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How much land do you really need to be self sufficient?

With a world food crisis, drought and civil unrest over escalating food prices, around the world, we all have concerns about food security and the ability to feed our own families.  An info-graphic is circulating the internet that tells us that we need a full 2 acres to be self sufficient in food on a omnivore diet, implying less land if one is vegan.  The problem with a graphic like this is that it discourages experimentation, and assumes a one-size-fits all family eating style.  It uses yield estimates taken from mono-cultural commercial agriculture and imposes them on the homestead.  This discourages people who want to attempt to be self sufficient and live a more sustainable life.  2 acres is a substantial investment in a highly productive agricultural belt or near an urban area. And this info-graphic assumes highly productive land — expensive land.

So is 2 acres a reasonable estimate?  That depends where you live and what you mean by “self-sufficiency”.  When Canada was being divided up in homesteading grids — it was assumed that on the Prairies an average family would need a section of land (over 1,000 acres) to be self-sufficient.  In those days, self-sufficient meant to survive to the next year, without grocery stores to fall back on.  In Ontario and B.C. the amount of land necessary to feed and cloth a family was considered a ¼ section — 160 acres.  That area provided water, food, energy, and a livelihood.  Along the St. Laurence and in the Maritimes the amount of land needed was less — due to the proximity of fishing and water.  The closer one is to fresh water, whether a stream or through rainfall, the less land that is necessary to sustain  a family.

Those in the North or at higher elevations need more land to be self-sufficient.  Its hard to grow food — other than livestock and hay — in a growing season that’s shortened by intermittent summer frost.  But it can be done.  Land in these areas is cheaper, too.  You will need 5 to 15 acres to be productive in a Northern area and you will have more land dedicated to raising livestock and hay and less land dedicated to vegetables and fruit.

How much land do you need?

So what’s a reasonable estimate for how much land you really need to sustain your family?

Skip the 2,000 square foot house.  Its unnecessary.  A smaller footprint that builds upward  is a better use of space, and is easier to heat and clean.  Solar panels?  Possibly if you are far enough south and have a good exposure.   Wind? Micro-hydro?  Methane?  Wood?  All are possibilities to explore for energy efficiency.  Each property has to be assessed individually.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution — except the grid.  Cut the house footprint in half.

Livestock?  Skip the pigs — they produce only meat and take up valuable space.  Skip the corn unless you live in the South, where your summer has the heat value to ripen corn easily.  The livestock doesn’t need it and its low on food value — 2 goats and 5 chickens can live on garden surplus, grass and weeds.  5 chickens will feed a family 2 dozen eggs a week in the peak laying season.  They don’t need their own dedicated space.  Put them in a movable chicken tractor and let them till the garden, eating bugs and weeds.  Move them every morning during the growing season and it will improve your soil quality, too.

Goats can be housed in a shed near the house, a lean to onto the house or even the back of the garage.  They only need a small bedding area and can be taken for walks in the hedgerows of your neighbourhood to feed on browse.  They can be given a loafing area or be tethered in different spots around the yard to help keep down weeds.  Protect them from stray dogs and predators and they will give you 8 to 10 years of the highest quality raw milk for drinking, cheese, yogourt and ice-cream.  They can be fed with garden waste.  Or share your field peas and produce with them, in exchange for their milk.  Their manure will increase the fertility of the garden space.  2 full size dairy goats will give your family a gallon of milk a day and 3 kids for 90 lbs. of meat every fall. Live in an urban area? Invest in Nigerian Dwarf goats and half the production rates, as well as the food inputs.

Instead of corn in cooler regions, grow potatoes.  They offer more calories and can be grown in more climates and take up less space.  You can follow a crop of potatoes with kale for a longer harvest season, even in a colder climate.

Don’t forget the orchard

Fruit and nut trees are a must. Nut trees take a while to mature but the increase in protein is beneficial to you, and your livestock — plant them if you have the space.  Dwarf fruit trees will grow on a 6 foot centre and can be trellised along a fence to increase yields per space. If space is at a premium, do consider trellising them — planting 6 feet apart in a one foot wide row.  One dwarf tree will yield 75 lbs. of fruit, once it is mature.  10 trees trellised along a fence with a Southern exposure, blossom sooner in spring and have an extended growing season, and will give you enough fruit for a family for jamming, canning and preserving.

Berries and small fruits take up little space and can offer high vitamins and antioxidants to your diet.  If wild roses and wild strawberries grow in your area than other berries will as well.

Sunflowers are an annual crop that provide an increase in protein for your diet, and can grow on the borders of the garden, taking up very little space.

Raised beds for vegetables

Vegetables, grown in raised beds or containers, give high yields and can be rotated for 3 season gardening — greens from spinach to lettuce to kale can rotate through the growing season to keep your plate full for daily salads and vegetables.  We grow all the greens we need in about 20 square feet this way.  Other vegetables, like cabbage, beans, carrots and beets, need a full growing season but can be inter-cropped with flowers and herbs to feed bees, and provide medicinal plants for the family first aid kit.  With raised bed gardening you could cut down the vegetable area square footage by ½ to 2/3rds   Add a greenhouse and train vines to grow up instead of out and you can increase the growing season and the yields in the available space.

Community is essential

This chart fails to take into account the sharing that inevitably happens between gardeners — zucchinis, squash, lettuces and other prolific growers provide a bountiful harvest that many families can share, at the peak of the growing season.

Rabbits?  Chickens? Ducks?

Put in some rabbit hutches – Each rabbit needs 2 feet by 3 ft. space.  You can give them a grass run and build rabbit condos that offer them a wonderful, natural lifestyle.   3 female french angora rabbits and 1 male will provide your family with a meal of rabbit meat once a week and enough angora to keep your family in mittens and hats for the winter.  They will eat your garden surplus, and grass hay.  In Europe, during WWII, families with back yard rabbits would make hay by harvesting the grass from vacant lots and roadsides all summer.  And they make affectionate pets, too.  Are we eating our pets? No, as a farmer you make pets out of the breeding animals and give the best possible life and respect to the young that end up on your plate.

You don’t need meat every day, but you do need high quality protein every day and this kind of gardening will give you that.

Consider planting field peas for increased protein.  Field peas increase the fertility of the soil and the crop is ready to harvest in August when the ground can be cleared and a second crop can be planted of either peas or a winter vegetables.  The straw from peas is relished by goats and rabbits.


Consider the addition of an aquaponics greenhouse in the vegetable growing area.  This will yield fish fertilizer, vegetables, and fish for a well rounded diet for you and your garden — along with year round vegetables.  Add a methane digester and you can supply some of your own energy needs as well.  If you can grow meat and vegetables year round, you reduce your dependence on a freezer, which lowers your electrical needs.

My estimate is that in a highly productive area with adequate rainfall, the average family could raise all their food needs on 1 acre of land.  Many did just this during WWII with just a large city lot, by walking their goats and moving their chickens around the vegetable garden.  The key to making this work is to eat what you can grow in your climate — using heritage seeds that are adapted to your growing conditions. With more land — 5 acres — you can move from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture and begin to make some money from your productivity.

If you have more land, grow more food and expand your self sufficiency. But if you only have a balcony in a city apartment, grow where you are planted.  And start in a small way to be more sufficient now.  On the Joybilee Farm Facebook Page, I post periodic links to urban agricultural projects to inspire your urban efforts for self sufficiency.

One of my favorite resources for urban farm is the Urban Farm Guys. Their videos are practical step-by-step guidelines to help you harvest more food from a small amount of land. –joybileefarm.com

172-VOLBUN [Volt-Bunny]
-The Static pokemon
-Ability: Static - Vital Spirit(HA)
-Dex: “With almost 2/3 of its body weight being only fur, this pokemon spends most of its life gathering static energy as it hops around. You may know one is nearby as the hair on your body will start to rise up.”
    -Cotton Guard
    -Thunder wave

–>Evolves with max. friendship<–

025-LEPOX [Lepus-Box]
-The Electrified Pokemon
-Ability:  Static - Vital Spirit(HA)
-Dex: “This energetic pokemon is very sociable and will spend most of its time tossing around with its mates, accumulating energy on its long fur. LEPOX are known for the "boxing Matches” that seems to occur among them, used as a way to release saved up energy when it becomes too much.“
    -Thunder Punch
    -Jump Kick

–>Evolves with a thunderstone<–

026-THUNDARE [Thunder-Hare-Daring]
-The Supercharged Pokemon
-Ability: Lighting Rod - Heroic Spirit*(HA)
-Dex: "This pokemon lives alone yet it will always remain nearby where wild VOLBUN and LEPOX live together, looking out for them when they need help. This noble behavior doesn’t stops there, if it hears a pokemon, or even a human in peril, it will jump on its aid immediately.”
-Sig. Move: Lightning Kick “The user launches a kick that lands a critical hit more easily. This may also leave the target paralyzed”
   Type: Electric
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 85
   Accuracy: 90%
    -Wild Charge
    -High Jump Kick

*This pokemon can’t be put to sleep and its attack cannot be lowered.

Title: Summer Strawberries

By: GreasyGyeom

Summary: 내 머릿속엔 너로 가득 차네, 난 너란 늪에 점점 빠져가네 Yugyeom x Reader. Foreplay/Smut/Fluff. 

Playlist: 170905

Author’s Note: Sooo, I started writing out a different smut story (the one I put a preview of), and I ended up writing something COMPLETELY different. I need help, I’m too weak in the knees because of Yugyeom. Someone send an ambulance kthankbai.

The room is dark, almost too dark. The purple-pink fairy lights flicker momentarily. A flowery- fruity scent circulates in your room because of the candle burning at the edge of your window sill. It smells like strawberries mixed in with the summer flowers blooming on your balcony. There’s two empty bottles of soju sitting pretty on your work station and pieces of clothing thrown hastily all over the floor.

You’re lying on your side, with his arm coiled around your thigh like a python strangling its prey.

Only seconds ago he was spooning you with his senses blurring into the realm of unconsciousness. You wonder how he switched so fast.

He hums into your ear. His sweet, desperate moans ignite a wild fire at the pit of your stomach. He’s begging you to part your legs, to let his hand slip in.

“Noona, I need you,” he mumbles, bitting roughly at your helix.

You push yourself into his boner and open up, lazily tossing your leg over his calves. Your eyes close involuntarily when he digs his teeth into the nape of your neck. For the next how many ever minutes, you’re at his mercy.

His fingers circle around your inner thighs, like petals whirling on the floor. As he slithers towards your labia, he takes his time to tease you, running long strokes on your soft skin. Your temperature shoots up when he starts playing with the flaps of your sensitive muscle, rubbing and pressing continuously.

His long slender finger dig inside your warmth, making you squirm. You grind more  carelessly against his boxers. He hisses and enters another finger inside you, reaching your innermost walls. Theres a sensation pulsating somewhere deep, like you’re on a roller coaster headed for a ninety degree dip and you want it to reach the bottom as soon as it can, but also don’t want the butterflies to stop fluttering.

He rotates his digits and curves them in. A gasp escapes your lips. Your body tenses up, arching forwards. He pulls them out of your moisture and fondles your throbbing clit. You erratically writhe when his tongue touches your neck, whimpering out loud with shallow breaths escaping your lips.

“Fu-uck,” you blurt out, kneading your chest.

He ravishes whatever skin he can find on your back, intoxicating your core with soft caresses over your bud.

A heatwave rushes through you when he puts his fingers back in through the weak orifice. It’s getting too much to deal with. You don’t know how much longer you can hold it off. Sweat trickles down your forehead, disappearing somewhere down your sides.

“I’m —

You’re moaning.

— almost —

You’re on fire.

— Yugyeom — don’t stop.”

He forces your waist into him, coiling his other hand around your neck from underneath.

You bite into his arm to stop yourself from screaming, because he’s moving his fingers so fast. You can feel your walls collapse around his bones. Wet, slimy juices ooze out of you.

You’re so close to reaching your limit, but he’s far from done. He pulls out his digits again with a soft sound. You protest under his grip.

“Last time Noona, please, I promise,” he whispers. His voice is as shaky as yours. His bulge is poking into you from behind.

You twist your arm around to feel it.

He holds your hand, firmly in place and dry grinds into your palm, mewling the most erotic sounds he’s ever mouthed.

You can see the blinding flash of light as his thrusts become stronger and he starts coddling your needy bud again, harshly. Your oversensitive folds are about to give in at any moment.

An active volcano in your body is at the brink of exploding without a moments notice.

The wind brings in another whiff of that ambrosial candle, transporting you to fields of strawberry vines and camellias. It makes you crave his lips.

“Kiss me, baby.”

He drags his body slightly up towards the bedpost and kisses your cheek. The one benefit of him being tall and you being flexible - odd but comfortable positions.

You angle yourself to look at him. The purple of the room bounces off the sweat on his face, giving him an ethereal glow. His warm umber disks drink you in like a glass of neat cognac. They’re heavily burdened with a carnality that flows as deeps as the pacific ocean.

The little mole under his eye makes you smile.

His lips are swollen from the war he’s been waging on your body, sucking and biting at your skin constantly, but the low lighting prevents you from admiring his features to the extent they desrve.

You run your fingers along his jawline.

He’s so soft.

He’s so…. beautiful.

He bends to lick your lower lip, sending an electric bolt down your limbs; making you feel a concoction of sensations in the split second he takes to press his lips onto yours. His fingers ransack their way into your slit once more.

His tongue twists and turns inside your mouth, like his fingers inside your core. you curl your arms around him, your fingers griping his hair.

He doesn’t stop.

His digits bruise you, his teeth bruise you too — making you groan in pain, but with pleasure. Your body tenses up and you hold onto him, trembling like leaf caught up in a storm. A wild wave of libido washes over you. Your hips buckle in response to the rigorous in-and-out of his index and fore fingers — you cross over your limit unable to contain or control yourself any longer.

Your world spins about, as if high on ecstasy, as he pulls out, unplugging your dam.

Your wetness leaks onto his hand as he cups the mouth of your arousal, making your orgasm last longer.

There’s a starry nothingness painted on the roof of your eyelids. You almost don’t want to open them, but you feel his breath on your face. A teasing smile is seated on his pouty mouth that makes you want to leap at those pink lips.

“Did you?” you ask, your hands finding their way to his boxer’s elastic band.

“Hmm,” he replies, before kissing your chin.

You find the wet spot on his only piece of clothing and bite your lips invitingly.

He laughs, intertwining his legs with yours, pulling you closer in a heart warming hug. “Is my noona still thirsty?”

“Just a little greedy,”  you say, snuggling into his chest.

You see mischief flicker in his almond eyes and raise an eyebrow, asking for an explanation.

Instead, he leaps out of the bed and leaves the room, hurriedly. You extend your arm from your bed towards the floor, to find something to wear.

“Yuggie?” you call out, throwing his shirt over yourself. You can hear some utensils clanking.

Just what in the hell is he doing.

He comes back with a bottle of white wine and bowl of strawberries. There’s a look of confusion on your face.

“Do you want to drink and tell me how greedy you feel? We’ve got the whole night, noona,” he teases, settling back into the bed.

“Okay, but what are the strawberries for?”

“The candle made me hungry.”

You can’t help but laugh at his underlying innocence. He scrunches up his nose and whines, asking you to stop. He knows how irresistible his pout is. You remove the bowl from his lap and claim the space, straddling him.

“Kim Yugyeom, I hope you bring your A-game in Round-Two”.

Without a warning he captures a piece of your neck between his lips and suctions it out mercilessly. “Oh no, we’re still on Round-One, Noona. We’re still on Round-One”.

The moonlight glistens through your balcony door and you smile. You feel content. So, in that warm, fuzzy moment you wish upon the celestial orb to bless your life-time with nights like these, because no matter how hard you now try, you can’t imagine a life without him.

Health is not Capitalist

Our health should not be part of a free market exchange. Saving money is not equivalent to saving lives.

While you can decide to keep your house a bit cooler to lower your electric bill, you can’t have a little less chemo to save a few thousand dollars. There’s no “hey, maybe just forget the insulin so you can save for a few months of retirement money, skimp on the blood thinners or dialysis and get some pocket change for the movies.”

Healthcare is a non-negotiable part of life. So why do we rely on a system which ebbs and flows based on the number of healthy people who choose to sign up and create a market based on humans as commodities; the federal laws (looking at you, abortion ban HR-7) that cause insurance companies to choose their own financial safety over the people who need medical safety?

Don’t let this government turn us and those less fortunate than those I know reading my inordinately long post into market objects for financial gain. Call, dissent.

As always, continue to support the ACA by calling your reps or Sen. Paul Ryan–(202) 225-3031

Oppose HR7 (which bans all federal funding for abortion services, targeting the underprivileged on Medicaid as well as effectively eliminating ability to get coverage for abortion even if paying your own funds through any ACA/gov program) by calling your reps.


Having your first kiss with Draco after a Qudditch match would include:

• Its a kindling, the way that it happens
• Striking a match and watching it blossom into a flame

• Because there had been animosity, before anything else; a bone deep kind of disdain for the opposition and the outliers and anyone who wasn’t them

• Because the first time that Draco saw her, the edges of his vision were saturated red

• And it hadn’t been till Potter’s knuckles were kissing his nose, till his skull was knocking against the ground and she was bent over him - a lock of hair like the type that he would wrap around a stopwatch - that he really saw her for the first time

• Things weren’t quite the same, after that

• There was the new kick of a heartbeat against his ribs when her shoulder would crack against his; insults traded with curled lips in the Great Hall and a fury like third degree burns fading to a scar

• Because she was beautiful and she was cunning and Draco couldn’t help but watch her from behind library shelves, couldn’t quite garner the nerve to talk to her

• He liked her and he loathed her and it was an accident, the way that it happened

• A fight at the end of a gun-drawn match that bled into a kiss

• Her arms thrown around his neck and his fingers tangled in her hair; cheeks bitten pink and lower lips brushing and electricity like a live wire licking at his gut

• It was an accident, that first kiss

• Or maybe it was anything but

Crossing Lines Part 3

Summary: AU Jensen and reader moved to LA so he could pursue a music career. A new tenant just moved into their building.  His name is Chris and he’s an up and coming actor.

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Reader, Chris Evans

Word Count:  2480

Warnings: SMUT, angst, fluff, cheating

A/N: These are my two faves and my mind wandered as I thought about what it would be like to have to choose between them. This is the result. This will be a multi-part series.

THANK YOU to my lovely MastaBeta @wheresthekillswitch for polishing up my my words.  Love you Lee!

Series Masterlist

All images are from Google, credit goes to their owners.


Knock, knock, knock.

He’s early.  You smile to yourself, leaving your mascara lolling back and forth on the counter as you walk down the hall.

“Excited to get-” you stop.  Jensen fills the doorway with a huge smile on his face.

“Y/N.”  He rushes in, twirling you around and setting you back on your feet.

“What’s going on Jay?” you ask, hoping you don’t sound as flustered as you feel.

“We got signed!  By a major label!”

“That’s amazing!” you say, jumping into his arms before your mind can process what your body is doing.  Frozen, his green eyes search your face for a moment before he captures your mouth in a needy kiss.  Your heart swells and your lips part as the kiss deepens.  He feels like home.  Everything falls away, your body molding to him as he pulls you closer.

“I fucked up.”  The words flood your brain.  Pain splinters through you and tears edge at the corners of your eyes at the memory.  As much as he feels like home, he feels like betrayal too.  Pushing off of him, you back up, collecting yourself before continuing, “I’m so proud of you Jay,“ you manage to say.

“I had to tell you right away,” he says, stepping closer.  “You’re the first person I wanted to tell.  The only person that matters.”  He strokes his thumb across your cheek, his green eyes pleading.

Half of you wants to wrap your arms around him and kiss him again.  The other half wants to tell him to leave.  You don’t get a chance to choose.

Knock, knock, knock.

Fuck.  You break away from him immediately.  “Jay, you need to go.”

“What?  Why?”

There’s no way to get around this.  Reflexively you wipe your sweaty palms on your pants, your stomach flipping, as you move to open the door.  “’Cause I have a date and that’s probably him,” you sigh.

“Excuse me, a date?” His face crumbles and tiny fractures spread over your heart.  “With who?” he demands, his face hardening as he crosses the room.

“His name’s Chris.”

“Well let’s meet him then.”  He gestures for you to open the door.

“No, you’re not meeting him.  You’re going.”  You gently push him over to the door.  Sure enough, Chris is standing there with flowers in hand.

“So, this is the guy that thinks he can swoop in on my girl?”  Jensen straightens his back, in an attempt to loom over Chris.

“Uh, hey, you must be Jensen.  I’m Chris.”  He meets Jensen’s eyes, holding out his hand.  If he’s threatened he sure as hell isn’t showing it.  His smile is challenging, cocky.  Time seems to stop as the two men stand eye to eye.

You’re about to say something when time catches itself up and everything moves too quickly for you to process.  The end result is that Jensen’s fist greets Chris’ face before he pushes past him on his way out the door.

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Ima tell y'all a couple secrets:

1) Invest in a laundry drying rack. Highly recommend bamboo. No using the dryer = lower electric bills, house doesn’t get as hot, less cleaning the lint trap, less dusty house, and honestly my clothes feel and smell better. Only downside is clothes may not dry fully between midnight and 5am on a rainy night when your stupid-ass self worked evenings and then a day.

2) Himalayan salt rock lamp = yes. Perhaps it’s just psychological, WHATEVER. Needs to be placed on some sort of plate or mat though.

3) Don’t listen to what anyone else tells you; you can never have enough hand towels or drink coasters.

4) Don’t leave the window behind the TV (ie where all the wires are) open during thunderstorm season unless you’re home to close them immediately. Unless you really like being stressed out.

5) If at first you don’t succeed, shove the plastic piece where it’s supposed to go and you’ll have built a TV stand you bought 15ish years ago!

6) When you live alone just remember that you can’t recork champagne and it would be a shame to let some go to waste.

7) If there is an animal living under your deck make sure all of your errands are completed by sundown. Especially if you have a demon on the loose in your general vicinity.

8) Supposedly unplugging things you aren’t using saves 6% of your electricity bill by cutting down on phantom use. Also it really pisses baby boomers off when you talk about all the things you do to save money so there’s that.

9) Cooking meat for one person is HARD so be careful and plan accordingly or you will accidentally end up a vegetarian (oops it’s been almost 2 months).

10) When you live alone pants are optional 100% of the time. So there’s that.

This has been a post.

| Long-Awaited Savior: Part Ten |

It has been a LONG. ASS. MONTH. since the last chapter. Life is crazy, but I needed to write this to keep myself sane. Ten chapters… holy shit. You are all wonderful motherfuckers for sticking with it for this long. Therefore, after a six chapter dry spell, I’m giving you some glorious Negan x reader smut. Enjoy.

Check out previous chapters and the Masterlist

Characters: Negan (JDM) x female reader, Jovana (OC), special guest character at the end

Word Count: 2,940

Heads up: SMUTTY SMUT (1,200 words of it, yassss), typical swearing, a tiny bit of roughness towards women

Chapter Summary: After Negan discovers your flashbacks aren’t triggered by his touch alone, he gives you a night you’ll never forget. Then, after a new work assignment due to your leg injury, an outsider is brought to the Sanctuary, bringing with her a bold threat of retaliation.

**Note: this chapter deviates from the TV storyline**

Part Ten: A Lover, a Captor

“Negan, the hell are you- oh god.”

You tried to interrupt his actions, but your body betrayed you. His touch between your legs, even through your pants, was sending shockwave after shockwave of warmth and pleasure throughout your body. Your breath hitched in your throat as he pressed gentle kisses to your neck and ear as he whispered gently to you.

“Relax, darling… you’ve had a rough day.”

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  • ah ro: shit, it's that telemarketer again.
  • sun woo: i know how to get rid of him. hand me the phone.
  • sun woo: *gives phone to han sung* okay, han sung, tell the person on the phone how grown up you are.
  • han sung: okay! *presses talk*
  • telemarketer: hello there, sir. may i interest you in a solution to lowering your electrical bill and also contribute to making your lifestyle more eco-friendly?
  • han sung: oh! me me big boy.
  • telemarketer: ... well what we're doing is calling people in your area who are interested in using solar panels as a way to save money and we would like to talk about that with you if that's okay.
  • han sung: ah... me me big boy.
  • telemarketer: ... um, i know you're busy. but if you can spare a few minutes to hear about this, i guarantee it will be worth your time.
  • han sung: *shrugs* me me big boy.
  • telemarketer: ... *hangs up*
  • han sung:
  • han sung: ... me me big boy?
  • sun woo: works every time.
Getting Off

Summary: Teen!Virgin!Pride. He’s never had a girl in his room with the door closed before. And you make quite an impression.

Words: 1,263

Warnings: Finger-sucking, slight dry-humping, no actual fuccing

Notes: You can thank baby face for this

For a virgin, Dwayne Pride sure can kiss. Maybe it was just his drive above all else that was making him a decent kisser. Whatever it was, you were thankful for it. He was kissing you intensely, alternating between soft and affectionate and passionate.

Though, his hands remained on your hips. Despite the fact that you were nearly grinding on his lap, Dwayne still didn’t want to touch you. And that made you laugh, breaking the kiss.

He backed away, panting and looking so adorably flushed. “What’s so funny?” Dwayne asked, and his tongue came out to run over his lips.

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anonymous asked:

In the absence of normal cardioversion resources, would it be possible and/or useful to lower someone's heart rate by ducking their face in cold water (i.e. activating the dive reflex)?

Yes, but only for one specific circumstance (and maybe not exactly how you’re thinking).

May I introduce you to my favorite arrhythmia: Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (PSVT). I like it because its not too deadly, can be utterly terrifying, and there’s a lot of cool ways to treat it. One of the more common first line treatments for PSVT is the use of a vagal maneuver, one of which involves dunking one’s head in ice water.

There’s a lot of background I have to go through to explain it though, so bear with me:

Heart Electrical Stuff:

The heart rate and rhythm are controlled by structures in the heart capable of sending electrical signals (pacemaker nodes). When those nodes send out an electrical signal, it travels through the heart muscle across specialized fibers. As the electrical signal passes them, cells that are sensitive to that signal contract in sequence. This results in a coordinated beat.

If this electrical signal is discharged inappropriately or interrupted, the result is an abnormal heart beat, rate, or rhythm. Some of these abnormal heart beats, rates, and rhythms, especially ones that start in the lower part of the heart (the ventricles) can be deadly.

PSVT Especially:

Fortunately, PSVT starts in the upper part of the heart (the atria), and is not deadly on its own. It occurs when one of the pacemaker nodes in the upper part of the heart (the SA or AV node) get “stuck” discharging signals too fast- sometimes as many as 250 times per minute.

Even though this likely won’t kill the person, it’s still a problem because when the heart beats too fast, it does not have time to completely fill with blood in between beats. This means not enough blood gets out to the body and brain, causing dizziness and shortness of breath (because enough oxygenated blood isn’t getting to the brain and body tissues, causing a slight lack of oxygen throughout the body). Some people can feel their heart beating abnormally fast, and some have chest pain with this too.  

Treating PSVT (what you’re actually here for):

One of the first ways to treat PSVT is the use of vagal maneuvers.

Vagal maneuvers are different actions that can stimulate the vagus nerve- a nerve that connects the heart and lungs to the brain. When triggered, the vagus nerve releases neurotransmitters that can slow the heart rate set by the SA and AV nodes. In the case of PSVT, this might be enough to “break” the ultra fast heart rate and reset to a normal one.

Some vagal maneuvers include:

  • Bearing down (as though trying to poop)
  • Coughing forcefully
  • Gagging
  • Carotid massage (massaging the area of the carotid artery just below the jaw- this should only be done by trained professionals, though, as a last resort before moving on to more invasive treatment)
  • Submerging the face/head in ice water

See, told you we’d actually get to this. The dive reflex (which I should really do a whole post about, cause its super cool, uh, literally) is a trait that allows aquatic mammals to conserve oxygen and stay under water longer by significantly decreasing their heart rate and shunting blood into their core. Hitting one of the nerves in the face (the trigeminal nerve) with freezing water mimics this reflex in humans, which in turn triggers the vagus nerve, which is what helps treat the PSVT. Here’s my favorite PSVT home video about vagal maneuvers.

Just for funsies, I’m going to keep going. If vagal maneuvers are ineffective, the next step up is to use a medication called adenosine. Adenosine is given IV, where it is pushed as fast as possible into the vein. When it hits the heart, it briefly stops it. The hope is that it starts back up in a normal rate. Think chemical defibrillation. Here’s another one of my favorite PSVT video about adenosine administration.

If adenosine doesn’t work, the next step up is cardioversion. This is like defibrillating someone, but with a lower dose of electricity. Here’s another one of my favorite PSVT videos about cardioversion. This usually works.

People can have episodes of PSVT frequently or just once or twice in their whole lives. If it becomes a problem, certain parts of the heart can be cauterized to prevent future attacks.

Personal note: I’ve had four runs of SVT in my life, the longest one lasting a little over an hour. All were eventually treated with vagal maneuvers and I never had to be hit with adenosine or cardioversion, but if I ever do, I’ll certainly share my experience with you all.

Uncle Yixing (Lay Scenario)

Idol: Lay (from Exo)

Type: Fluff

Word count: 1890

Summary: You are babysitting your little nephew and your boyfriend Yixing wants to help, but things end up getting a little messy for him.

Originally posted by wealthyteethchanyeol

You were putting some shampoo in your little nephew’s hair when you heard something ringing downstairs. It was your phone.

“Y/N -ah, is that your phone?” he asked playing with the rubber duck in the bath full of water soap and bubbles.
“It is, but I won’t pick it up right now” you said to him still applying that shampoo in his tiny head. You wouldn’t leave a 4 year old kid in a bath full of water all by himself to drawn on it just to answer your phone. 
“What if it’s mommy?” he said as the phone stopped ringing. 
Oh my God… that would be a really bad thing. Your sister was a complete maniac when it came to her son, especially when you were babysitting him she would get mad as hell if you didn’t give her a report of how he was like every single hour. 
Then the phone started ringing again. This time you didn’t hesitate so you held him in your arms and sit him on the towel that was on the floor next to the bath.
“Hey, you stay right here. DO NOT MOVE, I’ll be right back” you said squeezing his cheeks softly, and started running downstairs for that phone, begging you made it on time. If you didn’t get that call your sister would probably kill you.
After almost hitting yourself with every single wall on the first floor, you took your phone and sighed relived when you saw the name on the screen. It was Lay. Definitely better than a maniac sister. You got to answer before it sent to the voicemail.
“Hey you!” you said excited.
“Hi jagi! Guess what!” he said happy to hear your voice as you were to hear his.
“What?” you asked curious.
“You have to guess!” he whined.

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47 years ago today, Jimi Hendrix’s musical vision -Electric Lady Studios- opened its doors.

“He spent a little time with me on the stairs and told me his vision of what he wanted to do with the studio. He dreamed of amassing musicians from all over the world in Woodstock, and they would sit in a field in a circle and play and play. It didn’t matter what key or tempo or what melody, they would keep on playing through their discordance until they found a common language. Eventually, they would record this abstract universal language of music in his new studio. ‘The language of peace. You dig?’- Patti Smith

MANEATER - Chp 22: Farewell and Adieu
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter Summary:  Shit get’s real, really quickly in the penultimate chapter! (And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.)

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Story Summary: Hannibal and Will are dispatched to a sleepy beach town in south Georgia where a killer shark is terrorizing the citizens. Smelling blood in the water, Hannibal sees an opportunity to draw Will further into his world, but he’ll need the right bait to catch the luckless FBI agent

Beta’ed by @wolftrapqueen27.

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Chapter 22: Farewell and Adieu

The shark hung by its tail, mouth gaping, as it rotted from the end of a chain. Will felt his former anger rising as he looked on at the diminished form of his adversary. ‘If it’s me that brings the Ripper in, I’m not going to let this happen. I’m just going to shoot him,’ he thought and shuddered. That wasn’t a thought that belonged to a cop. It belonged to that monster that had taken up residence inside of him and kept stubbornly pushing its way to the foreground.

Will looked for Hannibal, for his center of balance, and found him helping Michelle down the stairs with her equipment. A feeling that he now recognized as jealousy tugged at him, but his anxiety was quickly soothed by opening his eyes to the wider pitcher. Michelle smiled and flipped her hair like a Baywatch caricature clearly coming onto Hannibal, but Hannibal’s body language was closed off and guarded. After setting down the bags he carried, Hannibal slipped his hands into his pockets and stood at an obvious distance. A confused expression flickered across Michelle’s face. “Where’s my kiss?” she said cloyingly and moved in to kiss him. Hannibal deftly presented his cheek instead, and took her by the hand. “Forgive my rudeness, Michelle,” he said planting two audible kisses across her knuckles. The sound of his lips smacking against her skin made Will’s skin feel clammy.

‘Leave it alone,’ he told himself and turned his back on the pair. Will fired up the electric crane lowered the shark onto a plastic tarp. While he worked, he could hear Hannibal and Michelle chittering in the background in ways that both pleased and aggravated him. “Are you okay, Hannibal?” she asked repeatedly, oftentimes with an accompanying “why didn’t you call me?” tacked on to the end. Hannibal navigated the situation as well as expected. He gave plausible excuses, and rebuffed her without offering offense as they still needed her equipment for the autopsy.

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