Beautiful Chaos - Liam Dunbar

Characters: Liam x Reader

Summary: Liam and (Y/N) thought that they were ready for the biggest change of their lives, but the unexpected is always unpredictable. Where are the girls when you need them?

Warnings: Pregnancy, labor, stress?

A/N:  This was a lot longer than I expected it to be. XD, enjoy. Also, I know I’ve been gone for a while and I apologize! 

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“We’re not going anywhere, not while you’re eight months pregnant,” Scott said sternly. He was staring down at (Y/N), who was sat on the couch. Her belly was huge, like someone had blown up a beach ball in her stomach. Her hands were protectively around it, though, which was no surprise.

Liam was right beside her, as he had been this entire time. He hadn’t really taken her eyes off of her. When her parents were killed last year, having been caught in the crossfire of protecting their daughter from the Benefactor, Liam hadn’t loosened his grip on her. He felt bad that he had brought her into this crazy, supernatural side of the world. But how was he supposed to know that she was on the Benefactor’s list as well.

(Y/N) was a witch. She was one of the most dangerous creatures out there, and she only just learned about what she was. Sadly, her father wasn’t here anymore to show her what was what. There’s was no one around to help her, or so she had thought. Deaton was there, Scott was, Malia, Stiles, Kira, Lydia. All of them were there.

In more ways than one.

Malia was the first to find out about the pregnancy. She had smelled it on (Y/N) and that had especially scared her because, well, Malia had been weird about it. She had tried convincing Malia to not tell anyone, but not long after that, Stiles knew. And of course after that, everyone did.

Well, everyone but Liam had known.

Both Liam and (Y/N) were both trying to harness their abilities. Liam was a freaking werewolf who had anger issues, to put it lightly. (Y/N) could help him, as it turned out that she had a naturally calm aura around her. She had no idea where it came from, but it made since. To be a witch, she had to be very calm and collected, it took not only body but mind. She had to be one with her soul as well.

Telling Liam was the scariest thing that (Y/N) ever had to do. What would they do? She was an orphan and his parents didn’t even know that he was a werewolf. What would they do?

It turned out that Sheriff Stilinski was very supportive. He had taken (Y/N) into his home and given her the spare room. Hearing that she was pregnant, it broke his heart. To see someone so sweet as (Y/N) struggling through loss and the supernatural, now pregnancy, it was hard. He wanted to be there for her. She was grateful.

Liam was shocked, questions swirling and fear building. Beacon Hills wasn’t exactly the best place to have a supernatural baby at. The unknowing danger around every corner. Yeah, it was perfect.

He had to be there, though he didn’t know how. How was he supposed to tell his mom and step dad? How were he and (Y/N) supposed to finish school? Where would they go? How would they do this? Luckily, they had such a great pack.

That was the thing about a pack, they were like family. Scott was like the dad, he was tough because he had to be. He was protective of his family, which was what led them all to this point.

“I’ll be fine,” (Y/N) argued. She picked up her phone from beside her. “Sheriff is just a phone call away and so are you, Mr. Alpha.”

“(Y/N), we’re not leaving you alone,” Liam argued and looked at you. He had that lost puppy look in his eyes, and he reached out, putting his hand on (Y/N)’s belly. “Please, just let us stay here.”

She looked at him, then looked at Scott. “And if you all stay here, than who’s gonna go out there and take down the Dread Doctors?”

“We have that under control,” Stiles said from the side.

“Yes, whatever plan you-” she stopped halfway through her insult to close her eyes and swallow hard.

“What is it?” Liam asked, worried. He stood right up, but was close to (Y/N) for anything.

“Oh no,” she whined, shaking her head. “No, no, no.”

“What is it?” Scott asked, starting to slowly freak out.

“This can’t be happening. Please be a false alarm,” (Y/N) begged under her breath.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” Stiles asked, rushing over. He had gotten so much closer to her in the last year. She was a sister to him now, not just that annoying little lowerclassmen that picked fun at him and he picked back at her.

“I think I’m going into labor,” she said, taking deep breaths. That calm demeanor she had was shining through as she was able to calm herself down. She couldn’t say the same for her three boys.

“What do we do?” Stiles asked, turning to Scott.

“I don’t know, this wasn’t supposed to happen for another two weeks,” the alpha answered.

“Oh my god,” Liam said, putting his face in his hands. He was trying to not freak out, but how was he supposed to do that when his baby was trying to come into the world? He wasn’t ready for this, or at least he didn’t feel ready.

“We have to get her to Deaton,” Scott said.

“Stiles, go get the jeep ready,” Liam said.

“Wait, why my jeep?” Stiles asked, glaring at Liam. “We have to mess up my jeep?”

The three of them started to argue, trying to figure out exactly what needed to happen and what was actually going on. The three boys knew what had to happen, but the tension of the situation made them frazzled.

(Y/N) let out a yell of pain. She clutched her stomach as she took deep breaths.

The boys stopped everything and looked at her. “What are we supposed to do?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know,” (Y/N) said through deep breaths, trying to keep calm as her body wanted to spasm. “Lydia and Kira expected to be with me during this.”

“So in other words,” Stiles started, shaking his hands violently, “we don’t have a plan!”

“We need to calm down,” Scott said,” looking at them all. Stiles was clearly irritated, Liam was silently freaking out, and (Y/N) was coming down from the pain. “That was the first contraction. The next one shouldn’t be for a while.”

“You don’t know that,” (Y/N) said, looking up at him. It was like staring into the eyes of a wounded dog. She looked so helpless like that, Scott hated to even think that. He knew how powerful and strong (Y/N) was, she was wise and knew what to do. It was just the tension.

“Stiles, go get the jeep,” Liam begged the older boy. They needed to get (Y/N) to a doctor, specifically to Deaton. He knew what to do. He knew how to handle this.

Stiles didn’t question it again. He ran out the house like a cheetah on 5 Hour Energy. He was out the door in a second, though he accidently slammed the door. It made (Y/N) jump, which made Liam not too happy.

Scott looked at the youngest werewolf. “Help me get her up,” he said. He was on one side of (Y/N) and Liam was on the other. They had their arms under hers and around her back, pulling her up gently.

They led her to the car and Stiles opened the door for her. His car wasn’t really equipped for this, since there was only two doors. He pushed the seat up and Scott and Liam were forced into the back. Stiles then fixed it and helped (Y/N) up into the passenger.

“Stiles is driving?” she asked fearfully.

“We’re gonna be okay,” Stiles said before closing the door and walking around.

“This isn’t good,” she said and shook her head. “It’s not good. It’s not good.”

Liam leaned forward, taking her hand in his. “Hey, we’re gonna be okay.”

“Have you ever been in the car when Stiles drives?” she asked, looking at him. She looked honestly scared.

“Stiles wouldn’t do anything to put you or the baby in any danger,” Scott assured as his best friend was getting in the car.

“I may play around here and there, but this is serious,” Stiles said. He had already started the vehicle, so they were backing out of the driveway as soon as he was situated.

The car ride was smooth, even though there were car everywhere. It wasn’t ideal. The one day they needed the roads empty, everyone seems to have to be somewhere.

Stiles was honking the horn, trying to use it sparingly since (Y/N) looked to be very irritated. He kept glancing her way, especially when she would scream from her contractions.

“You’re gonna be okay,” Liam kept assuring her. She looked so distressed, he hated it. He kept wiping her forehead with his sleeve and was moving her hair away from her face.

She shook her head, looking down. “Oh no,” she groaned and bit her lip. She closed her eyes.

“What? What happened?” Scott asked. He leaned forward and tried to see what was wrong, but he could smell it. He shook his head. “Stiles, step on it.”

“Okay,” Stiles said, taking the risk anyway. He stepped on the gas and went around a few cars. He didn’t care if he got a ticket or was pulled over, his dad would understand and he was sure that any officer would too.

“What happened?” he asked.

“My water broke,” (Y/N) said. She took a deep breath as another contraction came.

“In my jeep?” the driver shouted.

(Y/N) let out her scream.

“We’re almost there,” Liam said as loudly as he could. This was chaotic.

Before they knew it, they were pulling up to the vets office. Stiles parked and opened the door. He let Liam and Scott out first, then he and Liam ran around to help (Y/N) while Scott ran inside.

“We’re okay, you’re gonna be okay,” Liam kept saying. (Y/N) grabbed him and slammed him into the side of the jeep. He looked at her, seeing that scary glowing purple of her eyes. Her powers were nearly limitless, strength was no different to her than spells were.

“Stop saying that. It’s not okay!” she shouted. Stiles shushed her, calming her down as they started making their way to the door. They got her inside and into the back room.

“Get her on the table,” Deaton said as he walked over to the group.

Scott and Liam got her up and comfortable. She wasn’t all that comfortable, but it would have to suffice.

“How far apart are your contractions?” Deaton asked as he pulled on gloves.

“Seven minutes,” she answered. She took a deep breath.

“Help me get her pants off, Liam. Scott, get a blanket,” he ordered.

“What can I do?” Stiles asked.

“Get a sink of water ready, warm, sanitary,” Deaton told him. Everyone was at work, all for (Y/N).

Lydia, Kira, and Malia were coming into the office when they heard a scream. The place was deserted on the front, but they knew better. They were almost ready to go back into the room, but Lydia stopped them.

“They don’t need a full room in there,” she reasoned. She looked at the other two, hoping for the best. They all were.

The door opened behind them and Scott was there in a medical smock. “What took you so long?” he asked.

“There was traffic,” Kira said, as if it was the obvious answer. She walked over. “How is she?”

There was a scream behind Scott. He shrugged a bit. “As well as you would expect a teenage, untrained witch to be,” he said.

“How close are they?” Malia asked. Scott looked at her.

“It’s almost here,” he said and then looked back as his name was called. “Wait here.” He left them, the door closing behind him.

It was another twenty minutes before everything calmed down. The door opened again and Stiles came out. He was dressed in a smock as well, but the front of him was wet with water and soap.

He smiled at them. “Come on,” he said and walked them to the door, opening it for the girls. He walked in after them.

(Y/N) was on the table, a pillow had but put behind her. She was sweaty and out of breath. Her eyes were barely open, but she was still holding onto Liam’s hand tightly. He was hot too, but he looked a lot more awake.

He kissed her head and smiled at her. “You did so good,” he told her.

“Yeah?” she asked, looking up at him. He nodded to her.

“Scott, towel,” Deaton said. He and Scott were at the sink. They were blocking the view of the baby, but everyone knew that the little guy or girl had to be okay.

(Y/N) and Liam hadn’t wanted to know the gender of the baby. It had to be a surprise to everyone. That was part of the magic of it all.

After a moment’s time, Scott was walking over with a bundled blanket. The baby had obviously been wrapped up with care in a cute yellow blanket. He was smiling down at the child, gently rocking it as he made his way over.

“What is it?” Malia asked. She was trying to see, but of course she couldn’t as the baby was handed to its mother.

(Y/N) looked down at the sweet child. Pink face, a tuft of brown hair, and a toothless smile.

Deaton stayed back, watching the pack welcome their newest member. It was sweet, and he smiled gently as they were all in awe.

Scott leaned forward, as if about to tell some big secret. He smiled. “It’s a girl.”

Liam smiled wider and kissed (Y/N)’s head. He was so happy. A little girl, his baby girl. He looked at her, reaching out and touching her little cheek. She giggled, cooing at her father. He couldn’t stop smiling.

(Y/N) could only watch, suddenly wide awake. Holding her little baby girl in her arms, just watching her. This was the magic.

“Why don’t we give them a little time,” Deaton suggested as he walked by. He walked to the door and turned, looking at the pack. This was their moment, too, of course, but the new parents should have their moment as well.

The pack cleared the room, leaving (Y/N) and Liam with their new addition. The family was together, oh so happily. He sat on the edge of the table, looking at his two girls. He couldn’t believe it, even after all this, that he was a father.He figured that most guys felt that way, though, when they had a kid just brought into the word.

“What should we call her?” he asked her. They had discussed names, of course, but they hadn’t decided on anything. Nothing had been made concrete. He had left it up to her, honestly. He knew that anything she chose would be beautiful for their little girl.

“I don’t even know,” she said and chuckled. She laughed softly and looked down. She looked down at the baby in her arms. “Liam, look.”

The new father leaned forward, looking at the newborn. Her eyes had turned from pretty blue to a burning yellow. He felt his mouth fall open as he didn’t know what to say. He now didn’t know, truly, what to expect.

“My little were-girl,” he said, chuckling softly. He kissed her head and then kissed (Y/N)’s.

“I know what to call her,” (Y/N) said and looked up at him. Her eyes were shining purple, like they did when she was especially happy. It was magical. “(Y/B/N).”

Late Nights

A/N: Remember when I posted? HA! What a joke! Now that school is done, I am dead, and can write once more. Here’s a fic from a giveaway I did. Au revoir, mes amis. 

WC: 3387

TW: Swearing (probably), homesickness.

Pairing: LMM x Reader

AU: College

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Freshman Year, First Semester

For what seemed like the 90th time that night, you checked the clock on the desk next to your bed.

11:59 PM.

The same as when you checked it last time. And the time before that. It became abundantly clear that the more times you checked the clock, time wasn’t going to move any quicker. A sigh escaped your lips before you flopped back down onto the pillow. This sucked.

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Don’t wait for the right outfit, the right makeup, the right friend, the right boyfriend or girlfriend, the right time. Nothing is ever right or left or now or then. Do whatever it is now. This could be the last day. Take yourself out on a date. Go see that movie and sit next to a stranger. Don’t wait to compliment that person. Speak up. Tell someone you love the way they smile. Or tell them you love the way they never smile. Go to that new restaurant. Leave a tip everywhere you go. One dollar goes a long way. Sit at the table with the boys that spend lunch talking about video games and computers and technology. They crave change too. Go to the dance even if you are all alone. Put yourself out there. Don’t stay in a comfort zone. Don’t let yourself be comfortable, ever. Life is uncomfortable. It’s awkward, raw, and messy. Compliment that girl with the flat ironed hair, the bouncy curls, or the messy braid. Styling hair is time consuming. Get your hands dirty. Buy that pretty outfit. You don’t need to be a certain weight or size or height to wear it. Wear it now. Walk with purpose. Don’t make yourself small. This is a free country. Use all the space you want. Sit up straight. Don’t slouch. Listen to an older person. They have stories to tell and advice to teach. Thank your teacher, they’re only human. And goddammit, don’t you dare ever regret anything. Don’t let time pass with the hope of it being better the next day. It won’t be. School sucks. You get over it and wake up every morning and eat breakfast and brush your teeth and pay attention in class. Do your homework rather than complain. Get help when you need it. Talk to upperclassmen. Talk to lowerclassmen. Don’t take out frustration on yourself, ever. It doesn’t help a damn thing. Go outside. Breathe the fresh air. Plant flowers and trees. Join a club. Nothing will ever be easier or better or simpler. Do everything and anything today, and now. Be impatient with life. There is no written rule telling you to be patient with life. Grab your damn chance now, because this is all you’ve got.
—  Note to self.
Welcome (part 3)

characters: Hyungwon x Reader

genre: fluff, series

word count: 1.622 

Author’s notes: Just in case some of you haven’t read the previous parts to this series, they’re right down there. Other than that, I am still open to critics (other than length) and Happy Reading (:

 part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

Hyungwon’s POV:

She touched me, comforted me, talked to me. Seeing her walking ahead of me, her hair up in a messy bun, showing off her smooth tanned skin, her sweet perfume, the quirky way she walks, and whenever she turns around to see if I’m still there and the light from the morning sun hits her eyes just right. I get butterflies whenever she glances at me. I don’t think that I’ve ever blushed this hard before.  I’ve never seen someone lovelier than her.

Just thinking about how surreal this moment was made me lose her in the crowd. I looked around frantically for her, but couldn’t find her face amongst all the strangers. I started to get very anxious and nervous, and it didn’t help with all the questioning looks I was getting from people in the hall. I started to walk forward just a little in hopes that I’ll find Y/N if I keep moving, but I didn’t. I was about to give up when someone tapped my shoulder.

“Hey man, are you lost? Do you need help?” This very-well tanned kid probably two years younger than me asked, obviously concerned about me. I didn’t notice at first, but once I really got a good look at him I noticed that it was Bobby, Y/N’s brother. Before I could explain to him who I was, he figured it out. “Wait a sec. I know you! My mom sent me a text that you were here. It’s nice to actually meet you. I’m Bobby. Where’s my sister? I thought she was showing you around.” I began to explain what happened and that I had lost his sister in the crowd. Bobby laughs at me for a little bit, making me feel a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry I don’t mean to laugh at you. If it makes you feel any better, I was in the same position as you and I lost my sister in this crazy crowd. Don’t worry about it. I’ll take you to the office and I’ll text her to see where she’s at, cool?” I nod my head and then we head down to the office.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a tad disappointed that Y/N didn’t get to show me around, but Bobby is so incredibly nice, just like his parents and Shownu and his friends.

“Bobby! Where are you going?” I turned to see who was shouting at him and see this incredibly tall kid walking toward us. “I’m just showing the new kid to the office, chill.” Bobby says as he turns to look at me. “Oh! Hyungwon, this is my best friend Anthony. Anthony, this is Hyungwon, the exchange student that’s going to be staying at my place.” Anthony holds his hand out, “Sup dude. So I guess I’ll be seeing you around my house with Bobby too?” I had to look at Bobby for confirmation. “He just got here Ant! Let him breathe. He’ll come over one day.” Bobby nudges me a little before parting with his friend.

“He seems nice,” I say in an attempt to make small talk with Bobby. “Anthony? Oh yeah. He’s great. He and I grew up together. We went to the same day care and everything. One day, I was getting picked on because I was so much smaller than everyone else and he punched the bully in the nose and got suspended for me. I feel lucky to have friends like him.” I smile at this brief but rather touching backstory. I wonder if Y/N has any friends like Anthony.

We finally make it to the office and Bobby explains to the woman at the front about my situation and kind goes to get my schedule printed. “Here you go sweetie,” the woman starts off, “This is most of your classes will be in this building, including P.E, but you will have to travel down campus for your science class and social studies, okay? I’m sure Bobby won’t mind showing you around.” She smiles at the both of us before rushing us out the door so that we weren’t late to class. “Okay, Hyungwon! Let’s see what you got.” Bobby snatches my schedule out of my hand and takes a moment to look it over. “Well, we have P.E together, which is weird because upperclassmen don’t mix with lowerclassmen.” He gives me a reassuring smile and takes me to my first period class, all while explaining how the bell schedule works.

“Okay, so today is Monday, which means we have all periods today, including homeroom. Wednesday and Friday are when we only go to our odd period classes: first period, third period, fifth period, and seventh period. You also have homeroom on Wednesday. On Tuesday and Thursday you only need to go to your even period classes: second period, fourth period, and sixth period. On those days we finish school a little earlier because we don’t have homeroom. Unless you’re an athlete, then you stay after school for an hour and a half for study hall. I know this is a lot to take in, so if you need me to refresh your memory then I’d be more than happy to.”

His explanation was very long and very complicated, but I got the jist of it. All I had to do today was attend every period, and this way I can get a little familiar with where everything is. Bobby and I take a left at the end of the hall and we arrive at my first class. “Well, here we are. Oh and before I forget,” he says as he hands me his cell phone, “put your number in my phone and I’ll do the same with yours. That way if you get lost or you need help, and my scatterbrained sister isn’t around, you can just text me.” I put my number in his phone and with one last wave, Bobby turned and headed back down the hall to his class.

Then the bell rings

“Fighting.” I say to myself as I walk into my first class.

Your POV:

“Guys stop! I’m for real. My mom is going to kill me if he tells her that I lost him on the first day!” I was freaking out. I had one job and that was to make sure that Hyungwon’s first day of school goes off without a hitch, and already he got picked on by my boyfriend and I LOST HIM! That last part wasn’t entirely my fault though. These cheeky girls pulled me into the bathroom begging me to introduce them to Hyungwon. I tried to fight them off, but it was six to one and they weren’t going to let me out until I said yes.

Once I did get out, Hyungwon was gone and nowhere to be seen. How I lost someone that tall, I’ll never know. Nonetheless, I was freaking out. “This can’t get any worse.”

The first bell rang and it was time for the intro to trigonometry start. Not too long after the bell rang, Hyungwon walked in. Everyone, especially the girls, began to whisper amongst themselves. He looked super nervous and kind of scared about all the eyes that were on him. I noticed an empty seat beside me and tried to get his attention. “Hey. Over here.” He heard my voice and looked over the class to find me, and he did. He stared at me and attempted to walk over to the empty chair, when the teacher stopped him.

She asked him all kinds of cliche questions like: where are you from, how do you like it so far, can you introduce yourself to the class? Normal stuff. He already seemed nervous and this didn’t help, but he drew in a big breath and powered through it. “Hello everyone. My name is Hyungwon and I’m exchange student from Gwangju, South Korea.” He smiles to the class and even bows, making some girls swoon and giggle and the boys  were whispering something to each other about him. I just rolled my eyes and called him over to sit down.

“Hey, I’m sorry that I lost you in the hallways like that. It won’t happen again.” He smiles at the ground and says that it was okay and that Bobby showed him to the office and to his first class. Great. My little brother knows that I lost him and is probably going to tell mom. I let out a sigh and look up at the teacher.

I know it’s only the first day of school, but it already feels like it’s been an eternity. I turn to look at Hyungwon and he’s completely absorbed in what the teacher is talking about, listening attentively, not taking his eyes off the board unless he has to copy something. He looks so cute. The bell rang and it was time for second period. “Hey, Hyungwon. Can I see your schedule?” He hands me his schedule after he’s put the last of his things in his bag. I pull out my schedule and put them side by side. “Look, we have second, fourth, and fifth period together.” I quickly look up and smile at him and he looks away from me just as fast. Maybe they don’t look in each other’s eyes in South Korea?

I clear my throat before saying, “Well, we don’t want to be late on the first day of school. Let’s go.” I learned my lesson the first time and I locked my arm in his. He seemed a little surprised but he didn’t fight it.

“Just in case. I don’t want to lose you in the crowd again.”

Afternotes: A short one, I know. Enough with that already! DX But I do hope that you all enjoyed this (especially my fam @omgxiaoch and my new mutual @midnightjmadness ). I wanted this update to be out on Saturday, but it’s been so hectic here x( But I will have part 4 out this Saturday and that is a GUARANTEE (:

anonymous asked:

i could be 100% wrong since im just an Asshole who watches a lot of anime, but im pretty sure that in japanese culture, anyone who is friends with each other call each other -chan (or -kun) instead of using formal language, regardless of upperclassmanship like ive seen So Many Animes where upperclassmen and lowerclassmen who are friends use more casual language for each other and tbqh i trust "japanese anime trying to emulate a japanese school" a lot more than "white guy trying it"

ya in japan you use honorifics for friends UNLESS you give them express permission not to, which is a sign of very close friendship. its the same with calling someone by their first name. 

Osana wouldn’t call taro “Senpai” or “Yamada-kun/Yamada-senpai” she’d just call him Taro because its been stated before that they are VERY close childhood friends lmfao


I Fell For My Best Friend//Lee Dongmin(Highschool AU)

Originally posted by asterocky

Pairing: Eunwoo x Reader

Genre:Fluff, Angst(maybe idk don’t quote me on the angst part)

Summary:Anonymous said:
Oh write some Eunwoo fluff! Like a jealous Eunwoo that ends up confessing because of his jealousy or something?

Author’s Note:This is so cute okay i don’t know why but Dongmin to me has such a cute pouty face and i just imagine him getting all pouty when hes jealous idhcvhdfkjlhvk

xoxo Sara

You had been friends with Dongmin for as long as you can remember. He was the boy who stood up for you in the sandbox when the other kids kicked sand in your face, he was the one who put a band aid on your knee when you fell of the swing, he was the one who wiped your tears after your first heartbreak. Growing up and living just next door to him, so close that your homes were touching, being able to see each other through your windows and write notes on paper airplanes and send them through the windows. You had grown up with the thought that you would never like him more than just a friend. But then it happened.

You didn’t know what made you fall for him. Whether it was his smile, his kind gestures, his caring nature, you didn’t know. All you knew is that you needed to somehow stop your feelings from growing. You were convinced that he would never like you back, that he only saw you as a friend and that he would never be more than a friend to you.

You tried to ignore him, but that didn’t work. He would see you through your window in the mornings, smiling widely before shutting the blinds to get dressed, and you could feel your heart pound in your chest. You tried to not answer his texts; you shut your window, watching as paper plane after paper plane flew into your window and rested on the small ceiling beneath it. You tried, but he always ended up at your house after school, there truly was no escape.

Not until you met Moon Bin. He was a lowerclassmen, and he was one of Eunwoos friends. They were attempting to put a band together. You had seen him around before, but you never talked to him until Eunwoo had introduced you two. And once he did, you two hit it off immediately. You came to all of the band practices for them, from when it was just them two, until there were four other members; JinJin, Myungjun, Rocky,and Sanha.

You enjoyed all of the time you spent with the boys, but as you and Moonbin grew closer, you and Dongmin grew further apart.

On the days you weren’t at their practice, both of them would text you and ask you to hang out afterwords, and more times than not, you would choose to hang out with Moonbin, knowing you would see Dongmin every morning before school, as well as in school, as you two were in the same class.

“Yah, (Y/N),” Moonbin hummed one morning as you walked into school with Dongmin, a wide smile plastered on his face, “Dongmin, hi.”

“Hi MoonBin~” you smiled, patting him on his head as he wedges himself between you and Dongmin, creating a conversation with just you and him. Dongmin sighed, mumbling a “I’ll see you in class” before disconnecting himself.

“So, (Y/N),” Moonbin said as you walked to your locker with him, “You don’t’ have a boyfriend do you?”

“No~” You hummed, sliding books you didn’t need into your locker, “Why?”

“Just wondering!” He smiled, patting your head softly, “You should get to class.”

“You should too!” You giggled, “Bye, Moonbin!”

Once you disconnected yourself from Moonbin you head to class, Dongmins eyes avoiding yours as the teacher spoke. You hadn’t talked to Dongmin since you both left your homes, and truth be told, you were starting to feel a little bad about it. You reached over to tap his shoulder, but before you could, he asked to go to the bathroom. You sighed softly continued on with the day listening to the teacher.

Once night fell and the weekend began, you found yourself waiting at your window for a paper airplane. You even sent a couple his way as you slid out of your window and onto your roof, collecting ones that he had thrown the days before.

“(Y/N)! What’s up? Please answer?”

“I miss you :( “

“Stop being mean and answer my planes!”

You felt yourself frown as you tossed them into your window, sitting on the roof and looking up at the night sky.

An hour later, Dongmin opened up his blinds and saw you sitting on the roof. You smiled at him, waving slightly, before he closed the blinds again. Sighing, you carefully jumped onto his roof, knocking softly on the window. He peered through blinds momentarily before shutting them again.

“I know you’re in there,” you sighed, sitting in front of the window as you continued to knock, “Please answer me.”

“You’re not with Moonbin?” you heard him say, “Shocking.”

You looked down at your hands slightly, murmuring softly, “Please let me in.”

Dongmin opened the blinds and you gave him your puppy dog eyes, ones you knew he couldn’t resist. Groaning, he opened the window and helped you in, closing it soon after.

“I’m so-“

“No you aren’t,” Dongmin sighed, “You like Moonbin, don’t you?”

“No!” You defended, “It’s not like that!”

“Well that’s what it looks like!” Dongmin said, turning away from you slightly, “Do you know how much it hurts? Watching the girl you like, the girl you’ve been friends with for over ten years, drop you so quickly, for one of your friends? It hurts so bad.”

You looked at his back with wide eyes, unable to process what he said.

“Did you,” you murmured, “Did you just say you liked me?”

“isn’t it obvious?” he murmured, hands wrapping around his arms, “I’ve liked you for a while. Everyone says it’s really obvious but I can’t help but feel a little shy around you.”

“Dongmin, I had no idea,” you said, a small smile on your face as you hugged him from behind, leaning your head on his back. “I like you too, Dongmin. Not Moonbin, and I promise you that.”

“Then, why did you ignore me for so long…?”

“Because I was trying to get over you. I didn’t think you would ever like me,” you admitted as he turned around, his cheeks flushed red.

“How could I not? It’s too hard not to like you,” Dongmin chuckled, patting your head softly.

“I don’t know!” you pouted, smiling a bit afterwards as you shrugged, “I kind just assumed..”

“Well, we should both stop doing that, then,” Dongmin sighed.

“I agree,” you said, arms still wrapped around him as you leaned your chin on his chest, looking up at him slightly. “So, what now?”

“A movie and some pizza, maybe?”

You smiled at him, nodding softly as he ran his fingers through your hair, “Sounds good to me.”


Mason & Jenna Fitzpatrick - Morning Students

Mason is entering his senior year in school while his little sister is just stating off in her freshman year. Mason is one of the least studious students in Fortune Academy, but his good looks help him get by. Jenna, on the other hand, is a complete brainiac. All she ever does is read books and study. No one truly knows that the two are even related, and they both rather keep it that way. Even though the two live completely separate lives, Mason still cares tremendously about Jenna and protects her from all harm, also from all boys. Fortunately for them, they will be housing separately. Mason will be housing in the Upperclassmen dorm while Jenna will be in the Lowerclassmen dorm.

A message to upperclassmen and lowerclassmen

Don’t yell at your freshmen.
Juniors and seniors: you are a team, you need to work together but you can’t abuse your power. You can’t request ridiculous things from freshman and sophomores like asking them to grab your water for you, or unloading an entire van by themselves, or you know what I mean. The freshman have a right to refuse if you are being stupid. Also when they ask for your dot it’s not always because they are correcting you, sometimes they are literally just referencing off of you! Literally! Try listening before you scream “are you talking back and disrespecting me! How dare you!” Don’t be a butt face.

Sophomores: you’ve been in this band for 1 year. You are not an upperclassmen. You have no right to yell at the freshman and unless you are super certain for sure that some one is wrong try to avoid correcting people. Also if I was on desktop I would bold this but I’m not so I’m just going to repeat it.
You have no right to yell at freshman. If there is a problem and you aren’t a student leader you talk to a senior or junior.

Freshman: don’t let them overwhelm you but also you need to listen. You are new to this and this is a serious activity so you need to treat it like that. If anyone is abusing their power or if sophomores are acting like the top dogs you have a right to speak up. Before you decide to report anyone talk to your section because communication is key! Reporting them right away will create a tense environment and you won’t enjoy it. This section is your family, you will spend months together so you need to treat each other like you would treat your ideal family. I say ideal family because some people’s family situations or the way they treat each other in your bio family isn’t too great sometimes.
Know the difference between abuse of power and something you actually have to do.

Abuse of power scenario:
An upperclassmen has told you to give them your music, you haven’t memorized your music and don’t know how to play it but they want your music anyways so they don’t look dumb. You say no and to ask a director and they scream at you for talking back. This is abuse of power.

Not abuse of power:
An upperclassmen noticed you are off your dot, they ask you to check it. You don’t know how to read it 😱 they ask you to meet them after practice or another time to review it.

There’s a huge difference there. One is unacceptable while the other is reasonable.
Don’t correct people freshman unless you are certain that person is wrong. Like if they look 10 million feet off their dot it’s ok to say something if no one else is but other than that don’t do
-mark offs
-Correcting others
-pretend to know how to read your dot
-not ask for help
Stuff like that

Anyways that’s just stuff from me.
Good luck! -T-Man

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Senpai is an upperclassman, while Ayano is a lowerclassman. If he's a senior, she must be a junior, and there are other lowerclassmen in the game, so some of the students must be sophomores. Even if Ayano was eighteen, which is kinda a stretch since she's a junior, the sophomores are most definitely underage. But yeah ok Alex they're all eighteen mhm



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Jily au: "i made my special request for the pizza to send their cutest delivery person and you showed up and apologized that you were the only one delivering tonight and i blurted out that they still got my request right" or "My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex. Quick make out with me, I’ll pay you." Idk, I thought those two were kinda cute haha they sounded a bit better in my head. You choose which one you like more :)

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James has been in a lot of peculiar situations in his life. One time he performed a particularly riveting soliloquy atop an old Formica table in an ice cream parlour about the dangers of E coli. Another time he got shit faced drunk with Sirius and they, only to wake up with roughly seven breathing balls of fur- later to be recognised as cats once he slipped on his glasses- kneading his stomach.

So yeah, he’s done some weird shit.

And technically speaking, making out with a stranger at a party isn’t even that odd. People do it all the time. Of course, it doesn’t usually start off with a business deal, but to each their own.

So when the stunning redhead he’d been eyeing across the room a few hours prior threw herself into his arms with a hissed, “Quick make out me! I’ll pay you!” he was just the right shade of drunk to sloppily seal his mouth over hers without any questions.

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if youre still taking foxhole hc prompts, what about bisexual (or at least questioning his sexuality) matt?

baby bi bi bi (bi bi)

  • so matt as a young one wasn’t really attracted to anyone until he was fifteen
  • he thought his best friends (his bros, if you will) were attractive, but he spent his time dating the girls he knew
  • nothing was really serious
  • then he started doing drugs and he wasn’t really with anyone for a while after that (he wasn’t emotionally or physically available–the few relationships he tried didn’t last because he just wasn’t there)
  • flash forward to palmetto state
  • he meets dan
  • is head over heels immediately
  • she automatically thinks hes a dick because she’d met rich boys like him when she was a stripper, and she knows what they’re like
  • but matt “puppy dog” boyd is, as we know, not like that
  • he thought nicky was attractive, but very taken
  • kevin day would be pretty attractive if he wasn’t bitching about exy 24/7
  • then columbia happens and he closes in on himself
  • he thinks that there’s some higher power who looked down on him and his choices, the drugs and his feelings, and decided to punish him for that

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