leo. He naturally wants to protect those he loves, his s.o. above all. He would escort you to places and text you often. He would not want to teach you to fight, in fear of hurting you, though might later be persuaded.

Him being affectionate. At first, Raph would only show affection in private. He would hold and kiss you whenever you were away from prying eyes. Eventually, he would become more comfortable with showing you affection.

Him being jealous. It’s not that he doesn’t trust you, it’s that he doesn’t think he’s enough for you. He’s brash and angry and pretty much a giant. He would become jealous if you spent too much time with other people, especially one of his brothers. Raph has the lowest self esteem of his brothers, which contributes to this.

Lots of spooning. Raph likes closeness and always loves to be your big spoon. If he gets too comfortable, he’ll convince you to stay, not wanting to lose your presence.

Him being amazed. He looks in the mirror and sees a mutant. A giant turtle. How can you look at him and love what you see? How the hell did he get so lucky??

Him spending a lot of time at your place. While you are often at the lair, Raph loves your apartment. His brothers aren’t there a lot, so it’s a special place for just you two.

A locket. I have this headcannon that Raph would stumble upon an old, bronze locket. He’d clean it up and put a little photo of the two of them together inside and give it to his s.o.

Late night visits and talks. Raph would often come at night. He’d tap on your window and wait to come in. Sometimes he wants to talk, other times he just lays down and holds you.

Him showing you a different side of Him. Raph isn’t too good at communicating his feelings. He tends to bottle things up. But you would see things about him that no one else would, giving you a better understanding of the turtle.

Him ranting. Raph butts heads with his brothers often, Leo the most, and will often rant to his s.o. Once he ran out of steam, he’s just want to stay with you for a while.

Him loving you strongly. Raph feels with everything he has, 100%. His s.o. is everything to him. He needs them so badly though he won’t always say it.

Lots of neck and shoulder kisses, with a light bite here and there. Oh and push up kisses too…

Silent communicating. You would be able to tell what Raph was feeling and act accordingly. Affection when he needed it or giving him space.

Raph being absolutely terrified.
He’s never loved anyone this strongly before. You’re his world, his everything. He’s so scared of messing up and driving you away. What if he hurts you? What if he loses control of his anger and you suffer because of it? What if he isn’t enough for you?
He wouldn’t speak about these feelings often but his s.o. would most definitely be aware of them. When Raph looks at you, he sees the sun, the moon, and the stars. He remembers all those stupid love songs and everything.

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Jedams thought: John introducing Thomas to Abigail, and Thomas is just standing there having this lil internal crisis like "okay, so John's wife is a literal angel; so what the hell is he doing with *me*?"

ugh man i fucking love when tom has just the lowest self esteem in everything but his writing

tbh when im at my lowest in terms of self esteem and self-hatred i just think to myself “it could be worse, u could be a man” and suddenly my life doesnt seem as bad

I feel like this may be necessary so. A big ty to those of you who seem authentically enthusiastic to talk to me, who seem so excited that I just EXIST, that I follow you, that I talk to you, etc. Because i mean. I have the lowest self esteem, and while I don’t worry about people not talking to me, this kinda treatment makes me legitimately reassured in my existence. To those of you who express delight over my presence, those of you who endeavor to talk to me in spite of my problems (especially socially), you make my world brighter. Considering that it’s so rare I get any amount of appreciation or reassurance outside of my small closer group, and any amount of “recognition” of who I am (knowing of me, etc.) has historically been all bad (the highest praise being “I’m so relieved you’re not actually a mean person?”), when I get people who send me total gibberish, I may start cautious and anxious, but it really relieves me endlessly when I feel less worried. You mean the world to me and I hope i can bring you some amount of happiness

Okay, can we just really quick acknowledge how fucked up Sherlocks life is right now?(Please free him)

-He had to jump of a roof so he could safe the people he loved most in this world
-Than was undercover for two years (Who even knows what happend in that time but nothing good I presume)
-He got tortured and beaten up in Serbia for who-knows-how long
-Than comes back clearly hoping that John will accept him and that they will move back together, what he gets is multiple punches in the face
-He lives alone
-He watches how the love of his life marrys someone else and he can’t do anything against it
-He has the lowest self esteem and self hatred I have ever seen
-After the wedding he goes back to drugs
-Some days later his heart stops again
-He gets threatend by Mary and Magnussen
-He shoots someone
-He knows that he will die in 6 months if he takes the mission
-He has two say goodbye to John. Again.
-He can’t even confess his feeling and instead reads Johns blog entry about they first meet? Can Moftiss not, it’s not like The Tarmac Scene was painfull enough already
-John goes back to Mary
-Sherlock self esteem and hatred again is so bad in his Mind palace and John is sometimes so mean to him
-He gets beaten up by Moriarty in his mindpalace

The only good thing is that the real John is so soft and loves Sherlock, Sherlock  now just has to learn that. And that Sherlock finally figures out that he can’t do this alone. That it’s always them. Just the two of them against the rest of the world. 
But all the same Sherlock is really screwed up right now and nees help.

Safe our smoll gay son

Taiwanese-American college student. Lemme tell you a story. Body image for me is my lowest self-esteem factor. 

I hated my eyes for the longest time, in fact my friends and I have a long running joke of calling it “Soulless black eyes”. The truth was that was me who created the joke in the first place. Why? I wanted brighter eyes, ones that can shine without the need for sunlight. I hated my dark brown eyes, no one sang about them in songs or complimented on them without me having to make a self-deprecating comment in the first place. Not to mention a white girl I knew was putting makeup on me, and said, “Your eyes are so small!”

My mother told me “You’ve gained some weight”. And I ran upstairs to cry. Then in college I fell into depression over my body (I digested so much fashion magazines and everywhere I looked there were white, large-eyed, tall women. Everything I wasn’t.) I lost weight and fell to a mere 92 lbs. When my mother saw me again, she exclaimed, “妹妹! Your face is so skinny! Like a skeleton!” HM. I wonder why.

My nose is too flat, any sunglasses I wear just eats up my face. It looks bad in flash. UGH. When will I learn to love myself?

Well… I’ve been in therapy and taking medications. I feel better now. But mainly the one thing that powered me through is the positive WoC community that runs through Tumblr. To be able to see posts that tells me that people like me are beautiful and should not be fetishsized. Thank you to all who listen, who support, and who understands Asian-American women and our struggles. Thank you so much for the support.

i’m so happy and glad that amethyst finally found someone she could talk to and vent to about the situation between garnet/pearl.

she seemed really depressed at the beginning of the episode. it’s hard for her because she has no one to really talk to about how she feels so she’s stuck holding in her feelings and feeling trapped by garnet and pearl’s disagreement. so i’m really glad amethyst was able to tell someone this.

also, the amount of times vidalia complimented amethyst, saying how much she admired and wanted to be like her, and how much amethyst inspired her was very important because amethyst has the lowest self-esteem and is so full of self-hate. so it was important that she hear those things about herself. 


jaune is a weird contradiction of a character because he has some of the lowest self-esteem out of anyone in the show and is extremely insecure, yet he’s also un-apologetically himself and is goofy and struts around in a onesie like he doesn’t give a fuck? what is he?

Why Barney Thomson is going to blow our Robert-Carlyle-loving minds:
  • Woobie, fumbling little precious puppy Barney who’s got the lowest self-esteem ever and is treated like shite and is precious af
  • Emma Thompson and Robert Carlyle. Need I say more? 
  • Barney freaking the fuck out all the time.
  • Barney basically being adorably suspicious af during his interview with the polis.
  • Barney pissing and shitting himself.
  • Robert Carlyle’s inhibited Glaswegian accent.
  • Naked Barney.
  • Naked. Robert. Carlyle.
The signs as horn player stereotypes

aries: pretentious

taurus: complaining constantly about horn

gemini: tall

cancer: falls in love easily

leo: treats their horn like a child

virgo: looks down on saxophones and calls them fake instruments

libra: the lowest self esteem ever

scorpio: no one likes marching

sagittarius: sousa is the worst

capricorn: only talks about horn

aquarius: water

pisces: very attractive