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If you could build a Justice League of your own with DC Characters that aren't in the Justice League (going with the animated TV show League) who would it consist of?

As in a lower-level League? How about…Apollo, Midnighter, Zatanna, Bride of Frankenstein, Aztek, Question (Montoya) and Zauriel. That’d be a solid mix of powers and personalities that hit all the major archetypes.

Stade in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Northern Germany, is part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. It was first mentioned in a document from 994. It’s located on the lower Elbe river and the German Timber-Frame Road. The first human settlers came to the area in 30,000 BC. In medieval times (13th-17th century), Stade was a prominent member of the Hanseatic League, but was later eclipsed by Hamburg. Over the centuries, It has been under Swedish, Danish, and German rule. In past decades, Stade has economically benefited from the presence of the chemical and aerospace industry at the Elbe river, most notably Dow Chemical and Airbus. Also by the Elbe at Stade is the decommissioned Nuclear Power Plant, which was connected to the power grid from 1972 to 2003. By the time the plant was brought offline, it was Germany’s second-oldest reactor. Following Germany’s 2002 decision to phase out nuclear power generation, Stade was the first plant to be affected. The process of dismantling the facility was to be completed by 2015.

Antonio Conte has defended his decision to bring Nathan Ake back early from a loan spell at Bournemouth and then barely play him. The 22-year-old defender was excelling under Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe during the first half of the season, but a clause written into the season-long loan deal allowed Conte to recall the player in January and the Italian felt he needed cover at the back. Since then Ake has not played a single minute in the Premier League and only made two appearances in FA Cup matches against lower league opponents Brentford and Wolves.

Conte: ‘For us it was the right decision for him to stay in our squad. Also because, for us, it’s important to check our players and then to see the improvement. We find a player who is able to stay in the squad, to give him the possibility to show me and the club their capacity, so why not? I’m happy to have Nathan with us.’


𝐘 𝐮𝐫𝐢!!! 𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐞𝐩𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐝𝐞 𝟑

Goldman Sachs is sounding the alarm on a crucial barometer for the markets

(Traders in the Standard What a difference a couple of months make.

The year kicked off with investors again predicting this was the year Treasury bond yields would finally, after so many false starts, dart higher as the Federal Reserve raised official borrowing costs.

Instead, the bond market has parted ways with equities big league, with lower yields signaling the sort of concern about the country’s economic prospects and companies’ profit margins that is starkly absent from a giddy, record-loving stock market.

“Not long ago we were often asked why our 2.5% end-March 2017 forecast for 10-year US Treasury yields was so low,” Goldman Sachs strategists Francesco Garzarelli and Rohan Khanna wrote in a research note. “Now, the most recurrent questions are how much further can bond yields fall?” Also: What will make them move higher?

Treasury bonds are considered a safe investment, and their yields move opposite to their price. Despite slightly higher yields following the French election, 10-year benchmark rates stood about 2.30%, below a postelection peak near 2.60%.

Stocks, in contrast, have defied gravity, chasing frequent record highs despite concerns about firms’ profitability, a weak investment backdrop, and the prospect of additional interest-rate increases from the Federal Reserve.

To highlight the bearish trend in the US government bond market, the Goldman analysts contrasted its moves with those of its comparable foreign counterparts.

“In the big picture, US Treasuries have represented a bearish force for global fixed income since last June, and particularly since the election of President Trump,” the Goldman strategists wrote. “More clouds have gathered over the size and the timing of the Trump Administration’s fiscal expansion, and the news on the inflation front has been more mixed of late.”

(Goldman Sachs)
As for the matter of when yields might actually turn higher, Garzarelli and Khanna are telling clients the pace of Fed tightening will be key: “The level of US yields is ultimately set by the Fed, the only major central bank that we expect to tighten policy this year and next.”

For Wall Street traders, prepping for bond yields to rise has been like waiting for Godot. But they’ll keep doing it.

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- My Base. Started:2013 - Paused:2014 - Resumed:2016

Even though I’ve been playing this game for almost 3 years, I still have lower trophies compared to other town hall 9 players. I did this in order to get higher loots (gold, elixir, dark elixir) because some of ghost bases are found in lower leagues (lower trophies). Ghost bases are bases that has been inactive for a long time.

I just wanted to tell you that sometimes, winning isn’t everything, it’s about what you gain from it. 


No challenge too big for Clarence Seedorf

Byย Anthony Lopopolo

In the gym was Clarence Seedorf, arms still bulging, abs still firm, and yet old enough to be the father of the kids around him. Just off Rio de Janeiro, his favourite city, the 37-year-old would teach the things he learned over the course of his 22-year career. Heโ€™d ask them questions. He encouraged them to think for themselves. It was a two-way conversation off the field; orders and lectures saved for the field. Theyโ€™d talk about positioning, footwork, little details, shaping the body to receive the ball, opening up, preparing for it, moving this way instead of that.ย 

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When Sudan united for 90 minutes

Byย Wael Jabir

Youโ€™d be fully excused to think of war, famine and poverty upon the mention of Sudan. The country has been the stage of the worldโ€™s longest running civil war that started in 1955 (even before the country was officially independent) and despite a ten-year-long ceasefire in the 70s, the war only ended with the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement in 2005. The agreement effectively led to division of the country into two, โ€˜Republic of Sudanโ€™ in the north and the creatively named โ€˜Republic of South Sudanโ€™.

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The decision

“I’d like to announce I’m leaving Barça at the end of the season. It’s a definitive decision”

“It hasn’t been easy to decide it. I have talked with my family and we all agreed to do so.”

“It was a right decision to stay for another year. We can win the three titles and anyway it’s been a fantastic year.”

“It was a difficult decision from the heart, because you know I’m really Culer.”

“I know I can keep playing soccer in a lower league, in Qatar. I will learn a lot there.”

“This year I have been playing less, so I think it’s the right moment to leave.”

“Today I announced it to the staff and players, but it was evident and everyone knew it.”

“My ambition is to form myself outside and come back one day in Barça. We’ll see if as a coach or as a Football Director.”

“I didn’t tell my mother Barça had offered me the renewal . He is really Culer and will suffer nostalgia the most.”

“I will talk with Guardiola about Qatar. I already talked with Raul… I’m really looking forward to move there.”

“It will be difficult to play without Barça’s jersey. I had always though I would end my career here.”


“I want to thank the club for everything. They offered me a new contract until 2018 but the decision was taken.”

“I also want to thank all the supporters. I hope I haven’t disappointed anyone because many people told me to stay.”

“This Saturday I will be really glad to say goodbye to the fans, because they have been supporting me all the time.”

“Fans cheering and telling me to stay during the matches really moved me.”

Review of his career

“I’m really happy. I couldn’t have had a better career.”

“The best memory is that I have no enemies in soccer and that I have enjoyed every minute played.”

“Anyway it has not been an easy career, especially in the beginning, when not everyone believed in me.”

This is a list of 9 large schools that profited directly off of slavery

1.Brown University — Rhode Island. The Rhode Island university benefited significantly from slavery during its early years. Rhode Island served as a major hub for the trans-Atlantic slave trade, according to a report by The Committee on Slavery and Justice. The report revealed that at least 30 members of Brown’s governing board owned or captained slave ships, and many donors would lend enslaved people to help with construction.

2.Dartmouth College — New Hampshire
Dartmouth College is the home of a rather gruesome tale of how enslaved people were used as experimental tools for universities. Craig Steven Wilder, the author of Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery and the Troubled History of America’s Universities, sat down with Democracy Now back in 2013 to discuss some of his own findings of how universities benefited from slavery. During the interview, Steven tells the story of Dartmouth founder Eleazar Wheelock, who dragged ”the body of an enslaved black man, who is deceased, named Cato, to the back of his house and boils that body in an enormous pot to free up the skeleton, to wire it up for instruction.

3.Harvard — Massachusetts
Much like many of the schools on the list, Harvard was established on land that was left to the school by a wealthy plantation owner. Early in the school’s history, enslaved people were used to serve the children of other wealthy white people while they were on campus.

4.Yale — Connecticut
While the university celebrates what it has deemed a “long history of activism in the face of slavery,” three scholars at the school wanted to draw attention to the not-so-pretty past. Despite past faculty members being known abolitionists, the school relied heavily on slave-trading money for its first scholarships and library endowment, the scholars discovered, according to The New York Times.

5.Princeton — New Jersey
Princeton raised money and recruited students for the school through rich families who owned enslaved people in the South and throughout the Caribbean.

6.Rutgers University — New Jersey
Much like Princeton, Rutgers relied heavily on the families of slave owners when it came time to recruit students for the school while also funding several projects through donations from the same wealthy families.

7.University of Delaware-
When trying to fill its halls with students, the University of Delaware followed the example set by other universities. The school moved to recruit the children of wealthy slave owners, which also gave them the financial backing they needed to support the school’s expansion.

8.University of Pennsylvania-
Access to corpses and people to experiment on for scientific purposes was essential to a university’s success especially during its early stages. For many schools, including the University of Pennsylvania, enslaved people were the primary sources of corpses and were often forced to participate in scientific studies.

9.Columbia University — New York
Columbia University, named the King’s College at the time, published an announcement of the swearing in of its first trustees and paid for the printed announcement with the money it obtained through just one advertisement—an ad promoting a slave auction in Lower Manhattan.

Yesterday I was given hope back about the league community (Short story)

Yesterday evening I was playing normal games with 4 friends, Me being plat 2, and the rest unranked (but id put them at a gold level of play if they did play ranked) We were playing blind pick and got matched with a team that had 2 challengers, 1 diamond one , and 2 diamond 4 players. Little to say my friends gave up before laning phase started. One of my friends commented, โ€œGG lol, im scaredโ€ in the all chat and was the challenger mid laner responded โ€ Dont be scared, just play like you would normally playโ€.ย 

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