11 months apart; 130 vs 120

I’d like to think I made a shit ton of progress this year, but I’m happy with the little progress I made.

I popped a disc out of my back that I am STILL weary about.
I got out of an abusive relationship on my own.
I went to school while working a full time job.
I’m still fighting the aftermath of an eating disorder.
I got through every day of depression and PMDD.

I busted my ass in the gym no matter what the circumstances. I listened to my body. And fucking hell I think I should be proud. Maybe it’s just an insane body positivity day, but I’m proud of the lower body progress I’ve made, despite it being so little and despite it leaving me (still) so far away from where I want to be.

But.. I’m getting closer.

Trainingslog: Lower Body 2

Bulgarian Split Squats 4x6 bodyweight+40kg (each leg)
Deadlifts 4x8 110kg
Seated Leg Curls 3x10 41kg
Leg extensions 3x10 27kg (each leg)
Calf raises on the powerplate 3x60sec
Calf press on leg press 3x6 135kg
Hanging Leg Raises 3x12
Russian Twists 3x max reps

It was a good workout. I am finally back to deadlifting and i am happy that i haven’t lost much power. The split squats killed me.

I really like my workout routine atm. I expect some gainz ☺️


Some comparison photos!!

Feb 2013 - May 2013
I had just finished the play which caused me to be at school from 7 am- 8 pm most days. I ate a lot of take out food and stopped exercising. I finally started lifting heavy and it changed my body instantly (combined with eating like a normal human again)

Middle and Bottom:
May 2013- July 2014
The middle picture shows off my lower body progress more while the bottom one highlights upper body. This is what a year of heavy lifting can do my friends.

Excited to see where the future gains take me!!!