lower mahattan

African Burial Ground National Historic Monument     Lower Manhattan, NYC     April 27, 2013

Photographed by: Sarah Killinger

I had the opportunity to visit the African Burial Ground Natl. Historic Monument in New York last month. It was such a moving experience to be at one of the most significant archeological sites in US history and at a sacred site where my past and present connect. While working during my term with the National Park Service I have had the pleasure and opportunity to catalog some of Howard University’s skeletal biosynthesis reports that were performed on the excavated remains and it really made me reflect on how fortunate I am to have come from people who were able to survive centuries of such a horrid institution. The photos featured above are of the actual burial mounds that contain the remains of the Africans discovered in the burial ground, part of the memorial and one of the commissioned sculptures featured inside the Weiss Federal building to honor the African Burial Ground. I will post more pictures from my visit later. Peace all.

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