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Stade in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Northern Germany, is part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. It was first mentioned in a document from 994. It’s located on the lower Elbe river and the German Timber-Frame Road. The first human settlers came to the area in 30,000 BC. In medieval times (13th-17th century), Stade was a prominent member of the Hanseatic League, but was later eclipsed by Hamburg. Over the centuries, It has been under Swedish, Danish, and German rule. In past decades, Stade has economically benefited from the presence of the chemical and aerospace industry at the Elbe river, most notably Dow Chemical and Airbus. Also by the Elbe at Stade is the decommissioned Nuclear Power Plant, which was connected to the power grid from 1972 to 2003. By the time the plant was brought offline, it was Germany’s second-oldest reactor. Following Germany’s 2002 decision to phase out nuclear power generation, Stade was the first plant to be affected. The process of dismantling the facility was to be completed by 2015.

Lower Road

There is freedom when the road is wide
Pros and cons on either side
Different ways to travel by
When one is low, and one is high

The higher one is sure, but slower
So many choose to take the lower
Though its rails are burnt with rust
And travelers are choked with dust

Those on that way, blinded by ease
Will breathe it as a fragrant breeze
Still laugh and chatter, for they don’t know
The secret of that lower road

Though those above seem heavy hearted
They were ahead before they started
For the low road dangers comfort has hid
So its takers never reach the end



Lower Dens’ Singer Jana Hunter on the ‘Elation and Exhaustion’ of Touring

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This year, Baltimore-based quartet Lower Dens (@lowerdens) has been playing some of the most intense concerts of its career.

“People at the shows seem as invested as we are,” says lead singer Jana Hunter. “And when you have a performer and an audience come together like that, with an intention to have a transformative experience, those shows for me in my life have been rare.”

She and the group are currently in a car on their way to Delaware for their next high-energy gig before heading off to a festival where ‘90s rapper MC Lyte is set to headline. Jana is discussing the brutal nature of being on the road in the first place. Part of that comes with going full-throttle every night on stage, a decision that sprouted from the “elation and exhaustion” she experienced while writing and recording the band’s latest record, Escape From Evil.

“We are trying to put everything we can into these shows,” say Jana. “Also, there is a certain amount of receiving energy from the crowds. And I don’t even mean vibes, I mean people coming up after the show and cheering or just being excited. We try to remain as open to that as possible. It’s just a really wonderful and privileged experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Well, she might trade it to spend some time with her beloved cat Mordack, who is currently sitting at home waiting for his mom to return. On the plus side, no animal on the road means more time for Jana to focus on the work. Speaking of, what’s the trick to putting up that much energy every evening for months straight and still having enough juice to move onto the next day and do it all again?

“None of us party, so to speak,” says Jana. “There are a couple of people who will have a beer or a joint, but for the most part we don’t. We take care of ourselves physically, we drink a lot of coffee. I think that you find psychological ways of tricking yourself into making it new.”

So far, the tricks seem to be working.

— Instagram @music



Corporations aren’t people, despite what the Supreme Court says, and they don’t need or deserve handouts. 

When corporations get special handouts from the government – subsidies and tax breaks – it costs you. It means you have to pay more in taxes to make up for these hidden expenses. And government has less money for good schools and roads, Medicare and national defense, and everything else you need.

You might call these special corporate handouts “corporate welfare,” but at least welfare goes to real people in need. In the big picture, corporate handouts are costing tens of billions of dollars a year. Some estimates put it over $100 billion – which means it’s costing you money that would otherwise go to better schools or roads, or lower taxes.

Conservatives have made a game of obscuring where federal spending actually goes. In reality, only about 12 percent of federal spending goes to individuals and families, most in dire need. An increasing portion goes to corporate welfare.

Other examples: The oil, gas, and coal industries get billions in their own special tax breaks. Big Agribusiness gets farm subsides. Big Pharma gets their own subsidy in the form of a ban on government using its bargaining power under Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. And hedge-fund and private-equity managers get a special tax loophole that treats their income as capital gains, at a lower tax rate than ordinary income.

The real issue isn’t the government’s size. It’s whom government is for. Much of government is no longer working for the vast majority it’s intended to serve. If government were responding to the public’s interest instead of the moneyed interests, it would be providing more support for communities, families, and individuals who need it the most.

There’s no reason any corporations should be on the dole, or that your hard-earned dollars should be going to them for no reason but their political clout.

So we have to demand an end to corporate welfare. No more handouts to particular corporations and industries simply because they’re big enough and powerful enough to get them. No more specialized tax breaks. No more exemptions or special treatment. No more crony capitalism.

Want to end corporate welfare? Watch my latest video now, and share it with your friends.


1965 - 2015: 50 Jahre Europa-Center, Charlottenburg


Europa-Center, (West-) Berlin’s oldest shopping mall celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015

Europa-Center bei Nacht, um 1970
Europa-Center at night, ca. 1970

Alte Brücke zum Europa-Center, 1965 (heute befindet sie sich in Staaken und führt über die Heerstraße zum Hahneberg)
Now demolished bridge towards Europa-Center, 1965 (today that bridge is located in Staaken crossing the Heerstrasse)

Sauna-Landschaft auf dem Parkdach im Bau, ca. 1964
building the sauna spa on the top of the parking deck, ca. 1964

Baustelle Europa-Center, ca. 1964
building site, ca. 1964

Schwer angesagt, aber hoppla! Schlittschuhlauf im Shoppingcenter. Von 1965 bis 1979 gab es die 1000 Quadratmeter große Eisbahn.
Ice-skating at the shopping mall, possible from 1965 to 1979, ice rink dimension: 1,000 sqm

Europa-Center, 1966

Unten im Bild ist gut die “Spange” zu sehen, die Straße zwischen Budapester und Ku'damm, die einst über den Breitscheidplatz führte. The “Spange” at lower center, this road connected Budapester Strasse and Kurfurstendamm by leading across the Breitscheidplatz

this was made 2 months ago, this is how i interpreted  sabi’s nexus (or at least 1 version of it) In the middle of the crossroads is a large dent which is a few inches lower than the roads, the cracks on floor glows a dim pale blue light and the light fades as you travel further the road, I also planned to add some mist now that i think about it

I wanted to make the other versions too but this kinda sucked so i gave up


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