Rejuvenation Period (Or What Keith Calls Cuddling)

klance fanfic [keith and lance from voltron]

Summary: Lance and Keith are dating secretly, and after a hard day of training, Keith works up the courage to enter Lance’s bedroom. [wink wonk] 

Genre: smut [but jillian, that title sounds so fluffy, are you sure - ?] [yes. yes i’m sure.]

TW: internalized homophobia a wee bit

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My angel Pt.1!

I wake up to the warm sun against my skin, giving me the gentle nudge to stir me awake. I look over to the other side of the bed, to find the blankets folded over and her gone. I can’t help but let panic take over for a fraction of a second. I look over at the clock, it’s late in the morning. She probably got up hours ago and started her day.
I get out of the bed and quickly remake it, and then head to the bathroom to clean myself up. After I brush my teeth and take a quick ice cold shower, I just throw my jeans on and head downstairs. I enter the kitchen to see the girl of my dreams, standing at the counter, her back to me. The warm colors of the sun shining on her, making her look almost as if she’s a mirage. A beautiful angel, sent here to reward me. How do I deserve her? I surely don’t.
I quietly walk to her, and wrap my strong arms around her. I Nuzzle my head into her neck and kissing her as she pours her coffee. I’ll never forget the way she smells. Her shampoo, her perfume, she makes it look so effortless to be perfect. I hold her tight and a whisper escapes my lips, “mmm my angel”
She lets out a relaxed giggle, and without turning around she says “ I thought you’d never wake up.”
She wriggles free just enough to spin around and face me. Her gaze catches mine and I fall in love again. “ ohhh this is awkward, I thought you were someone else. You should probably leave, my boyfriend should be back soon” she says sarcastically, showing me her beautiful smile.
“ ha.ha.ha. Isn’t that just hilarious”. My hands go to her hips and I lift her and set her on the counter, she opens her legs a little to bring me in closer to her. She rests her hands on my bare chest, and the warmth from her touch almost overwhelms me. Her hands slide to my shoulders, then down my arms and continue until her little hands are in mine. Her eyes go to our hands and mine follow as she opens my hands up . Four little purple lines show in the palm of each of my hands. She looks back up at me, her eyes soft and searching mine.
“ whoa, what are those from?” I asked confused.
“ you had nightmares again last night baby. You had your fists so tight that I couldn’t even open them.”
“I’m so sorry you had to deal with that angel. I hate that it happens. I feel like an idiot. ” Her hands go to with side of my face and she lifts my head to look at her.
“ Hey. You listen to me. You can’t be ashamed of the things that have happened to you Stark, because they created who you are; the person I love. I will always be here, to help you heal.”
Her hands guide me closer and our lips meet. Waves of calmness wash over me as we kiss. Our lips part briefly and she calmly whispers with a playful tone, “ besides, I kind of like fixer-uppers. You’re like my little project”.
I can’t help but laugh at her smart ass comment, and then we continue kissing, her hands sliding down my body to my shoulders. Our kisses become more passionate, and our mouths open wider as the mood starts to change. My hands stroke up and down her bare thighs, stopping at the start of her shorts and then tracing to her knees over and over. The craving for eachother gets stronger and stronger between us, our hands beginning to venture over eachother instead of just resting like they once were. I lightly bite her bottom lips as we continue, which in turn makes her dig her nails into my back making me want to explode into a frenzy. But I refrain. Instead, my hands lift her shirt, higher and higher until she lifts her arms and I pull it off. Her legs wrap around me and my right hand rests on the small of her back, pressing her soft skin against mine, my left hand reaches around and I unclasp her bra. After removing that, my left and goes to the back of her neck and I bring her in close. I’m almost sure She can feel my heart beating with her chest against mine. Her hands go to my belt buckle and she quickly undoes it as well as my jeans. My pants now just hang off of my hips, the button and zipper undone. We work together to get her shorts and underwear off. I unbutton and unzip her shorts, and then she slides them off and tosses them out of the room. Her legs wrap around me again. She uses Her heals to pull down my jeans, which easily fall to the floor. I casually step out of them and slide them away, as my hand travels lower, lower, lower until my thumb is very gently tracing over her clit. She lets out a sigh.

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For Feral!Adrien: is there a Tikki anywhere here? 0.o

When she is six years old, Marinette and her parents visit the Parc des Félins. Marinette could barely sleep the night before. She’s been to the Ménagerie du Jardin des plantes, which is a lot closer to their house, but this is her first time in this enormous zoo dedicated to cats. For the occasion, she asked her mother to fix her hair into two buns—like really round cat ears!—and chose to wear her cheeriest overall shorts. Her father hoists her up on his shoulders so she can see further into the enclosures, over the heads of the tall adults. 

The zoo has many kinds of felines from different parts of the world, but there’s one cat that Marinette is most excited to see: a new leopard that everyone’s talking about, one with the most unusual fur. 

By the time they arrive at the leopard enclosure after hours of walking, the crowd is already beginning to thin. 

“Good afternoon,” greets the stocky zookeeper standing by the fence.

“Good afternoon,” her mother replies, “Our daughter would like to see the new leopard. We were informed that it favors this side of the enclosure…”

“Yes, that’s right,” the zookeeper confirms. “She’s usually hiding up in the trees over there. I haven’t seen her all day from here, though… Looks like the ol’ girl is shy, as usual.”

“She’s shy?” Marinette asks as her father puts her back down on the ground. “Why is she shy?”

The zookeeper—”O. Césaire”, as the name patch on his chest reads—crouches down to Marinette’s level and lowers his voice to a conspiratorial whisper.

“I’m sure your maman and papa told you about our Tikki. That she is different from other leopards?”

Marinette nods vigorously. “She has special fur,” she whispers back.

“Yes, Tikki has very special fur. Because of it, some bad people chased her and tried to harm her. Oh, but don’t worry! Tikki is very lucky! Good people were able to save her, and now she’s here so that she can be protected from other bad people. Because of the bad people from before, though, she likes to hide in the trees so that no one can see her.”

“So… So she doesn’t like people?”

“Well—” the zookeeper rubs his dark beard in consideration “—she doesn’t like showing herself to the public, but she’s always at her best behavior when I feed her.”

“Tikki is a nice leopard, then?”

“Tikki is a very nice and friendly leopard!”

“Oh! Maybe she’ll like me if I share my cookies with her! I have chocolate chip ones!”

“Sweetie,” her father cuts in, “we can’t feed the animals in the zoo, remember?”

Marinette pouts. She really wants to see Tikki—she’d already made a doll version of her with the help of her mother when she found out about her. And her father makes the best cookies! She’s sure Tikki would like them!

“Is there any chance for us to see her today?” her mother asks.

“The Parc is open for another 30 minutes, if you want to wait,” the zookeeper offers as he glances back at the trees in the enclosure. “But Tikki doesn’t usually- Oh!”

Marinette, immediately alert, follows his gaze just in time to see what might have been a blur of spots and pink jump down from a tree branch. It quickly blends back into the brown hues of the trees and the ground.

“Was that her?” Marinette asks, excitedly tugging her father’s hand even as she keeps her eyes trained on that specific patch of grass.

Before her father could answer, the leopard with the very special fur carefully rises from the camouflage of the grass around her. In slow, deliberate movement, she lifts a paw and takes a step forward.

Then another.

And another.

Marinette can hardly breathe. She was the one who begged her parents to visit the zoo so she can meet Tikki, but now that she’s seeing the mysterious creature with her own eyes, she feels fear nervously thud against the awe in her chest.

Tikki’s tail sways from side to side as she walks, her attentive ears standing to their tips. She is a leopard, through and through, but like the zookeeper said, she has very special fur. Instead of the golden hue that others of her kind have, her spots are splattered across an incredible coat of rosy pink.

She reaches the enclosure’s fence, right in front of Marinette, and only then does she stop. 

From where she’s standing, Marinette sees that the leopard’s eyes are wide and intelligent and strikingly blue. Tikki’s long whiskers twitch. And then her eyelids lower—and lower and lower—until she blinks. Marinette smiles, carefully raising her hand in a small wave. 

“Hello Tikki,” she greets under her breath. “I’m Marinette.”


MD: The wealth disparity between the rich and the poor in Ba Sing Se has become much worse since Aang first visited the city. Episodes like this one are very taxing for the entire design team, as there are many different locations and so many background characters that need to be fleshed out to make Ba Sing Se feel like a real, lived-in city. 

BK: Seeing all of these Lower Ring character designs imbued with so much personality makes me wish that every one of them somehow could have a spotlight moment on-screen. You can tell by these designs the middle Ring denizens are privileged to have more fortunate, less back-breaking lives than those in the severely oppressed Lower Ring. Finally, we have the elite Upper Ring citizens, people descended from families that have been wealthy for so long very few of them know what it means to actually do a day’s worth of honest work. 

Lower Ring residents by Christie Tseng. Middle and Upper Ring residents by Angela Song Mueller. Cleanup by Evon Freeman. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf.


These Hands Part 3- An Ivar Imagine

How will Ivar react to your kiss? Was it a mistake, or the best decision ever?

TW: mild sexual content, slight sub!Ivar (because that’s how I roll)

Worked my butt off yesterday to finish this for you guys! I like it much better than part 2 haha, hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for your love and support ❤️

Part one here: https://underthenorthstar.tumblr.com/post/160766835655/these-hands-an-ivar-imagine Part two here: https://underthenorthstar.tumblr.com/post/161034892245/these-hands-part-2-an-ivar-imagine


Ivar went very still.

You kept your lips pressed to his, eyes closed tightly, unable to tear yourself away despite his lack of response. His lips felt warm and slightly chapped, but surprisingly soft. Just the feel of them made you yearn to know what his mouth, his tongue tasted like. You silently begged any god that was listening for him to respond, for this impulsive gesture not to have been a huge mistake.

Your heart thumped madly in your chest, your hopes crumbling into dust with every passing second. You misread him. You had been wrong, you were-

A growl rumbled from deep within his chest. One large hand left the bed and sat on the base of your skull, and you had barely a second to grasp what was happening before his mouth began to move harshly against yours.

Ivar’s lips were fast and rough, devouring yours like a predator starving for his fresh kill. You whimpered at the onslaught, every nerve ending in your body feeling like it had been set on fire. You had been kissed before, by your few past lovers, but they were nothing like this. They had never been so demanding, so hungry. Ivar kissed as if his very life depended on it, an onslaught of sensation after sensation that had your mind reeling and your blood singing.

His tongue was suddenly pushing past the seam of your lips, not even asking for permission before slipping inside the cavern of you mouth. You moaned at the warm, wet intrusion. He tasted like bitter herbs and heady ale. You instinctively curled your own tongue over his, and the groan that ripped from his throat made your toes curl in your boots. You could drown in his kiss, you decided. You could kiss him until he stole the very last breathe from your lungs, and you would die a happy and satisfied woman.

You had to get closer. You had to touch all that golden skin. Your hands slid off his face, down the strong corded muscles of his neck, over the expanse of his broad chest. His skin was warm, so wonderfully warm and smooth and perfect. His scent, metal and earth and something deliciously musky, completely enveloped you. His muscles rippled under your touch, and his strong hands moved to tug at you, urging you closer, closer. You eagerly obeyed, climbing up onto the bed without breaking your kiss.

You forgot about his sore legs; you crawled right up onto his lap without even a second thought. Ivar’s lips tore from yours with a pained, surprised gasp, and you immediately threw yourself off of him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” You cried, trying to slide off the bed. He stopped you by hooking an arm around your waist.

“Do not even think about leaving,” he growled, hauling you back towards him with surprising strength. “I am not finished with you yet.”

You squealed as he picked you up in his hands and set you down on his lap. The impact made you fall forward, and you braced your hands on his chest to stop from your heads colliding. Your faces were barely inches apart, breath mingling in the minute space between you. The tension in the air was heavy, like a fog sitting upon the ocean before the sun rises to dissipate it.

“I don’t care about your legs,” you whispered, staring into the swirling abyss of his blue eyes. You were pretty sure he had figured that out from your steamy kiss, but you felt it had to be said out loud. “Just like you don’t care about my hands.”

His brow creased, and the hands on your hips tightened.

“Your hands are useful,” his tone was edged. “And they are nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Neither are your legs,” you said pointedly. “Ivar, you fascinate me. Ever since I laid eyes on you, I have been intrigued. I want to know you. Both personally and physically.” You blushed at the last part, hyper aware of how close his tantalizing lips were. “That night at the forge, it brought everything to the surface. I was so disappointed our kiss did not happen . And when I did not see you after….part of me thought you had changed your mind, that I was indeed a useless, silly princess with ugly hands.”

You took a breath, making to continue on, but he stopped you with a harsh kiss that had your nails digging sharply into his chest.

“Do you know,” he snarled, nipping at your bottom lip. “That you talk entirely too much nonsense? You will be a useless princess if you do not put that pretty pink mouth to better use.”

You pulled back slightly to look at his face. Desire was written plain as day across it, but something warmer and softer lay beneath the surface. The something that you had seen that night in the forge. And it solidified everything for you. Ivar wanted you. You wanted him. Despite both of your preconceived perceptions, your insecurities, the circumstance of your arranged marriage. And that was a very good start. You grinned.

“And what exactly is a better use?” You asked, fluttering your lashes coyly at him. He growled, leaning forward to capture your mouth again, but you had other ideas. You turned your face at the last second, instead leaving a wet, open mouthed kiss on the sharp angle of his jaw. His skin was salty on your tongue.

“Is this it?” You teased, kissing along his jawline. Feelings confirmed, you were feeling rather confident. Of course, Ivar’s growing excitement against your thigh was certainly helping.

“Minx,” his voice was strained, like he was reigning himself in. Someone who kissed like he did probably liked to be in control, and with the pains in his legs he could not flip your positions. The idea that you had him at your mercy was intoxicating. “I did not peg you for an insufferable tease.” He groaned as your lips traveled the path your hands had taken earlier, down his neck and across his chest. Your body slid down his, and you practically purred at the feeling.

“I am many things, besides a part time craft-smith and a princess,” you said, admiring the small trail of hair leading down his abdomen and under the furs. His stomach jerked as you ran your tongue along it. “We will just have to get to know each other better for you to find out, won’t we?”

Ivar’s hand fisted tightly in your hair as you pushed the furs down an inch.
“When I am able to ‘know you better’, little minx, you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

Something fierce and hot slid down your spine to pool in your belly as you continued to inch the furs lower, and lower, and lower….

“I look forward to it, husband to be. Now, shall I put my mouth to the best possible use?”

The fist that tightened in your hair was all the response you needed.


Needless to say, when the old healer returned to the cabin a few hours later, she was not surprised to find the door locked and some very contented sounds coming from inside. She grinned, knocking lightly on the door.

“I guess you no longer need your legs massaged, do you, princeling?” She asked, laughing at the loud curse that answered her. “Alright, I’ll be back in the morning. Don’t strain yourself too much. And find some time to drink that damn tea!”

Another curse, which trailed off into a strangled moan. The old healer laughed harder, patting the cabin for affectionately before she turned and puttered off into the night.

She had a distinct feeling the prince would be feeling much, much better tomorrow.


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Your reincarnation prompts were so good!! If you don't mind, could you do more please??

1) They said it was just adolescence - that it was natural then to feel like a stranger to your own body when everything changed so quickly, that it was natural to be clumsy when your limbs grew faster than you could keep up with. Of course, it couldn’t be because this wasn’t your body in the I used to be six foot and I’m still not used to being this short sort of way. Nobody was allowed to talk about that. Bad things happened if you mentioned that.

2) “Please, can you just up my rating, just a little,” they begged. “Please. It just - went wrong - I’m not a bad person. I swear!” 
Everybody looked away. They didn’t want to risk their own rating with the counsel of rebirth. How many points you accumulated over your life decided what rank and privilege and personhood you were allowed in the next, what luxury, what suffering. They watched the ranking on the man’s arm dip lower, lower, lower. They said if you hit zero you no longer got to come back.

3) “You’ve changed.” They sounded disappointed. “You have the same face but you’re not - I thought you’d be the same. I thought you could be brought back the same. You don’t even know me, do you?”
“What the hell are you talking about?” 

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Sleeping meme with Becca x Mc?

Pit Stop Promises

Becca x MC: Sleeping/Shipping Meme | Rating: Pretty mature, so… yeah. 😉 Enjoy.

Who is a night owl:

There’s something intoxicating about 3 a.m. with Becca. This is the time when she is at her most bare (literally, metaphorically) and you love every. single. minute. of it. It’s worth the two shots of espresso you take in the afternoon. When midnight hits, your very own Cinderella sheds all pretensions of being Hartfeld’s It Girl. All through the wee hours, you talk about nothing and everything, building up, always building up, to a climax of conversations that lead your lips to hers and her hands digging through your hair.

Who is a morning person: 

You’ve discovered Becca’s weakness - the sun. Numerous vampire cracks have been made but she refuses to let the sun touch her face. Wrinkles, she says. Sun spots, she groans. You’re so vain, you tease, as you caress her porcelain face. She frowns and turns away, but not before throwing a pillow at your face. You tease her again that if the sun won’t give her frown lines, her consistent scowling would. She doesn’t hear you. She’s already fast asleep.

Are they cuddlers: 

You do not cuddle. Not yet anyway. “This is a pit stop,” Becca tells you as she undresses before you. That was Friday night. She said the same thing on Saturday night when you had taken her in her walk-in closet. She said the same thing on Sunday morning when she had pulled you into her tub. Even on Monday night when you had stayed overnight (“to work on a dance routine,” she had told Madison), this is what she said. It’s a pattern in the nights that followed. There is no cuddling, but a lot of groping, touching, feeling, yearning.

Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon:

You don’t cuddle through the night. But after a wild round of sex, Becca has no qualms of collapsing in your arms and pressing herself against you. You both stay quiet, catching your breaths, giggling at some insanely sexy or funny thing either one of you did. When the moment becomes too intimate, Becca pulls away.

What is their favourite sleeping position:

You don’t tell Becca but you love it when she rests her head on your chest, her blonde locks spilling over her face and bare shoulders. You look down and see her sleeping, smiling, content. It makes your heart race.

You do not know it because she will never tell you, but this is Becca’s favorite sleeping position too.

Who steals all the blankets:

You haven’t stayed over long enough to discover this, but you have a hunch that Becca is the blanket stealer between you two. You’re looking forward to finding out.

What they wear to bed:

What don’t you and Becca wear to bed? You’ve finally seen that sexy Catwoman suit she teased you about your first night together. It was everything you imagined… and more. You have been paying special attention to what you wear when meeting Becca. You’ve noticed she gets turned on more when you’re in black lingerie. As for Becca, she’s come to you in white negligee, flimsy blue-gray lace the color of her eyes… She likes dressing up for you. You like undressing her even more, but only if she’d let you. 

Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt:

This has not happened and will not happen. Your clothes aren’t designer enough for her anyway, and she’s a size smaller than you are. And you have yet to see Becca wear a T-shirt. The last time you were in her closet, no T-shirts were spotted (but you were both too busy with your mouth and fingers to do a closet check anyway).

Who falls asleep mid-conversation:

Conversations in the wee hours become more intense with the presence of wine, and you’ve noticed Becca falls asleep after she’s had two glasses of Cabernet. The last time she fell asleep mid-conversation, she was talking about how incredible she felt when you were around, how insanely sexy you made her feel. You wanted her to keep talking but she had fallen asleep with her head on your lap. She denied saying anything like this when you brought it up the next morning, reminding you of your “pit stop” arrangement.  But the blush in her cheeks betrayed her tone, and you smiled a secret smile. 

Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares:

The few times you had stayed over, you had woken up to Becca sobbing. It was always about her parents and she asked for comfort from you in the way that best made her forget about her worries – pressing her full lips against yours, sliding off your shirt and panties, nibbling on your earlobe, your neck, flicking her tongue, licking, lower, lower, lower… When nightmares come, she dominates you, the night, and everything that follows. You can do nothing but submit.

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep:

Thankfully this has not happened. The last thing you’d want is to bruise each other unintentionally.

Who can’t keep their hands to themselves:

It surprises you each time. When Becca texts you, the text you know is that secret invitation to her bedroom, you shake your head in disbelief. Pit stop, right? When you’re at the steps of the sorority home, the door always opens before you ring the bell. Becca is there, her arms folded, saying that you’re late, even if you aren’t. You follow her up the stairs, into her room, and as soon as the doors are locked, the night’s activities begins. Dance practice? Psychology homework? Biology? That’s what your suite mates and her sorority sisters know.

“It’s a pit stop.” That’s what she always says when she places her hand on your thigh and lets her fingers trail gingerly up under your skirt. You always answer with a smirk, asking her if it’s a pit stop for real this time as you slide your hands under the front of her shirt. “I promise,” is what she says, what she always says as she nibbles on your bottom lip and licks it. You believe her. You always do.

Happy Valentine’s day

Got7 Yugyeom


gif not mine


6.30 am

I woke up and looked at my list of what me and Yugyeom should do today: ice skating, snowboarding, wall climbing, maybe bowling and mini golf inside and after that a nice warm bath and romantic dinner. 

7.00 am

I was doing my makeup, I had to go buy few things before our day could start. I heard Yugyeom’s phone ring and then it stopped, he probably woke up. Soon Yugyeom cam to the bathroom “Good morning my valentine.” he hummed and hugged me. “Hi Gyeomie.” I said and kissed him. 

“I have an awesome day planned for us…” I started but Yugyeom sighed loudly “What?” I asked

“It’s just that Jaebum just called me and told me that we have to have a dance practice.” Yugyeom said. Small panic rushed trough me. “But…It might not take long. I’ll be home as soon as possible. I promise” Yugyeom said, kissed my cheek and hopped into the shower.

1.00 pm

Yugyeom texted me and told that it might take longer than he thought.

4.00 pm

I ordered a pizza for myself, Yugyeom told me that they had to learn a new choreography and it would take time. 

7.00 pm

I was watching a movie alone, wearing my silky robe, I was alone at home I didn’t care what I was wearing. Then Yugyeom came back home. “I’m so sorry, I know this is not how you planned this day and I should’ve been there with you but…”

“Yugyeom relax, it’s your job, there will be other Valentine’s days.” I said. I was not ok ,but what was I gonna say ‘quit for me’ he would’ve and I didn’t want him to quit because of me.

“No, it’s not ok. I mean…You look beautiful.” Yugyeom breathed. I smiled, then I had an idea. I got up from the couch and walked to Yugyeom “We didn’t spend the Valentine’s day together but maybe we could finish it together.” I said and wrapped my hands around Yugyeom’s neck. I grinded my hips against his. “Maybe we could.” Yugyeom smirked and kissed my lips.

I started pulling his shirt off and walking to mine bedroom at the same time “Are you gonna spend the night here?” I asked and Yugyeom nodded. He kicked his pants off and played with the hem of my robe. “I like this. Is it new?” he asked and I nodded.

We fell on my bed and Yugyeom took off the robe. He placed a sloppy kiss on my bellybutton and then he kissed my lips. “Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?” he asked.

“Never, you should say that more often.” I said with sarcastic tone. Yugyeom chuckled and took off his pants. I sat up and took Yugyeom’s dick in my hand. I pumped it few times before placing my lips on his tip. I started with the tip then I got little bit lower, lower, lower till I couldn’t take it anymore. I bobbed my head up and down slowly. Yugyeom couldn’t take it, he thrusted in my mouth, I smirked and stopped. I got up to kiss Yugyeom’s lips. I walked behind Yugyeom, he turned around and I pushed him on the bed.

I crawled over him and kissed his lips one more time before sinking on his dick. “I thought that…” Yugyeom started

“Shut up, for once in your life.” I said and kissed him again. I bounced slowly up and down, holding my hands on Yugyeom’s chest. Yugyeom held his hands on my hips, helping me bounce. After awhile Yugyeom got impatient and started thrusting. The pace we had got faster. Yugyeom moved his hands on my breasts and he played with my nipples. I started bouncing faster which made Yugyeom grunt. Soon I became a moaning mess.

Yugyeom came first. He lifted me up so now I was lying on the bed. He crawled over me and circled his tongue around my clit. I was already close, legs shaking. Yugyeom sucked on my clit making me moan as loudly as I could at the same time as I came.

Yugyeom lied down next to me and looked into my eyes. “If I’m not wrong it’s still Valentine’s day. How about round two in the shower.” he smirked

“I was thinking round two in kitchen and round three in shower.” I said, but as soon as I said that I hid my face from him. He kissed my hand and lifted me up. “Let’s go.”

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Beach Fun

Genre; smut + fluff (smuff?)
Pair; Daniel x Reader
Tw; exhibitionism, daddy kink, oral, dirty talk, tiny bit of voyeurism (?)
Word count; {1,908}
~ MINE ~

     It had been a while since you and Dan had some private time alone with each other, with his job of making his videos, and you taking care of the new flat when the boys were either on holiday or at conventions such as SITC and Vidcon.

So, since you two had one of these rare days off, you definitely took advantage of it. It was a nice summer day in London, and you guys decided to go take a walk around town and then head to the beach afterwards.

“You know I love you, right?” Dan said to you out of the blue while squeezing your hand slightly.

“Yes, I do.” You smiled up sweetly to him, and linked your arm around his.

“Good.” He smiled, “although, I don’t feel like I tell you that enough.”

You poked his dimple and laughed, “You tell me every day you dork.”

“Oh.” He chuckled. “It’s getting closer to sunset, you wanna head down to the beach now?”

“Yes!” You said excitedly.
About a good ten minutes later, you two were finally there, and what you saw made you stunned.

Out by the shore, there was a nice small set up with a blanket, pillows, a few candle lights, and to top it all off, a bottle of sparkling red wine for the two of you to share.

Dan smiled to himself, clearly proud of what he made, then looked back down at you, waiting for your reaction.

“So, I uh… Do you like it?” He asked hesitantly.

“You really outdid yourself this time, Howell.” You said jokingly. Although you were acting cheeky, you secretly loved it. Dan had never made this much effort for you to do something romantic like this. “You know I love you, right?” You copied him from earlier.

He laughed fondly at you and grabbed your hand lightly, leading the both of you to your little set up by the shore.

After you two sat down and got yourselves comfortable, Dan pulled you to cuddle into his side, and wrapped his arm around you tightly.

“It’s so beautiful out here.” You said while looking out at the sunset.

“Yeah, it is beautiful isn’t it?”

You looked at him, only to find him already looking sweetly at you. He leant down and kissed you softly, smiling through it the whole time. You reached your hand up to caress his cheek lightly, and kissed back a little harder. Dan, while rubbing your side with his hand, moved it lower and lower until he was resting it on your bottom.

“W-wait, Dan what are you doing? We’re outside…” You said breathlessly.


“So… What if we get caught?!” You asked him incredulously. You couldn’t believe what he was trying to do. You had no problem being with him, but outside? In public? No way.

“No one will see us! This place is more secluded than Area 51.” He said matter-of-factly. You could not believe this man. “Okay, maybe not that secluded, but it’s completely empty right now…”

Oh, so he’s serious about this… You never thought Dan would be quite the exhibitionist.

After a few seconds of thinking, you finally decided, what the hell, and kissed him again. You only live once.

As things got a little more heated, he set you gently on your back, and laid between your legs. He slowly started to move his kisses lower, first starting on your cheeks, down your neck, which he gave little bites making you moan softly, and moved down to your collar bones.

“Dan…” You prompted breathlessly.

“Hmm?” He hummed in response. By now he was making his way down to your stomach, lower and lower and lower until he was inching your thin dress up your legs.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Dan asked, “I know I want this badly, but if you’re not comfortable with doing this out here then you can stop me.” He looked at you seriously.

“No, I-I’m fine.” You took one more quick glance around the two of you, and confirming to yourself that it was indeed empty, you laid back down, watching Dan do his magic.

He started to tease you, giving feather-light kisses up and down in between your thighs, and finally moving his mouth where you wanted him most. You gasped lightly, and let out a small moan as he started to lick you firmly over your panties. He pushed your legs wider with his hands to get more access, and continued with more vigor.

“O-oh my god…” You moaned loudly before covering your mouth. You knew there were no people around, but you did it anyways in fear that someone might hear.

After much teasing, Dan pushed your panties aside, not bothering to take them off, and started to rub your clit in small circles with his thumb. He saw how worked up you were, and decided to go a little further.

“You like that?” He asked you huskily. “Is my princess all wet for me?” You nodded quickly, and swiveled your hips a bit to give him the hint that you wanted more.

“Look at you,” he whispered. “All spread out just for me.” He then teased your entrance with two of his fingers. “You’re such a naughty girl, doing this outside in public, where anyone could see.” He continued, almost breathless himself. “You want more, don’t you?” He asked, “You want me to fuck you right here, isn’t that right?”

You just simply moaned in response, to caught up in the pleasure to form coherent words.

“Want me to take you right here, yeah?” He asked. After teasing your entrance, he finally entered his fingers in your soaking heat, pumping them back and forth a bit quickly.

“Fu-uck, Dan!” You exclaimed, your chest heaving with the amount of adrenaline and pleasure coursing through your veins. He leaned down soon afterwards, and wrapped his lips around your clit, sucking lightly.

You were panting by now, almost near your climax… When he stopped. “D-Dan—”

He cut you off, “I want you to come on me, princess.”

He leaned back up from you, pulling you up with him before starting to unbuckle his (now constricting) pants. You stopped him before he could get any further.

“Let me return the favor,” you said with a wink.

You started continuing unbuckling his belt, before pulling his pants all the way down to his ankles. You couldn’t take the chance of someone seeing the both of you stark naked. You looked down at his arousal, clearly visible through his white Calvin Klien’s. His size still intimidating you. You took a hold of him in your hand, and gripped him firmly.

“Shit…” He groaned out.

You started stroking him through the thin fabric, listening to his whimpers and concealed moans.

“Sweetheart, p-please stop teasing.” He pleaded.

You finally granted his wish, and pulled his hard length out of his briefs carefully. He hissed slightly at the cool ocean air surrounding him. Pumping him a bit faster than before, you looked up at him with lust-filled eyes before lowering your head.

“Fuck…” He moaned out at just the sight of you.

You continued what you were doing, watching as pre-cum started to bead over the tip of his cock. You looked at him once more, before leaning your head lower and lower until you were facing his length.

“Want do you want daddy?” You asked with an innocent voice. You knew dirty talking was one of his biggest turn ons, especially when you acted innocent. “You want my mouth on you? Want to see your babygirl sucking your big cock?”

“Y-yes… Fuck y/n, please…” He moaned.

Taking that as a reasonable answer, you finally took him in your mouth while holding his hips down, preventing him from bucking up. You licked him from base to tip with your flat tongue, promptly paying more attention to the head and through the slit. You cupped and massaged his balls, making his dick twitch in your mouth and his thighs tense. He was panting loudly, getting more worked up than you. You took him back in your mouth again, going as far as you could fit while stroking what you couldn’t reach.

“Fuck princess… Look so good on your knees. I love watching your pretty mouth stretch around my cock…” You moaned at his words, the vibrations making him moan louder as he kept watching you bob your head up and down, up and down. The more you went on, the more reactive Dan became, and before he got too close to the edge, he pulled you back up.

“I-I don’t wanna come yet…” He said between heavy breaths, his cheeks a rosy pink.

Dan pulled your body above his, before telling you, “I want you to ride me.” You blushed at his words, and positioned yourself over his hips and taking him in your hand. You decided to tease him a bit more, moving your panties aside once again and rubbing the head of his dick between your wet folds, before finally sitting fully on top of him. You both moaned out in unison at the feeling, and dan rested his big hands tightly on your waist.

“A-are you ready?” He asked huskily. You nodded in response, and finally started to move yourself up and down slowly.

All that was heard around you was the sounds of waves crashing to the shore, moans, and the slight slapping of skin-against-skin. You started to move a bit faster now, and leaned your head back in pleasure with your eyes closed in ecstasy. Dan took his chance by pulling your dress top down and revealing your bare breasts, and grabbed the both of them before squeezing slightly, slowly pinching and twisting your perked nipples.

You moaned loudly at that, and reached your hand down to rub yourself, feeling the hot coil in your stomach about to release. “Oh god, daddy!”

“Fuck baby…” He grunted. Seeing you in so much pleasure, he decided to take matters in his own hands, and grabbed your hips tightly and started thrusting quickly up into you. “I-I’m close…” He said breathlessly.

“Me too!” After a few minutes, you finally reached your climax, your walls fluttering around his cock as you came hard. That’s what took Dan to his climax, and he quickly pulled out and started stroking himself quickly. You took him in your mouth once more, bobbing your head and cupping his balls quickly before feeling him tense and his warm release hit the back of your throat. You swallowed.

Dan pulled you on top of him, holding you tightly, the both of you breathing heavily from the previous events. “That… Was amazing.” He whispered.

You hummed in agreement. “That was the first time I’ve ever done something as risky as this.” You giggled.

“Really? Well, hopefully we can do it more… ?” He hinted hopefully.


He smiled at that, and after a few minutes of cuddling, you both redressed and decided it was time to pack up and head back to the flat.

You both laughed along the way, that was until you both saw two white security guard trucks, who saw the whole thing from the distance. The both of you stood wide-eyed and stopped dead in your tracks.


_ Hellooo, I’m still alive! I’ve been having really bad writer’s block, in addition to college and stress and ugh everything is just hectic rn. Well, I hope you like this! It’s my first smut so feedback would be great ^-^ _ REQUESTS ARE OPEN LEAVE A PROMPT!
‘Yours. Think I like the sound of that.’

(( OOC: Written by: carpetheday )) 

I don’t know what it is about your RP of Remus and/or Sirius that always makes me want to write about wolfstar but here we are. Enjoy.

Warning: NSFW

  • Sirius had his back pressed into a corner, one foot up against the wall and his hand tightly gripping his mug of Firewhiskey
  • His eyes were fixated on the scene before him
  • The area of the common room that had conveniently been converted into a dance floor was just swarming with sixth years
  • Not just Gryffindors either
  • Every House had taken the opportunity to show up
  • Even a select few Slytherins had come
  • Sirius wondered if it was because Rosie supplied them with an obscene amount of Firewhiskey
  • Or because they actually enjoyed hanging around with the lot of sixth years
  • But it didn’t really matter right now since he couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away from Colin Avery’s bloody hand and its bloody spot right above Remus Lupin’s. Bloody. Arse.
  • ‘An annoying fit arse at that,’ Sirius’ mind groaned
  • He watched as Colin’s fist wrapped itself tightly in Remus’ aggravatingly tight black t-shirt to pull him closer
  • They were practically chest to chest now
  • Their hips almost connected
  • Why Merlin why, Sirius grumbled to himself
  • The way Remus’ cheeks were flush from the heat of the room and the one too many Butterbeers he had probably thrown back was making the hair on the back of Sirius’ neck stand
  • Plus Colin had this hungry look in his eye
  • And it was making the blood in Sirius’ veins boil
  • So he gripped the cup tighter, narrowed his brows at the sight and closed his eyes
  • It’s just dancing you prat, he thought
  • It’s was just your best mate having a good time, he assured himself
  • It’s just your best mate dancing way too closely with some prat from Ravenclaw whose shirt was too small for him and whose eyes were too far apart
  • Well …
  • Not really
  • But that was beside the point
  • Sirius’ eyes fluttered open and he cursed into his cup as he took another swing
  • Maybe alcohol could shake the feelings that erupted in the pit of his stomach every time Remus swung his hips and raised the corner of his lip at whatever Avery had whispered in his ear this time
  • Maybe alcohol could help him not to feel this
  • Especially since he wasn’t supposed to feel this
  • And not because he was a Black
  • That didn’t even matter
  • Nor did the fact that he was his family’s first heir
  • Or that his mother had essentially beat into him the idea that purebloods bred purebloods
  • Or that he was gay
  • Which he had figured out when he was fourteen 
  • Quidditch pants were good for more than fast flying, he smirked
  • It was that this was Remus
  • It was Moony, his best mate (next to Jamie of course)
  • He wasn’t about to ruin six years of friendship over a crush
  • His heart thudded at the word and his subconscious spoke up, ‘Just a crush? Are you sure?’
  • He shook the idea out of his head
  • It couldn’t be anything more than a crush, he couldn’t let it be more than a crush
  • Because Remus didn’t see him like that
  • Sirius would know
  • He spent practically every class this year with his eyes glued to the man and his insufferably lean frame every time he stretched his broad shoulders
  • Especially when he stood from his desk
  • The man was fit, Sirius wouldn’t deny that
  • Plus he told him all the time
  • But if Remus knew he meant it?
  • Like really, really meant it
  • If Remus knew that a shiver ran up Sirius’ spine whenever their arms brushed or fingers grazed or legs touched …
  • If Remus knew that the way he threw his head back in laughter, his neck exposed, made Sirius’ stomach flip and lips tingle …
  • If Remus knew that Sirius took the image of him coming out from the bathroom in nothing more than a towel that was hanging dangerously low on his hips with him into the shower …
  • He didn’t even want to think about it
  • So he took another swing of the last of the Firewhiskey in his cup and peered back toward the dance floor
  • He couldn’t help it
  • He had had his eyes on them all night anyway, what was a few more times?
  • His vision was blurrier than it was before
  • But it was nothing to the spinning in his head when we caught sight of those sandy-blonde curls
  • The empty cup dropped out of his hand
  • He didn’t ever hear the plastic faintly bounce against the carpet
  • There they were
  • Completely pressed against each other
  • Eyes locked, chest’s heavily rising and falling
  • Both Colin’s hands now firmly wrapped around Remus’ waist
  • Remus’ hands interlocked behind the tossers head
  • They were going to kiss, they were going to kiss, they were going to kiss
  • No no no no no no
  • Sirius felt like he was going to be sick
  • Definitely not a crush, his heart pounded in his chest
  • He pushed himself forward off the wall and barely felt his feet hit the ground as he flung himself towards the portrait hole
  • He didn’t hear James’ bellowing call over the music
  • Or Peter’s supplementary shout
  • He even tugged his arm away as Lily caught his elbow
  • They probably thought he was going to throw up
  • But let them, he probably was 
  • He couldn’t stay here
  • He couldn’t watch that
  • Not when he knew how badly he wanted to be in Colin’s place
  • Not we had had imagined the feeling of Remus’ lips on his
  • Trailing down his jawline, his neck, his chest
  • Lower, lower, lower …
  • His skin tingled at the thought
  • Why did he have to feel this?
  • Why did it have to be about Remus?
  • Why couldn’t it just be a stupid bloody crush?
  • He slammed his hand into the stone wall and cursed loudly when the sound of cracking reverberated in his ears
  • It was like white hot magma was running up his arm
  • Like it was dancing across the nerves under his skin
  • He clutched his fist in his other hand and cursed again
  • This time louder
  • His knuckles were swelling
  • Blood faintly dripping from the scratches
  • What a night this was turning out to be

  • ‘Sirius?’
  • ‘Sirius?’
  • ‘Where in Merlin’s name…?’
  • The voice trailed off slightly
  • He could hear the scuffling of shoes against the stone stairwell
  • Hear a very familiar voice
  • And his heart leapt into his throat
  • Remus
  • Goddammit
  • ‘There you are, wondered where you had gotten off too. Why are you out here?’
  • Sirius had his back pressed into the wall, his hand still clutched in his other and his head dangling towards the floor
  • He was hoping the curtain of his hair would shield him from seeing Remus
  • He didn’t want to look up right now
  • Not when his head was swimming in alcohol
  • Not when his entire body felt this warm
  • Not when his heart was still slamming itself into his chest harder than it had before
  • ‘Sirius?’
  • ‘Why are you holding your hand like that?’
  • ‘Oh-oh, what the bloody hell did you do?’
  • Sirius’ voice was stuck in his throat as Remus spoke
  • It felt dry, so impossibly dry
  • ‘Let me see that’
  • Remus had wrapped his long, slender fingers around Sirius’ wrist
  • Sirius opened his eyes and his throat closed even further
  • Remus, wand in hand, was peering down at his knuckles with his brows furrowed and his golden hazel eyes glazed with concern
  • He was standing too close to him
  • Way too close
  • So Sirius yanked his hand back, his elbow bouncing into the stone behind him
  • ‘S’fine Lupin, how ‘bout you go back to Avery.’
  • The words had slipped out, slurred out, too quickly for him to reel them in
  • ‘Avery? Who cares about that?’
  • Remus sounded bewildered by the comment
  • ‘Look at your knuckles right now mate, they’re purple! You’ve obviously broken something!’
  • Remus reached out his fingers towards him again
  • Sirius’ head was spinning faster
  • His vision still clouded by the Firewhiskey
  • His head and nose filled with the most familiar scents
  • Remus’ cologne, the smell of his sweat, the way he always always smelled of chocolate
  • Why did he always have to smell so damn good?
  • Sirius was gritting his jaw and tensing his muscles
  • Which wasn’t helping the flaring pain in his hand and the rapid way it shot up his arm
  • ‘S’fine’
  • The words came out aggressive, sloppy, harsh
  • Sirius had meant them too
  • He needed Remus away from him, as far away as he could get him
  • ‘Would you stop being such a prat and let me heal it’
  • Remus surged forward
  • One hand connected with Sirius’ shoulder and slammed him harshly into the wall
  • The other wrapped around his forearm and raised his hand
  • Sirius was almost too distracted by the lack of space between them to hear Remus muttering a healing spell
  • Distracted by the beads of sweat dripping down the side of Remus’ face
  • Distracted by the way his collar bone peeked out through his shirt
  • Distracted by the pink flush of his cheeks
  • Distracted by the way his own heart was thumping so loudly now that he could feel the blood pumping in his ears
  • Crack
  • Sirius sucked in a deep breath of air as his knuckles popped into place
  • ‘There’
  • Remus turned his face from downward at Sirius’ knuckles to peer into his eyes
  • ‘Now. Going to tell me how you broke your knuckles?’
  • Sirius brain was in overdrive and the alcohol wasn’t helping
  • He had Remus right in front of him
  • Their chests almost brushing up against one another
  • That hand wrapped around his wrist
  • Those lips so close
  • The alcohol was starting to cloud his judgement
  • Why can’t you be with Remus?
  • Why shouldn’t you be?
  • His mind was swirling
  • ‘Fuck it’ he murmured
  • Finally, his subconscious sighed
  • Sirius roughly wrapped his hands around Remus’ neck pulling him towards him
  • And then their lips connected
  • They finally connected
  • Remus yelped in surprise before his voice was muffled by the kiss
  • Sirius could feel the sudden change in Remus’ body, the muscles in Remus’ neck relaxing
  • He went from surprised to responsive
  • Merlin, Remus was responding
  • His chest roared triumphantly
  • He could feel Remus’ strong hands grasp his waist
  • And then he shoved him further into the wall
  • Their lips even more fiercely interlocked than before
  • Sirius was tugging on Remus’ bottom lip earnestly trying to deepen the kiss
  • Remus in turn was swiping his tongue along Sirius’ own bottom lip
  • Sirius moaned at the feeling giving Remus room to slip his tongue into his mouth
  • His skin felt like it had been lit on fire
  • He tasted like Butterbeer and chocolate and mint
  • Better than Sirius had even imagined
  • He ran his hands into Remus’ curls as his back scraped against the stone wall
  • Their hips grinding into one another
  • Sirius arched his back forward and a growl erupted from deep in Remus’ throat
  • Fuck
  • I need to hear that again
  • In response, Remus had shoved him back even harder, pinning Sirius between himself and the wall as his lips hungrily continued
  • The heat between them was growing
  • The need to be closer coiling itself in the pit of Sirius’ stomach
  • Sirius felt like his heart was going to explode
  • Then Remus spread his legs with his knee
  • Merlin
  • His erection was tightly confined in his jeans and now it was rubbing against Remus’ thigh
  • He groaned again at the thoughts his mind was conjuring
  • Remus tugging the zipper of his jeans down
  • His hands sliding in
  • Those fingers wrapping around him
  • He shuddered at the thought
  • And then shuddered again when Remus’ hips ground against him
  • He didn’t know how much farther Remus could push him
  • How much more of their bodies could be touching
  • But he wanted too
  • Merlin he wanted too
  • With Remus’ lean torso rubbing against him
  • With his broad shoulders looming over them in this dark hallway
  • With his large hands grasping at his skin and moving so agonizingly slow down his body until they reached his arse
  • Remus’ grasp tightened
  • Sirius moaned again
  • He could feel his chest constricting
  • His mind reminding him that he unfortunately needed to breathe
  • So he pulled back ever so slightly and the kiss began to slow
  • It became languid, soft, smooth
  • Their heavy breathing mingling between them as they pulled back
  • Eyes closed, foreheads resting together
  • ‘Holy shit,’ Remus muttered breathlessly
  • Sirius’ eyes fluttered open at the words
  • A wave of concern and doubt suddenly washing over him
  • Oh no
  • Dear Merlin no
  • Please let this not have been a mistake
  • It couldn’t be
  • It felt so right
  • And then Remus spoke
  • ‘I’ve been waiting for you to do that since fourth year’
  • What?
  • Had he heard that correctly?
  • Sirius could feel the corner of his lip turn up into a smirk
  • ‘Should have done it yourself and maybe this would have happened ages ago.’
  • Remus released a soft laugh, his hands wrapped around Sirius’ hips, his thumbs comfortably resting on his hipbones
  • ‘I should have. But this plan seemed to work just fine.’
  • Sirius’ eyes went wide
  • Plan?
  • Oh
  • ‘You great prat,’ he tightened his grip on Remus’ hair and pushed his forehead further against Remus as the boy before him laughed
  • He had planned this
  • Remus had wanted this
  • Wanted him to get jealous
  • Wanted him to make a move
  • ‘Dangerous idea you had Moons. The wall I punched could have just have easily been Colin’s nose.’
  • One of Remus’ eyebrows kinked, ‘Ah so that’s how you broke your knuckles.’
  • Sirius ran his hands back down to rest on Remus’ neck
  • ‘As a wolf you should know dogs are insanely protective of what’s theirs.’
  • Remus’ eyes widened, his lips parting slightly and his shoulders rising as the air left his body
  • ‘Theirs?’ he spoke softly
  • Sirius ran his thumb along Remus’ jaw
  • His eyes fixated on Remus’ swollen red lips
  • ‘Well if you’re going to snog me like that than there’s no way in hell I’m letting you anywhere near another Colin bloody Avery. You’re mine Lupin.’
  • He watched as a smile spread slowly across Remus’ face
  • ‘Yours. Think I like the sound of that.’
  • Sirius’ grin widened, ‘Yeah, me too.’

anonymous asked:

request: tired!uni student!Phil getting a full body oil massage by bestfriend!Dan who has a professional degree and getting very sensitive, curling toes and moaning till hes super pliant beneath dan and bottom phil (please)(bonus points if you make his butt, lower back and nipples really sensitive <3)

Ohohohoho Boi (I know this is new in the inbox but lookie) (and sorry but this was getting long so the real porn will have to come in the form of an eventual part two…?)

@cockwhoredan did one of these where Dan was getting the massage so check them out

- Phil’s muscles are so tense that everything hurts and his roommate/best friend Dan pipes up that he does work at a spa and gives the massages. So they agree that on Friday, after classes, Dan will give him a full body massage to ease his pain.

- Friday can’t come fast enough.

- When Phil walks into their dorm room that night, the lights are dim, soft music is playing, and Dan is humming to himself, sitting on Phil’s bed while he arranges an array of what Phil assumes are oils and lotions. “Hey,” he says without looking up. “Strip to boxers for me, yeah?” Dan doesn’t even seem to realize the innuendo of what he’s just said, so Phil rolls his eyes and undresses, neatly folding his clothes and setting them aside. “Come lay on your stomach.” As soon as Phil does, Dan straddles his thighs right below his butt and drizzles massage oil all over Phil’s back and shoulders. “Relax,” he reminds, and sets to work.

- He starts at Phil’s shoulders and neck, slowly working out the tension and humming along to the music again. Phil has to admit, it feels great and he’s more relaxed than he’s been in ages. Then, Dan starts working his way lower, and now it’s not so much relaxing as it is turning him on. He’s always been really sensitive, so Dan’s large, warm hands moving over his lower back going lower and lower every second, make him bite his lip and focus on not succumbing to the urge to do something about the fact that he’s half-hard in his boxers.

- “Relax,” Dan says again, a playful undertone to his voice. “Is something bothering you?”

- “I- I-” Phil stutters, blushing, only for Dan to laugh. 

- Then, of course, Dan starts playing at the hem of Phil’s boxers, and working even lower. “I’m not stupid,” he says softly, squeezing Phil’s ass. “I can tell you’re turned on. But Phil, if you don’t want to do anything, please stop me now.”

- Phil, meanwhile, is trying not to make a sound at how good it feels. He’s sensitive, and Dan is unfairly good with his hands. Somehow, he manages a nod and lifts his hips for Dan to slip his boxers off. The waistband catches on his hard on, making Dan laugh.

- “Oh, you were really enjoying this.”

sorry to end on a shit note but I’m bad with endings oops


Merry Christmas Indeed ➸ Nick Amaro


Dear Sadie,

It’s me, Mariam! Your Secret Santa :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, you deserve the world. Here’s your gift :)

Warnings: smut, friends w/ benefits, angst, fluff, Amaro being sexy as fuck



Originally posted by zolozaynnn

He was here again. In your apartment. Maybe it was because it was lonely. Maybe because it was Christmas. Maybe it was even because he missed you. And you couldn’t say you didn’t miss him too. But that was besides the point.

It started when you were sitting on your couch. It was a damn comfy couch. There’s a knock on the door and naturally you roll your eyes, trying to find the will to get up and answer it. So you do. You get up and walk towards the door, grabbing the gun under your coffee table along the way. You glance through the peephole and release a breath you didn’t know you were holding in.


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My attempt at a cliche Chriseva/ Mohnstad fic.

So this is my first time EVER writing any form of fanfiction. After reading so much of it I decided I’d try to write some of my own and this is the result. This prompt has literally been used in every Mohnstad fanfic ever to exist but it was my first time writing and I didn’t wanna have to come up with something entirely new? A cliche, overused prompt depicting Chris and Eva the morning after. Enjoy??? (I also don’t know how to write or format or do anything so I apologize in advance! Tell me how I did please! And be 100% honest!! )

Chris pov:

When Chris woke up, he was pretty damn sure he’d just woken up from the best sleep of his life. He felt amazing, but when he looked around he realized, this was not his bed.
The sheets were white and they smelled familiar, but not familiar enough to smell like him. And as he kept looking around he realized why he was in deep shit. He’d spent the night, an extremely rare occurrence for him, in Eva Mohn’s bed.
Now he couldn’t really see Eva, but the mop of strawberry blonde hair gave it away.
After realizing that Eva was in fact asleep and not freaking out like he was, Chris crumpled back down unto his pillow and started cautiously moving the hair away from Eva’s face. After he finished, he spent what felt like hours admiring her face. It was rare that Eva wasn’t spouting witty remarks to him, or being just as cocky as he was, but her face now had a pleasant expression.
And queue moment #2 where Chris realized he was in deep shit. It was when the only thing he could think of to describe Eva in that moment was beautiful. And sure, Chris thought a lot of girls were hot or pretty or cute, but Eva was sexy and stunning and adorable. And above all else he thought she was the absolute most beautiful girl he’d ever seen in his life. From the curve of her hip, to the slope of her jaw, or the way she would tilt her head back when she laughed. And definitely her vibrant green eyes. God she was beautiful. And oh no
Those beautiful green eyes were starring at him. Chris sat up with speed he didn’t even know he had. He jumped off the bed and started frantically gathering his clothes from the floor, all while apologizing.
“Sorry, sorry , sorry!”
“I know the drill! Don’t worry” he mumbled
“We do the thing and then I grab my shit-”
“and go. I just get all my stuff and leave before you wake up and then I just go home and leave you in pea-”
“CHRISTOFFER SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DRITTSEKK” Eva shouted. Chris looked over abruptly to see her sitting on the bed breathing heavily.
“Ehhmm. Sorry?” He said smiling awkwardly. Eva laughed and put her head in her hands. Chris stood there awkwardly holding his jeans, belt, and shirt in front of him. When she finally stopped laughing she got out of bed and put her hands on her hips. And as ashamed as he was to say it, chris dropped a belt when she rose from the covers. All she was sporting was his red penetrator zip up, and what a look it was.
“And where do you think you’re going?” she raised an eyebrow.
“Ehm I was just gonna- I have a penetrator meeting in a while ya know just wanted to get going so I don’t miss it.” He shrugged at her. And let me tell you something, Eva Mohn was not having any of that dritt.
“What? At 10am chris? You, the graduated Christoffer Schistad, has a penetrator meeting at 10 in the morning? Do you really think I’m that stupid?” she accused, stepping closer and closer to chris. Finally he dropped his clothes, only leaving him in his boxers.
“Nei! I don’t Eva it’s ju-”
“What chris? It’s just what? Hm? Is my body not hot enough for you?” she said smirking, something she had mastered due to spending so much time with the one and only.
“No Eva of course not! Your body is fucking perfect!”
“Then what has you leaving so quickly?” Finally reaching chris, grabbing ahold of his shoulders as one hand trailed down his chest.
“Hm? Didn’t I kiss you hard enough? Didn’t I ride you into the mattress hard enough? Was is it Chris?” and this was when Chris really knew he was in deep. Penetrator Chris did not get flustered, and he definitely did not let himself get pushed around. He tried, he really fucking tried to take back control of the situation but Eva looked so damn delicious, and she had him trapped between the wall and her body. So all he could really do was gulp and shake his head no.
“Don’t like the way I feel against you? Hm?” And at this point could you really blame him for losing control? The words coming out of this angel were filthy and he couldn’t stop himself from pressing his mouth to hers.
They kissed like this for a while, hungrily, licking into eachothers mouths. Chris felt her melt into him, losing her stiff confidence when he finally took her by the hips. Bringing them as close together as possible. And then, as quickly as they started, she stopped. She pushed him back with a hand against his chest.
“No Chris. Tell me why you’re in such a rush! Off to go find another girl to fuck, but why? Did I not let you mark me enough? Did I not leave enough marks down your back? Did I not scream your name loud enough?” And fuck no. Not true. She had red marks littered across her neck, going lower, lower, lower to between her thighs to prove herself wrong. He had the small ache in his back whenever he pressed his back to the wall to prove her wrong. And he had her moans and screams of his name in his head to last a lifetime to prove her wrong. Chris growled as he connected their lips and lifted her up. She started to wrap her legs around him before he tossed her on the bed. They lay there passionately kissing for what felt like ages until their kisses turned soft and slow. Chris broke away from the kiss as he rested his cheek against hers.
“You know chris, you’re allowed to stay the night. You’re allowed to stay in bed with me as long as we desire.” He nodded against her, loving the words coming out of her mouth.
“I know it’s just, well, I didn’t. I thought you wanted a one and done type guy like everyone else does .” She sighed as she smiled looking up at him.
“Chris, we’ve been ‘a thing’ for months. I think it’d be weirder to not wake up with eachother, and cuddle and eat breakfast than if we did.”
“Eva Mohn, I think you’ve managed to make Penetrator Chris whipped.” He joked. And yea, that might’ve been the wrong choice of words. They were definitely true, but Eva did not need to hear that.
“Ohhhh Schistad, are admitting that I’ve got you whipped? Oh boy you do know that you’ll never live that down?” She said laughing as she pushed him off her reaching over to the nightstand.
“I cannot wait to tell the girls!”
“No, no, no, no, no, no, no” he said, grabbing to take her phone from her hands.
“I wonder what William will say when Noora tells him?” she smirked.


blackbutlersecrets  asked:

Heya! I'm going to be trite and do sebaciel for the first pairing! My sentence is: All Sebastian wanted to know, was who in the sweet name of Hell, had let his young master into the kitchen.

I love this tbh, and I hope you won’t mind getting a drabble instead of just 5 sentences, because I have no self-control.

All Sebastian wanted to know was who, in the sweet name of Hell, had let his master into the kitchen.

He had, apparently, greatly underestimated the average human’s foolishness, or their proclivity for mayhem, perhaps. The kitchen was in shambles; how whipped cream had gotten on the chandelier he couldn’t fathom, but, if he were being honest with himself, neither did he have any desire to. 

‘‘Young Master,’‘ he chastised, the fires of Hell blazing in his irises as he spoke, ‘‘why are you licking the insides of a bowl?’’ 

The boy almost jumped out of his skin at the first sound of his butler’s stern voice, and the aforementioned bowl hit the ground with an ominous thud. ‘’Se—Sebastian,’’ he shouted, a dollop of cream sticking to the tip of his nose, ‘’what are you doing here?’’

‘’That, young master, is my question to you,’’ Sebastian said, approaching his charge with even, determined steps until he had him pinned against the wall.

Ciel gulped. ‘’I wanted a snack,’’ he said, not nearly as unaffected by the way Sebastian was looking at him as he’d have liked.

‘’And I assume there was an incurable ailment of some sort preventing you from asking me to retrieve something from the kitchens for you?’’

‘’That is, I mean—err,’’ Ciel floundered, flustered beyond measure. He could feel Sebastian’s breath tickling his skin, the other was so close, and, even in the semi-terrified state he was currently in, he couldn’t help but—no, now was not the time for such thoughts!

Sebastian noticed how the boy’s cheeks reddened. ‘’And what could you possibly be thinking of, my lord,’’ he teased, leaning in to remove the still-present smudge of whipped cream from the boy’s nose. Using his tongue was, maybe, not the most dignified thing he could have done, but it produced the desired effect nonetheless.

Ciel stilled completely, as tense as a bowstring. He felt Sebastian’s tongue lap, lick and —ah. It moved lower, lower, lower… 

‘’You know,’’ Ciel said afterwards, convinced he’d never again be able to look at a bowl of whipped cream without blushing, ‘’if this is how you intend to punish me each time, I should help myself to a snack more often.’’

Sebastian only chuckled, privately agreeing that yes, if his little lord’s forays into the kitchen would always have such enjoyable consequences, then he would not be particularly averse to them, either.

… … … … … …

A/N: I tried to write just five sentences, I really did.

Also, they weren’t supposed to end up having sex in the kitchen, trust me. I totally blame @reiiciel for that, cause she’s been trying to get me to actually write smut with such an admirable level of tenacity that I am now apparently incapable of producing SebaCiel content that isn’t at least mildly suggestive.

Oh well, at least we’ll have fun in Hell together. :D 

Types of Kisses that the signs would give.

Aries: Small, quick pecks because God is watching yo.

Taurus: Starts out slow and with little interest before getting dragged into it and can’t tear themselves away from their partner.

Gemini: Steals kisses from their partner every chance that they can get, and when they do it’s delicate yet seductive.

Cancer: Touchy feely one-ohhh-one. Hair tangling, intense tongue battles which only results in “Who can moan the loudest?”

Leo: Hectic biting with lots of domination over their partner. Make out sessions are most definitely not rare.

Virgo: The one who wants to be taken into their partner’s arms and kissed with care yet craving all night long.

Libra: Loooong, soft kisses in the branches of a tree, stopping to look up at the moon, and the stars in your partner’s eyes.

Scorpio: Hot, open mouthed kisses that start on your lips before travelling lower and lower and lower, leaving their mark all over your body.

Sagittarius: Sloppy kisses, trying to do all that they can. Leaves teeny tiny hickies all over their partner’s upper body.

Capricorn: No kisses until after marriage! They’re the good kids who don’t like no touchy feely,

Aquarius: Ass kisses. Don’t question the method.

Pisces: Only kisses on the cheek because you’re a stingy person.

bloodredmoon87  asked:

Bodyguard scenarios (HAHA LOOK AT ME BEING SUBTLE!), masks, names and address, secret admirers and tattoos for Romanogers, of course. ;)

(for my kink meme)

Okay, so I lagged on writing this and that’s nothing new but, YES THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US BACK TO THE ROYAL ‘VERSE!! Confession: I’ve actually been working on a fic about how Bodyguard Steve and Princess Nat meet and get together and all that jazz, but I keep rewriting everything because I can’t make up my mind! I promise I haven’t forgotten about this ‘verse, though :D

Her gown is a champagne paillette Oscar de la Renta that her parents had made for her to wear to the masquerade, and she knows that it must have an impressive price tag. It’s gorgeous, and she absolutely shouldn’t be tossing it onto the floor of her hotel suite like some dress she picked off a rack, but. She can’t really focus on anything other than Steve’s lips on her skin, kissing down the column of her throat, across her collarbone, above the dip of her breasts, his hands fumbling to tug her dress off. There’s something a little more urgent about the way he’s touching her, a little more forceful, and god, does she love it. Steve is a gentleman through and through, but he’s not afraid to be a little rough with her now that he knows she likes it, and he respects her way too much to treat her like she’d break if he made one wrong move.

And, okay. She knows part of his forcefulness has to do with the fact that he’d spent all night hovering nearby while guys kissed her hand and her cheek and blatantly flirted with her, even though she hadn’t made any advances of her own. She wouldn’t, because she’d never, ever do that to Steve. But it’s not like she can come out and tell everyone that the princess is having an affair with her bodyguard.

God. The media would never let her live that one down.

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Sweet Revenge (slightly!NSFW)

Request: Could I request a Jason x reader one shot where the reader gently kisses Jason on the head and telling them it’s time to get up. When he doesn’t respond, the reader trails kisses from his lips down to just below his navel, and leaves Jason incredibly horny for the rest of the morning, please? By @natasha-baggins

@whovianayesha @too-many-fandoms666 @daisyboobear @supernovares @jadedhillon @aenna-4

So this could be a continuation to ‘Hot and Bothered’

The first morning light shining in your face was enough to wake you up. Your eyes slowly opened, taking in your surroundings little by little. Your heart soothed once you smelled Jason’s scent and felt his hands wrapped securely around you.

In a very soft and swift movement you had turned so that you were facing him. And then, you laid still, admiring his sleeping form. His breathing was so calm and even, only the slightest of air landed on your face from his nose as his bare chest moved under your palms. His hair was tousled, all over his face and pillow, but he didn’t need a haircut just yet, you lived how fluffy it looked, or when you’d tangle your fingers in it.

As you were left to stare at Jason’s form, dumbfounded by it, because it was so peaceful, so beautiful, so… god-like that you had felt your own self wanting to be at his mercy if he ever woke up and wanted to claim his role as a king. Because to you at least, he looked like one.

He looked like the sun.

So in this moment that you were caught up on staring at -admiring- him, Jason wiggled his hips and proceeded to pull you closer. He only cared for your protection and God knew how close and tight he’d hold you in your sleep. So close as if he didn’t want to let you go.

You had spent so much time looking at him that you had lost trace of time and space. You could even feel his heartbeat under your right hand and you felt so bad you’d have to end this beautiful feeling.

“Jay? It’s time to wake up baby” you whispered and kissed the top of his head, shaking his broad shoulders. He opened his eyes for one second, blue and green popping out, coloring your vision as sun glimmered on them, before he closed them again.

“Five more minutes” he said and smiled at you with his eyes still closed. Soon though, he was asleep again and you though you’d have to take the matter into your hands. And you could always pay him back for teasing you in a horrid way yesterday.

Your eyes glimmered with mischievous thoughts as you tried your best to wiggle your self out of his grip. Once you did, you there your hair away from your face and flipped Jason completely on his back.

You launched into him, leaving butterfly kisses all over his face. Then you moved lower to his neck, kissing and licking every small spot you could, leaving the slightest of marks here and there, and then kissed lower and lower, and lower. Now, your mouth was on his abdomen, trailing wet kisses on his navel, your fingers holding the waistband of his pyjamas and pulling it lower agonisingly slow. You could already hear grunts and groans coming out of his lips as you complete lowered his pants and kissed a random place on his already hard member.

That exact moment his eyes snapped open you got up from your position enthusiastically and went to kiss his lips once again.

“Morning Jaybird” you smiled and got up from the bed to run towards the bathroom.

“You little teasing shit!” He muttered and rubbed the sleep away from his face.

“Hey, you did it first, I’m just copying. So, good luck with your friend.” you finally said and closed the door to the bathroom, locking it too.

An excerpt from my Pacific Big Bang that probably won’t make it into the final draft

Snafu’s mother dies on a Tuesday and Roe tells him over the phone in that soft, steady whisper he used to use on his patients. Snafu grips the receiver and his knuckles are white and his face is white and he feels like he can’t breathe when Roe says, “I’m sorry, Merriell,” and Snafu laughs and hangs up.

He curls on his side in the dark of Sledge’s room and he tries not to cry but fails, and Sledge is saying I’m sorry, I’m sorry, and there is the whistle of wind chimes from the front porch, and a dog barks in the yard. Sledge says his name in a voice something painful and raw and confused and Snafu turns away with a laugh.

“Fuck off, Sledgehamma,” He says.

The phone rings downstairs as this thing inside of Snafu twists, tighter and tighter and tighter, until he can’t breathe, he can’t cry, he can’t speak, he lies there and he stares blankly at the wall while Sledge whispers his name again and again. There’s a breeze coming in from the open window, and Sledge’s lips move softly against his jawline, and Snafu doesn’t try to stop him when they travel lower and lower and lower. Sledge’s mouth goes from his neck to his chest to his hips, and Snafu feels like he’s going to be sick, his skin pressing heavy against Sledge’s, hot and sweaty and damp. 

“Merriell,” Sledge whispers his god-given name like it’s a sin, his hands moving roughly down Snafu’s pants, “Merriell Merriell Merriell Merriell -” 

“Sledge,” Snafu rasps, “Sledge, stop.” 

And Sledge stops, says nothing, and moves little. Snafu laughs, his ribs shaking with the hurt and the anger and the unfairness of it all. He falls asleep with his head on Sledge’s chest, to the soft rise and fall of his breathing.

In the morning, Sledge says, “It’s okay,” but Snafu knows it’s not. 

wellreadfan  asked:

George and Ben alone while Martha takes the children for a weekend. Wine and kisses and rimming, if you please. ;).

It was weird, at first, being in Georges house without the kids pattering around. It was quieter. But, he’d been getting used to it more and more now that no weekends and nights when Ben wasn’t working meant he was spending them at George’s. Usually they end up on his couch, or in bed. Tonight was more the former. Ben’s legs tucked over George’s lap, sipping from some bottle of red that George got from a client ages ago. 

“It’s nice,” he mused, twirling the stem and watching it move.

“What is?”

“This. Being with you.” Ben sinks in a little more as George’s hand comes to rest on his knee, rubbing soft circles. He sneaks a look to see that twitch of a smile and Ben feels that little flash of tipsy heat in his gut expand. He runs his fingers over the back of George’s hand, scooting closer to steal a kiss that only starts soft.

Then grows, as their kisses often do, a little warmer and a little deeper before George pulls back and plucks the wineglass from Ben’s fingers and sets it aside. “This is nice,” he hums, before stealing another kiss. This one is fast, as George talks between them. “No screaming, no fighting. No warring against bedtimes.” 

God, the more Ben thinks about it the more incredible it is. Martha has them for the whole weekend, holding on a little longer for the sake of Ben’s schedules to give them this one night. One night where he can thread his fingers through George’s hair. One night where he can kiss him breathess until he swears low against him. One night where he can relish the hard feeling of George under him as he pulls himself into his lap. 

Ben groans into his kiss, hands already creeping up his shirt. 

“Bed?” he asks, feeling too hot and too constricted.

“God, yes.” 

Ben’s shirt ends up somewhere on the stairs, George’s dangling over the railing. He gets shoved against the wall in the stairwell once, teeth at his collar making him buck as George gets his belt undone. They at least make it to the bedroom by the time Ben’s kicking off his jeans and George is stripping down and pushing him onto the bed and settling between his legs. “Fuck, you’re stunning,” he purrs above Ben.

“That’s a quarter for the swear jar, George.”

“Would you like to pay in advance for all the things I’m going to make you say while I eat your ass?”

He arcs a brow, but it’s hard to keep up the credulous expression as George drops his lips to the trail of hair that starts just below his navel. “If you’re gonna do that, you might as well just take my whole paycheck.”

George doesn’t respond, he just moves lower. And lower. And lower. Until Ben’s back arches against the twisted sheets and he’s left groaning into the pillows.