lowering one's gaze

Some cute old couple stevetony for the cap-im flashworks ‘Old Friends’ prompt~ I decided to leave it unfinished/sketchy, the focus more on the faces than the rest.

And they’re from an au since tony looks like mcu but with 616′s blue eyes, plus when i started drawing this I was definitely thinking about the 10+ years of friendship between them in 616. But maybe this is a non-powered au bc this way steve can grow old with tony. And they’re best friends and husbands and adorably in love of course

I liked drawing them a little older and making them look it with little lines and marks and creases too. well, i hope that its successfully showing that.

…hopefully this fits the prompt bc they are old friends right so…^^; 

Lowering the Gaze

“When one looks on purpose (eg. a man looking at a stranger woman), an attachment will form in his heart, and that will bring nothing but torment and misery.

If that attachment increases to the point that one falls in love, the punishment and torment will only increase, regardless of whether ones love is requited or not.

If ones love remains unrequited, then one will continue to remain in a state of sadness, misery and depression. And one who has his love required is also in a state of great pain, always fearing that he will be parted from the object of his love, always trying to please that object, and always striving to satisfy that object’s needs and wants.

All of this began with a look. Had he averted his gaze, his soul and heart would both be in a state of peace and calmness”

- Shaykh al Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah [rahimullaah]