Listening to her voice his heart feels like it going to jump out of his chest.
But the expression on his face didn’t change,he just smiled more.
Looking at her from up and down he feels suddenly embrassed.
Idiot,what are you doing ,really you checking her out.“
He thinks to himself.
Then he remember that she asked him a question. Reaching for his cup of coffe that the cashier gave him he thinks about what he should answer.
Like yeah i just saw you and damn i totally felt for you.
He shake his head and a chuckle escape his lips.
“I just thought we could get to know each out better.”
Stupid stupid,you going to scare her away.
“I mean i…we’ll nevermind sure you got a boyfriend,of course you got one,who wouldn’t da..”
He just shut up,because he knew he was talking nothing but no sense.
Turning his head embarrassed away he bite his lowerlip.
If they wouldn’t be there ,if he would have met her somewhere else he would proably grab her kiss her,make her his.

A brown eyebrow arched on her forehead when the boy so shamelessly eyed her body, but the gesture didn’t make the smile on her lips disappear. Sure he had showed a glimpse of playfulness with that look he gave her, but soon enough he was spilling broken words and phrases with a notorious nervous ring in his voice. ‘ Could he be any more adorable? ‘ Mary asked herself. An amused giggle pushed past her red lips when the boy silenced himself, returning the look he’d given her before as she let her sight wander from the tip of his shoes to the crown of his head before looking at him in the eye once more.

 “ I’d love to get to know you better. “ She said with the same soft voice, red lips curled upwards at all times. “ But not here, this place is too… crowded. She really wasn’t going to give him a choice, if he wanted to be near her, he had to prove it. Her body shifted away from him, and she took a few steps forward, her heels clicking on the floor as she walked towards the door, before glancing back at him from over her shoulder. “ And, are you coming? “


a rising tide like an hour glass

Pairing; Niall / Harry

Summary: Harry climbs over him, his legs slotting on either sides of Niall, his body flush against Niall’s. He nibbles on Niall’s lowerlip, then licks the seam of his mouth and causes him to elicit a soft - needy - moan. No feelings in the Glade, Niall remembers. Or, he doesn’t. It’s all kind of a haze to be honest.

Or; Niall and Harry are runners.

(for @2012niall because she deserves her maze runner au that she’s been yelling about)