lowers cholesterol

Natural oils/teas

Acne= tea tree oil (rub it on problem area if in soap form, let rest on problem area for 30ish minutes if oil/water mix)
Periods pains: coconut oil (you can find tablets of this)
Insomnia, stress: chamomile tea
Tired, slow metabolism: green tea (putting warm tea bags over your eyes will help get rid of dark circles)
Sore stomache: chai tea
Ate too much crap food: oolong tea
Feel a migraine coming, bloated: peppermint tea
Trying to wake up: matcha
Ate smthn that doesn’t agree with u, nausea: Ginger tea
De-stress: lavender (tea or candle form both work)
For colds: white tea
Asthma attacks: black tea
Cramps in your stomache: chamomile tea (I cannot stress this enough, ur cramps will be gone in like 5 minutes, literally)
Maintaining good blood pressure: hibiscus tea
Lowering cholesterol: rooibos tea
Stress: lemon balm
Before you get a cold: elderflower tea
Get sunburned easily: moringa oil
Eczema, rashes: tamanu oil
Aging, stress lines: meadowfoam seed oil
Dry skin like wtf why is my skin so dry: golden jojaba
I’m 15 and I look 50 cuz my skin is loose: Argan oil
Red spots, irregular skin colour: black cumin seed oil
Acne scars, harsh skin: rosehip oil
Dandruff, I bleach my head 10 times a day and my scalp hurts: almond oil
Dry hair: shea butter
Hair fall out: coconut oil
Frail hair, split ends: castor oil
Turns out dyeing ur hair can fuck it up: avocado oil
I want shiny hair: jojaba oil
Grow faster: ylang ylang oil
Prone to matting: eucalyptus oil
Hair too oily: basil oil
Hair loss: Rosemary oil
Ur hair stands up when u hold it between ur fingers: chamomile oil
Dry scalp: myrrh oil

Feel free to add to the list !!


HABIT TRACKER: Free Printable

Here comes another printable!!! To be honest, I made this because I’m trying to be healthier to lower my cholesterol and also keep track of my skincare routine, and hopefully it will help. 

All download links can be found here. If you have any trouble downloading, please let me know. Also, tag me if you use it!

Witchy Tip

When mixed in a tea, jasmine, lavender, and sage have tons of medicinal and magickal benefits and tastes exactly like honeysuckle nectar.  

Medical Benefits: cognitive boost, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, immune system reboot, lowers cholesterol, prevents and treats cancer, heart tonic, digestive benefits, mild aphrodisiac, pain relief, heals skin, treats insomnia.

Magickal Benefits: fertility, calming, warding off evil, attracting love, success, divination, promoting ideas and creativity, prophetic dreams, good fortune, money, cleansing, passion, meditation.

anonymous asked:

Obviously I know it’s unethical, but why is fish unhealthy? Other than the mercury/contamination issue, if the fish came from clean unpolluted water, what makes fish unhealthy?

Its a muscle.  A muscle is a muscle is a muscle.  It doesn’t matter if its in a fish, cow, chicken or a human.  All of our parts are so genetically similar because we all share a common ancestor. 


look at that pillowing deposit…   boom & you are dead.   Fish suicide, Cow suicide, pig suicide, cheese suicide, coconut oil suicide, cigarettes suicide, I don’t know why we don’t treat food based suicide as a mental health issue?  If someone was walking down the street with heroin needles hanging out of their veins we’d probably do something.  Pig corpses in the veins we give them a coupon for extra salami on their pizza…   insanity.  


1. It lowers oxygen consumption.
2. It decreases respiratory rate.
3. It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.
4. Increases exercise tolerance.
5. Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
6. Good for people with high blood pressure.
7. Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.
8. Decreases muscle tension
9. Helps in chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis etc.
10. Reduces Pre-menstrual Syndrome symptoms.
11. Helps in post-operative healing.
12. Enhances the immune system.
13. Reduces activity of viruses and emotional distress
14. Enhances energy, strength and vigor.
15. Helps with weight loss
16. Reduction of free radicals, less tissue damage
17. Higher skin resistance
18. Drop in cholesterol levels, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease.
19. Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing.
20. Decreases the aging process.
21. Higher levels of DHEAS (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
22. Prevented, slowed or controlled pain of chronic diseases
23. Makes you sweat less
24. Cure headaches & migraines
25. Greater Orderliness of Brain Functioning
26. Reduced Need for Medical Care
27. Less energy wasted
28. More inclined to sports, activities
29. Significant relief from asthma
30. Improved performance in athletic events
31. Normalizes to your ideal weight
32. Harmonizes our endocrine system
33. Relaxes our nervous system
34. Produce lasting beneficial changes in brain electrical activity
35. Helps cure infertility (the stresses of infertility can interfere with the release of hormones that regulate ovulation).
Psychological benefits:
36. Builds self-confidence.
37. Increases serotonin level, influences mood and behaviour.
38. Resolve phobias & fears
39. Helps control own thoughts
40. Helps with focus & concentration
41. Increase creativity
42. Increased brain wave coherence.
43. Improved learning ability and memory.
44. Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
45. Increased emotional stability.
46. Improved relationships
47. Mind ages at slower rate
48. Easier to remove bad habits
49. Develops intuition
50. Increased Productivity
51. Improved relations at home & at work
52. Able to see the larger picture in a given situation
53. Helps ignore petty issues
54. Increased ability to solve complex problems
55. Purifies your character
56. Develop will power
57. Greater communication between the two brain hemispheres
58. Respond more quickly and more effectively to a stressful event.
59. Increases ones perceptual ability and motor performance
60. Higher intelligence growth rate
61. Increased job satisfaction
62. Increase in the capacity for intimate contact with loved ones
63. Decrease in potential mental illness
64. Better, more sociable behaviour
65. Less aggressiveness
66. Helps in quitting smoking, alcohol addiction
67. Reduces need and dependency on drugs, pills & pharmaceuticals
68. Need less sleep to recover from sleep deprivation
69. Require less time to fall asleep, helps cure insomnia
70. Increases sense of responsibility
71. Reduces road rage
72. Decrease in restless thinking
73. Decreased tendency to worry
74. Increases listening skills and empathy
75. Helps make more accurate judgments
76. Greater tolerance
77. Gives composure to act in considered & constructive ways
78. Grows a stable, more balanced personality
79. Develops emotional maturity
Spiritual benefits:
80. Helps keep things in perspective
81. Provides peace of mind, happiness
82. Helps you discover your purpose in life
83. Increased self-actualization.
84. Increased compassion
85. Growing wisdom
86. Deeper understanding of yourself and others
87. Brings body, mind, and spirit in harmony
88. Deeper Level of spiritual relaxation
89. Increased acceptance of one self
90. Helps learn forgiveness
91. Changes attitude toward life
92. Creates a deeper relationship with your God
93. Increases the synchronicity in your life
94. Greater inner-directedness
95. Helps living in the present moment
96. Creates a widening, deepening capacity for love
97. Discovery of the power and consciousness beyond the ego
98. Experience an inner sense of Assurance or Knowingness
99. Experience a sense of Oneness
100. Leads to enlightenment

Red Clover Helps Reduce Acne!

You can easily make red clover tea by collecting the flowers, letting them dry in a single layer on a flat tray, and then steeping like an herbal tea! (5-10 minutes) It also has a lovely flavor.

To help with acne, it is suggested that you drink 2-3 cups a day, and continue to do so for at least 6 weeks, to allow the affects to build up. *

It also helps promote general skin health, PMS, lowering cholesterol, and reducing coughs.

*WARNING: Red clover tea should not be taken in quantity if you are taking a blood thinning medication. It also contains estrogen and may cause problems for breastfeeding or pregnancy. Make sure red clover is safe for you before taking in large quantities.

The Faces of Scranton

“I got them a toaster. They called off the wedding and gave the toaster back to me. I tried to return the toaster to the store, and they said they no longer sold that kind of toaster. So now my house has got two toasters.”

“Through concentration, I can raise and lower my cholesterol at will.”

“As a person who buys a lot of erotic cakes, it just feels good to be represented on one.”

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

This much-hyped cholesterol drug costs $14,100 a year. Doctors aren’t sure it’s worth it.
At Repatha’s current price, it costs $2.4 million to prevent a single heart attack, and $7.5 million to prevent a stroke. Repatha, the new cholesterol-lowering “breakthrough,” explained. If you watch or read the news lately, you might think that an amazing new miracle drug to combat high cholesterol is about to change the world. Read more
Monday mumblings.

Last night I got 7.5 hours sleep, so I celebrated by making blueberry pancakes with maple-strawberry sauce for breakfast.

Now I’m slow cooking some Mexican spiced chicken with tomato, corn and chickpeas. I’ll have a huge bowl of it with brown rice, guacamole, refried beans and shredded lettuce. It’s basically a burrito bowl.

I have a headache at the moment but that’s okay, I’ll just drink some water and have two Nurofen (Advil). I’m also having some chocolate later, which is an event for me these days since I barely eat sweet things, so I’m looking forward to that.

Since having to lower my cholesterol I have cut refined sugar just about completely from my diet, and replaced it with honey where I need it. I’ve also abstained from anything deep fried, all fast food, biscuits (cookies), ice cream, most dairy products except yogurt (because I want the pro-biotics) and basically anything obviously unhealthy. I don’t even eat eggs much which sucks because I love eggs.

All I eat that is “bad” on the regular is mayonnaise, yogurt, coconut milk when I have curry and probably too much white rice (sushi).

My diet these days basically consists of: my whole weight in legumes and beans in a week, pot-set yoghurt, almond milk on weetbix with honey daily, avocado or hummus on Bürgen bread, and either veggie curry or Mexican-style dinner (like tonight’s) with brown rice for dinner. Oh and fruit.

It’s a bit repetitive, and it has been a big change but I’ve been happy to do it and I feel better for it.

I was going to do a Sunday seven because it feels like a Sunday, except it’s a Monday and I’m so out of routine. I’ve basically played Yoshi’s Wooly World in bed and drank tea for most of the day, and I’ll probably have a bath later.


OK, maybe it’s not shocking that too much coffee and chemical-filled candy can mess with your system. But grapefruit?

Grapefruit is the hallmark of a healthy breakfast, damn it! It contains vitamin C and antioxidants, and it can help lower cholesterol. It seems like the only health problem related to the grapefruit would be if it were fired out of a cannon directly into your face.

Well, it turns out grapefruit blocks certain enzymes in the small intestine that break down medications. These enzymes normally regulate the amount of whatever drug you’ve consumed that gets absorbed into your body. If you take your medication (or “medication,” if your pharmacist wears a denim vest and answers to “Ratboy”) when you have grapefruit in your system, you get a much larger dose of the drug than you normally would.

As little as one glass of grapefruit juice can elicit the maximum blocking effect, which can often last for more than 24 hours. Grapefruit affects so many medications that there’s even a list of them on Wikipedia.

6 Bizarre Side Effects of Foods You Eat Every Day

anonymous asked:

Hi I've been doing so well recently but we got takeaway as it's my mums birthday today and then I was given some cookies and ate a lot and I've already eaten over my calorie limit for today (pineapple chunks, flapjack, packet of quavers, orange, Chinese food, cookies) I feel awful and like a failure, do you have any advice? Sorry to bother you, stay safe ❤️

Oh honey, you are not a bother and you are definitely NOT a failure. You went over your calories today and there is nothing wrong with that. Look towards the positives, even something small, like how you ate an orange. Just with that you get so many healthy benefits such as: they contain phyochemicals that protect against cancer. They can help prevent kidney diseases. And they lower cholesterol(plus a SHIT TON more but this would get really long 😅). Even though today didn’t go as planned, you still have tomorrow and many days ahead of you to become whatever your goal is. Stay strong and message me again if you ever need anything. ☀️☀️☀️

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All about the vegan thing and no one talking about you writing Supercorp; it was awesome and sweet, and it cleared my pores and lowered my cholesterol, and I want ice cream, but there's a superstorm coming. And I need a healer is again stuck in my head.

hahaha I’m glad you liked it. I wish I had time to write it into an actual story, but I don’t currently have the time.

I’m sorry about your ice cream and the superstorm. Stay safe, friend.


Herbal Witchcraft / Medical Astrology - Aries:

(For all you healthy hoes and herbal witch hoes :*)

Bodily functions associated with Aries include the head, muscles, and circulatory system. Aries is more prone to disease or injury connected to those areas. Certain herbs associate well with Aries because of their significance in those areas of the body. Foods stimulating blood flow, reducing stress, and calming the head function alongside Aries.

Garlic lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

Mustard seeds relieve muscle aches.

Cayenne Peppers control blood sugar levels and maintains the body’s amount of needed insulin.

Potassium rich foods such as bananas, pinto beans, and almonds prevent muscle cramps.

Other blood, muscle, and brain related foods are mushrooms, beans, red meats, and fish.

Pantone 691 color match. My husband’s Simvastatin tablets, to lower his cholesterol level. He was sad that he has to take this plus he’s back on blood pressure meds. I guess life is full of ups and downs, but you have to take both and roll with it. Even that means you have to take some blush pink tablets :-) He’s running the Houston Half-marathon this Sunday, and hopefully the full one in a year or so!

I’m always in awe of red clover (Trifolium pratense, of the Fabaceae (legume family)). It is native to northwest Africa, Asia, and Europe, but has since been naturalized and cultivated in many parts of the world, including North America. I came across this beautiful specimen while hiking in the Marshlands Conservancy in Rye, NY.

Red clover is a source of many valuable nutrients including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C. Medicinally, this plant can help us is many ways. Thanks to its isoflavones (water-soluble chemicals that act like estrogens), it is used for hot flashes/flushes, PMS, breast enhancement and breast health as well as lowering cholesterol, improving urine production and improving circulation of the blood, to help prevent osteoporosis, reduce the possibility of blood clots and arterial plaques and limiting the development of benign prostate hyperplasia. It may also block enzymes thought to contribute to prostate cancer in men.

Finally, as if all this weren’t enough, red clover has also been found to be useful in quitting smoking, and lowering cravings for alcohol. So what are you waiting for? Go make yourself a red clover infusion!