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Tonight, The Focus is on You

Summary: It’s late at night and in the midst of getting yourself a cup of tea you hear Bucky making some mysterious noises in his room.

Warnings: smutty smut, masturbation, fluffish, Sergeant kink, metal hand kink

A/N: I’m sitting at my kitchen table writing this and I can wholeheartedly say that writing has taken over my life and I love it. I’ve had to awkwardly click off this page so many goddamn times because my family keeps walking behind me and guys it’s so uncomfortable.

You picked up your cup of tea and strutted down the hallway. You were wide awake, another nightmare had plagued your dreams and woken you up panting. You hoped the cup of tea in your hand would soothe you, stopping your body from shaking, and help you fall back to sleep.

You slowed down as you passed by each door, not wanting to wake up anyone up. You stopped outside of Bucky’s, tempted to go inside. You wondered if he was awake, if he’d hold you and listen to the details of your nightmare. You nearly dropped your cup when you heard the faintest moan through the door.

Shit!” The word slipped passed Bucky’s lips, it was barely audible through the thick wood keeping you out. You pressed your ear too the door, desperate to hear more. “It feels so good, fuck…” Another moan left him as you heard him drop down onto his mattress.

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Imagine You Won a Cruise in Space

Part 1

You couldn’t believe how lucky you had been! Only six people had been selected in the whole country and you got to be one of them! An interstellar alliance had recently made contact with Earth and offered six lucky people - randomly drawn, of course - the chance for a year long cruise through the galaxy.

You were greeted on the ship and led to a cozy room with soft carpet and cushy chairs to sit in. You had been the first to arrive, but the other winners had quickly followed. As the six of you - three men and three women - sat and chatted excitedly amongst yourselves, you couldn’t believe how swanky this ship was. Especially given it had been designed by other species. Soon, a human-looking man in a suit greeted you all.

“Welcome!” he chirped, with an enormous grin on his face. “We’re beginning takeoff as I speak, but you shouldn’t feel any turbulence. And don’t worry, this ship is the safest the alliance has to offer. And, of course, you will all be well taken care of during your stay on this ship with your new mates!”

“Mates?!” all six of you cried.

“Why, of course,” he stated, as if it were obvious. “Didn’t anyone tell you?”

“Well, it’s only for a year, right?” one of the other women offered hopefully.

“Absolutely not,” your host retorted, sounding almost offended. “All of the species you’ve been paired with mate for life. As I understand it, you humans are monogamous, are you not?”

“Sometimes,” one of the men snorted with a smirk.

Another man appeared confused. “But how could we mate with different species? Obviously there will be no offspring.”

The host rolled his eyes. “You humans are so behind, technologically. We are more than capable of making all of you compatible with your new mates.”

“Aren’t you human?” you asked.

“No,” he replied patiently. “I’m a shape-shifter. And you’re all very lucky none of you are going to be impregnated by my species. Our females are pregnant for five years,” he informed them with a smirk. “Obviously all of you will carry your young for different lengths of time, though. Two of you will be assigned to each species, but even if you have the same species, there will be variance in the lengths of time you each carry the young.”

“Each?!” the three men cried.

“We’re not getting pregnant, right?” a small, pale man asked.

“You most certainly are,” the shape-shifter corrected. He received a ping on a device and a large smile split onto his face. “Okay, each of your mates is prepped in a room for all of you, so after your physical, you can go straight to them.”

You were then ushered off into an examination room as you were thoroughly examined - particularly in your child-bearing abilities. Just when you thought all the poking and prodding was over, you were given multiple injections all over from your neck to your uterus. At first you didn’t feel anything but after a few moments you began to feel…strange.

“Don’t worry, honey,” the nurse - who was a reptilian species - told you in an attempt to be comforting. “Molzon hormones tend to make you feel a little funny, but you’re just fine.”

As she lead you to where your ‘mate’ awaited, you asked her, “What’s a Molzon?”

“Oh, they’re amphibious,” she drawled. “If I’ve read my human folklore correctly, then they’re kind of like your mermaids. Except: instead of a fish tail, they have tentacles as their lower half. You seem like a sweet girl, so I’m sure you and him will get along just fine.”

She stared expectantly at you as you stood outside the door. Feeling as though you were going to throw up from a combination of nervousness and Molzon hormones, you opened the door.

Inside, you saw him and he was close to what the nurse had described. He was a sort of octopus merman with blue-green skin that was shifting color slightly. However, unlike the mermen conjured in your imagination, he a little thick around the middle. It almost looked a little like a beer belly. He noticed you come in and his eyes grew wide as he blushed. “Oh, hi!” His voice cracked nervously. “I thought you might want to have some dinner, first. That’s what humans do, right?”

He appeared unsure as to whether or not what he’d done was appropriate, so you nodded silently as he lead you to a candlelit table - like something you’d see at a fancy restaurant.

You knew you were staring, but you couldn’t really help it. After all, he was an alien species. He appeared to have very little difficulty walking above water with his tentacles and because his tentacles were so long, he was about seven feet tall.

The dinner went surprisingly well, given the circumstances and Zeri, that was his name, was actually a total sweetheart. He enjoyed puzzles and playing musical instruments, and reading. The nerdy Molzon would have been exactly your type…had he been human.

“This isn’t fair to you,” he stuttered after dinner. “I know a female of my species would be much better suited-” But he cut himself off with a slight groan before stuttering out, “Did they give you the hormones, already?”

“Yeah,” you squeaked back.

He began massaging his belly and whimpering. “I’m so sorry,” he cried, before gently pulling you into an adjoining room that had a large, marine pool. He gently removed your clothes and eased you into the pool, before doubling over and moaning in pain, clutching his belly again. Then, as he lowered himself into the pool, he began panting and moaning a little as he tried to explain. “The pheromones…ghhnnng…they make me….hoo hoo hoo….I can’t stop….gaaah!” he gave a sharp cry, continuing to rub his belly, which appeared to be…clenching? “I have to mate.”

Then, he let out a monumental groan before pulling you to the middle of the pool, careful to keep your head above water. You felt something begin to prod around your vagina before unceremoniously entering. You gave a pained cry, causing Zeri to flinch, but he didn’t stop and you felt the appendage slide far up into you, past your cervix, and enter your uterus.

You were trembling from the pain and Zeri continued to stutter out apologies as his eyes watered from the great deal of pain he was obviously in, too. His tentacles held you in place as his human arms wrapped around his middle and he let out something between a groan and a grunt. “Hnnngggg.” His face slackened a little in relief as you saw a large object come out of his body, slowly begin traveling up the appendage he had inserted inside you before it, too, began prodding at your entrance.

“Zeri,” you cried in a panic.

“I’m so sorry.”

The object forced its way into your vagina, eliciting a scream of pain from you as it traveled slowly up to deposit itself in your uterus. The result was a slightly distended belly, while Zeri’s belly looked slightly smaller.

He moaned again, grunting and crying as another came out of him to force its way into you again.

This process continued for the better part of two hours and you were now HUGE - filled with eight of the damn things.

“This is…the last…one,” Zeri huffed, having difficulty breathing from all the effort exerted on his part. He continued uttering apologies as he began to expel the final egg. But this one took a lot longer than the others. “Ggghhh,” he grunted after twenty minutes, before giving out a startling cry as the egg left his body.

As you saw it traveling towards you, you found out why he’d had so much difficulty. The eggs, which had all been about the size of an elephant bird egg, paled in comparison to this one, which was almost twice as big as the others. “No, no, no, no, no,” you bawled, as it inched closer. “Please, no,” you sobbed as it began to make contact with your already sore pussy. But of course, it went in, anyway. You thought for sure you would be ripped in half and die as the ninth one was shoved in, but it made it into your uterus, just as the others did.

“One final part,” he promised.

A liquid began to pump out of his appendage and fill you. Your belly, once misshapen due to the lumpy eggs, began to smooth out and expand even further. You gasped and wheezed through the next few minutes as you were pumped with the fluid.

Then, it was finally over. Zeri, as sweaty as he was, and as much as he panted, helped you out of the water, though his tentacles were far from steady. It was difficult for you to stay upright since you felt as though you’d gained over 100 pounds since entering the water and, looking at your girth, that was definitely possible. You couldn’t wrap your arms entirely around your belly and there was about five or six inches between your fingertips when you tried. “I’m sure your exhausted,” he huffed, trying to keep both of you upright. “I’ll take you to your room.”

Your room was luxurious to say the least. You wanted to shower, but decided against it and just collapsed onto the bed, naked.

“I’ll arrange for some clothes to be brought for you tomorrow that should fit.” He had the biggest look of guilt you’d ever seen. “I’m so sorry,” he cried again, before leaving you alone.

You covered yourself with blankets, painfully aware of your newly distended belly. It was impossible to get comfortable with how angry the stretched skin felt and the extra weight, but you tried to sleep nonetheless. As Zeri had suspected, you were indeed exhausted.

The final thought that popped into your head as you drifted off was: how long will I be like this?

To be continued…


Author: @kpopfanfictrash​ , as part of Exordia Academy - a series of ongoing one shots with @eradikeats-writes​ and @the-porcelain-doll-xo​ 

Creative Content Contributors: moodboard by @baebae-goodnight​ (a goddess, truly)

Pairing: reader / Jongin

Rating: 18 + (explicit sex, first time - male)

Word Count: 10,320

Superpower: Knowledge Absorption  

Summary:   Jongin was very young, when he learned to stay silent. When he learned his powers were alienating, his genius a burden. He learned early, knowing too much makes others fearful, since people (ironically enough) tend to fear the unknown. Until Jongin finds you. You, as it turns out, are something much more difficult to understand.

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Mr. Min - Chapter 01

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 8641

Warning: Dom!Yoongi, light breath play, cum play, punishment, demeaning names

A/N: I ended up having to split this chapter in two because it was getting so long.  I hope you enjoy it anyways!

Prologue - Ch 02 - Ch 03 - Ch 04 - Ch 05 - Ch 06

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Tom Holland Imagine (prompt)

prompt: 54. “I think I forgot how to breathe.”

25. "Shut up and kiss me.”

request: Hello! Assuming that request are open- could you maybe do a tom imagine? Where the reader is Harrison’s little sister (by like 2 years?) and she’s always been that really dorky annoying younger sibling, and tom hasn’t seen her in awhile because of his career. But she visits harrison while they’re in Atlanta and she grew up rlly well (yanno what I mean?) and Tom is just ???? How ??? With a fluffy ending? It’s super cheesy but I’ve been thinking about this a lot haha

a/n: i merged two of the requests i had in my ask, so i hope this is okay. i’ve low key been day dreaming about this imagine for the past three days, like this is the dreeeeeam lol, hope you guys enjoy it! (also i hope you don’t mind there’s a tiny bit of smut at the end)

word count: 1483

masterlist: (x)

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Tapping your foot impatiently, you stood outside the house Tom and Harrison were renting in Atlanta while Tom worked. You heard muffled voices behind the other side of the door, feet shuffling along the floor as your older brother made his way to the entrance of the house. The door opened, Harrison stood smiling in the hallway, moving to the side to let you in. He hugged you tightly, then reached for your suitcases outside.

“Jesus Christ, how much did you bring?” Harrison noted your large amount of luggage. You shrugged.
“I need options,” you said simply. He laughed.
“I’ll take these upstairs. Go in the kitchen through the back, the others are in there.” You were nervous, about to enter a room full of strangers. You inhaled deeply, stepping into the kitchen as Harrison lugged your suitcases up the stairs.

“You must be Y/N!” Jacob said. You smiled at his welcome as he introduced you to his friends. “Tom’s actually on set at the moment, but you know him anyway. He’ll be back for dinner tonight. Laura’s gonna cook for us.” You’d known Tom for as long as you could remember, always having a tiny inappropriate crush on your brother’s best friend. You hadn’t seen him for months now he had a successful career under his belt, he was rarely ever home. It was Harrison’s idea that you came out to visit them, he felt guilty he’d been away and missed your birthday.

Jacob was friendly, already making you feel at ease. The others smiled at you, including you in their conversation. You took the kitchen stool in between Zendaya and a vacant one, where Harrison sat once he had finished with your bags.
“So guys,” Harrison piped up. “Obviously my sister is gonna be here for a couple of weeks, so you better treat her like family and make sure she’s happy all the time. She needs a lot of attention or she’ll start to get weird,” Harrison teased, poking your sides.
“A bit like you then,” Zendaya quipped, making everyone laugh.
“Why don’t we chill in the pool?” Laura suggested.

You were never one for dive-bombing and flipping into the water like Harrison was - you were more of a ‘floating on a lilo’ kind of girl. You’d had to buy a whole new wardrobe of bikinis and one pieces for your trip, since you’d filled out a little since your last holiday. You had your eyes shut underneath your sunglasses as you lay floating in the water, basking in the sunshine. The boys were playing with a ball on the other side of the pool, Zendaya was reading on a lounger and Laura was in the kitchen prepping dinner. You heard the faint clink of keys being dropped onto a table, followed by Tom’s voice, deeper since the last time you saw him, calling out as he entered the back garden. 

Woah,” he said quietly to himself, his eyes scanning the pool, pausing as his gaze reached you. You tilted your sunglasses so you could see him better, returning the smile he was giving you. You suddenly became very conscious of your bikini clad body as you noticed he was still staring. 

“Get in the pool!” Harrison shouted, diverting Tom’s eyes away from you. You lay back down, watching him discreetly as he pulled off his shirt, followed by his sweatpants, leaving him in the swim trunks he was already wearing. Your eyes scanned his chiseled abs, toned pecs and strong legs. He dived over your lilo, splashing you as he hit the water, making you squeal. He winked at you as he surfaced, swimming backwards towards your brother and Jacob, his eyes still on you. Jacob threw the ball, hitting the back of Tom’s head. You laughed, closing your eyes, returning back to your sunbathing.

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anonymous asked:

-quietly sleeks in the ask- zac may i ask if you have any general little drawing baggy clothes tips? >:O I draw so much but I can't seem to get baggy clothes quite right! it's A okay if you don't have any! I'm just curious cause I really??? love how you handle your clothes????

g osh i have like… no equations or recipes for art but i gu ess there’s like. four main things i can say for baggy clothes??

1. obvs everything is gonna be pretty far away from the main body

in some places things may cling a little close but that’s usually gonna be higher up on the body. sort of plays into the fourth part here

2. minimal folds, and don’t make them too sharp. try and stick to curves that are a big more gradual to get a softer/flowy look. 

tha t’s at least how i do it tho i know a lot of artists who achieve the baggy look of clothing by adding tons of folds to really show the excess fabric and movement. but this is just sorta how i go about it

3. tbh i don’t really put many folds unless they’re around like. a joint or like on cuffs. this being like: elbows, knees, wrist, and waistline (not a joint but y’know) and ofc the usual armpits and crotch and other bendy areas/places where body parts come together *see image above. if u look thru my art u’ll notice i use a lot of common/reoccurring shapes in the similar areas.

4. gravity. for a lot of clothes i find u can get the bagginess across by having them sorta “pool” around lower areas. things like cuffs or sleeves or like the shoulders of a baggy hoodie may even droop down and hang low

this can apply to pants too. all that really comes into play there is just reorganizing stuff and maybe a few extra folds around the feet just bc of angles and stuff. u’d apply the “hanging off shoulder” look to the hips and expose a bit up there (the classic exposed waistband of underwear look is good for baggy/casual/lazy looks). and of course ur shoulder folds end up around the crotch. 

baggy vs tighter pants

just in my experience wearing super fuckin baggy jeans two notable things vs tighter pants:

-hope u didn’t like ur shoes too much u will never see them. the cuffs of the pants might go down lower on the foot depending on if ur really going for the saggy pants look or just drawing a character in ill-fitting clothes.s ome baggy pants do stop at the ankle !!

-i don’t know how to describe it b ut like. the knees. pants take a fuckin weird shape there with a big ol’ swoop out and lots o folds no matter what ur doing. tbh sometimes u can just add random waviness in the fabric and add some folds and it won’t look awful. just play around and see what looks realistic to u (reference are useful)

going back to the point about soft lines for folds and gentle curves: applies to seams too. in tight clothing the folds in the fabric tend to be a lot smaller and sharper, so with the seams when they hit a fold or bump make the curves a bit smaller and tighter. sorta drawing them i’d describe it as baggy=wavy seams. tight=scribble seams. if th at makes any sense

rip i’m awful at this but!! hope it helps at least a wee bit aa

also here’s just a short skirt thing i did up a bit ago

not exactly baggy clothing or an actual good tutorial but sort of a summary of that shiiiit

You Want To Love Me

A fourth part to “Everyone Needs Some Love” series. You guys really enjoyed it and I love writing this side of Dark. 
I Hope you enjoy!

Part 1- Everyone needs some love
Part 2- I need your love
Part 3- I Want your Love

Originally posted by lum1natrix

You awoke to a warm body next to you. An arm lazily draped over your waist and guilt wracking your chest. 
Dark stirred when you moved. Carefully trying to ease yourself out of his arms, but failing to keep him asleep. 
“You don’t need to leave,” He murmured, holding you tightly against him. “There’s no rush to get up.” 
The warmth of the bed was inviting. And the blissful sensation of Dark’s touch was enough to question your motivation to leave. 
But you did. You wriggled out of Dark’s hand and left the room without a word. 
You heard him follow. Silently shadowing you to the kitchen where you got yourself a glass of water. Gulping it down, giving you an excuse not to talk. But the water disappeared too soon, and you placed the cup on the bench beside you. 
“I said one night,” You told Dark. Holding your voice firm. “And you agreed. The night is over, Dark. Give Mark back.” 
Dark however, locked his hands behind his back. His neck rolling, as if releasing a tension in his shoulders. 
“You did say one night. But nothing about the following day.” He replied smoothly. 
You whirled on him, but he stepped forward, trapping you against the kitchen bench with his body. Your words died in your throat as his eyes were obscured in black.
“How many times do I have to repeat myself?” Dark asked, impatiently. “I won’t hurt you. I don’t have any intentions of hurting you. I only want to feel your touch.” 
“You had all night,” You snapped back. “You had all night and two days ago of me holding you. How much more do you need?” 
“So much more,” He growled softly. “I want it every second, of every minute. Whatever your possess, I need it.” 
“I’m not some kind of drug, Dark!” You retorted angrily. “I’m a person.  A human. Get that through your thick skull!” 

Dark’s hand latched around your throat. You gasped in surprise, but it was replaced by frustration as Dark leaned closer. He held you carefully, like a glass vase. The fingers around your neck were firm but loose.  
“Do not test me, (Y/N).” Dark said through clenched teeth. “You may have some power over me, but I still might not be strong enough to keep myself in check.” 
You glared at him. Any fear you felt towards his anger seemed to vanish weeks ago. 
“And what would you do, huh?” You challenged. “You said yourself you wouldn’t hurt me. And doing so would destroy the sliver of a chance you had with me. So go on, Dark. Make my morning! Do something.” 
Dark growled. His eyes completely black and a tremor seemed to pulse through him. Then, before you could cry out, Dark lunged forward, his lips clashing against yours in a fury of anger. 
The kiss was rough, almost painful as Dark crushed your mouth with his. 
His tongue pushed between your lips, forcing them open and tasting every crevasse behind them. 
You fought him. Digging your nails into his shoulders, clinging to his shirt and battling his hunger with your anger. 
He groaned when your teeth bit down on his tongue. The sound he made caused you to falter. 
What was happening? 
Dark’s hand on your neck disappeared. Finding it’s way down to your waist to hold you flush against him. He gripped you tighter when you tried to wriggle free. He trapped you against him, hands sliding around your waist to possessively hold your back.
He released your lips, allowing you to take a breathless gasp as he moved his mouth to your neck. You moaned, tilting your head to the side as his teeth grazed your flesh. Dark worked on the spot just below your jawline. Lips sucking, teeth biting and his tongue smoothing over the broken skin. 

“Dark..” You hissed. Your voice seemed to spur him on. His hands dipped down to your ass, hooking under you and lifting on up onto the bench’s surface. 
He moved between your legs. Wrapping them around his waist without breaking contact with your neck. 
Your hands tangled in his hair. Tugging the soft strands as your body pressed against him. 
His fingers slid under your shirt, kneading the soft skin of your torso as they slithered up to your breasts. 
Dark paused there. The fingertips barely playing with the fabric of your bra. 
Your mind fought with your body. Logic battled with lust. 
You moved one hand from his hair to move his fingers over the cup of your breast. His growl of appreciation made your lower half pool with warmth.
Dark made quick work of removing your shirt, then he practically tore the hooks of your bra apart. Letting it drop and disappear. 
You moaned as his hands took both breasts. His palms molding them, fingers squeezing them with as much care as Dark could. 
“You’re so warm,” Dark said against your skin. “So soft. My dear, I could do this till we waste away.” 
He took your lips in his again. This time the kiss was slow. Dark took his time to taste you, savor the sensation of your mouth and tongue.
You were sweet. Like a refreshing treat that renewed his mind and energized his body.
And your scent. Intoxicating couldn’t do it justice. 
Yes. Yes. This was more than he had ever imagined. You, this beauty, allowing him to freely roam your body. To feel every wondrous dip and curve of your form. To run his fingers over your smooth skin. 
Paradise may be beyond his comprehension, but you were near to a perfect definition of it. 


The sound of shattering glass snapped your attention elsewhere. Dark snarled, the noise shocking him into reality. 
You both gazed down at the broken cup on the floor. One of you must have knocked it off the bench. 
Suddenly feeling exposed, you removed Dark’s hands from your body. Covering yourself up with your arms and looking away from his stare. 
“(Y/N),” Dark tried but you shook your head. 
“Don’t speak, Dark.” You said harshly. “I…This didn’t happen.” 
You eased off the bench, careful not to step on the glass and snatched your shirt off the floor. 
But Dark wasn’t ready to give up. He stepped towards you, allowing you to put on the shirt before spinning you around to face him. 
You squirmed in his grasp. His hands gripping your arms like iron claws. 
“Let go.” You ordered but Dark shook his head. 
“You do want me,” He said calmly. Eyes pleading for you to understand. “I can see it. You want me to touch you. (Y/N), just let me do this. Let me be yours and I’ll treat you like royalty.” 
You shook your head, “Dark, you don’t understand.” 
“Then make me understand!” He bellowed. “Show me why you won’t allow this to happen!” 
“Because I love Mark!” You yelled back. Tears had filled your eyes as you watched the entity digest your words. “That’s why, Dark. Because I can’t stand to be touched by his body. To have his face look at me with such lust, only to look in his eyes and see you!” 
Dark released you. Stepping away from you like you had stabbed him. 
His expression suggested you had ripped his chest open and directly cut his heart. 
“So,” He said. Voice as smooth and blank as paper. “That’s what’s holding you back. Him.”
Your arms wrapped around you protectively. “I-I’m sorry, Dark.” 
The entity looked away. His eyes returned to their blackened color, his fists clenched at his sides as he gazed at his reflection in the window. 
“So am I.” Was the last words you heard from him as he disappeared.

Jughead & Reader: Desire

Summary: At Ethel’s pool party, Jughead gets a little… excited when the two of you hang out at the pool. Embarrassed because all of his friends are around, the two of you have to try to find a way to sneak out without anyone noticing. 


Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Undisclosed Desires - Muse

“Tell me again why I’m here,” Jughead said as the two of you walked down the path to Ethel Mugg’s pool house. He was wearing his black swim trunks with a t-shirt and a towel over his shoulder. He wasn’t too excited to be at a pool party with other students from school, but you had your ways of getting him to come. 

You laughed and looked at him. “Because you love me and want to spend time with me.” Jughead raised an eyebrow. “And because I said I’d cook for you if you came.”

“That’s right.” He laughed and kissed your head before you slid open the door and entered the pool house. 

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Give Me More

@cleodpuckle you’re such a sweetheart, thank you so much for those kind words. i love you. hope you enjoy love. x

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Prince Ben

Word Count: 2,179

Warning(s): Fluff

“Come on Y/N. The water seriously isn’t that bad. I promise.”

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Rescuing your little brother be like…

Red Hood: *lock-picks a chain binding Damian, who’s hanging upside down and is slowly being lowered into a pool of piranhas*

Red Hood: Just remember that I’m doing you a favor, kid.

Robin: -Tt-

Red Hood: Don’t forget it in a few years when I ask you to change my diapers.

Robin: Okay, Todd! Wait, what?

reblogginhood  asked:

Drink me

This got so far away from me they don’t even technically *have* a drink, but somehow I doubt you’ll care.

Clarke poured another glass of whiskey for the officer sitting at the bar and gave him a tight smile.  Another patron walked in and took a seat four stools away.  He was the rare man her age not in a German uniform, but the officer at the other end of the bar paid him no attention.  “What’ll it be?” she asked.

“Whiskey,” he replied in perfectly accented French.  Too perfect, actually.  “But I’ll take whatever you’ve got.”

“Can I interest you in a pinot noir?” she asked carefully.

“I’d prefer a merlot,” he replied.  He was measuring her reaction so she continued with the code.

“I can see if I have one in the back, unless you’d prefer to look for yourself.”

He stood.  “That might be best. I can be quite particular,” he said, and followed her back into the store room.

 Clarke shut the door behind her.  “American?” she whispered in English.

“What gave it away?” he replied.  The back room was tiny, with barely enough space for the two of them to stand.

 “Accent,” she hissed back.  “You sound like a textbook.  What are the orders?”

 “Railyard about 40 miles from here, tomorrow night.  We’ll need kerosene and matches.”

 Clarke tapped her foot on the trapdoor beneath them.  “Come in just before closing.  I’ll have my car out back.”

 He nodded.  “Bellamy, by the way.”

 “Clarke,” she replied, and shook his hand.  She grabbed a bottle of merlot and handed it to him.  Back in the bar they were just a patron and a bartender. 

But by tomorrow morning, they might be facing a firing squad.

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anonymous asked:

A scenario for Shouto and his shy(slight stutter), gentle, fragile/sickly crush? She is very new to socializing with her peers and living freely in modern society (recently escaped an abusive "home"). Has never seen a pool/swam before and is amazed/delighted but also a little afraid. She would like to get in but the cold water is painful to her. Later after being assisted, she sees the rest of the dekusquad having a splash fight and tries to splash Shouto, but apologizes immediately ( 유///∀//유)

Okay this was so cute to write and I know you said you wanted it to be just a crush, but I originally wrote it to end in a confession. I changed it at the last minute though because pining blushy Todoroki is so cute!!! also you may have noticed in the Bakugou eclipse scenario but I like to put some of my personal headcanons that I have about certain characters and the extents of their quirks into my writing. The main reason for this is I spend way too much time thinking about these things also I’m a HUGE sucker for world building.

anyways enough of my rambling I hope you like it! because I loved writing it like I seriously cannot stress enough how much I enjoy writing comfort fics because I love making people happy and I know what its like to feel like none of the scenarios fit me because of specific things I’ve gone through or disabilities that I have. I never want anyone to feel too complicated to be loved okay? ^.^

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Jughead & Reader: Summer Nights

Summary: Veronica invites you and a few other friends over for a pool party. Not really interested in going but hoping to see your crush, Jughead, at the party, you decide to go. 

Length: 2,309

Listen to: Stay Young, Go Dancing - Death Cab for Cutie

This is where she lives?” You asked in amazement as you looked at the apartment building that seemed like it should belong in a much fancier town than Riverdale.

“Wait ’til you see the pool,” Archie said as he turned off the car and got out. You followed him, continuing to stare at the building in shock. You knew Veronica came from money, but damn, this place was incredible.

You and Archie made your way to the back of the apartment complex, following the sound of loud, pop music. He opened the gate for you and you stepped onto the patio where Veronica, Betty, Kevin and his boyfriend Joaquin, Ethel, and other friends were sitting around. They all greeted the two of you when you walked over.

Betty handed you a cup of lemonade and you sat down next to her at the table.

“So is this everyone she invited?” You asked, looking around. You wanted to make sure he wasn’t just hiding.

Betty smirked. “Jughead isn’t here yet,” she told you.

You guffawed. “What? Why would you say that?”

“Cause everybody knows you like him,” Kevin said. “Even Joaquin knows.” He gestured to his boyfriend.

“Yeah, I know.” Joaquin confirmed. “And I’ve only see you two together once.”

You rolled your eyes but couldn’t hide your smile. “I do not like him.”

“Then stop smiling,” Kevin said.

You gave him an “I’ll kill you” look then drank some of your lemonade to avoid speaking about Jughead again. Thankfully, Veronica walked over and made a suggestion.

“Let’s have a chicken fight in the pool!” She said excitedly.

You desperately wanted to get away from all the accusations about you liking Jughead so you said you’d volunteer. Archie and Veronica were on a team so all you needed was a pair of shoulders to sit on. Kevin and Joaquin were making out and Betty and Ethel were talking so you figured one of Veronica’s friends you didn’t know would be your partner but then…

“Jughead!” Archie called right as you got into the pool.

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This Is How It Starts, Our Life Together | Act 1 | Various x MC

Week 1 

Thursday:  Act 1


The trouble is Lord Mitsuhide doesn’t feel sensible around you. Not when you’re pouring his tea and leaning over him, the smell of fresh green leaves in spring tickling his nose. Why Lord Nobunaga would think this a good idea, he’ll never know, only that he’s now stuck between a rock and a hard place working in close proximity with you. A thrill courses through him, but that’s to be expected after five consecutive days together.

“Milord, may I start collating these files?”

When you both look up he feels himself slipping. His gaze sinks to the papers in his hands. He can’t let you know. He’s a gentleman. The perfect gentleman.

“Of course. Thank you.”

But he’s not privy to your thoughts, and if he could comprehend the state you’re in, he would drop those files and run out the door. Or drop those files and run to you. A buzzing under your skin races along your nerves, slithering and swirling through your system, to make an odd, tingling warmth in your stomach. Watching him melts your brain to soup.

You want to slip your sandal off and trail your socked toes up and down his thigh, where his hands perch lazily atop, drumming absentmindedly. You want to slide your fingers under the crisp fabric of his kimono and run your fingers across the muscle and veins and feel the beating pulse under your thumb. But most of all, you want to drag his mouth down and kiss that soft, dissolute mouth senseless.

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Drip Drop (M) | Taemin

Because this comeback has given me lots of feels

//do it fast, do it slow, you control the tempo

The club by the beach was drowning in deep house music; bodies were moving sensuously against each other in rhythm, and mouths were open in invitation for tequila and rum. You were intoxicated, and alcohol played no part in it.

The both of you had been goofing off, attempting to dance the waltz to the club music, when Taemin was whisked away by a man itching for a dance battle. Little did the guy know that he was in for a losing game. Cheers erupted from all around you as Taemin took off his baseball cap, feet moving swiftly across the floor as he turned slave to the rhythm. You smirked from the bar counter, taking in a sip of your fresh jug of beer. It didn’t matter how many times you watched him dance, his moves would always turn you on. Taemin showed no signs of slowing down, his hips thrusting and body rolling. The screams got deafening as he teased the crowd with a flash of his six-pack, ending his solo with a fist pump to the air.

It didn’t take long for the space that had formed around the two dancers to disappear as the crowd pushed the loser aside, all ready to shower admiration over Taemin, the undisputed winner of the battle. Girls clad in skin-tight dresses that barely draped over their butts were fondling over him, running their fingers along his nape, touching his abs through the fabric of his black tee. Unfortunately for them, his eyes were already set in your direction and he pulled himself away before they could say “sleep with me”.

“Hey,” he called out, breath slightly hitched.

“Hey to you too,” you greeted him with a kiss, and when you broke apart you could see the smirk that dared other guys in the club to be jealous. He wrapped an arm around your waist, gestured for a share of your beer and chugged a good quarter of it down.

“Did you see me out there?” he said devilishly, his tongue gracing the lower half of his fleshy lips.

“I always see you, Tae,” you slipped your hand into the back pocket of his black jeans, rubbing the tip of your nose against his and like always, it elicited a chuckle.

“Come on,” he grabbed your hand and nodded towards the exit, “let’s get out of here.”

With your hand in his, Taemin guided you out the club. The lanterns that hung down from the poles lit up the pebbled path with their orangey glow, the flowery shrubs by either side of you adding to the mystique and romantic vibes of the villa.

“Fancy a dip?” asked Taemin as he fumbled around in his pockets to find the key card to the bungalow.

“Sure, I think there’s guacamole,” you said with the straightest face, and the look of exasperation on Taemin’s face had you bursting out in laughter as you walked past him to open the door once he found the key card.

“Yeah, you laugh now, I’m going to have you screaming later.” Taemin stated as he closed the door and you turned around, laughter gone and tension present. “I saw the way you were looking at me in the club.” He took off his khaki jacket almost too slowly, knowing that the sight of his muscles rippling underneath his t-shirt would make you weak.

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The cat and the spider- pt. 2

Request: Could I possibly request part 2 for The cat and the spider where Nat learns more about (Y/N’s) past like how Hydra kidnapped her when she was younger and Nat sees a video clip of them performing the pure adamantium bonding procedure on (Y/N) and (Y/N) breaks out and escape the Hydra base when she overheard Strucker had her parents killed and was about to have her brainwashed? And it ends with Nat cuddling with (Y/N) and being protective of her after (Y/N) had a nightmare?

Warnings: swearing, torture

Read the first part: X

Originally posted by lexiesqrey

   Nat mindlessly flipped through Shield files, aka clicking on each folder, reviewing the information before sorting it properly. Since shield was slowly starting to rebuild she was in charge of the information, retrieving it, erasing any of the hydra lies, and so on and so forth. For the last five hours she’d been reviewing the workers folders, namely the officers, technicians, and a few special players here and there. 

   She had found Peter Parker’s folder and she just couldn’t help herself when she decided to snoop. But that folder led her to Wanda’s folder and that folder led her Sam’s folder and then somehow she ended up on Logan’s folder and from there that folder took her straight to (Y/N)’s. Nat knew it was an invasion of privacy to look but her finger was already clicking away, opening up documents, videos, and reports, every single one of them about (Y/N). 

   Her eyes were drawn to shields report, the one written up for when Shield was considering to hire (Y/N). The words, hostile, easily angered, and unstable truly captured her attention. That didnt sound like her (Y/N) at all, her (Y/N) wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    Nat hums skeptically as she clicks through the documents, her finger stalling when she came to a video. The screen was black other than a couple of small white words printed in the middle of the screen; project 0, final run. 

   Nat bit her lip as she clicked on the video, watching as the black screen slowly started to give way to something else. It was a room, it looked dark and cold and right in the middle of it was (Y/N), strapped to some strange contraption. Nat’s heart ached as she watched the video, as she surveyed the fear written on (Y/N)’s face. 

   The video rolls on through but nothing really happens. There’s faint garbled talking in the background but that was about it until suddenly a loud, heavy machinery like noise erupts from the video and it finally begins to move. The contraption (Y/N) was on slowly lowered them into a pool of something, small tubes connected with their body and suddenly it connects. This was the moment (Y/N) became the crimson cat. This was their admantium bonding, Nat was watching (Y/N) go from a normal human being into a metal clad superhuman. That clip doesn’t last long, it ends shortly after (Y/N) was lowered into the pool. The video keeps on rolling though, showing something Nat never knew even existed. It was (Y/N), running through The hydra base, blood covering their entire body. 

   Nat leans forward, her eyes training in on (Y/N) as they swiftly move through the base, claws extended, a completely feral look upon their usually sweet face. The video cuts out right as (Y/N) goes to murder one of the guards, the screen going back to static. Nat stares at the screen blankly, her throat constricting as she watches the black static. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what (Y/N) had felt in there, how scared they were, how much pain they must have been in.

    Before Nat even knows what she’s doing she’s jumped from her seat, her feet carrying her down the hall and to where (Y/N) was presiding, sorting through their own folders. (Y/N)’s head perks up at the sound of feet but they don’t have much time to react before Nat had tackled them in a hug, kissing their face as though it’d be the last time she could. 

   "Woah Nat,“ (Y/N) laughs, "What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Nat merely nods, continuing her kisses and nearly bone crushing hug. “Nat- Nat- Natasha- Natalia!” (Y/N) grips Nat’s face in their hands, making her look them in the eye. “Are you sure you’re okay? Did something happen?”

    “I saw the video,” Nat confesses, nearly choking on her words. “I saw your video and- and-”

    “Wait…you saw my video?”

    “I’m so sorry! I was just clicking through files and yours came up and I couldn’t help myself and-" 

   "Nat, love, it’s okay, I’m not mad at you,” Nat sniffles a bit, looking at (Y/N) with wide eyes.


    “I promise Nat,” (Y/N) smiles gently. “I’m just sorry you had to see that," 

   "I’m sorry you had to go through that,” Nat looks at (Y/N), pawing at her nose as she does. 

   "It’s fine, really, plus, if I hadn’t gone through with the operation I wouldn’t be here with you right now, would I?“ 

   "I guess not…" 

   "See, it wasn’t too bad, I got to meet you because of it, now look at us,” Nat smiles as (Y/N) gently runs their fingers through her hair, soothing her frazzled nerves.

    “Yeah…” Nat whispers softly. 

   "Yeah,“ (Y/N) concludes with a gentle smile and an equally gentle kiss to Nat’s lips. "You wanna stay here and help me sort for a bit? Just until you calm down?” Nat nods, feeling just a bit better now that (Y/N) had consoled her. 

   (Y/N) gives Nat one last kiss before going back to their sorting, or as an alternative name, holding Nat and kissing her until she truly felt better.

anonymous asked:

What do you think would happened if Tsukishima, Lev, Kuroo, Oikawa AND/OR Bokuto went swimming in the deep end of a beach or pool and their s/o went over to swim with them but us having a little bit of a hard time staying above the water because she's so short? (Ex: tall guy at 6'0 and 5'0 s/o is basically hopping off the bottom to stay above the water)

I’ve been writing a lot about Oikawa lately, so I chose Bokuto! Hope you don’t mind!


Tsukishima Kei

He had to cover his mouth not to laugh. He was a tease, but he couldn’t be that shameless with his own girlfriend. It had been his idea to go that far into the ocean after all.

He saw her hop one time, and another time, and another time, and he lost it. A small giggle escaped his lips.

“Do you need some help?” he asked cynically. She would have given him her death stare, but she would appreciate to have her head completely above the water. So leaving all her pride behind, she swam up to him muttering under her breath and held his arm lifting herself a little from the water. “Hey, you’re tall for once,” he teased her again.

Now, she wouldn’t have that. She let go of him deciding to deal with the water on her own. This time Tsukishima did laugh out loud.

Haiba Lev

“Let’s go deeper!” he suggested, bright smile on his face. The water of the pool barely touched his chest.

“Please no,” she said behind him. He turned around looking for his girlfriend, her head was the only thing that hadn’t disappeared under the water. He immediately burst out laughing.

“You look so funny!” Lev said between giggles.

“Let’s stay here. Here it’s okay.”

He went to her walking through the water without any struggle, and then he deepened into it leaving his face at the same level as hers.

“Are you kneeling down?” she asked.

“Yes,” he cheerfully said.

‘Of course’ she thought. That kind of things happened when you dated someone who was almost two meters tall.

Tetsuro Kuroo

As a tall guy, he had always gone really deep into the ocean. He enjoyed swimming, and to be able to do so without his feet uncomfortably crashing against the sand in the bottom he had to get himself where the water was high enough for him.

That time he wasn’t alone, though. However, he had forgotten that. 

“Kuro, do you think we can stop here?” a soft voice spoke at his side. He had to look down. His girlfriend was holding his arm as if her life depended on that. And in a certain way, it did.

The water was now dangerously reaching her chin, and if she let go of him, the water would probably cover half her face. He eyes the horizon and the vast ocean in front of him. He would enjoy a good swim, but he had invited her, and it would be distasteful if he obligated her to go any deeper.

He returned his eyes to her, and smiled. He turned around, spinning with her still holding his arm, and walked a couple of meters back. Once she stood on her own on the sand, and the water didn’t threaten to drown her, he stopped.

“Better?” he asked. She flashed a smile that covered her whole face.

“Yes! Here’s perfect.”

Bokuto Koutaro

He hadn’t think there could be any kind of problem. He simply carried his girlfriend, and jumped into the deepest part of the pool. He got out of the water with one of his typical screams. It was one of the hottest days they’d had in the whole summer, and the cold water against the skin felt more than great.

“We needed that, didn’t we?” he asked exited turning around looking for her. She wasn’t by his side; she was currently swimming to the lower part of the pool. “Hey! Where you going?” he asked starting to slowly walk towards her thanks to the water’s weight.

“I can’t stand there,” she simply said once her feet touched the floor. “It’s better here.”

“But here the water is too low,” he complied. 

“But there I can’t stand. I will get tired,” she patiently explained.

He tilted his head, and his mouth did a slight pout. She knew he was trying to think about a solution. Bokuto always looked for ways to make the both of them happy.

“You can always hang on me,” he said after spending two whole minutes in silence.

She tilted her head now, and smiled. That actually was a great idea. She did as he said, and threw her arms around his neck. A soft blush appeared on her face. His skin was still hot because of the sun. The cold water had done nothing to it. 

Without much trouble he walked back to the deepest part of the pool with her girlfriend hanging from his shoulders. 


Thanks for the request!!! I hope you liked it!

anonymous asked:

pretending their not together or vegas marriage

Thank you for this prompt! I hope you enjoy this, I kind of ran with the Vegas element, and some early development CS had. You can also read this oneshot on a03

The night came back to her in blurred flashes, reminiscent of cinematography from Martin Scorcese; the tinkle of quarters as they were released from fruit machines, the blinding neon lights, scantily clad waitresses, a stream of drinks that continued like a soda fountain. She vaguely remembered one of The Black Keys’ songs playing as they made their way back to the suite. Wait, their way back…? Oh yes, that’s right. She had gone and gotten herself hitched to that cocky asshole she’d tried to leave at the top of the beanstalk.

Only she would have the worst luck when it came to a Vegas wedding to a guy who wasn’t particularly bad looking, nor did he have an awful sense of fashion. In fact, Emma had somewhat semi-consciously regarded all his pros within a few seconds before the impeccably timed, “Swan, come on! The chapel’s just over there! When you chained me to the beanstalk, I knew it was code for you just wanting to be attached to me a little while longer.” He had dragged her, literally to the Chapel at the opposite side of the casino they had been staking out.

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Ficlet Series: Secrets (Jungkook X Reader)

Rated: M (smut, swearing)

Word Count: 1526

Masterpost: Ficlet Series: Secrets

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Music pumps loudly from the speakers in the lounge and you fight your way through the crowd of gyrating bodies.

You squeeze out the other side of the crowd and look at the empty couch before you.

What the hell? You look around in amazement. You had left all seven of them here not five minutes ago. Where could they have gone?

You catch sight of a familiar mop of dark hair standing near the window.

“Jungkook!” you yell over the music. He turns and helps you clamber over a pile of empty beer cans to stand next to him. You slip on a wet patch and he catches you around your waist.

“Oops,” you say, giving him a grateful pat on the arm. When you’re close enough to him you lean forward to speak into his ear.

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