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Joker x The Reader - Date Night Part Two

Warning: smut

We pull back up to my house and J immediately gets out of the car and walks over to my side. He opens the door for me. Before I can completely get out of the car, I’m swept up in his arms bridal style. He kicks the door closed behind him and carries me to the house.

“Now that that’s over, it’s time for daddy to have some fun with his kitten,” he growls into my ear. I smile and giggle in delight. We walk into the house and up the stairs, J kissing my neck. I toss my head back and moan while he simultaneously breathes into my neck, “Ahhh … don’t tease me, pumpkin.”

We enter my room and he tosses me onto my bed. I sit up on my elbows and I watch him take off his suit jacket and unbutton his white dress shirt, revealing his tattooed pale body. I bite my lower lip and J locks eyes with me.

“Oooh, baby, you know what biting that lip does to me. Now you’ve asked for it,” he says harshly. He growls and advances towards me onto the bed. Our lips instantly lock in a passionate, intense kiss. Our tongues dance with each other in some sort of twisted tango and he stops for a minute to bite my lower lip. It’s the perfect mix of pleasure and pain. He pulls down my black dress leaving me in only my black bra and lace panties. He kisses my neck and slowly makes his way down to my breast. He slides my bra down and immediately begins kissing my breast and toying with my nipple. A warm rush encompasses my body and I moan, my hips pushing up into his pelvis against his erection. I ache for his touch. I want him inside me.

He notices my movement and chuckles, “Ah, little girl can’t wait any longer for daddy to fuck her?” He makes butterfly kisses down my stomach until he reaches my panties. He toys with the side straps before yanking them off me. He then moves his hand over my warm, wet center.

“Baby girl is nice and wet for daddy,” he smiles. “Ya know, dear, dinner was fantastic, but I have something else in mind I wanna eat.” My eyes widen wth delight. He then slowly strokes his tongue over my center, starting at my lips and then proceeding to my clit. Pleasure races through my body, starting from my groin then warms my whole body. I feel him enter two fingers in me and he begins fingering me as he continues to stroke his tongue over my clit. The pleasure is incredible. I can feel my legs begin shaking as I grab onto the sheets and I cry out in pleasure. As I begin to feel to reach my breaking point. He slows down and then slowly slides his fingers out of me. Oh god why is he teasing me like this?

“Daddy needs to be pleased too,” he says. He stands up and proceeds to slide down his pants, freeing his huge erection. He smiles and then crawls over me. He pushes both of my legs apart. I feel his tip at my entrance and I start moaning.

“Ahhhh…” he moans, throwing his head back. “Your moan drives me wild, princess,” he says hovering over me, his face nearly inches from mine. I stare into his eyes. “Lets turn those moans into screams,” he growls , his crystal blue eyes darkening with determination. He then thrusts into me, at which I cry out, “FUCK!” His thrusts grow faster and harder and I’m surrendered to him.

“Oh god, daddy,” I moan, my fingers toying with his bright green hair. I toss my head back, and he kisses and bites my neck.

“Yes baby, cum for me!” He yells, “NOW!” Immediately I feel my release, as well as his, my body growing weak in his arms. He kisses me as he pulls out of me.

He breaks the kiss for a split second and says “You’re mine princess. Don’t forget that.”

G dragon Scenario #18 “Please remember me” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“This is so uncomfortable” you said, moving around in your seat.

J: Hahaha

Y/N: Why are you laughing? My back really hurts…

* You took off your seatbelt to rub your lower back.

J: Just a couple of minutes more…

Y/N: …

J: I’ll give you a massage as soon as we get to the hotel

* He strokes your cheek.

Y/N: This is gonna be awesome

J: I know!

Y/N: Finally a whole week for us!

* He turn his head to see you.

It was only a second, just a second…

The next thing he knows is that the car was upside down and you weren’t in the car. Ji yong was attached to his seat because of the seat belt. He took it off as fast as he could, crawling through the broken window.

“Y/N!!!” he started to scream until his throat burns.

And then he passed out.

“Stay with us! Don’t close your eyes!” Ji yong barely understand what that voice was saying.

“My wi…” was hard for him to stay awake “What?” the voice says “My… my wife” and he passed out again.

Ji yong woke up at the hospital. His family and some of the members were there “Mom…” he started to say.

Everyone was so happy to hear him talk “Mom… what?”

“Shhh it´s ok” she says, caressing his hair softly.

“We were at the freeway and then… where is Y/N?!”

“She’s ok” Taeyang says, walking to the bed. He holds his hand tightly.

But Ji yong felt something was wrong because as soon as he mentioned your name, everyone’s smiles disappeared.

“I wanna see her!” he moved away the bed sheets. But his mom stopped him “What is it?! Where is she?!” he was really scared. “She’s fine” his mom has a forced smile on her face “WHY ARE YOU LYING TO ME?! I WANNA SEE HER NOW!”…

“Ok! Calm down! You’re gonna hurt yourself…” Taeyang grabs his shoulders “Tell me what is going on…” Ji yong begs.

“She’s fine, but…” he’s looking away. “But…” Ji yong is desperate.

“She can’t remember anything or… anyone” Ji yong’s mom says with tears in her eyes.

Ji yong can’t believe it. How’s that even possible? Why is this happening?

You meant everything to him, so he can’t accept it. He can’t accept that all this time, all this beautiful memories, all the laughs and smiles no longer exist for you.

It’s been a few days since the accident, and both of you are doing great. The healing process is been hard for both but little by little both of you started to heal.

Your family talked to him every day. There’s no day where he didn’t call asking about you…

It’s hard for him because doctors asked him to stay away from you for a while. Because of your condition they can’t allow you to have any type of strong impression, they need you calm. And he agreed, even though being away from the person he loves the most, is killing him. All he wants is being there with you, supporting you.

“I miss her so much” he says with tears in his eyes “You have to help me" 

"What?!” Seungri didn’t know how to react “You are aware that she still doesn’t know who you are… right?” Daesung was trying to be really careful choosing his words. The last thing he wanted to do is to hurt him.

“I know that…”

“… but at this point we don’t know, if she is going to be able to recover all her memories”

 "So what you’re saying is…“ Seungri starts to say but Ji yong interrupted him.

"If she can’t have those memories back… I’ll create new ones for her” he nods.

That day, they helped him finding in what room you were staying. It wasn’t hard at all… the nurses were more than happy to help them with that.


When he was about to enter your room he stares at you through the window… and there you are. Sitting on your bed, watching TV and eating the awful food on your plate. He felt so happy.

 You were alone.

“Hello miss how are you?” he enters the room.

“Oh! Hi” you said smiling. He stares at you for a moment. “Do you work here?”

He just nodded. His heart it’s broken. Deep down he was hoping for a miracle to happen like in the movies.

“My name is Ji yong” he introduces himself.

“Nice to meet you” you answered, smiling.

It felt almost like the first time he met you.

He stayed with you all day helping you with your therapy; just simple things he learn from his own therapies.

“I have to go now…” he says standing up from the chair besides your bed.

“Oh!” you said a little bit disappointed.

He was about to leave when you said “You’re coming tomorrow… right?”

“Of course!” he was really happy.

He left, and you felt weird. He was so handsome, the way he smiles, and the way he tried you… he was so kind. That night you couldn’t stop thinking of him.

The days pass by and you’re improving a lot since you started your sessions with Ji yong. The doctors even admit that it was a huge mistake when they decided to separate you.

Everyone are so touched, by how much he loves you. He is making all that’s possible to get you back. And it’s working, because, even though you’re not capable of remember anything, you’re falling in love with him again.

“Why are you always so nice to me?” you asked him while he was there, sitting next to you on the bed. He was making you company while you were eating.

“It must be because…” he started but then stops suddenly. “What? You can tell me, I won’t say anything” you said, taking a sip of your water.

“You promise?” he asks… and you just nodded.

“It’s because I really like you!” 

Once he said that, your face turned red. “I like you too” you said.

You felt his soft lips on yours. He pressed them against yours harder when he felt your hands on his neck.

He pulled away and looked you in the eyes but he didn’t say anything. You smiled and before you could say something, he kissed you again. You started dating again after this.

As time passes by he eventually have to tell you the truth about him and your relationship. He was just waiting for the perfect timing.

You were at his room in his house when he gave you a gift “What is this?” you ask him, excited. “It’s a happy anniversary gift!” his hand is caressing your face.

“But is not our anniversary” you open the gift. It was an album, and when you opened it tears appears in your eyes. “Today was our anniversary” he says, kissing your forehead.

The album was full with photos of you two… and every single page had something writing on it explaining the photo, the date and the place.

“OMG” you’re crying so much. You just saw the picture of your wedding…

“Why?! Why this happened?!”

He holds your face “I love you! No matter what happened before, what matters now is that we still together”

You hug him, and he continues “You was and you’ll always be the love of my life”

“I love you” you said sobbing. “I just wish I could remember all this” you put your hand over the page touching the wedding photo.

“We’ll create new memories babe”

Curious Yet? (Part 4)

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the devil himself.” You smirked and crossed your arms across your chest and leaned back into the corner. “(Y/n), doll. It’s nice to finally meet you.” J grinned and opened his arms, seemingly expecting you to just run right into his arms. “First off, I’m no one’s doll, Mister. J,” Uncrossing your arms, you heaved yourself up out of the corner and moved to sit on the bed. “And second, what’s your deal with me? Why are you so adamant on getting me out if here with you?”

J lowered his arms back to his side, and then crossed them. “You’re insane, doll. I can see it in your eyes. Give up trying to live a normal life!” He stalked towards you slowly while trying to persuade you to come with him and rule Gotham. “Think about it (Y/n). If you became my queen, you could have it all. I know you get that special feeling of satisfaction from striking fear deep into souls. Don’t you? Or am I wrong?” 

You stared deeply into those ice blue eyes of his for several moments before speaking again, “No. You’re not wrong.” You ran a hand through your (h/c) bangs. “Alright, I’m in. But I’m going to tell you something, and I’m going to tell you once. So listen good.” You got up and walked over to him, poking a finger into the middle of his chest. “I’m no one’s little pet to be gawked at. I’m not arm candy, I’m a real, living human and I can do things for myself. Got it?”

He took your hand in his pale one and brought your finger to his mouth, biting the finger that had been poking his chest. “Fine by me doll, but if your “independence” someday gets you caught by the Bat, or killed, don’t expect me to come to your rescue.” He pulled away from you and let out a laugh. One that sent chills down your spine. Was this really the life you wanted? You just handed your life over to Gotham’s most dangerous criminal. And now you were his new toy. But there was something so very special about him that you just couldn’t let go. You weren’t going to let the Joker get away from you when he was practically handing you the chance to rule Gotham City with him. 

One Year Later

Did you regret handing your life over to Gotham’s most dangerous criminal?

Not one bit.

The pro’s most definitely out weighed the con’s on this one. Access to his high class clubs at your will, the designer clothes, the precious jewels, the sports cars, the penthouses. You name it. Tonight he was seeing clientele at his club Alibi, one of the many he owned. The gun in your hand had been specially made for you, one with the words “love” and “hate” where the bullets were. You sat on J’s lap wearing a form fitting red dress that stopped just above your knees, and a pair of gold heels. Your makeup was nothing short of perfection and your (h/l), (h/c) hair was in loose curls. 

“You’re a lucky man J, got a bad bitch.”

Your (e/c) eyes snapped over to look at the man and you got up, twirling the gun around your index finger. You pulled the safety off and pressed the barrel against his head, “I dare you– say it again.” The man’s face quickly turned into that of fear as he tried to reason with J. “J, please man. Call off your girl. I didn’t mean no harm!” His eyes darted over to J. J laughed and leaned back into the expensive white couch, holding a glass of whiskey. 

You pulled the trigger and watched as the man slumped over. “Jesus– I really liked that couch too.” Sighing, you cleaned off the barrel of your beloved gun and put it back into your gun holster. “That couch was expensive doll, that’s coming out of your paycheck.” You seated yourself back on J’s lap and laughed, “Oh come on Mistah J! He disrespected your queen.” (E/c) eyes moved to glare at the guy’s slumped over body. “Nobody disrespects my queen.” He tangled his pale hand into your (h/c) hair and roughly crashed his crimson lips with your’s.

They were the king and queen of Gotham City,

And God help anyone who disrespected the queen.

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J: Bats, my beautiful baby, my perfect peach, I already TOLD you: I have no idea why they jumped me.  Would I lie to you?

B: *snorts* YES.

J: Well, you’ll just have to take my word for it.  I have no proof because I was, oh excuse me, MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS.

B: Hmph.

J: Say, was that the front doorway we just went through?

B: *brows lower forbiddingly* Maybe. Why?

J: Because if so, then that was a threshold…that you just carried me across… *evil grin*

B:*gets red around the cheeks* Damn.

J: *sings delightedly* Batsy, Batsy, give me your answer, dooooo~~~I’m past crazy, all for the love of you~~~If you’ll give up this Bat-racket, I’ll wear your, um, straitjacket~~~And it’ll be sweet, when I shove my seat–


Anna Pavlova as The Swan (Study) (1911). Sir John Lavery (Irish, 1856-1941). Oil on canvas. Signed twice and dedicated ‘To 'MONA’ / FROM J. Lavery 11 July 1918 / J Lavery’ (lower right), signed again, inscribed and dated 'ANNA PAVLOVA / AS THE SWAN. (STUDY) / BY / JOHN LAVERY / 5 CROMWELL PL. / LONDON / 1911’ (on the reverse).

Study for ‘dying swan,’ Lavery’s second Pavlova project. This divertissement shows the dancer, wearing the iconic costume designed for her by Leon Bakst, sinking elegantly to floor.


Okay so aside from the huge spoiler that everyone is sad about in aou, can someone be sad with me about JARVIS…because as much as I’m crazy in love with the Vision, Tony just lost one of his closest friends. His copilot. The sassy A.I. that he hangs up Christmas stockings for.

Honestly just thinking of Tony absentmindedly asking J to lower the lights or something and realizing he’s not there anymore makes me so sad…

And I also just really don’t like FRIDAY, sue me.

Have you ever realised that there’s no real reason for the line on a Capital J to be on top?

Or the dot on lower case j


It could be like this?

I have been irrationally pissed off about this for two days?!