Night view of Lower Manhattan skyscrapers from the bay. Circa, 1943. The City Bank Farmers Trust (Cross & Cross, 1931) at left and Cities Service (Clinton & Russell, 1932) at right, towers dominates the skyline.

Photo: Andreas Feininger.

Source: Andreas Feininger,Susan Elizabeth Lyman, “The Face of New York”. New York, Crown Publishers, 1955.

Pell Street In Chinatown, New York City, circa 1960.  I wouldn’t want to parallel-park that huge station wagon on a narrow city street.  Caption on the back is somewhat unenlightened (and ungrammatical), reading:  “Chinatown New York City - An interesting experience for the visitor is a walk along Chinatown’s winding streets with its variety of curio shops, restaurants, Joss houses and Oriental inhabitants.”  Image is a scan of a picture postcard from ForwardLock at Panoramio.

Construction of the Twin Towers of World Trade Center (Minoru Yamasaki-Emery Roth & Sons, 1973). View looking northwest in Spring 1969, showing the old Art Deco’s New York Telephone Building (McKenzie, Voorhees & Gmelin-Ralph Walker, 1926) at left.

Photo: Hideaki Sato.

Source: Hideaki Sato. “Requiem World Trade Center. Once upon a time in New York City”. Tokio. ICG Muse. 2001.