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Desi F/F Pirate AU

Shriya Saran as the Captain: charming to a fault, with a gentle soul and a mother’s heart toward her crew. She ran away at a young age from an abusive father and was picked up by a ship of women. She worked her way to the top and vowed to make her ship a haven for women like her, looking for a chance.
Esha Gupta as the First Mate: where the Captain is kind and compassionate, she is the one who takes no shit and keeps the crew in order. Having lived her life on the streets has given her an edge that only the Captain can keep dulled. 
Mandira Bedi as the Surgeon: royally educated, she escaped the castle when she grew weary of the mistreatment of commoners and lower classes by the elite. She worked at the docks for months, treating those with no money, until she was offered a place aboard the ship, which she accepted immediately. 
Kangana Ranaut as the Treasurer: good with her hands, even better with sums and money. She learned how to read and write from her elder sister, who was an elite’s mistress for years. The day her sister didn’t return from a rendezvous, she murdered the elite and sought asylum from the Captain, who allowed her on board. 
Kareena Kapoor Khan as the Gunner: when a fight breaks out, she is the first on the scene. Armed with daggers and guns and arrows, she’s ruthless, a whirlwind in battle, untouchable. She claims to have been trained by ascetics in the mountains, and perhaps it’s true. The entire crew tip-toes around her, except for the Surgeon, who has treated her more times than either can count.
Amrita Rao as the Preacher/the Cook: rescued from a burning ship, she is a pious woman who prefers to spend her time baking and reciting verses. Her thick accent is barely decipherable, her past remaining mysterious. The crew quickly learned that accidents seem to happen frequently to the people who harm her or speak ill of her behind her back – but the woman sure can cook.
Bipasha Basu as the Courtesan: most women on board have been to her at least once. She worked in the royal court as a musician until her patron died. To avoid being sold to the highest bidder, she managed to get away from the castle. The only place she could find shelter was the lower area of the city, where the First Mate happened upon her and brought her on board as the sitar player. Eventually, she discovered her true passion, love.
Ulka Gupta as the Captain’s Daughter: no one aboard the crew knows who her father is, and no one cares. She is a diligent worker who spends much of her time around the Treasurer, learning her sums and how to keep the ship’s books. She is the apple of her mother’s eye, but truth be told, sometimes she years for a life off the ship.

Friday Evenings!

Hello everyone! You’re probably tired of me by now, but good news!

Friday Lairs starting 11/03 will begin as 6 PM Eastern! They are cancelled until then tho, as Apiary is having it’s annual Halloween movie bash. :3 Don’t worry, Sundays and Wednesdays are still going strong for the next few weeks!

As always, there’s raids too on Thursdays and Saturdays. 

We’re also going to start hosting a Social Dungeon Night. Just sign up and we’ll do our best to get everyone into a relaxed group to learn dungeons and get goodies! Be aware you may have to run in elites lower than your max level, as these are intended to give people a chance to hangout and see some of the game they may not otherwise see.

As always, you don’t need to know anything, you don’t need to be a part of Apiary, and you don’t have to bring anything other than your own sweet (or bitter, it’s your life) self.

If you are vegan, and your annual household income falls below the US poverty line, please like or reblog this.

I’ve been seeing a lot of “rich vegan elitist” snark coming from non-vegans lately, which is ridiculous since MOST of the vegans I know have lived in poverty their whole lives. 

2015 Poverty Guidelines
Single person: $11,770
2 person family: 15,930
3 person family: 20,090
4 person family: 24,250
5 person family: 28,410
6 person family: 32,570
7 person family: 36,730
8 person family: 40,890
For households over 8 people, add  $4,160 for each additional person.

(Please do not feel you have to like or reblog this if you are not in this range just to help out. Lying never helps, and just makes you look bad.)

(EDIT: If anyone has good stats for other countries, feel free to include them and reblog! I tried looking up UK stats, but couldn’t find anything like the US one.)

The guy who has that shop in the Hissing Wastes must have been a Ferelden. Just saying. Who else would leave their Mabari behind to take care of the shop (and make change no less!) to do some quick errands?

600ml  asked:

how about a nozoeli Pokemon AU if you're still doing the headcanons thingy 😁


I didn’t go over basic bulbapedia background information about some of the key pokemon so if something’s not clear, just ask and I’ll clear it up (I spent way too much time on pokemon lore)

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The original“Gem Rebellion” was a rebellion of classes and it’s not over

Oh yeah, I completely believe that Rose saw the earth and thought it was a lovely planet that deserved to be safe, but i don’t think earth was much more better than any other lovely planet destroyed by Homeworld.

Of course there must have been something about earth that ticked Rose Quartz, a good theory is that she was made on earth and this was her home, but that theory could fall because of the cliff scene from “Rose’s scabbard”, when she tells Pearl that if they win they can never return home, implying Rose has, at least, seen Homeworld before.

So yeah, life on earth was definetely a motive for Rose,but i don’t think it was quite like that for the others. As such, i’m recognizing 2 stages of the rebellion, the first being a rebellion of classes, for identity, equality and freedom; the 2nd stage being the rebellion for earth itself and life on it.

 Bismuth discourse and quotes shade quite a light on what was the original mentality of the rebellion:

  • They were fighting Homeworld’s system of classes, that dispossed of Gems’ lifes and considered them things to use however the higher classes decided, deciding their whole lifes for them and never giving them a chance to explore their own limits and potential, this first battle was a battle for Freedom.

  • It was also a battle for equality: During the episode, Bismuth repeats a word that i’m very familiar with: Elites. An Elite implies there’s a reduced group of people in a higher station that everyone else, who are cattered to by the system and enjoy all the privileges and hold the economichal and social power, therefore, perpetuating the system that keeps the rest of the population down in order to increase and/or mantain those privileges.

    This translates in inequality, in injustice. The first stage of the rebellion’s ultimate goal was the freedom of all gems, that could only be achieved by putting each and every one of them in the same position as their fellow gem. That means: no lower class gems, no elites that could abuse other gems just because. That every gem could be in an equal situation so they could decide to be whatever they wanted and with whoever they wanted, including Fusion.

  • The only way to achieve this was to rebell against the stablishment and overthrow the Diamond Authority, in doing this, the gems were rebelling against the class system that runs Homeworld, the ultimate goal was to end it and create a place- earth- were all gems were free, equal and appreciated. With a leader (Rose) but without any stablished authority like the one existing in homeworld.
  • Like this, the Gem War resembles quite a lot to every independence movement from every nation ever.
  • This stage is represented by Bismuth, Pearl and Garnet.

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The second stage is the fight for earth itself. For the life on it, the nature, the resources, the planet itself. They got their home, and they share it with other species (humans), so now they defend it.

This stage focuses more on “life on earth” rather than“let’s free all gems and make earth our home”. It values earht from a more…natural perspective and focuses more on its native beings such as animals, humans, bugs, etc. it’s the realization of Rose’s vision: That all forms of life are precious and that earth has so many of them, each of them worth protecting.

It also stands for the only home they’ve known and the place they been existing as free individuals, where they’ve gotten attached to other beings, formed bonds, broke them, and in general living, in every sense of that word.

This stage is represented by Peridot, Connie, Amethyst and Steven.

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Thus the fundamental approaches of the ideals, tactics and feelings between the representatives of both stages of the rebellion.