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Son of the Sea

This is dedicated to the shadiest person around. She’s always out there killing us with her fics, so this week a group of us are out to return the favor! And we’re doing it in the most loving way possible of course😘  Happy birthday to the beautiful and talented @kpopfanfictrash ! I hope your birthday was everything and more! ily <3

Taehyung: hinted demigod au.

Caution: Smut

Word Count: 5.2k+

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Chapter 2: I already lost you once (I don’t know if I could survive with losing you again)

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Wondertrev - Diana x Steve

Part 1


Words: 1279

Series Summary: The war is over and Diana is lost in a new world mourning the loss of her love. However, that all changes when the Angel of Destiny comes to her with a proposal, defeat the new great evil that is arising and Steve will be returned to her. Will she accept? Or does the deal come at a great cost?

Chapter: 2/7

“No!” Steve shouted, “Diana-“

But his words were cut off as the Angel waved her hand and Steve’s voice became silent. He looked down in shock as his mouth continued to move but no sound came out. He turned angrily to face the Angel his mouth running continuously, his face turning red, and his arms swinging around frantically.

The Angel turned back to face Diana, “Then we have a deal.”

Diana nodded solemnly. She knew that this was the right decision. She had a chance to get Steve back and she would do anything in her power to make sure that she succeeded. Her gaze slide over to Steve, his was body tense, his eyes darkly glaring at the Angel. After a moment of silence, his eyes jumped over to meet hers and they softened. He tried to say something to her, but nothing came out and his body sagged in defeat.

“I have said all that I have come to say. You know what you must do. I wish you luck.”

And with that the Angel vanished, the bright flash of light once again spreading through the room. Diana and Steve cringed back until it cleared, their eyes blinking frantically before once again their eyes met. 

They stood in silence staring at each other until Diana whispered, “Steve.”

She took a hesitant step forward unsure of what to do. Steve opened his mouth to say something but slammed it shut worried that nothing would come out. He couldn’t even begin to piece together what was happening. He knew he had been dead. But now he wasn’t. He believed Diana would succeed, but what if something happened? She would have to lose him all over again.

Without another thought, he rushed forward stopping an inch away from Diana, his hands rising to hover over her body, hesitant to touch her.

“What have you done Diana.” He whispered.

“What I had to do! What is the matter with you? You died Steve. You died. I watched you die. I have been living life without you. You were gone. And now I have a chance to get you back. Did you truly believe I would not take it?” She yelled as she took a step toward him. He stumbled back slightly she poked her finger at him.

“I don’t deserve-“

“This is not about deserve. This is about believing. I believe I can do this. Believe in me. You wanted more time. You have received it. All you need to do is believe.”


“I have learned much from this world in these past months. It did not take long for me to see humanity for what it truly was. How the dark comes with the light. You cannot have one without the other. But that does not mean that we can do nothing. We do something. And I must do something. And you can help me. If you wish.”


“Do you not trust me?” Her voice strong was not wavering but her eyes were pleading with him.

“Of course I trust you. It’s not you I don’t trust. It’s that woman.” Steve’s face hardened at mentioning the Angel.

“But you trust me. So trust me when I say that this was the right thing to do.”

“Alright, Diana. Alright. I’m with you.”

Diana nodded as her hand reached up to run through her hair. Steve’s watch on her wrist caught a piece of sunshine and reflected back at Steve. His gaze shot to the watch, his eyes growing wide. His mouth opened to say something as he stepped forward, his hand rising to gently cup her face when the door slammed open behind them.

Steve and Diana shot apart as if they had been shocked.

“Diana! Oh, sorry to disturb, I didn’t know you had company and I-“ Etta gasped, “Steve?!”

Etta ran forward pulling Steve into a tight hug, his arms sticking straight out behind her back. For the first time in months, Diana let out a small chuckle.

“You aren’t dead! How aren’t you dead? Diana, how is he not dead? Diana, did you do some mystical power things?”

“It was not I.”

“But he’s here to stay?”

“For the time yes.”

“What does that mean?” Etta questioned worriedly.

“Nothing we need to talk about now.” Diana said. Steve’s head snapped to look at her, his eyes narrowing.

Etta nodded her eyes wide as her head snapped back and forth between Diana and Steve’s staring contest. She slowly backed out of the room, “Um….I think I’ll leave you two alone.” And when she received no response she quickly scurried out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her.

“Nothing to worry about?”

Diana sighed dropping to sit down on her bed, “Steve-“. 

“Diana, this isn’t good. You need to defeat someone more powerful than Ares. And you don’t even know who!”

Diana stood up, “Then let’s go find out.”

Steve stepped forward grabbing her arm and she immediately froze. Behind her, Steve froze as well. She turned around slowly, Steve’s hand not leaving her arm. When she offered no response, his hand slide down to her wrist and rubbed over the watch.



He stepped up close to her, his head lowering to rest his forehead against hers. When their faces were just a breath away she turned, and he leaned down to rest his forehead against her temple.

“I cannot do this. I cannot lose you again.”

“You are never going to lose me.” He pulled back and his head reached under her chin lifting her head to look at him.

And before she knew it his lips were on hers. The second they touched Diana felt as if a weight had been lifted off her chest. His lips were gentle under hers as she pushed herself up against him, her hand reaching up to tangle in his hair.

In response, his arms rose to wrap tightly around her, one hand snaking around her back while the other rose to weave into her hair, pulling her close. His lips were soft but unyielding against hers and Diana moaned as his mouth forced hers open.

With a gasp, Diana pulled away as Steve peppered kisses along her jaw. And as Steve’s hands mapped out Diana’s body Diana placed her hands on his shoulders and jumped up to wrap her legs around his waist. Steve’s hands settled on under her shirt on her lower back, anchoring her against him.

Diana’s mind flashed back to the night they had shared all those months ago. To the feelings that hadn’t gone away. To the pain she had endured all these months that she had been without him. But now he was here again. And all she could think about what how much she had missed him. And how much she loved him.

She pulled her head back from his with a gasp and smiled taking in his flushed cheeks, mussed hair, and his red lips that were quirked up into a smile.

She brushed a hand over his head, smoothing down his hair before leaning over and gently pressing a kiss to his cheek.  And then his forehead. And then his jaw.

“I love you too.” Diana mumbled. Those were the words she should have said months ago. The words she had regretted not saying every single day. The words she had been given a second chance to say. 

She felt Steve freeze against her.

“I didn’t know I could feel this way about someone.”

Diana grinned and Steve weaved his fingers into her hair, his thumb sweeping across her cheek. She leaned into his hand closing her eyes with a soft sigh before mumbling, “You saved the day. Now you must help me save the world.”

Part 3

lenina-phasma  asked:

I'm feeling cheesy as heck, so I would love a mermaid!Phasma x reader where reader hears her singing beautifully and is head over heels in love, please

I’m generally cheesy as heck so here you go! making reader a human in this

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You seemed to be immune to her siren song, and Phasma was very confused by this.

You couldn’t help but stare at her, which made her at first think you had, indeed, fallen under her trap. But you were staring in awe at her beauty. 

You had seen many mermaids before as a sailor traveling the seas of the different planets throughout the galaxy - a trade many had abandoned to be space pirates but you found it more lucrative to stick to the waters of the different planets now that you were one of the few left to collect and sell the treasures you found - but she was different. 

She didn’t don a clamshell bra and she didn’t keep her hair long and flowing past her lower back like most mermaids. No - she was all about practicality and you admired her for it.

Her eyes were as blue as the ocean you were sailing and her blonde hair was practically platinum in the sun. Her skin was pale, which made the pink of her lips look even rosier. Instead of seashells, armor - she must have stolen it from men she had lured to their deaths with her siren song and molded it so it fit her body - covered her chest and the rest of her torso. 

But must striking of all was her tail. Her entire tail - which shined brightly in the sun - was a chrome silver color. It was truly striking as it sat on the dark rock and you couldn’t help but smile at the sight of it.

You turned your ship towards her, but you were in complete control, which is how Phasma knew that you weren’t under her spell. She stopped singing her song and when you lowered your anchor near her rock, you leaned over the edge of the ship to talk to her.

“Why’d you stop?” You asked. “It was a beautiful song.”

“And it clearly didn’t work,” she said flatly. 

You couldn’t help but laugh; Phasma thought it sounded pretty. “Not a lot does on me,” you said. 

“Like moving on from a dead profession?”

You laughed louder at that. “It’s not a dead profession if I’m sailing this ship,” you said. “It pays the bills pretty handsomely.” You smirked. “I could get you some real armor, if you’d like. Some that actually fits you to begin with, something that maybe matches the chrome of your tail. Not this dull metal.”

“I bet you wouldn’t,” Phasma said. “Pirates, space or sea, are usually filled with pretty words they never mean.”

“Well I do,” you said. “That’s a promise. What do they call you?”

She smiled, feeling something she never had before. “Phasma.”

Your grin transformed into a full blown smile. “Phasma. It suits you. I’m (YN), and I’m gonna get you that armor. Deal?”

She let herself smile. “Deal.”

Grounding Revisited:

Here are some grounding techniques (old and new) a big miss mash collection: Some are taken straight from the internet, others are adapted…Have a go! 

1. Change the bed sheets.

This requires a significant amount of concentration, otherwise I end up with funny shapes for bed covers. Not only that, the activity is a tactile experience; the sheets are clean so they smell gorgeous, and if you use softener the fabric is great to handle.

Nothing makes me feel happier and more down-to-earth than changing my sheets. Unless, of course, my cat joins in with the fun and plays hide and seek under the bottom sheet with me.

2. Dance and/or sing.

I have a couple of albums that I slap on when I’m in the need for some feel-good time. The Cranberries album ‘Stars’ is on the top of my happiness pile at the moment (and also what I’m listening to as I write this).

Even though I can’t carry a tune to save my life or bust a worthy move, this album gets me in the mood for relaxing and helps me come down from previously incalculable heights.

3. Bake.

Since going on a diet last year, I’ve found that I’ve stopped eating my discomfort and started cooking it instead. Okay, so I still eat a bit of it (because the things I bake need to be tasted of course…) but it’s not the eating part that makes me feel good anymore; it’s the creating part.

I bake from scratch—none of this packet stuff. I put all of myself into making a decent gingerbread base for the apple pie because I take comfort in the clean, spicy textures and smells of making the dough myself. Like changing bed linen, it’s a tactile activity that grounds you through all of your senses. With delicious results.

4. Take a shower.

This is one of my last-resort grounding methods. I shower regularly anyway but when everything is too much to cope with (shiny or doomy), I lock myself in the bathroom, strip off, and stand under the scalding water until I’ve calmed down.

A hot shower like this is necessary to get things off of my skin—not mud or dirt, but bad thoughts, mad thoughts, misery and stress. A hot shower is the perfect cure for this because it relaxes your tense muscles and literally washes it all off.

5. Walk barefoot.

Shoes are great but they really disconnect you from the earth beneath your feet. Sometimes I walk along the sea wall to stare out at the river for a while. When I get there, I take off my shoes and socks and wander about on the parched earth, on top of the fortification itself, taking care where I tread of course.

It’s a weird comfort to feel the heat from the ground soaking up into your soles, almost like the Earth is saying “Hey! Glad you made it back. You’re gonna be alright, y’know?”

6. Garden.

I love this planet. I’m a novice gardener but love to plant flowers, grasses, herbs, and my own vegetables.

It’s not just my own garden that brings me back down to earth either; the surrounding countryside is full of wild flowers and sometimes free food: wild fennel, hairy-bitter cress, wild garlic, chickweed, blackberries, samphire, and nettles.

Gardening helps me breathe and re-appreciate the natural world around me. Sometimes the physical value of getting my hands dirty in the garden makes me hunt down a patch of grass, lay face down and give the Earth a big ‘ol hug for being so awesome.

7. Take a duvet-day.

When I finally realize I’ve vanished from the face of reality and that it’s not going too well, I like to retreat into my duvet—with chocolate.

A tutor at university once said to me that “sometimes nothing helps more than to wrap yourself up in a big fluffy blanket and say to yourself ‘there, there…’” I couldn’t agree more.

8. Break out the paints.

This is one I’d like to use and develop more because, even though I’m not trained, I’m not half-bad. That’s the point of painting and sketching as a grounding technique: you don’t have to be great.

I pick up my A3 pad and willow charcoal and go at it until the chaos inside of me’s out on however many pages it takes. Sometimes I produce some good work—an added bonus because I can come back to it and remember when I overcame what I was feeling and turned it into something good.

9. Moisturize.

I tried this at a friend’s recommendation and the benefits were instant. With every glob of cream I rubbed into my skin, I felt reconnected with my body which so often feels unreal and alien to me.

10. . Utilize Visualization - As conscious beings, we can alter and regulate or energy field through our changing emotions, and how we choose to feel. Visualization is an ancient practice that is incredibly effective and can be done in any moment, no matter where you are. Below are a few techniques that are quite effective.6. Grounding ChordVisualize, see, feel, or simply be aware of the center of the Earth and the free energy that it emits. With your mind and heart, reach down into the core, and pull up a pulsing, twisting chord of energy from the depths of the Earth. Hook this chord onto your root chakra, or sacral chakra as well for women, and feel the immediate connection between you and the Earth as the energy flows through you. You may become aware of a sinking feeling, a tightening and flexing of the perineum and muscles in your groin and butt area. Conversely, you can also flex these muscles and concentrate on sending the chord down into the Earth, as well.Practice and repeat this process as often as you need. Experiment with different chords of different colors and thicknesses, and experience the incredibly wide variety of sensations that it will instill in you.

11. Tree Meditation - Visualize, see, feel or simply be aware of your body, and become a tree. Feel your feet grow roots that sink down into the Earth and anchor you to it. Feel your legs and thighs become wood as well, as the roots that grow up from the ground encircle and entwine themselves around your legs, and continue to spread up your body. Feel the straightening in your spine as you become a trunk, feel the energy rising from the Earth up into your stomach, into your heart, into your head. Feel your arms become branches that grow, stretch, and reach for the sky, drinking in the light of the sun and changing it into energy. Feel your crown open as it fills with light, which then flows down into your roots and into the Earth.

12. Mountain MeditationVisualize, see, feel, or simply be aware of your body becoming a mountain, turning into stone. We see only the tips of mountains, their roots run deep into the Earth. Feel your legs and lower body anchoring into the bedrock and stone of the Earth, and the feelings of peace and calmness that come with it. Become the base of the mountain as it grows upwards and reaches into the sky. Feel your crown as the top of the mountain, where the Earth and sky meet and mingle; the connection of these two opposite spectrums that are in perpetual balance.We have the ability to regulate and change our state of being. While indeed we are a product of our environments, constantly in the presence of other external forces and influences, we always have a choice as to how we choose to feel and how we respond. We have the choice to change our external and internal environment to come into a state of greater harmony and coherence. I invite you to utilize the information and techniques above to increase your coherence, elevate your vibration, and take your power back to be the change in the universe you wish to see.

13. Yoga/exercise groups

14.Creation of a personalized sensory kit

15. Taking a hot shower/bath

16.Art therapy/Crafts

17. Mindfulness activities using a sensory cue


19. Sensory modalities

20. Weighted blanket

21. Weighted vest

22. Music Therapy

23.Sound therapy

24. Brushing Techniques

25.Beanbag tapping

26. Aromatherapy

26.Biofeedback - Therapy required for this (if it is available to you can be good) 


28. Light therapy

29. Pet therapy

Heatwave - Lucifer x reader

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[A/N]: This could potentially be a follow-up on the “Oh Castiel” fic I wrote before but it doesn’t have to be. 

Inspired by the imagines: Imagine Lucifer using his unusually chilly temperature to cool you down one especially sweltering summer day.

Warnings: Partial nudity, Fluff 



Heat. That’s all you could think of to describe this beautiful but sweltering summer day. The temperature of the day had prevented you from doing most of anything, leaving you splayed out across the floor in a very undignified manner, dressed in only a spaghetti strap tank top and panties. You didn’t care, too tired and hot to do anything about it.

Cas had made a fleeting comment before he left the bunker, no doubt going to help the Winchesters with some case or another. Thus, you’d been left completely alone and at the mercy of the unforgiving heatwave.

The ice cream bowl on your left was evidence of the ridiculous temperature, its contents having melted in a mere few minutes, a small puddle of condensation having long since formed beneath the white ceramic. The sticky goo left made you wrinkle your nose in disgust, warm ice cream was really icky.

A minute flutter of wings announced the arrival of an angel and while you were curious about who would think to turn up so suddenly, you didn’t move from your spot on the floor. An amused huff from behind you had you conjuring just enough energy to tilt your head far enough to catch sight of the intruder.

“Had I known you’d be half-naked, I’d have come sooner.” Dirty blonde eyebrows wiggled and you pouted up at the blue eyed archangel looking down at you with an amused expression painted across his smug face. Dressed in a simple t-shit and shorts, the angel was at his most casual, seemingly completely at ease in the hellish temperature (pardon the pun). Grumbling slightly, you gave him a look, now you knew where Gabriel got his mischievous nature from.

“Lucifer…” You whined, pouting at him from your upside down position of the floor. “Too hot.” You fanned your face with your hand as if to prove a point, only succeeding in making more heated air slam down onto your frame. Giving up, you slumped back down and laid limply on the floor once more. It simply wasn’t worth the effort.

“Come now, princess, put some effort into it.” Lucifer taunted, slanting his eyes down to look at you as you agonized in the heat. “Aren’t you happy to see me?” He asked innocently as you mustered a glare at his infinitely smug face. Bastard was what he was.

“Oh sod off, Satan.” You didn’t have the energy to come up with a sassy comeback this time around and it made the shining angel frown slightly. It seemed his princess had been sucked dry by the elevated temperature and he couldn’t have that, even if it was fun to torture you.

Sitting down gracefully, white wings rustling as he moved, he laid down next to you, mindful of his feathers. Tracing his chilly fingertips up your leg, he propped his head up on his palm as he watched the delicious reaction the simple touch evoked.

You choked on your spit as you felt Lucifer’s cool skin grazing torturously over your own, helplessly arching into the touch. A low whine tore out of your throat as he drew back unexpectedly. “Holy-“ you choked out as his entire hand splayed out on your outer thigh. A dark chuckle followed as Lucifer took in your wanton position.

Usually, you would keep well away from him, no matter how many lengths he took to convince you of his eternal devotion. Soulmates and all that. You remained unmoved though and it went so far that he’d resigned himself to letting Castiel go. Nowadays, he was wearing Nick again, although not without a few angelic improvements. The human was already dead so it wasn’t like he’d been resisted.

The angel had become a constant in your life, and even though Sam and Dean were skeptical at first, they had conceded to giving the devil a room in the bunker. It was either they do so voluntarily or he take one forcefully, the details didn’t matter much to Lucifer, so long as he could be close to you.

Still, on this particular day, you had no protest against his presence, not to say that you were at ease with him there, no, more like you didn’t find the energy to protest his claim. In fact, the chill he was excluding was wonderful and you found yourself reaching for him in no time. It pleased your archangel greatly, evidenced by the giddy perk of his wings. Consent was really important to angels after all.

Your sweat slicked skin slid against his as you attempted to absorb as much of the cold as you could. Pressing your feverish forehead to his bicep, you curled up against his side, moaning appreciatively as he stroked your spine lightly, his cheek settled on the crown of your head. You cursed yourself for giving in to temptation but couldn’t make yourself move away. Sin had never been so tempting before.

Lucifer smirked slightly as you nuzzled his neck unconsciously, sighing in relief and contentment. Hefting you into his lap, he laid down on his back, wings splaying out to their full length. The glowing appendages easily spanning the length of the room, so large that they had to curl up along the walls to now be squashed uncomfortably. Lucky neither Dean nor Sam was home, least they’d have probably walked straight into one of them.

You squawked indignantly as the archangel easily maneuvered you into a better position, hindering you from pulling away by settling one palm between your shoulder blades and one on your lower back, anchoring you firmly to him. You struggled minutely before submitting and pressing your cheek to Lucifer’s shoulder.

He had you trapped and there was nothing you could do about it. “You know, you could’ve just lowered the temperature in the room instead.” You muttered with a frown and Lucifer’s chest rumbled in his mirth.

“And miss this opportunity, I think not.” He purred with a sultry smirk and you just managed to convince yourself that the blush on your face was because of the heat, nothing else.

Yeah, right…

“Shuddup…” You yawned and relaxed, you could handle the consequences of this little hiccup later, right now you just needed to relax and stop thinking so hard.


A few hours later found you being rudely awakened by an outraged shout curtesy of one irritated and incredulous Dean Winchester.

“What the hell is going on here? And get your filthy hands off of Y/N!”

You sighed tiredly, dimly noticing the glowing wings curling protectively around Lucifer and yourself, obscuring your view of the Winchesters.

Ignoring Dean’s squawked protests, you clutched onto Lucifer’s shirt just a tad tighter, falling back to sleep in your little cocoon of the perfect temperature.

Those two idiots could wait.




Ancient Anchors

Travelling by sea in ancient times could be very dangerous. Anchors were decorated with the name of the sea god Poseidon or the goddess of sailors Aphrodite and with good luck symbols in the hope of a safe voyage.

The first anchors were large flat stones pierced with holes to tie a rope through. Wooden arms helped the anchor grip into the silt or rocks on the seabed. Later anchors were made of heavy lead stocks attached to a wooden shaft with curved wooden arms. 

A boat usually needed to lower several anchors, depending on its size and the weather conditions. There was always a risk that an anchor would stick too firmly into the sea floor and have to be cut loose.

See these three Greek anchor pieces, made between 500 and 200 BC, in our Storms, War and Shipwrecks exhibition which closes soon on 25 September.

Hallucination(Villain!AU)(Musical Fic)

(( Thank you to @empanadadooblez for showing me this song and discussing the scenes she imagined when hearing it. It was just such an awesome and vivid mental image that I had to try and write it! Here is the song for it: https://youtu.be/GUpD9bFrF3s?list=LLARBxOXwVP2ec0ygXcjBNhw 

This is also fairly long so uh…sorry for that.))

    It wasn’t supposed to go this way. Battles never went this way….
Saitama stood across a roadway that had long since cleared at the beginning of the fight, now stricken silent. an agent of the association faced him with an expression of seriousness mixed with a tinge of fear. Saitama stared back but wore a look he was uncommon for…desperation. The agent had Genos held tight, a device lodged in the back of the cyborg’s neck that rendered his body inactive.

“Don’t move. You move and I’ll fry his brain…the one thing the doctor can’t replace.”

Genos stared with wide, frightened eyes as Saitama showed his own expression of fear.

“Surrender, and he lives.”

Genos would have shaken his head furiously in objection to the offer if he could move or speak but instead watched his master slowly lower his fists. Other agents quickly closed in and bound Saitama’s arms with large metal cuffs, blindfolding him and Genos before loading them into separate trucks.

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Been thinking of ways to involve the original Digidestined into the Digimon project that don’t feel… like an after-thought. It’s proving to be difficult since this is by and large an after-thought along the lines of “this might be interesting and / or make this project a bit less alienating / uninviting to people.” Thus far I’ve only been able to set up some low- / med-tier involvement for Tai, Joe, and Izzy. Thus far Tai is the designer / programmer of Wargreymon [AUGartillary.EXE] as a sort of quasi child-prodigy / wunderkind that flies in out of left-field in the biocomputer / Digimon market during an economic downturn. His sudden success provides a resentment-based secondary motive for the building of Diaboromon [DIABL0.EXE] by two basement-dwelling, student-debt-trodden programming and bio-engineering graduates. After his creation fails to defend against a data-theft / corruption raid launched by Diaboromon, he vanishes from the technological scene, leaving the original (confused and self-reprimanding) Wargreymon in the hands of investors. Joe is a medical-student-turned-anti-biocomputer-activist. Previously an owner of a retired Gomamon, he was the first to execute real-time directive and physical function rewriting in an active biocomputer. He later became a highly outspoken opposer to biocomputer technologies, went mad, torched a building full of active / live Gomamon biocomputer cellular cultures, and ended up incarcerated for acts of “ideological terrorism”. Izzy is a biocomputer maintenance expert, has a great job with a great reputation. After hours he and his colleagues take biocomputers / Digimon slated for euthanasia and component recycling and reprogram them with “hostile” or “destructive” directives and pit them against each other for show and fun, sending what’s left to technological salvation teams.

Of course, I come up with these ideas and think “this will totally be approachable to other fans” at first. Then I think about it again and realise “you know… this is probably not going to fly over that well,” and finally go “well, shit.” Oh well, I like it. The remaining Digidestined are in the air in terms of involvement roles.

On a somewhat related note here is a very fast / ugly mock-up of Kabuterimon’s proposed four-arm muscle mechanics that I drew up for a friend a few weeks back while we were discussing theoretical mechanics / behaviours of synthetic / biomechanical nano-machines in relation to the project:

The basic idea is that the upper set of arms operate as they would on any two-armed, humanoid creature / animal. The lower set would be anchored to the lower half of the rib cage, with the 5th rib serving as an immobile substitute for a clavicle. The 5th rib would have a small protrusion acting as an acromion process, with a second set of deltoids and 1/3rd of a second set of pectorals originating from it. A second pair of scapulae would attach from behind with a set of teres major / minor and a sort of additional trapezius “minor” holding them and the arms in place. Unlike the primary pair of arms, the second set cannot raise above 90 degrees, shrug nor otherwise shift backwards or forwards due to the 5th rib being immobile (this range of movement of the arm in a human being is afforded in part by the clavicle). I haven’t looked into the mechanics for the elytrons / modified third arms or actual wings / modified fourth arms yet. Whether or not this concept actually holds any water, I have no clear idea. On the surface it seems to work, however I haven’t considered the rearrangement of the abdominals or lats in the wake of popping in a new pair of arms in the middle f the torso yet. A lot of fascia is probably involved with the anchoring of these new muscles. I’ll figure it out.

The Second Trimester (1/?)

So basically, I just really miss Captain Swan and I had a hankering for some pregnant smut.  So this happened. Set sometime in the future after Emma is no longer the DO and Killian and Emma are living happily ever after!

SUMMARY: With a whole weekend to themselves, Killian and a pregnant Emma set out to try all the sex positions she finds online that are best to do during the second trimester. Basically, some Captain Swan Future Family feels and smut.

RATED: M for lots of sexy times! Like, it’s pretty much gonna be all sexy times!

Also on: FF.net

Killian was exhausted as he walked up the sidewalk to his home by the sea.  It had been a long day at the docks and his duties as Storybrooke Harbormaster had taken a toll on his 300 year old body.

The house was quiet as he stepped through the front door and removed his shoes, placing his belongings on the hook that was designated his between the one designated for Emma and the one for Henry.  He smiled to himself as he reminded himself he needed to add a fourth hook for the newest member of the Jones family that was already on his way.

He glanced around the open floor plan for any site of his wife or son.  He had been in such a daze he hadn’t even noticed if Emma’s bug was in the driveway or not.  He walked over to the kitchen and glanced at the schedule stuck to the fridge.  Henry was with Robin and Regina this weekend, so that explained the absence of one member of his family.  

“Emma?” he called out.  “Love, are you here?”

He walked back out into the entryway and up the stairs to the second floor. He walked past Henry’s room and glanced into the nursery which was currently a construction zone.  Besides three paint cans, a rocking chair, and boxes of furniture he had to put together, the room was empty.  

Heading back downstairs, he walked down the hall that led to the master suite and found the door cracked open.  

“Sweetheart, are you —“ he began as he opened the door before Emma was upon him and attacking his mouth.  It took him a second before he registered what was happening but soon enough his brain was caught up and he was kissing her back. He placed his hooked arm at her lower back to anchor himself while his right arm drifted over her skin.  Her completely bare skin.

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Mystical Love/PruSpa

Pirate Captain Antonio Fernández Carriedo was standing at the helm of his ship, La Maldita Princesa “The Cursed Princess”, The sky’s where clear and they had a srong breath on the sea, he could tell that it was going to be a good day…

around noon they dicided to lower the anchor and to throw some nets in to see if they could catch any fish to eat. sometime later then started to pull one of the nets up.

 “Captain we need help, it’s really heavy! and their struggling” Antonio smirked and ordered more men to help, himself included and they all worked to pull it up. once they got it up their were gasps all around at what they had pulled up.

“it’s a mermaid!”


You Keep the Darkness at Bay

AN: This is my first fanfiction in years. First in English. The idea came to me after watching “ Poor Unfortunate Soul” and the comeback of The Jolly Roger. I had it at the back of my head  and after season 4 finale spoilers, it just would not go away. Set after 4b finale. Partly inspired by Gabrielle Aplins song “The Power of Love”. Big Thanks to my lovely beta mama-sass, and all my lolvely ladies from CSmoms

Night is lurking through the ship’s portholes, bathing the dark captain’s quarters in its dim light. Moonbeams are kissing her bare shoulders, illuminating her hair, making the soft waves seem almost  silver. She looks like a goddess wrapped in a faded red quilt, lying peacefully on his narrow bed. Her breathing is even, angelic face relaxed and soft and for once. All her worries seem to be gone. 

He watches her, eyes full of careful wonder. He refuses to close them, like he’s sure she will disappear, if he does. So he keeps vigil, sitting in the dark of his quarters, sore back leaning against the cabin wall, long legs spread on the wooden deck, his shirt unbuttoned and hair ruffled from their previous activities.  Waves are rocking his ship. They should have lulled him back to sleep but he’s too wary of nightmares that have hunted his dreams for far too long.  He pulls his knees to his chest, rests his arms on them. His stump is hidden beneath the dark blue sleeve of his shirt, leather brace gone, laying on a shabby desk a few feet away. A stark reminder of other dark times.
He rubs his face tiredly with his good hand and rests his head against his palm.

“I can feel your thinking,” he hears her murmur.  He sits up straight and eyes her still form.  She has yet to move, her bare back still facing him. Even in the darkness he can still see that she hasn’t even opened her eyes and a soft smile dancing on her lips.

“I’m alright, love”- he answers trying to keep exhaustion form his voice ” just …” he shakes his head.

”Brooding?” she ask teasingly, sitting up and facing him, golden hair in disarray, a peace of quill held filmy to her bosom. Her eyes are a little skeptical, one eyebrow risen but that smile is still lingering on her lips. Gods – she is beautiful. She studies him for a moment. He cannot tell if she sees the circles under his eyes in the darkness surrounding them. He would not be surprised if she does, the magical being that she is.

She pats a spot next to her with her other hand, a silent request passing between them. He feels helpless against her plea, bare feet moving across the old hardwood deck. She takes his hand in hers, as he sits beside her. Their fingers intertwine as he catches himself thinking how much he had missed this simple gesture, still not believing she’s here with him.
“You know” she says looking at their joined hands ” that whole ‘open book’ thing – it works both ways.”

Blue eyes meet emerald ones. She’s smiling softly again and that makes him let out the breath he did not know he was holding. Her pale hand caresses his cheek, one long finger trailing an old scar. He leans into her touch. Porcelain skin feels warm and delicate against his scruff.  A sigh escapes his lips and it’s almost surreal, that a simple touch can chase his dark thoughts away.

“Talk to me, Killian,” she pleads, her voice eager, her other hand covers their already joined ones. 

He pauses for a moment, not ready to break the spell she has cast upon him. 

“How did you manage…” she looks at him curiously as he clenches his jaw nervously “How did you manage to make it through?” He hopes she understands what is he asking about, too afraid to voice his thoughts aloud. That she will not take his fears as proof of him doubting her. That she’ll know he is trying to learn from her strength.

“How did I manage to not to give myself into darkness?” she inquires knowingly. All he can do is nod. 

She looks thoughtful for a moment, eyes searching something far away, fingers mindlessly playing with his hand.  And he waits patiently, as always.

“It was many things, I guess,” she whispers. "What Henry would have said. That annoying optimism of my parents – it’s probably genetics,” she snarls and he finds himself chuckling a little. “The thought, that I alone am able to deicide, who I am and will be,” she continues. “I hate all that fate and destiny crap. No one decides for me but me. Look, when that had led us before,” she rolls her eyes and he starts relaxing, recognizing a well-known pattern of her behavior. She is a tough lass.

“But most of all, I had a reason not to give up…” Her hands grip the edges of his shirt, sliding down from collar to hem, with mesmerizing speed, making him catch his breath. “One I had not had before. That kept the darkness at bay.” She looks up to him, eyes shining with emotions, he is afraid to name. She eyes him, a little bit surprised, a little bit teasingly. “Don’t you know, Killian?…It’s you.”

His heart skips a beat, mouth hangs agape and for once in his life, he’s speechless. All flowery words gone, he’s gapping like a fish. A smile tags her lips once again and then he’s kissing her. Lips hungry, insistent, hand caressing her check, stump pressing her lower back. Her fingers anchor themselves in his locks as his tips her head back.  The quill falls between them. Tongues are dancing, hands tracing exposed skin. His shirt is gone, long forgotten, somewhere on the floor. Her back hits the bed, taking him with her. Lips are brushing against each other. Skin is touching skin. And they move together to the rhythm of their heartbeats.

She’s not The Savior this night. And yet she is. His Savior, his light, his happy ending.
Love is a strange and funny thing- it banishes all the darkness away, even if it’s for one night, one moment in time only. But then again- maybe it could be forever…

on a ship

captain: lower the anchor and get the rope

crewmember: are you a larrie

captain, under his breath: i’ll make this feel like home

crewmember: what

captain: what