lowest of blows

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kpop fans have problems discerning their interest (if legitimate at all) because of the whole my-faves-are-more-superior complex. which is honestly really stupid, seeing that both Winner and iKon are YG anyway. plus some fans are pretty rude and immature (can't help it with most of them being in high school), hence not being able to appreciate the artist for their music instead. i personally love iKon, Winner and MOBB & the crap that goes on between the two dominant fandoms is just ridiculous.

YG fans are way too aggressive and angry with each other. They ran out of groups outside of YG to prove they are superior to so now they just compete with each other. And it’s just like “how is it that serious?”. I talked about it before but they throw the lowest of blows and have no shame about the fact that they just said something reprehensible about another person because “I’m defending my faves”. I’m not just talking about iKon and WINNER either, I mean yes them but also all the other groups and even within the groups which is super weird.

Overall, I think fans of all kpop or even khh stuff need to step away from the blind praise type of stuff. Like it’s okay if you don’t like EVERYTHING an artist does. It’s okay if you don’t engage in an argument every.single.time someone says something negative about your “fave”. It’s okay to not assume someone is an “anti” just because they gave some constructive criticism or made an observation about something. It’s also okay to admit that another group or artist is technically better than your fave. People have different skill levels and you just personally like something else.

Defenseless Pussycat - Klarion x Reader

Requested by obsessedpeppermint -  Klarion x Witch!Reader where it’s the battle between him and Doctor Fate and when Teekles attacked Reader interferes because-Dude you can’t attack a familiar!? That’s the lowest of low blows. Que Klarion frequently visiting Reader afterwards because “Teekle has become fond of reader”

You knelt down next to Kent Nelson’s dead body as Doctor Fate used Wally West to fight Klarion. The fight was spectacular. You were stunned by the beauty of their magic. It made you wish you were skilled enough to cast such powerful spells. Though, you were also worried for Wally’s safety as well. You didn’t know how you would explain to the team if he got killed. 

“You’re out of practice, Nabu. And that pathetic host body has zero affinity for the mystic arts,” Klarion taunted as he threw another magical blast at Doctor Fate. He kept glancing over in your direction to see if you were watching, which gave you the impression he was showing off. 

Klarion send a massive lightning strike down on Doctor Fate. Doctor Fate blocked it with a shield spell. “Ooh, rainbow power,” he giggled mockingly before sending a wink your way. Even though you weren’t supposed to, you blushed. 

Teekl meowed a warning. 

“I am paying attention, you stupid cat,” Klarion snapped before sending another blast at Doctor Fate. 

Teekl meowed irritably in response. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m winning,” Klarion argued as Doctor Fate was thrown back from the blast. You casted your own shield spell when Doctor Fate almost crashed into you. He bumped against the shield before flying up like nothing happened. 

“It is difficult for a lord of order or chaos to maintain a presence on the physical plane. I am bound to the helmet and use a human host,” Doctor Fate said plainly. “But that is not your way.” You narrowed your eyes, wondering what he was planning to do. Klarion simply raised an eyebrow. 

“You’re babbling, Nabu,” he sneered, readying to cast another attack. 

“Am I,” Doctor Fate replied smugly before throwing a magical blast towards Teekl, knocking her to the ground. Your mouth dropped open in shock as Klarion flickered in and out of this reality. 

“Teekl,” Klarion screamed, picking up the cat in his arms. “I can’t believe you would assault a defenseless pussycat.” Rage shook your body as you finally stood up and got between them as Doctor Fate sent another blast towards Teekl. You casted your shield just in time, protecting both Klarion and his familiar.

You send a little fireball at Doctor Fate’s chest as a warning. “Hey, you can’t attack someone’s familiar,” you shouted, readying another shield spell in case Doctor Fate attacked you. “That’s the lowest of low blows!” 

“Get out of the way, child,” Doctor Fate ordered, casting a spell to drag you out of the way. 

“No, you don’t,” you screamed, throwing another fireball at him to ruin his concentration. “I thought a lord of order was supposed to have more class. You disappoint me, Doctor Fate.” You turned to Klarion and Teekl, who were both staring at you in astonishment. “Go now before Doctor Cheater tries again.”

Teekl meowed gratefully while Klarion tilted his head at you. You could see curiosity in his eyes. Doctor Fate blasted you with another spell, knocking you back a little even though you had your shield up in time. Klarion nodded to you before he created a portal. 

“This isn’t over, Nabu,” Klarion warned before jumping through the portal as Doctor Fate threw another magical blast at your shield. Your shield dissolved, leaving you unprotected. However, Doctor Fate stopped his attacks once Klarion was gone. He just floated there, staring at you with Wally’s empty eyes. Gulping, you waited to see what would happen. 

Slowly, Doctor Fate floated down to the ground and took off his helmet, freeing Wally from his control. You smiled in relief until you saw the displeasure on Wally’s face. Biting your lip, you realized you were going to have a lot of explaining to do.

You were lying on your bed at the cave, contemplating your options. The team had been very upset that you interfered with Doctor Fate’s battle with Klarion, saying it was a betrayal of their trust. You tried to explain how there were rules, and Doctor Fate had broken them. However, they didn’t understand. 

Sighing, you rolled over in your bed to bury your face into your pillow. You secretly were hoping Zatara would show up to explain the laws of magical combat to them. Having the whole team mad at you was not a fun experience. 

“So this is where the Justice Babies are hiding,” a recognizable voice sounded from behind you. “Predictable.” You jumped from your bed to see Klarion standing in your bedroom with Teekl sleeping in his arms. 

“How did you get in here,” you asked harshly. You didn’t mean it, but you were worried the team would catch him here. Though, you were secretly glad to see him again. 

“Please, your magic trail was easy to follow. I suggest you work on that,” Klarion explained, shaking his head as if it was obvious. You blushed with embarrassment as he sat down on the corner of your bed. 

Slowly, you sat down beside him with caution. Teekl immediately left his arms to curl up into your lap. She purred as you started to pet her. “So, why are you here?”

It was Klarion’s turn to blush, looking away from you. “Teekl wanted to thank you for saving her life,” he mumbled. Teekl meowed knowingly. “Shut up, you stupid cat.”

“Oh,” you said, looking down at Teekl with the knowledge that Klarion was actually the one who wanted to thank you. “Well, you’re welcome, Teekl.” Teekl meowed sweetly at you in response. 

Klarion and you began to talk about spells, which in turn led to both of you going to an alternate dimension to practice. Later, he dropped you back into your bedroom at the cave, and you expected he would never visit you again. 

However, everyday at eleven o’clock, Klarion would appear in your bedroom to visit. When you confronted him about it, he claimed Teekl had become fond of you. Of course, you knew the real reason behind his visits, but you didn’t say a word. 

Zelink Week, Master Quest: Shadow

A/N: Comes 7 hours late with Starbucks! Link’s point of view of Zelda’s reaction after reading the Kings’ Record in chapter 9.


That morning her eyes were not the sparkly, bright blue-violet of always.

She had cried, and dark circles around her eyes showed lack of sleep. Anger and powerlessness hid behind her polite facade.

The infamous Kings’ Records had arrived the day before to her chambers, and she had just shut inside it to read them all in one sitting.

I just had read a portion, and my stomach turned in disgust. The account was as gruesome as written words can be.

For a person of such a high moral standards as her, this is the lowest kind of blow. She had told me before some of them had been screw-ups, but this is an entirely new level.

I wish I could comfort her somehow.

Later, in the evening we chatted about my master - The Hero’s Shade - while eating pumpkin pie. She was her usual self, but I feel there’s an underlying shadow beneath that curiosity for my past: she just wants to take her mind away from her history.

I don’t care much about my past, you see, and although I’d love to have my parents alive I feel I’ve had a good life so far. And maybe I could have had a different fate. The Goddesses work in mysterious ways, for sure.

I just follow her lead because I want to see her happy, but her constant effort for caring for others instead of taking care of herself is going to cost her dearly.

She rarely stops during the day, she only unwinds at night - and even at that time she keeps going, for as I’ve seen, she writes ideas that come to her mind, and also keeps a journal.

I know sooner or later she will stumble or come across something that will force her to slow down, or she will have a breakdown.

I just hope I will be there when it happens to break her fall. 

First of all- Mama J is right, 2 of those awards are thanks to 5h, and the other 2 are thanks to Shawn.. :D Second of all- Canola can’t even be compared to Drake, because well.. She’s Canola, and Drake is Drake.. Like the song says “He’s soooo hiiiiigh above her” as an artist, musician and as a person.. But on that last note, who isn’t at this point.. Third of all- Insulting and attacking someone’s family is the lowest blow you could ever give.. Especially for someone who is as family bound as L and her family are.. And especially since they are telling oh so obvious truth.. Even if you don’t like it, IT’S THE TRUTH… But as we can all see Camilizards don’t have boundaries or any sense at all, they are so far up Canola’s ass to know anything different.. But then again, if their queen is just like them and lets them do all the harassing and bullying, that she used to do, how would they know anything different..

And just one more note: this kid was told he would never amount to anything and he proved himself, he always has a drive to be better and he will prove himself more but that fucking wannabe football club owner was the lowest blow.

But you know what?

He will do it. He will so do it and you will still be irrelevant.

"And all for a downworlder" God this part makes me so upset. I haven't seen anyone talking about that, but this is the equivalent of racism in our world. And this was one of the lowest blows Maryse could have taken at Magnus. The look on his face when she said that killed me. This is another reason why Shadowhunters is important, because it shows themes like racism, homophobia, and all with a dystopian twist. There are so many reasons why this show is important.

i’m gonna cry so hard when general hux dies though
it’s absolutely unlikely that they’ll let him survive and i understand that bc not even shipping goggles can save you from the truth but i’m still gonna cry so bad just you see
i can only hope that they don’t just routinely kill him off offscreen bc that’d be the lowest blow imaginable