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Just imagine jeep sex w shawn like 😩


Look what you made me do…

You were singing along loudly to the radio, swaying your head and looking out the window on the street passing you by. You had graciously been allowed to drive Shawn’s jeep to the airport to pick him up, but the moment the two of you had gotten anywhere near the car, Shawn’s love for his precious jeep took over and once again you were banned to the passenger seat.

You didn’t mind much, to be fair. The only advantage Shawn had by always being the one driving, was that he got to pick the music, but you could live that.

At least this time, he wasn’t blasting his out voice out of the stereo just to annoy you. This time Ed Sheeran’s voice consumed the car.

You tilted your head to the left, catching Shawn’s gaze sticking at you. He smiled widely when he caught your gaze as well.

“Eyes on the road, Mendes!” You hissed at him, but it just made him laugh.

That little crocket smile, you loved so deeply, painted itself on his lips and he was giving you a teasing glance. Aww, your little baby was a bit needy. You grabbed around his chin with your thumb, pushing his face towards the road.

“I said, eyes on the road” You spoke once again, raising your eyebrow at him. Shawn leaned a little further towards you, licking his soft lips slowly.

“I like this view better” he rasped. His voice sounded sore, but the darkness made it even sexier than usually.

“I’m serious… You can drive and snapchat and risk your life on your own, but when I’m in the car? Hell no! Eyes on the road, Mendes” You teased him, letting your thumb caress his chin as you once again pushed his head to the side, forcing him to look out on the road ahead of you.

You watched as Shawn’s smug grew, but he decided to keep his eyes on the road this time. Playfully though, his mouth grabbed your thumb and he bit you harshly.

“Hey!” whined at him, but you only made it worse.

A massive smirk appeared on Shawn’s face and you were certain his eyes were shining.

“Trust me, babe. I can do a lot more than just biting you” Shawn rasped.

He shortly let his eyes fall on you, but then he looked back at the road. You felt the heat rush to your face as you twisted in the leather seat by his words.

“Like what?” you dared him, feeling your cheeks blush massively.

Why did this even make you shy? It wasn’t like Shawn had never talked dirty to you before. Actually, late night calls with Shawn usually consisted of dirty talk.

Shawn turned left on the road and continued driving back home, but he couldn’t help but let out a heavy breath.

“Oh darling, I’ve been gone for so long this time, you can’t even imagine what I’m going to do to you”

“Tell me” you whispered with the heat rushing around your body, leaving your skin tickly.

“Just as eager as me, huh?” Shawn laughed, once again looking at you shortly.

“Aww, and you’re blushing as well” he teased you. You rolled your eyes at him, pushing his face back towards the road.

“Someone needs to teach you how to drive properly” you mocked back.

“Have we ever been in an accident or even close to it?”

“Well no…”

“Then stop complaining about my driving” He yelled.

He wasn’t mad, he was just joking with you. You leaned across your seat and closer to Shawn, almost letting your lips brush against his ear gently, taking a deep breath.

“I’m just keeping you safe, baby. That’s all” you whispered playfully.

You felt every fibre in Shawn’s body tighten and his muscles sudden tense feeling. Oh yeah, you were driving him crazy right now. Shawn’s grip around the steering wheel strengthen and his hands were rubbing it harshly.

“I wish you’d rub me like that” You whispered into his ear once again. You were messing with his mind and you fucking loved it.

You watched as the chills spread across Shawn’s body and how his mouth was suddenly gaping wiped open as he forced in air. Shawn swallowed heavily, letting his gaze catch you from the corner of his eyes.

You bit your lip the moment he turned to look at you, before licking them slowly. Shawn’s eyes were wide open and had a darken tone to them.

“It’s not fair. Stop it” he whispered back at you.

“Stop what?” you asked, innocently.

Quickly, Shawn leaned in and placed a damp kiss on your lips, before pulled back and was focusing on the road again.

“You know what, the teasing”

“Shawn-“ you said defensively, covering your mouth with you hand. “I would never”

“Liar” he laughed back at you.

“We’re home soon” you said, but it was more like a promise.

You let your hand disappear into Shawn’s hair, rubbing his head gently. Suddenly, Shawn made a harsh turn. A turn he wasn’t supposed to take, if he wanted to end up at home.

“Well, soon isn’t fast enough” he breathed heavily.

“What are you doing?” you laughed, looking at him confused.

Shawn made another turn and suddenly he pulled the car up in a empty parking lot near a small supermarket. Before you could react, Shawn had grabbed roughly around your neck and pulled you into his welcoming lips.

His move forced all the air out of your lungs. His tongue spread your lips and slit into your mouth. Only half a second later, you tasted that mix of mint and sweet mango only Shawn tasted like.

Shawn unbuckled your seatbelt quickly, before pulling you across the car and over to sit on his lap. You immediately felt the big bugle between Shawn’s legs, pressing hardly against you.

Shawn grabbed your ass roughly, almost making you moan against his wet lips. You pulled out of the kiss, staring surprisingly at him.

“Shawn, here? We might get caught” you gasped, completely out of breath.

“I swear to you, I don’t fucking care. I’m so hard for you, right now” Shawn’s voice sounded so desperate in this moment.

You let your eyes stick at him for a bit. The heat had rushed to his face, making his cheeks red and his entire face damp. His lips were trembling and he was… well, very hard.

Shawn needed this; right here, right now, in the car. Your mother always told you that those teenage years was made for living a little dangerously, so you figured that maybe she was right.

Shawn looked at you, wanting impatiently for a reaction, actually more like begging for one. It was like his eyes screamed please touch me.

You licked your lip, unbuckling his seatbelt as well. A broad smug spread on his face, but you just rolled your eyes at him. When you thought about it, Shawn had mentioned car sex several times before.

Only seconds after, Shawn’s hands were now greedily placed on your body again, exploring all the places he’d missed for so long. You rubbed yourself against Shawn, feeling his length grow even bigger and even harder through his black jeans.

Shawn’s hand grab around your ponytail, pulling it back roughly so his tongue was able to lick along your bare neck.

You struggled to unbutton his pants for a bit, but to your defence, Shawn’s hands caressing all the right places on your body, made it very hard to function properly. You finally managed to undo them and pulled down his pants a little. It was impossible to take his clothes off in the car, so it would have to do.

Shawn pushed up your dress and gripped around the hem of your panties. Slowly, his fingers ran down your thighs, leaving goose bumps all over your skin. When the panties made it down to your ankles, Shawn grabbed around your hips, helping you to push yourself down his massive length.

You had to support your balance by placing a hand on the roof of the jeep, while feeling Shawn glide even further into you.

Whenever Shawn and you hadn’t had sex in a while, he always seemed much thicker than you really remembered him.

You pushed Shawn further down his car seat as you started riding him roughly. Quiet moans escaped Shawn’s trembling lips and he threw his head back in pure please.

“Fuck” he breathed, once again grabbing around your hips.

His big and strong hands pushed you to move even faster and even harder down against him. Biting your lip, you were able to strangle the otherwise loud whimpers that would have slipped out of your mouth.

You back felt a pain from the steering wheel brushing against your skin, but the pleasure from feeling Shawn so deep inside you covered it up.

Shawn’s thumb ran across your quivering lips and you grabbed for it and started sucking it hard. Your gaze caught Shawn and you couldn’t help but let out a small smile. The pleasure was rushing in over him, leaving him completely consumed by your bodies greedily meeting each other’s.

His dark, curly hair had become all sweaty and sticky and he was struggling to regain control over his breath. His big hands ran down your back, before his nails were digging into your bare thighs, leaving red marks afterwards.

Your mouth found his damp neck and your tongue left a trail from the skin on his neck, to his soft lips. Shawn pushed his lower body up to meet your thrust, which made you bite his lip harshly from the bliss consuming you.

“Holy fuck” Shawn moaned against your skin.

You couldn’t get any words out of your lips, but your screaming certainly assured him you felt the same way. Shawn’s thumb pushed up your chin so he could look at you.

“Kiss me while I cum” he begged, sending you a tiny smile.

Your hands disappeared into his sticky hair and you closed the gap between your craving lips. You rode Shawn harder and he pushed himself up to meet your welcoming and wet body and he thrusted himself further into you, than he had ever been before.

You both reached your breaking point and it collided in a massive scream from the both of you as Shawn exploded inside of you.

Still sitting on Shawn’s lap, you collapsed into his chest. Shawn’s heart was pounding and his chest was burning warm. He lovingly kissed the top of your head, as you rested it against his collarbone. Shawn’s hands wrapped around you and he hugged you tightly.

You were both trying to regain some sort of strength, but this sex had been too good to recover from in the matter of seconds.

“We so need to have car sex more often” Shawn laughed, once again kissing the top of your hair.

You looked up and met his wide childish smile, rolling your eyes at him. He leaned down and kissed your nose tip gently.

“Yeah, we definitely do” you laughed back, cuddling yourself further into Shawn’s chest.

“Another reason to just love this jeep” he said, smiling widely. 

Isaac Lahey- Amnesia


Also, correct me if I’m wrong on any of the facts. I really need to rewatch Teen Wolf.

Anonymous said:
Hello! Could I request a reader x Isaac? Like where Isaac has had an accident and the reader finds him unconscious on the road during a storm so she takes him to her place to patch him up. He has temporarily lost his memory and they fall in love while she cares for him but when he gets his memory back, she is scared that he’ll leave her behind. Thank you so much!!

Okay, so I didn’t exactly follow along perfectly because I was writing and then I got excited and forgot about the request so here we are XD I hope you enjoy,

Word Count: around 3k

I enjoyed making this. I hope you enjoy reading it <3


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This Body Will Be The Death of Me

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

Warning(s): Smut, vaginal sex, and anal fingering.

Note: I am so sorry I have not posted an imagine, just I was having major writers block. Also find it on my Ao3.

Requested by @darkhairedmermaid:” Hey! Could you write an imagine with Ivar, please? The reader is plus-sized and he’s really sexually attracted to her? Only if you want, of course. :).”

You have been a slave to the Lothbrok royal family since you were a young girl, your mother gave birth to you while being their slave. When your mother had given birth to you, she had died during. The Queen had decided that when you were to reach the age where you can speak and understand and work, you would become their slave. At first you thought you would be a general slave for them, but in reality Queen Aslaug had given you to her son Ivar. Thus meaning since you were young you have followed the Prince around doing whatever he might need. You do not see an issue with this, the only problem is; Ivar often jokes about your body. Even though slaves are not given much food, your body is still curvy and soft. Ivar uses this when he is angry, let it be at you or someone else that made him angry.

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Lessons to be Learned 2

Oh jeez. I wrote the first two chapters to a new series in one day and I’m so thankful that @alexispoo gave me the idea to this and other future series. So here is Chapter two. Enjoy. Chapter One HERE

Summary: Being in detention isn’t what the reader thought it would be. The situation only gets more intense when Principal AJ interrupts Mr. Ambrose’s lesson.

Tag List:
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i hate you

→scenario: You and Jungkook have always been rivals, but there seems to have been some unknown sexual tension there as well.

→genre: smut/fluff

→word count: 2,740

→a/n: i wrote this after i read that jungkook’s ideal type must be at least 168 cm, and i was upset because I’m no where near that height LOL. but this was the first bts smut I’ve written, so please enjoy!

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One Last Time (Smut)


Requested. Piano sex. Not sure how I feel about this, might delete it again.

Word count: 2,605

One Last Time (Smut)

You were pulled out of your blurry sleep, when the small yet beautiful tones from the piano in the living room rung in your ears. Pushing yourself up with your elbows, you gazed over at your phone on the bedside table.

4 am.

He was home again. It wasn’t that you expected Shawn to be lying next to you, honestly, you didn’t think he’d come back tonight.

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Only Cause I Care (Jooheon)

Warnings: Finally the Jooheon smut has arrived!! Very rough, jealous Jooheon. smut so like… prepare yourself. Smutty stuff does occur. There’s also a bit of spanking. Multiple orgasms but no over-stimulation.


Jooheon always loves to add a sense of normalcy to your relationship. He could only imagine how hard it is dating an idol. Busy schedules and constant traveling made seeing one another a rare occasion. Not being able to tell the public about your relationship also seemed to put a strain on things. But any free time he gets permitted is spent by your side, and while dates where his face is covered by a mask and his eyes are almost completely shielded by a low brim hat aren’t your exact idea of romantic… he somehow makes them fun.

You both knew the sub-par disguise wouldn’t work for long. And on your impromptu date to the mall Jooheon had been caught by a few monbebes while you had went to the restroom.

Knowing that a situation you would rather avoid would happen if you made your way over, you discreetly made eye contact with your boyfriend before signaling that you’d be in the coffee shop near by. He nods in understanding before politely shushing the screeching girls, trying to keep the group of 5 at 5 and only 5.

You smiled as you watched from the window of the coffee shop. Seeing Jooheon be so warm and compassionate to other women would make any other girl jealous, but honestly it was what attracted you to him in the first place. You always did have a thing for the sweethearts

“Is this seat taken?” A stranger asks, and sits down before you have the chance to reply.

You look around and see the coffee shop has become quite packed, so you write it off as someone just looking to sit down while the wait for their order. You turn to see a man, who seems to be around your age. Your eyes meet so you give a polite smile of acknowledgment before turning to watch your boyfriend once again.

“Is that an idol?” The same voice asks.

You answer yes, not bothering to turn around.

“You must be a fan.” He says.

You chuckle, “Oh yeah. Probably the biggest fan of all.”

“So why aren’t you over there flirting? I’m sure a pretty girl like yourself would catch his attention.” The man compliments.

You finally turn to face him. “Uhm… thanks. I don’t really need it though. I’m fine just watching.”

“Ahh that’s rare. Most girls go cray over the attention of idols.”

You shrug and turn to see that both Jooheon and the crowd are gone. Weird. It was 2 minutes tops since you’d even turned your head. Just then you phone dings. Jooheon’s name lights up your phone, along with a message preview.

Joo-honey: “Heading to your place. Meet me there once you’re done flirting.”


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Settled Down

Hello everyone! A big thank you to @cercandotiaffogo for requesting this! I hope you like it. 

This One Shot is about Harry entrusting Y/N with the first draft of the ‘Another Man’ article, in which he happens to talk about her as well. 

Warnings: It may hint on some bedroom activities but there is no smut. 

Picture is not mine but oh do I wish it were. 

My eyes squeezed shut in order to block out the rays of sunlight coming in through the thin curtains, leaving warm patterns against my skin. A smile pulled at the corners of my mouth when I sensed the presence of another person in the room and happiness spread through every fiber of my body, as I knew precisely who it was.


Warm hands settled to rest on my ribcage, holding my body still as he moved his own to rest on top of mine. I suppressed a groan upon bearing his weight and instead sighed happily when his lips began leaving gentle kisses down my neck to my collarbones. I gasped upon feeling he was in fact, still naked just as I was and felt overwhelmed with delight due to how comfortable the two of us had gotten to be with each other. His thumbs moved in caressing, circular motions over my naked skin and his soft hair tickled my cheek as its strands brushed it. All in all, I couldn’t imagine a moment I ever felt any happier than I did now. Naked in Harry’s bed with him on top in an intimate, yet non-sexual way.

“Wanna see your eyes,” Harry hummed, his voice heavy with emotion.

His head lowered once more as he let his lips nip and kiss the curve below my breast, his face breaking into a smile once after receiving a particular loud gasp when his nose brushed against the sensitive skin.

“Impossible,” I croaked out, my voice barely above a whisper as I was still sleepy, “Your head is too far down from where my face is.”

“Hm,” Harry agreed and squeezed me softly where his hands still held my waist, while pressing his chest down on my lower stomach, “I can always go a bit further down if you want, love.”

I giggled at his teasing words and secured a hand at the back of his neck, my fingers curling to hold on to his soft hair, keeping him from moving lower and make true of his thread.

Harry noticed my action and whined, though I knew he loved it when I took hold of his soft hair just as much as I loved doing it.

“Do you not want me to?”

I shook my head and tried to pull him up, still refusing to open my eyes.

“Want you to kiss me properly,” I whispered.

He hummed in response, yet didn’t move.


A laugh fell from my lips when he didn’t budge. Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I spread my legs wide enough to wrap them around his hips.

“Woah,” Harry laughed when I lifted my lower-half up to push and force him up my body. I whined at the strength it cost me, yet it worked and I could nudge him up to come closer to my face, something that wouldn’t have worked without him complying. He appeared to like my sudden demanding side and leaned in to rest his cheek pressed against my own, the gesture almost more intimate than him kissing my breasts. I hummed and moved my arms to rest them around his bare shoulders, keeping him close and pressed against my body.

“Good morning, darling,” I breathed against his shoulder.

I felt overwhelmed by his sent, warmth and presence, yet in the best way possible. Harry moved his hands from my ribs to my shoulder blades and I whined at the tickling sensation, my stomach jumping and clenching, as hundreds of butterflies flew and went wild still whenever I got to be alone with Harry. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to my jaw, allowing his lips to linger.

“Mornin’ baby. Sleep well?”

I nodded and sighed. “Very.”

“M'glad,” Harry hummed, “still wanna see your pretty eyes though.”

I shook my head, accidentally knocking my head against his temple with the movement. He made a noise of complaint so I quickly pressed a soothing kiss to the sore skin to ease his whining.

“Harsh,” Harry grumbled, “There’s no need to beat me up, love. Just wanted to show you something s'all.”

“I’m sorry, my baby,” I apologized, eased by the feeling of him kissing my neck softly, so I knew he couldn’t be too grumpy. “What was it you wanted to show me?”

Harry huffed and rolled off of me to rest by my side, leaving one arm slung over my stomach and my legs intwined with his. A smile spread widely on his face when I opened my eyes to peer at him, his lovely face flushed and rosy as his head rested on the pillow.

“Something came in the post today,” he said, leaning into my touch when I rested my hand against his cheek. His eyes sparkled and his brows were raised. “The script of the magazine they wanted to have me in. I’ve told you about, remember?”

“‘Course I do,” I hummed and scratched his skin gently, “You were so excited. The release of that magazine s'gonna shake the internet the second it’s published, I hope you know that.”

“Well, that’s what I was going for, love,” Harry laughed, “Anyway, that came in today. And I was wondering if you’d mind going through them for me before I send them back to let them be published. It’d be really helpful to have a second opinion and yours is one I can count on.”

He bit his full bottom lip as he waited for my answer.

“Sure,” I agreed, happy he trusted me and my judgement enough to read something as intimate and personal as his Another Man interview before anyone else did.

“Great.” He smiled and moved to push himself away from me, rolled over and got up, a movement that was quickly followed by my whine.


He turned back to look at me, unfazed by my wandering eyes, trailing down from his chest to his boxer covered hips and thighs.

“What’s it now?”

“You didn’t kiss me,” I pouted, sitting up and adjusting the sheets so it covered my naked chest.

Harry chuckled and my heart danced when he came crawling back onto the bed. A lump rose in my throat when I noticed how his muscles popped out when he rested his weight on his tattooed arms. Harry had gotten so much stronger over the many months of shooting his movie and though I sometimes missed the former softness his hips had held, the hardness of his torso was something I couldn’t get enough of.

“I love you,” he murmured.

Harry’s face had gotten so close he could nudge my nose with his. My stomach jumped and I reached up, holding him by his jaw. “I love you, too, Harry. So much”

His green eyes bore into mine with so much emotion in them, my mouth went dry. His features looked so soft and the fact that he was still half naked had me incredibly distracted. My eyes kept falling down to his bare stomach, before raising to meet his eyes, my cheeks red in embarrassment. Harry chuckled.

“Let me give you a proper hello, yeah?”

Before I could answer, his lips were pressed to mine, knocking the breath out of me. He groaned into my mouth upon hearing my low moan and leaned in further, resting both hands on my thighs, holding and squeezing them. I let him move his lips against mine and enjoyed the feeling for as long as he let me, my head dizzy and my limps like jelly. He drove me crazy.
A shriek escaped me when his hand pulled at the sheet which I still clutched to my chest tightly, covering me.

“I don’t think you need this,” Harry whispered, before his teeth teasingly pulled at my bottom lip.
I shook my head and leaned in to kiss him again. We continued to move our lips together, yet I continued to refuse to let go of the material, even though his forceful pulls increased.

“Stop it,” I whispered, “I do need this.”

Harry whined, but let go of the sheet and instead took hold of my hand. His fingers entwined with mine and I gasped when his chest pressed to mine, pushing me back on the mattress. He hovered over me as we kissed some more before he pulled away, allowing his lips to brush over mine a few times.

“I’ll go fetch us breakfast,” he announced and began crawling off the bed again, “How do waffles sound to you?”

“With berries?” I asked, still laying on my back. My eyes followed his movements as he got to his feet.

“'Course with berries.”

“And whipped cream?” I wondered.

Harry chuckled and reached down to take hold of the sheet once more.

“Anything you want, my love,” he promised, “but first: this really needs to go.”

I shrieked when he pulled forcefully and laughed when the material slipped from my body.


“You don’t have to if you don’t want,” Harry muttered as he hesitantly handed me the copy of the script.

His sudden self-consciousness made me smile a little, as well as ache. He was so confident and proud all the time, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about him sometimes getting insecure when it came to being open in front of me. I did understand it though.
I was his weakness, just like he was mine. The other’s opinion simply mattered much more, especially since nowadays almost every decision one of us made involved the other as well.

“I want to,” I assured and took the papers from his grasp.

Harry whined but let me take them before crossing his arms over his chest, which was covered by the flowery shirt he had made me iron for him only yesterday.

“M'not gonna fix those wrinkles this time, Styles,” I mumbled, nodding to his torso.

Harry looked down and quickly let his arms fall to his sides. “Stop nagging and get to it.”

I rolled my eyes, yet bit back a remark and turned to look back at the article in my hand.
My heart skipped as I read the title, his name printed in big letters. The papers didn’t include any of the pictures yet, as it was solely about the text. I doubted Harry would’ve let me see the script had it included the selection of pictures he’d chosen, as he’d said he wanted them to be a surprise. My skin prickled when I opened the bundle of papers on the front page, the white sheet covered with his words printed in black. I let my finger trace one of the sentences, finding it incredible how he’d gotten the chance to share his thoughts so detailed and authentic.
When I looked up from the first paragraph, I found him still standing in front of me, his eyes set on my face as he awaited my reaction. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

“Stop staring like that. It’s irritating.”

“But I wanna know how you feel about it.” Harry argued.

I shook my head and raised one hand to push him back by his shoulder, huffing when he didn’t move as if my effort did nothing to him.

“Go watch some TV or something and I’ll find you when I’m done.”

“But,” Harry began, “wanna see your face while you read.”

“No, Harry. You’re making this feel very uncomfortable and suffocating.”

He huffed and sent me one last pleading look, pushing his plumb bottom lip forward into a pout, before he gave up and turned around, making his way to the living room. I giggled at his silly behavior as I filled myself a glass of juice and quickly decided that it was probably the best if I locked myself into our bedroom, in case he changed his mind.
Once I was settled on our bed with my legs crossed and the draft of the magazine in my lap, I relaxed. Excitement danced at the bottom of my stomach as I prepared myself for reading thoughts Harry most likely hadn’t shared with me before. I took a deep breath and started to read, finding quite quickly that once I’d started I could not take my eyes off. My fingers flipped over page after page, following the lines on the paper that were Harry’s words.
He was so captivating and had me falling in love with him all over again with every page I finished. The brilliance of his mind was something that surprised me still, no matter how long I had known him for.
It was when I reached the second to last page when my body tensed up. Throughout the entire interview, Harry had spoken about his background, future plans, his music and other projects he had in mind. Not once had he mentioned me, which hadn’t been a surprise. Harry and I had decided to keep our relationship as much out of the spotlight as his life allowed it, so usually he didn’t mention me during things like this at all.
This time however, he had, in an article with the name “Settled Down”.

I: So Harry, as we understand you are currently in a rather committed relationship.

H: It’s pretty serious, I’d say.

I: You got engaged, recently, haven’t you?

H: We have, yes.

I: Was that a difficult decision to make? Getting engaged usually counts as a pretty big step.

H: No, not at all. I think Y/N and I have spoken about getting each other rings quite early on in the relationship. We somehow new right from the start that we were 'it’ for each other, so to speak. And, yeah (…) I suppose once you’re sure that you’ve found the right person to have by your side for the rest of your life, the 'letting the other know and making it official’ part comes naturally.

I: Awe, well that’s really sweet.

H: Thank you.

I: How come the two of you waited for so many years to take the step, then?  If you knew so early that it would eventually happen.

H: I suppose it was my fault, to be honest. My job kept me busy and in different locations than she was a lot of the time. And (…) you know, we knew we’d want to properly celebrate the decision of getting married. 'Cause that’s what you do, right?

I: Oh, I wouldn’t know. I am still on the marked.

H: Oh, well, I’ve been told that’s what one normally does.

I: I’m pretty sure it is. Anyhow, you were saying?

H: Right, we wanted to celebrate our engagement and preferably not in a rented hotel room or, you know, on an airplane or, god forbid, over the phone. So it really only made sense to wait until our lives allowed us some quiet time with no expiration date. It was important to us to make it feel right and relaxed. Even if it meant postponing for a bit.

I: Wasn’t she getting impatient? Four years of waiting is quite a long time.

H: Y/N is a very patient person, thank god. And she wanted it to be special, too, so she didn’t mind waiting too much. I hope. Maybe she just hasn’t told me!

I: Well, let’s hope she’s as fine with it as you believe her to be! Congratulation to you both.

H: Thank you, Susan!

I: You haven’t set a date, though, have you?

H: No, we haven’t yet. We’re really enjoying each other’s company at the moment, spending a lot of time together and stuff. Y/N and I are quite happy the way things are.

I: Of course. Being engaged is fun. Why put an end to it so soon when there’s so much time to get married later on, right?

H: Absolutely.

I: So, you’d say you’re at a great point of your life right now?

H: The best, honestly. I get to make new experiences at the moment which is very enriching. My family is well and healthy. I get to see Y/N a lot, which always makes me happy. So yeah, everything is good.

I: That’s great!

H: And of course this magazine is coming up which will be out on the 29th of September. 

I: So subtle, Harry.

H: I try.

My cheeks actually hurt from smiling so widely and my heart raced. It was simple, it was honest, it was Harry. He didn’t share too much private information about our relationship, yet said just the right things to describe how happy we were.
The few tears that had slipped onto my cheeks had turned into more and before I knew it I was pushing the papers from my legs and hurried out of the room. My feet made a loud noise as I stumbled down the stairs and into our living room where my future husband sat, his elbows resting on his knees as he concentrated on what was being played on the telly.
However, alarmed by the sobbing noises I was making, he shot up from his seating position and to his feet just in time to catch me as I threw myself at him. My hands clutched at his shoulders before I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Baby,” Harry gasped, pressing his hands to my back. “What’s the matter?”

I shook my head, burying my face into his neck and letting my tears spill onto the bare skin of his collarbones. Unfazed by the wetness trickling down to and ruining his shirt he hoisted me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist.

“L-lov-” I gasped, trying to get out the sentence. “Harry-”

“Calm down, darling,” Harry soothed, his hold on me tightening with every shaking motion of my shoulder, “deep breaths. What’s wrong?”

“Love you,” I whined, “so, so much, Harry.”

“That’s what this is about?” Harry laughed, all the worry falling from him as his shoulders seemingly relaxed. He pecked the top of my head when my crying increased.

I was a rather emotional person and it usually didn’t take much for me to have tears spill over. However, Harry hadn’t ever seen me cry out of happiness before. I hadn’t even shed a tear when he’d asked me to marry him, though that was only due to his proposal being completely spontaneous and while we were making dinner together. He’d later on joked he hadn’t organized anything on purpose, so that I wouldn’t embarrass myself by wailing in front of him.

“Harry,” I cried and tightened my hold on him.

“Oh, sweetheart.”

Harry shook his head and carried me to the couch where he sat down so I could cuddle into his chest whilst sitting in his lap.

“I didn’t think it was that bad,” he spoke quietly but started laughing when I made noises of protest. “What was that?”

“It wasn’t bad!” I cried, “Not at all, Harry. So Amazing.”

“You really think so?”

I shuddered at the softness in his tone, it becoming apparent that he was sincerely worried I may not have liked what he’d spoken about. My legs unhooked from around his waist and I pushed myself back so I could sit a little further back on his legs. Harry smiled when I rested my hands against his cheeks, holding his face in place. My eyes locked with his green ones before I leaned in and pressed a kiss to his pink lips. A small moan escaped Harry’s throat when my tongue invaded his mouth before he could react properly and I responded by moving my hips against his.

“Y/N,” he groaned and settled both hands on my hips, trying to hold me still.

I whined when his head moved back in an attempt at disconnecting our lips, so I held his face tighter and leaned further in, keeping my lips attached to his. Harry laughed and accepted my needy kisses some longer, before I finally let him go again. I grinned at how pink his lips had gotten and how his short brown hair stuck out into every direction, making him look both, incredibly handsome and funny.

“It was so good!” I promised, my voice less frantic, now that I had somehow showed him how I felt.

Harry smiled softly and pecked my nose. “Meant every word, darling.”

“I could tell,” I hummed and moved my fingers to the top button of his shirt.

Harry grinned, but didn’t comment when I slowly began to unbutton it. My eyes were set on his chest as I pushed my hand underneath the material to rest against his warm skin, my thumb drawing circles right below one of the swallows covering his chest.

“Like how you didn’t say too much, but enough to really give them a picture of how happy we are right now.”  

“Because we are,” Harry agreed.

I nodded and leaned in to kiss his jaw. “I’m glad your fans will now rest assured that I’m taking good care of you.”

Harry groaned under my touch and tightened his grip, his own fingers finding their way beneath my shirt.

“That you do,” Harry gasped, “Though, that kiss you just attacked me with must’ve been the most snotty kiss you’ve ever given me.

"Way to ruin a moment. Thanks, Harry.”

Hope you enjoyed this! I’m personally very happy with it. 
Should you have any feed back, I’d be happy to receive it. And if you’d like to leave your own request, please do! 

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Hey, It’s Obvious

Best friends Dean and Cas drink a little too much and accidentally end up in bed together.

Neither of them had really expected to wake up, naked, wrapped in each other’s arms, to say the least. But that was apparently what the morning had in store for them, whether they wanted it or not.

“Dean,” Cas was blinking, his head throbbing some as a result of their late night drinking previously. “Dean, wake up.” He tapped the other man on the back, who was sprawled out on top of him, Cas’s legs still swathed around his lower half.

“Hm, what?” Dean started, head leaning up slightly as he scrunched his nose against the daylight streaming in through their apartment windows. “Wha-time-is-it?”

“I don’t know,” Cas had closed his eyes again, yawning as he laid his arm across his eyes, shielding them as best he could. “You need to get off me though, my leg’s asleep.” A command that, really, wasn’t so unheard of between them. Just, usually, they still had clothes on, and weren’t sticky from whatever “activities” they’d partaken in prior.

Because – despite having been friends since high school – Dean and Cas had never slept together before. They were best friends, when it came down to it, and whether there’d been attraction between them or not, it’d always been pushed to the wayside by other things. By Dean’s parents’ divorce, or Cas’s mom getting cancer, and then recovering from said cancer. Or Cas going to England for study abroad. Sure they were roommates, but college life had always been hectic, demanding of things they’d always claimed were more important.

Then they’d graduated. They’d gone out to dinner with their families, and then come back home having drunk a little too much. They’d decided to watch some Doctor Sexy, which had apparently led to Dean with his head in Cas’s lap, and Cas with his hands in Dean’s hair. And then kissing, and making out, and stripping, and, well, words weren’t really necessary for the rest.

“Oh…” Dean said groggily, finally managing to glance down at Cas’s bare chest beneath him. His eyes then travelled lower as he pushed himself up, that green narrowing near their middles before he squinted back up at Cas. “We’re naked.”

“Yes, thank you,” Cas said rather curtly, resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “Now, will you please get up? I can’t feel my leg.”

“Yeah, sure.” It was Dean’s turn to yawn as he slowly pushed himself into sitting. He didn’t bother hiding how his eyes travelled down between his best friend’s legs, or how a somewhat approving smile pulled at the corners of his lips.

Cas tightened his jaw. “Really?”

Dean shrugged, smile blooming further as he sank back on his heels.

Head shaking, Cas pulled his legs from around Dean, scowling as he stretched out the one still not quite responding. He was aware that Dean was still ogling him, and tried to ignore the warmth in his chest that didn’t want to object to it. They were supposed to be friends, after all.

Unfolding his own body, Dean leaned back in the couch, taking a deep breath before he cleared his throat.

“Hey, Cas,” his voice was suggestive – in that dude-bro way Dean was prone too, and Cas could already feel his sigh coming on.


“Nice penis.”

“You’re an infant.” Finally regaining feeling in his leg, Cas pushed himself into standing, shaking out his foot as he stumbled away from the couch. The bathroom was his destination.

“Hey, Cas,” Dean said again, Cas pausing to turn his head over his shoulder, eyebrows raised questioningly. “Nice ass.”

He did roll his eyes then, only a short scoff of a laugh leaving his throat as he set himself forward once again.

“Hey, Cas.”

“Oh my god, what?!” He whipped around fully, hands going to his hips as he took in Dean’s crooked smile, the same expression trying to slither its way onto his own face despite how he fought it. He had to stay firm, and disapproving of Dean’s behavior.

Dean, who was staring at him through a haze of lazy sunlight, biting his bottom lip only quickly before finally managing to speak again.

“Will you marry me?”

He said it so simply, like it was the most obvious thing in the world, and it took Cas a moment to really realize what the question even was. He blinked, his expression faltering, and considered for a moment whether Dean was even being serious.

But he knew Dean – they’d been best friends the last six years. This wasn’t the type of thing Dean would joke about, especially after they’d just drunkenly had sex. For a moment, Cas’s stomach burst with anxiety, the weight of the inquiry dropping down on him eons of societal pressure and significance.

But then Dean’s smile widened a little more, and his stare met Cas’s knowingly.

Because it really was that obvious.

His own grin returning, Cas pulled his arms up and crossed them over his chest. “Yeah, I guess.” It was said with as much exasperation as possible, Cas throwing in a sigh for good measure. He didn’t look away from Dean though – Dean, who was on his feet and rounding the coffee table. Who stood before him with that big grin still, and who reached out, held Cas’s cheeks gently in his hands, and kissed him.

“I don’t have a ring,” he admitted quietly as he pulled away – just enough to speak. “I wasn’t exactly expecting to do this.” Which was reasonable. Sure they’d probably spent more time together since becoming friends than they had with anyone else on the planet, but they’d never actually been on an official date.

“Oh, well, that’s the deal breaker,” Cas replied, finally allowing a full smile to stretch his lips. “You’re never prepared for anything.”

“That hurts, Cas,” he feigned before indulging another kiss. “I can give you something though,” he rubbed his hips forward into Cas’s, “if you’ll accept it.”

“If I have to,” Cas muttered, though he really was more than willing. Always had been.

And would be for the rest of his life.

Just something short. Takes place in the same universe as Perfectly Okay.

anonymous asked:

Help me with this scenario I have in my head. You wake up and feel shawn's boner. What does he do/happens

Warning: Smut

You were brutally woken up, when you suddenly felt Shawn’s heavy weight on you, pressing you further into the matress. It took you a second or two to open your eyes, but when you did, Shawn’s lusting, dark once met you immediately.

He breathed heavily, before licking his pink lips, not removing his stare from you. You didn’t know why, but suddenly, you felt your cheeks heat up. 

“Morning love” he breathed, his voice sounded so dark.

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Unexpected- Part Two

Plot: Josh Dun gets you pregnant and you both freak out.

Imagine: Josh Dun x Female Reader

Requested: No

Triggers: Mention of anxiety and throwing up/morning sickness

Enjoy Part Two! Let me know how you like it so far. Part Three should be up tomorrow.


Josh’s POV-

I had been so excited to finally come home from tour and see Y/N. Touring without her had led to a lot of broken drumsticks and moodiness on the road which had in turn led to Tyler and the rest of the crew staging an intervention, telling me to man up and make our relationship more committed. I’ve known for awhile that I wanted to propose to Y/N but my anxiety has gotten the better of me and it kept telling me that I’m not good enough for her, or she will come to her senses soon and break it off with me. However, I finally listened to Tyler and took the next step; I bought a ring and was planning on proposing the night after I got home from tour but when Y/N called me I instantly became scared that it was over.

Knowing that I would have to see her in person if I wanted to change her mind, I immediately hung up the phone after she called me and started driving over, my heart hammering and my stomach twisting. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if I lose her. It feels like a nightmare is coming true and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I slam my car door shut and run into Y/N’s building, pulling open the heavy door and running up the stairs. I find my way to her door and raise a clammy hand to knock.

Y/N’s POV-

Once you knew that Josh was about to come over, you tried to clean up and get rid of the horrible throw-up stench. You changed into a TOP sweatshirt and some black Nike athletic shorts, tying your Y/H/C hair into a messy bun. Running your hand over the small bump that was softly protruding from your stomach, you gave a small smile and tried to mentally encourage yourself.  Don’t freak out Y/N. Everything will be okay.

You walked into the living room and threw yourself on the fluffy white couch, picking off the remainder of the black polish on your nails. Suddenly you heard a knock at the door and felt the unmistakable feeling of butterflies making their way around your stomach. You shakily picked yourself up off of the couch and slowly walked to your door. Taking a deep breath you swung open the door to see a visibly-anxious Josh standing in front of you. Some of your fear melted away at the sight of your amazing boyfriend that you hadn’t seen in over two months and you momentarily forgot about all of your problems as you threw yourself at him, passionately kissing him on the lips. You molded yourself into his body as he wrapped his arms around you in a warm embrace. Finally you broke away and leaned your forehead on Josh’s, tangling your hands in his bubble gum-pink hair.  Feeling more confident you turned to look into his eyes and smiled. However, you could tell from Josh’s furrowed brow that he was not going to let you get away with stealing another moment of silence and you sighed.

“I know, I know, we still need to talk. C’mon lets go inside.”

You took his hand and ushered him in, closing the door behind him. You started to regain some of the nervousness you had felt before as you led Josh to the couch.

“Y/N, please tell me what’s going on. I missed you so much when I was on tour and I was excited to see you. I’m so in love with you… and I thought you felt the same, b-but now I’m not so sure. If you’re going to break up with me please just get it over with.” Josh blurted out, closing his eyes and flinching as though you were about to hit him.

Your heart dropped to the floor, seeing him in this pain and anxiety. You pushed away your fears and took a deep breath.

“Joshua, how could you even think that? I love you so so much, don’t ever think that I don’t feel anything but love for you. Not seeing you everyday for two months was like hell. It made me want to quit my job and go on tour with you, but you know that’s something I just couldn’t do. I’m so sorry that I made you feel more anxious than usual.” You brought your hand to Josh’s cheek and wiped away a tiny tear that was spilling over the rim of his eye. You leaned in for a kiss and were met with Josh enthusiastically sweeping you up into his arms as he met your lips. You wrapped your legs around Josh’s torso and you smiled into the kiss, elated at his reaction and quickly forgiving nature, but you were brought down from your high by the feeling of your growing bump pressing into Josh’s abdomen. He put you down as he felt your smile quickly turn into a frown.

“What is it? Did I hurt you?” You could see concern written plainly on his face and you knew that you couldn’t lie about your suddenly negative reaction to his kiss.

“No no the kiss was great, you’re great. It’s just there still is something I need to tell you.” You said, shaking your head. You sat back down on the couch, turning to face Josh. Even though you felt as though you were about to throw up again, you tried to encourage yourself. You’re fine Y/N. You can do this. Everything will be okay.

Taking a deep breath you started. “Josh, after you left for tour I started to feel really sick. I started to gain weight and I also became really hormonal and moody. In the beginning I figured it was just me doing a bad job of dealing with being in a long distance relationship again. But just to be safe, I took a pregnancy test and um…I-it was positive. I’m pregnant.”

It felt so amazing to get that huge news off of your chest you didn’t even notice Josh’s sudden reaction. You had figured that after your emotional reunion that Josh wouldn’t be upset, but apparently you were wrong. You turned back to look at him only to see him pale in the face with his head in his hands.

“I…I have to go.”

Your heart stopped.

“What?! Josh you’re being ridiculous.”

He got up from his seat on the couch and started to head towards the door, you following directly behind him.

“I’m sorry Y/N I just can’t do this.” He mumbled, running a hand through his messy hair.

“Josh what about everything I just said? I wasn’t trying to get you to kiss me or something, I was saying what I actually feel, which you know is scary for me.”

Tears were well on their way down your face as you followed Josh to his car.

“Y/N I can’t be a father right now, I just can’t. Please just let me go.” Josh said as he got into his car and shut the door.

Your tears turned into sobs as you watched Josh’s car get smaller and smaller. You stood outside of your apartment building until you couldn’t see Josh’s car anymore, shivering from the wind. Your stomach growled as you remembered that you hadn’t eaten anything after you had thrown up and you groaned, realizing that you needed to feed the baby. Resigned, you slowly walked up to your apartment building, shuddering as the air-conditioning hit you. Trying as best as you could to dry your tears, you sniffled as you walked into your apartment and entered the kitchen, opening your fridge in search of food. Finally you were able to get a meal of pasta and salad together, pouring the pasta in a bowl and placing it in the microwave.

Sitting on the floor you broke back down, mentally scolding yourself for being so pathetic. You stayed in complete silence except for your sniffles and the whir of the microwave. What am I going to do?, you thought. I’m going to be a single mother, stuck with a terrible job and no support system! You were lost in your growing anxiety and terrifying thoughts until the buzzing microwave provoked a rumble in your lower abdomen. Pushing yourself up off of the floor, you grabbed your food and walked into your bedroom, forcing yourself to sit up in bed and eat. Once you had finished your food, you got up and changed into pajamas, aka one of Josh’s oversized shirts that went down to your knees. Turning off the lights and getting back in bed, you scooted over to what was usually Josh’s side of the bed and felt the tears come once more. You felt so empty and hopeless and unbelievably exhausted. Knowing that you needed sleep, you tried to calm yourself and slow the tears, breathing steady, slow breaths until you drifted off into peaceful sleep.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Would it be possible for a soldier to be discharged or even arrested due to a conspiracy of dirty superiors who don't want him to tell other of their criminal actions? Also what are the main reasons for a soldier to be discharged? Thank you so much! :)

Well, I think so, but it might be tricky. 

Asking for the main reasons someone is discharged is like asking what main reasons people enlist for, i.e. too many to really count. I guess I can try to name some of the more common ones. 

Types of Discharge
Honorable Discharge: the good one. It’s also the default assuming you didn’t fuck anything else up. You get full benefits, you can reenlist if you want, and no one will ever question your service. 
General Discharge: not necessarily bad, but it means you fucked something up during your enlistment. You should theoretically still get all of your benefits. You can apply to change a “general discharge” to an “honorable discharge” after six months of exiting service, although how long and how effective your application will be varies.
Other-Than-Honorable Discharge: Basically the military’s saying “you fucked up but we don’t want to do the paperwork for it.” No reenlistment, no benefits. This level is where you start seeing some serious discrimination regarding finding civilian jobs or work.
Bad Conduct Discharge: You fucked up and we did the paperwork for it. You’ve gone through a court martial and probably were in jail. Zero benefits, zero support. 
Dishonorable Discharge: You probably fucking murdered or raped somebody for this one ya brute. No benefits, no reenlistment, no support, and you can’t own firearms. Oh, and good luck finding a job. Like, ever.

Reasons people get discharged:

Overweight/P.F.T. test failure
Soldiers who are over the allowable weight and who can’t pass a physical fitness test are flagged. That basically means that the leadership are keeping their eye on that soldier to see if they improve, and if they don’t, they can be discharged. 
This is a completely imperfect system because while you can’t receive promotions or rewards when flagged, you also don’t necessarily have to stop being flagged to stay in. If your leadership likes you enough or doesn’t care, you can theoretically be flagged for years. I knew of a guy in Korea who’d been flagged for weight for two years. Same with P.F.T. 

If someone really doesn’t like a flagged soldier though, they may start pushing to chapter them (discharge them) ASAP, or whenever they’re technically allowed to. 

These discharges should be honorable, and as long as the soldier has served 36 months, they should receive all of the benefits as any other veteran, such as medical coverage by the V.A. and the G.I. Bill for school. If the soldier has served less than 36 months, they receive a percentage of coverage dependent on their time in service, but not full.

Compassionate Release/Dependency or Hardship Discharge
This is more adequately explained by a more thorough source than what I can provide, so I recommend giving this page a read and perhaps doing a little more research on your own. Essentially, if you or a family member literally cannot carry on with you enlisted, whether due to illness or other hardship, you can be discharged honorably earlier than your contract states. 

Criminal Activity
This can include anything from shoplifting to hard drug abuse. Depending on the chain of command and the severity of the infraction, you may lose position, rank, or be discharged at a level lower than General Discharge. 

Article 15
I intend on doing a master post on the grand and annoying article 15 one day, but basically they’re punitive papers explaining how you did a bad thing and what they’re gonna do to you for it. You can get an article 15 for anything from chewing gum in formation to sexual harassment, so there’s a lot of potential here. Article 15s can be fought if you want them to go to court martial, but most people don’t bother because it’s such a dramatic step to take.

If I had to say, I think the easiest way for someone to set someone up would be either through set-up P.T. failure, planted drug possession, or numerous article 15s. 

PT failure: posture is important during a P.T. test. We have to perform push ups, sit ups, and a run, and if the person judging you is judging you harshly, you may wind up with a much lower number of push ups and sit ups because your form wasn’t correct. An intentionally harsh judge may force a soldier to flunk a P.T. test by not counting their reps.

Planted drug possession: nice and simply. Plant some drugs in someone’s room and then wait for a barracks inspection. There’s very little anyone can say or do to fight that charge. Alternatively, you could drug someone against their will, and then select them “randomly” for a urine test, and then boom: they piss hot, they’re on drugs, kick their ass out.

As for the final one, you can be recommended for discharge if you have too many article 15s, and they don’t even have to be all related. I knew someone in AIT was being threatened with discharge because he had an article 15 each for showing up late to formation, another one for not cleaning his room thoroughly enough, and another one for, you guessed it: chewing gum in formation. 

These are all relatively minor infractions and most NCOs I know wouldn’t bother giving someone an article 15 unless the soldier had made a terrible habit of all of these things, (for reference, that soldier had a habit of showing up late, but the other two were not habitual enough to warrant an article 15 imo) so it’s very easy to see that the leadership of that soldier just particularly didn’t like that soldier. 

In all of these circumstances the soldier can request a court martial to prove their innocence, but you’d probably need to hire a defense attorney, and you’d need to actually come up with evidence that supports your innocence. It’s really hard because your leadership can basically craft all the evidence in their favor, but it’s not completely hopeless. 

Good luck to your poor soldier! 

-Spc. Kingsley

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The Things I Know

Dean Ambrose/OC. For Anon: We see a lot of Ambrose with young girl stories. Us older ladies love him too! How about one where he gets with someone OLDER than him (maybe late 30s-early 40s)? She works backstage at WWE in some capacity so they see each other a lot and friendship develops that turns into a relationship, but she has a whole list of reasons why it shouldn’t be serious, but he has his own list of why it should! Sweet, romantic smut please.

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Sex Bomb (Smut)


Request:  Yo can you make an imagine about buying the sex bathbomb and taking a bath with shawn that leads to some slow passionate sex ?

Word Count: 2,217

Sex Bomb

“Are you done yet, please?” Shawn whined at me.

I was holding another dress up in front of me, looking at myself in the mirror.

“Soon babe, I promise” I assured him.

He stuck his tongue out at me, obviously very annoyed with me. It just made me laugh, though. He was cute when he got frustrated. Shawn leaned against the wall in the store, doing his very best to let me know, he surely wasn’t happy with me.

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Celebrations•Neymar Imagine

“I’ll call immediately when I get to the locker room. And I’ll extremely happy or furious so prepare yourself."Neymar laughs."Are you watching the game with Anto tonight?” He asks. 
“Yeah, I’m on my way right now."I say. 
Today Barcelona is playing against Atletico and since it’s a really important game, me and Anto decided to watch it together. We actually watch every game together, whether it’s played on Camp Nou or it’s an away game.
"Did you buy Thiago some sweets?” He laughs. 
Leo and Antonella don’t let Thiago eat a lot of sweets and since me and Neymar are like family to them, we feel a responsibility to spoil Thiago every time we see him. 
“Yeah. I just arrived and I can see him running in my direction."I laugh."I think he can tell that I have something for him. I got to go now. Call me as fast as you can, okay?”
“I will. Count on me yeah?" 
"I am always counting on you. You’ll do your best, as always.”
“I love you.” He says and I can tell he’s smiling. 
“Love you too.”
“Oh my god, did you buy him chocolate again?"Antonella asks when she sees me with a shopping bag. 
"Maybe.” I look at Thiago, whom I’m holding in my arms, and at his lips which are slightly covered in chocolate.“I have to spoil him, okay? Wait till the second one comes."I say and hiss her cheek. 
The match ended about an hour ago and I’m playing with Thiago on the couch when I see my phone’s screen light up. 
"Hello?” I answer the phone without really noticing who’s calling me. 
“Hi baby."I hear Neymar’s voice."Guess who’s a champion?”
“I told you you’ll do well. Congratulations! Congratulate guys from me.”
“What about me? I don’t get any congratulations?” He tries to sound offended. 
“You’ll get yours when you get home."I laugh and try to still pay my attention to Thiago who’s showing me more and more toys.
"Yeah about that, don’t wait up for me okay? Our plane is gonna be delayed because of the weather.”
“I’m gonna stay up. You’re not gonna arrive that late.” I really want see him tonight. They were all so stressed before tonight and now they’re champions. It’s worth staying up for few more hours. 
“We’re gonna be in Barcelona really late. At like 3am and I want you to have a proper rest. Just listen to me once. Please?”
“Yeah, okay. I’ll try but I don’t promise I’m not gonna be able to hold my excitement until morning.” I giggle.
When I finally get home it’s almost midnight and I am more tired then I had expected to be. When the game finished and Antonella put Thiago to sleep it was almost ten, and then we started talking and made ourselves a dinner so I stayed for almost two more hours. As I promised to Neymar, I take a quick shower and head to the bed. I sent him a quick text saying how proud I am and that I can’t wait until we talk in the morning. 
I almost wake up when he comes home and gets to bed but I am too tired to open my eyes properly, so I just get back to sleep. 
When I wake in the morning I can feel Neymar lying behind me. I slightly turn around to find him scrolling through his phone with sleepy eyes. 
“Hi."I mutter. "Congratulations again.” I say and place a kiss on his cheek. He doesn’t look tired and he’s smiling so must be in a really good mood. 
“That’s all I get for being a champion?”
“You told me not to stay up so I guess the prize is gone.” I smile and sit on the bed. 
“You’re not going anywhere.” He says and reaches for my hand. 
“Never said I am.” I turn around and bend down. 
His lips as are soft and warm as they look when I place a kiss on his lips. 
“I love you.” I whisper and run my hands through his hair while he’s parting his lips against mine. 
Our kiss gets harder when I wrap one of my hand around the back of his neck and the place the other one flat on his stomach and feel his muscles flex under my touch. 
I am so glad he’s not wearing a shirt right now. 
He moans against my lips when I let my hand travel even lower. He pushes his hips up to my hand and cups my butt, just to place me closer to him. 
He changes our position so he hovers me and he starts placing kisses down my neck. He is going down my stomach and when he starts taking of my panties and I hold my breath. I close my eyes when he starts kissing his way up my stomach and between my breasts again. 
I kiss him and wrap my legs around his waist to get him more worked up. He gets hold of my hips when I try to rise them to make the friction I need. 
“Just fuck me already.” I say when the tension becomes unbearable. 
He doesn’t have to be repeated twice as he takes of kiss boxers immediately. 
I moan when he finally fills me. I close my eyes when he lets out out a hot breath against my neck after the first thrust. 
“Slow?” He asks and I can’t help but run my fingers up his back. 
A small moan leaves my lips because I find it impossible to speak right now. He keeps the thrusts slow and when I feel the tension starting to build up in my stomach I mutter a quiet “faster”. 
I moan and tighten the grip I have on his back as he thrusts into me with a smirk on his face. 
“Neymar.” I moan when he speeds up again.
He continues to thrust faster and deeper into me, now finally allowing me to fully enjoy it. 
“I’m gonna come.” He moans and I bite my lip not to screen when the orgasm comes. 
“Oh fuck. Neymar..” He comes just after me and continues to thrust into me few more times after we cum. 
“Is that the end of our celebrations?” He asks after a while. 
“We’re just starting.”


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Dan Howell Jock Smut Pt.2

(Part 1) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

I hope you all love this. 

It has been a week since you had sex with Dan Howell.

Though you realize that it was a one night stand and nothing more. Something about it kept you up at night. He was the only one in your head, his hands and the way his body moved and how his face looked when he came.

There were no emotions attached. So much the better. He was perfect in that sense, he wasn’t bringing along emotional baggage. It was just physical.

You are sitting at your desk typing out an assignment when you hear that facebook notification pop.

You open it in another tab to see that Dan Howell has sent you a friend request. You sat there a while looking at your screen. You click the accept button.

And a second later you hear the message pop.

“You busy tonight?”

You look at the screen for the longest time.

And type back “Yes Dan”

You know exactly where this is going and you are quite pleased but also a bit worried.

You see the three dots appear and your heartbeat quickens with the anticipation of what’s about to follow.

“I am in the parking lot of Jenna’s Diner. Come hang out a bit”

This makes your heartbeat climb. Oh the things that go through your mind.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes” you quickly type back and get up to change.

He wants sex. That’s it. Nothing wrong with that. And you want it too. No harm.

You change into a top and put on the nice bra and panties. Just because it’s just fucking doesn’t mean you can’t look good.

You grab your keys and your jacket and tell your mum you might be late.

It’s cold in the parking lot and you park the car and message Dan.

“I’m here.”                                                            

You see a boy get out of a nice looking car. His hair shines in the light of Jenna’s neon sign.

He looks up at your car and holds his hand up.

You smooth out your hair and step out of the car. Walking over to him you think about his girlfriend for a second. But that thought flees when he smiles at you that crooked curve of his perfect lips.

“Wanna get something to eat?” he asks you.

“Nah, maybe later” you respond and grabbing the lapels of his letterman jacket and pulling him in for a kiss.

His lips crash onto yours and his hands find their way on your waist. He pushes you against the car and pressing his body into yours. You feel his body hot and ready against yours. He smells of pure sex. You grab his hair and force his head up, nibbling his jaw and dragging your hands down his body.

His breath was ragged and his face flushed. “How about we move this inside the car”

You hum back some form of agreement.

He opens the door to the trunk and inside you see it’s quite spacious and there is a mattress laid down.

You looked at him and his face was haloed by the yellow and red neon signs in Jenna’s diner windows.

“Baby girl… you are so hot… I can’t wait to be inside you”

With that he pushes you onto the seat. You scoot back and watch him climb in after you.

His body moves with fluidity. The car door closes with a bang and that’s what your heart does when he grabs your ankles and pulls your legs apart. His lips mold themselves onto yours and you bring your hands up to grip his hair, pushing it back and admiring the soft silkiness flowing through your fingers.

He feels amazing. His body weight between your thighs, his arms strong, supporting his weight as he slowly started to grind his hips into yours. It was pure sensation.

His hands were already starting to move under your blouse when you pulled his head up and looked into his eyes, they reflected pure lust.

“Me, on top” you pant out between heavy breaths.

And the look that washes over his face is of pure excitement. Grabbing your hips, he flips over, so that you are sitting on his crotch. You look down at this perfect male specimen lays beneath you.

A mixture of lust and excitement brewing in his eyes. You lean down and very gently touch your lips on his, but before he can pull you in for the kiss you retreat and move lower. Kissing over his slight stubble and his Adam’s apple. Your hand trails down and undoes his pants. You can feel his pulse quicken as you reach into his pants and touch him. He’s hard and your fingers wrap around him. Pumping his shaft you start kissing lower, pushing his shirt up and leaving little kisses down his happy trail. You look up to see him biting his lip and his eyes are scrunched up closed. Before taking him in your mouth you say

“Hey Danny boy, look at me”

And with that you take your blouse off and lean forward so your breasts are in his face, to take your pants off.

His breath hits warm across your chest while his hands trace your ribs. You move back down and wrap your lips around his head, moving your tongue over the slit, eliciting a moan from him.  Just as you are about to take him all the way to the back of your throat, he pulls you up.

“Now darlin’ don’t tease, let’s leave that for some other time. I want to come inside you. Feel your walls clench around me.” Your insides turn to mush at this and the wetness collects at your core.

He takes all his clothes off and lays back down, handing you a condom. You look at his body, all those years of football showing signs. You roll it over his length and massage his balls when you get to the bottom. His hand shoots out and grabs your wrist “Don't” he growls at you.

With that you hover over him, taking his dick in your hand and running the tip along your entrance. And then you slip him inside and lower yourself slowly onto him, so that your clit rubs against his pubic hair.

The look on his face is everything at that moment. You feel him inside you, hot and heavy, filling.

As you start to move his hands wander to your waist, moving you at his own pace.

Your body moves over his, the car filled with moans of pleasure and panting breaths. And then his hands reach up to cup your breasts, as his fingers pinch your nipples slightly you convulse with pleasure and his dick throbs at the movement.

Just a few more thrusts and he comes. His breath coming out in pants and swears. You keep moving over him till you clench around him, your body flooding with the sensation of the most powerful orgasm.

“(Y/N), baby girl, you’re the best I’ve ever had” he says as you roll off him.

He walks over with the ketchup trays and the napkins. You had ordered as much food as it was possible to fit on your tray. He sits across from you, taking a sip of his coke he looks over at you. Something in his eyes was different.

He was still the egotistical jock, the king of the high-school hallways… but right now with his tousled sex hair, and tired eyes, something was different.

And you aren’t sure if it’s going to be a good change or not.

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Don’t Trust Me (Part 7)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You are captured by S.H.I.E.L.D and possess a strange ability and knowledge of a foreign threat. When the Avengers are called in, they decide to help you. But can you be trusted? Besides the eminent danger, there is an annoyingly handsome guy with a metal arm who just loves to push your buttons.

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Word Count: 3499

Warnings: Age of Ultron spoilers, possible language, fluff and then angst, sorry

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

You were discharged from your hospital room the next day and sent straight to Nick Fury’s office. He was waiting for you outside the door.

“(Y/n), I know you are still recovering from your injuries, but there’s some things you should see.” You followed Fury into his office, and he handed you a folder with a few loose pages in it.

“What’s this?” You asked as you opened it. Inside, each page had the Hydra symbol at the top of the paper.

“These were among the files on the drive you grabbed from Dr. Lucian on the helicopter.” Fury replied, folding his hands in front of him. You flip through the pages, studying each page. There was a picture in the top left on each paper. Boys and girls, you noticed. All around your age. Some were older, some were younger. But they all shared the same hollow expression, the same sunken eyes that accompanied tragedy and loss. You knew those eyes because you’ve had them before. “Failure” was stamped on the top of the page in big red block letters on all of the pages except for one. Yours.

“They’re making more,” you whispered, horrified.

“It appears they are trying to replicate their success with you. Your file in there is the only success they’ve had.” Fury looked grim. “These dates are within the past few weeks. When you escaped, you destroyed most of their mainframe, wiping all their data on you. Without your genetic coding and DNA, they have almost no hope of replicating their success.” You slid out your page and studied it. In your picture you looked small and afraid. Too thin, too pale, too weak. That girl in the picture was long gone, but you sometimes still felt her within you, like a ghost of your past just waiting for the right moment to come back.

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Always Be the Same (Smut)


Request: Could you do one where y/n can’t sleep because shawn is going back on tour soon so you try and wake him up and he gets kinda frustrated but you too end up having very gentle/sweet sex?

Word count: 2,231

Always Be the Same (Smut)

I tossed and turned around the bed, still not being able to sleep. I gazed over at the clock, four hours ago, Shawn had kissed my forehead lovingly goodnight, before slowly fading into his sleep.

Looking beside me, Shawn were lying on his stomach, drooling a bit on the pillow. I still hadn’t been able to sleep, not even for just a minute.

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The Prince’s Heart | Chen (EXO) ~  Part 3

^I do not own this gif^

Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6

After blowing your chance of working at the palace, you went on looking for work. About a week later, you found a wonderful job at a restaurant, not too far from where you lived. They just opened a few weeks ago, and were looking for an assistant chef. After a series of interviews, you got the job. What a relief!

You’ve been working there for a total of two days. You have to say, it’s nice! Everyone welcomed you with open arms. You’ve been putting 100% into every dish you have been asked to make. They see that clearly, and appreciate your effort.

Your shift ended at 10pm. You said goodbye to all your co-workers, gathering your stuff, and heading out. You shuffled through the restaurant, trying to stay un-seen. Many people were eating, enjoy themselves. Some seemed to by on dates, while others were with family. It was good to see people enjoying themselves. You felt a sort of feeling bubbling up in your stomach. Some of the food the food those people were taking delight in, was made by you. A small smile tugged at the corner of your lips.

You gently pushed open the glass doors that led outside. You were met by the dark sky, filled with stars. Cars were zoomed by on the road. The street lights only lit up small parts of the sidewalk. You clutched your bag a bit tighter. You hated walking around at night. Alone or not, you didn’t like the feeling that flooded over you. You were always on edge.

Your apartment wasn’t far enough to take a bus, so you had no choice. As you were walking along, minding your own business, your phone began to ring. You stopped, digging into your bag, till you found it. You sighed as your eyes laid on the screen. It was unknown number. You never answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number. This same number has been calling you for the past week. You refuse to answer each time. You swiped it to ignore, dropping your phone back into your bag.

You kept walking, humming a song to yourself. In the distance you noticed someone walking along. As you got closer to figure, it was guy. He was a bit taller than you. Both of his hands were tucked into the pockets of his black joggers. He wore a grey beanie, along with one of those health masks. You’ve only worn those about once in your life time. You never understood how it was such a big trend in South Korea. He was sporting a black sweatshirt and was looking down as he walked.

You kept your eyes on him for a bit. He was walking the opposite direction as you were. He glanced up at you once, and your could have sworn he looked familiar. Just as you were walking past him, you were stopped. He grabbed your wrist, making you freeze in shock.

Oh god, I’m gonna get robbed.

Your body began to tremble. you tried to pull your arm away, but his grip tighten. You were looking forward, afraid to make eye contact.

“Why do you look so scared?” The man suddenly voiced, “What do you think i’m going to do?” You relaxed a bit, because the voice seemed familiar. Your neck snapped up to meet a pair of kind eyes. You tilted your head to the side, trying to figure out who it was. You narrowed your eyes, pondering.

There’s no way. It couldn’t be. What is he doing here?

“Prince Jongdae?” Your voice came out unsure. What was he doing here?

He chuckled, releasing your wrist, and sliding the mask off his face. He grinned at your awestruck expression.

“What are you doing here?” You whispered, looking around the sidewalk. Couples were taking strolls, along with people returning home from work.

Jongdae brought his finger up to your forehead, leaving it there. “You.”


“Yes, you. You haven’t been answering any of my phone calls, so I decided to come out to see you.”

Your head was spinning. Why did he want to see you?

“What phone ca-” You stopped yourself short, thinking back to the unknown number that has been calling you recently.

“That was you?” You questioned.

Jongdae simply nodded, smiling even wider. You were still confused. Why was he calling you? How did he even get your phone number? As if the questions were written on your face, he spoke.

“As the Prince, getting someone’s phone number isn’t that hard.” He pointed out, matter of fact.

“Well, what did you need my number for?”

“I wanted to see you again.” He bluntly answered, “For a follow up marriage meeting.”

You nearly choked on the air you were breathing. A follow up meeting? As in a 2nd marriage meeting? Me? Seriously?

You were so lost in your own thoughts, you forgot that Jongdae was in front of you. He seemed to understand your shock, leaving you to think for a bit.

“Y-you want to have a second marriage meeting with me?” You inquired.

Jongdae nodded, “Yes, that’s why I’m here.”

You took a step back, almost losing your footing and falling. Jongdae was quick to grab your arms, keeping you steady.

“Are you okay?” He sounded genuinely concerned. Insteading of answering his question, you replied with your own.

“Why do you want to have another marriage meeting with me?”

Jongdae shrugged, dropping his hands from your arms. “I like you.”

You must be dreaming. You have to be dreaming. What’s so great about you? Why would he like you?

“Jongdae, you are aware that I wasn’t even there for a marriage meeting in the first place? I’m just a regular person! There’s nothing special about me! Plus, all these marriage meetings aren’t for me. Too strict and-”

“How about instead of a marriage meeting, we just call it a date? Would that be easier for you?” He suggested.

He’s serious? Oh my gosh he’s serious!

“Your highness?” A deep voice suddenly voiced from the distance. The both of you looked over to see 3 men in black suits. You looked back at Jongdae, who was still looking at them.

“Yes, what is it?” He asked, his tone of voice changing from earlier.

“We should head back before the king becomes aware of your absence.” The tallest one suggested.

Jongdae shook his head before looking down at me once more.

“I’m going on a date with ___.” He shot back, “Follow behind us, but keep your space please.”

“We’re having the meeting now?” You asked, bewildered.

“It’s a date remember?” Jongdae reminded you, turning to to face the way you came from.

“B-but I’m still in my work clothes!” You exclaimed, looking down at yourself. Jongdae ignored your protested, and placed his hand on your lower back, pushing up forward as he walked. You walked in silence  for a bit, taking some moments to glance up at him. This is some joke right?

“You got a job?” He asked, looking down at you. You nodded, biting your lip before speaking.

“Yeah! I’m not a head chef, but it’s better than nothing! I’m only an assistant, but I still get to cook.” You started blabbing on.

“You’ll have to cook for me one day.” Jongdae stated.

“Sure! It depends on what sort of things you like. Do you have anything you like to do?” You didn’t want to keep talking about yourself. While you’re here, might as well learn something about him.

“I like music.” He stated simply.

“Oh that’s cool!” You spoke, “I like music too. Sometimes when I’m having a hard day, listening to the right song makes everything better. Just closing my eyes and getting lost in the song takes me somewhere other else.”

Jongdae nodded, “You took the words right out my mouth.”

You found yourself loosening up. You felt really comfortable with him. He was so easy to talk to. You weren’t sure where you two were walking to, but it didn’t matter to you. You were too lost in the conversation you two were having. you both would crack jokes, making the other laugh. It was like talking with a friend of yours. You almost forgot what time it was.

“I wasn’t that excited,” Jongdae admitted as you two took a seat on a bench right in front of your apart building. You’re sure he was aware of it.

“Really? Most people would be happy if they found out they were a prince!”

“I mean, when I was first told they wanted to restore the royal family, I realised that meant dropping everything I was doing. My father would be carrying a whole country on his shoulders. A responsibility like that would soon be mine. I felt sick to my stomach.”

“I understand that. A whole country suddenly depending on you. I would have ran away or tried to break my leg.”

Your response made Jongdae raise an eyebrow, “Break your leg?”

You giggled, thinking how weird it must sound to him. You tried you best to explain, laughing in the process.

“A friend of mine, Lee Hi, says whenever you need to get out of something, just break your leg.”

Jongdae joined in laughter with you, “I’ll try that next time.”

“Your Highness.” One of Jongdae’s security.

“i know, I know.” He replied, irritated.

“I would say this second meeting went well.” Jongdae smiled, making your heart nearly burst out your chest. “Promise me you’ll answer next time I call?”

You nodded your head, showing a small smile.

He pinched your cheek, “Good.”

“Jongdae, stop!” You whined, slapping his hand away playfully.

“How can i? You’re so cute!” He pinched both cheeks this time.

“Jongdae!” Your protests muffled. He laughed, pulling your cheeks a bit. He forced your lips into a smile, taking a moment to laugh at your facial expression.

“You’re like a little chipmunk!” He sneered, laughing at his own statement. He was so consumed in his laughter, he let go of your cheeks, throwing his head back. You sat there with a frown on your face, seeming to make him laugh even more.

Your cheeks were red from his pinching, leaving you to rub your cheeks like a little kid. Tears began to well in his eyes from laughing too much. You grumbled, standing up from your seat to leave. He caught your hand quickly, standing up in the process.

“Sorry, sorry. I’ll stop!” He stated, trying to hold in his laughter. You quickly reached up pinching his cheek roughly.

“Ow!” He hissed, causing his security guards to run forward. Before you had time to think, you were pushed away from Jongdae. You were pushed with such force, you fell on your butt.

You were frozen in shock.

“Guys stop!” Jongdae shouted, pushing past his security, “All she did was pinch my cheek, what the hell is wrong with you guys?” Jongdae stretched his hand out. You hesitated for a moment before taking it. He helped you up, pushing whatever dirt was on your clothing and grabbing your bag from the ground.

“I’m sorry about that, they’re idiots.” Jongdae glared at his guards as he spoke the last part.

“It’s alright,” You said.

“Are you sure you’re not hurt anywhere?” Jongdae began checking all around you. Your cheeks began to heat up as his hands went from your waist, to your hands, arms, shoulders, neck, and up to touch your face. He was diligently looking for an injury.

“I’m fine,” You reassured him, smiling wider. He dropped his hands from your cheeks, lowering his head. He spun around to stare at his guards.

“Apologize,” He sternly commanded. You placed a hand on his arm. He looked at you, and you shook your head.

“They need to apologize. They could have hurt you.”

“Jongdae, don’t worry about it. They were just doing their job.” You argued. Despite your objections. the guards still apologized, bowing 90 degrees to you. You bowed back, telling them once again, it was alright.

“Give me your phone,” Jongdae said. You took out your phone, clearly confused. You handed it to him. He was pressing a lot of things, and began typing something, grinning at you as he did so.

“Here.” He handed the phone back to you. You looked at the screen to see a contact page. He put his phone number in there.

Jongdae. It said, followed by the heart eyes emoji. You scoffed humorlessly.

“I could have done without the emoji.” You added, placing your phone in your bag once again.

“Oh please, I can practically see the hearts in your eyes right now.”

You were lost for words. When he saw your reaction, he smiled patting your head.

“Go ahead inside. I’ll talk to you later?”

You nodded, “Yeah, I’ll talk to you later.” You bowed slightly, before turning around to make your way inside the building.You stopped at the door and looked back. Jongdae was putting his mask back on. He noticed your gaze and waved. It was easy to see he was smiling, despite the mask. His smile met his eyes clearly.

You waved, before opening the door and making your way inside. You stepped into the elevator, pressing the button for the 18th floor where your apartment.

You leaned on the cold metal wall, placing your heart on your heart. You were trying to get your breathing under control. You eyes were glazed over, your were dazed. You almost didn’t notice the elevator stopping. The doors opened and you gradually stepped out. You walked to your apartment, typing in the code on the door handle, before pushing the door opened.

You stepped in, closing the door behind you. You dropped your bag onto the floor, and slipped off your shoes. You walked past your kitchen, and to your living room. After plopping down on it, you stared up at the plain white ceiling.

“What just happened?” You muttered to yourself.


Sorry it took so long! It was finals week! I had my last day of school yesterday! I have Graduation on Wednesday! I am done with High School! :D 

I Crave You - Bucky x Reader

Words: 2443
Estimated reading time: 13 minutes
Pairing: Bucky x F!reader

Prompt: Bucky breathing in some weird powder, leaving him with an desirable lust for you.
Warning: Make out, slightly smutty, NSFW, Fluff

A/N: Just an idea I came up with whilst listening to Meg Myers - Desire. This is my first smutty imagine so be warned that it maybe sucks xD These gifs are not owned by me…

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